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I Became an Adjutant in Another World

When I was Transferred to Another World, I Became the Adjutant of a Lady Commander and Beared the Brunt of a Lustful Harem!

~From a Safe Place, Let’s Rise to Greatness! While at it, have Wonderful Sex with Beautiful Women from Another World as Well!~

Author: Narita Harem King

Yuushin Sanada was taking a shower when he suddenly got transported to another world. Being thrown outside buck-naked, he was more shocked to see that the place he has arrived at was the center of a battlefield, where powerful monsters are running rampant all over the place, and the soldiers, even though they were already strengthened and enhanced by magic, are still struggling to fight them off.

Since the ability to use magic was the deciding factor in strength in this world, Yuushin, who has no way to defend himself, decided to approach a person who has the power, grasp their abilities and weaknesses, and secure a safe job to avoid having to fight on the front lines. It was then that he meets Lucy, a timid baroness and the commander of the defending forces, by luck.

Showing off the underhanded tactics that he learned in his original world, Yuushin decides to help Lucy, and by giving her all the credit for his accomplishments, he then succeeds in securing a position as her adjutant.

Upon investigating further, however, Yuushin discovers Lucy’s fear of powerful monsters, so in order to overcome that mental barrier, he decided to make her immediate superior experience the most wonderful part of being a woman – the incredible taste of s*x with a man.

After that, came a series of battles and all sorts of problems, but by utilizing his scheming as the Aide-de-Camp of the Baroness, while also building up trust and affection to his allies and the like – mostly beautiful women of power, Yuushin began aiming to have the most powerful another world harem of his life – also in order for him to stay away from the front lines of course!

Warning. This novel has adult contents and is not safe for work. You must be 18+ to read this novel.

Original webnovel link here.

Table of Contents


Prologue 1 – That One Night in Another World
Prologue 2 – Recalling my Past…

Volume 1

Chapter 1 – The Destination I was Transferred was……
Chapter 2 – Gathering Information from The Nobility was this Easy?
Chapter 3 – Union in the Dark
Chapter 4 – Lucy and the Secret Rehabilitation
Chapter 5 – Lucy’s First Time
Chapter 6 – Formal Unit Assignment and Enemy Attack
Chapter 7 – Urban Defensive 
Chapter 8 – Dealing with the Aftermath
Chapter 9 – A Visitor in the Night 
Chapter 10 – Progress with Lucy 
Chapter 11 – Meeting with the Chief Commander 
Chapter 12 – A Tour to the City 
Chapter 13 – In the Back Alley of the Entertainment District
Chapter 14 – A Coquettish Voice Echoing in the Back Alley 
Chapter 15 – New Revelations and Disquieting Atmosphere 

Volume 2 – Pagan Warrior

Chapter 1 – The Start of the Escalating Harassment 
Chapter 2 – Culling Operation in the Forest 
Chapter 3 – Evidence and Intimidation 
Chapter 4 – Going to Lucy’s Parents’ House 
Chapter 5 – Serious and Distorted Favor 
Chapter 6 – Pagan Warriors
Chapter 7 – The Monster General’s Head 
Chapter 8 – Report to Command
Chapter 9 – Persuading Lucy 
Chapter 10 – Negotiations with Tilda
Chapter 11 – Dirty Pagan Ritual 
Chapter 12 – A Zealot in Disarray
Chapter 13 – Secret Talks at the Theater
Chapter 14 – Surprise Attack at the Forest 

Volume 3 – Magic and Authority

Chapter 1 – Overwhelming Force
Chapter 2 – Discovery of a Conspiracy 
Chapter 3 – Retaliation Amidst the Enemy
Chapter 4 – Lucy and Tilda, An Evening with the Two of Them 
Chapter 5 – A Luxurious Time with Two Partners
Chapter 6 – Invincible Cavalry, Behind the Scenes
Chapter 7 – A Demon in Captivity
Chapter 8 – Anastasia’s Magic Eyes
Chapter 9 – Interrogating a Bewitching Dark Elf
Chapter 10 – Anastasia Succumbs to Pleasure
Chapter 11 – Escape from the Abandoned Building
Chapter 12 – New Allies and Enemies
Chapter 13 – Magical Bombardment 
Chapter 14 – Army of the Dead
Chapter 15 – Settlement and Deepening Dependence 
Chapter 16 – Anastasia’s Revenge
Chapter 17 – Settling Down with the Witch

Volume 3 Extra Stories (LN Exclusives)

Short Story – Clear Love in Dependence

Volume 4 – Seed of Rebellion

Chapter 1 – Reunion with Krone 
Chapter 2 – Military Exercise
Chapter 3 – Krone’s Training
Chapter 4 – Loss of Purity of the Proud Young Lady
Chapter 5 – A New Encounter 
Chapter 6 – The Extermination at the Riverbanks
Chapter 7 – Milena’s Invitation
Chapter 8 – Drunken Krone
Chapter 9 – Relieving Krone
Chapter 10 – Secret Talks at the Castle
Chapter 11 – Disquieting Air 
Chapter 12 – Lucy and Krone’s Quarrel
Chapter 13 – Reconciliation Coition
Chapter 14 – Eavesdropping on the Sisters
Chapter 15 – The Circumstances Behind the sisters

Volume 5 – Defection Maneuvers

Chapter 1 – Intensifying Sabotage
Chapter 2 – Sneaking into the Count’s Residence
Chapter 3 – The Younger Sister’s Displeasure
Chapter 4 – Secret Talks with Milena
Chapter 5 – ‘Revenge’ on Milena
Chapter 6 – Punishment for the Beautiful Woman
Chapter 7 – Summoning Lacy
Chapter 8 – The Stake Driven into the Marquis’s Camp 
Chapter 9 – Instigating Lacy
Chapter 10 – Challenge for Lacy
Chapter 11 – The Result of the Reckless Challenge
Chapter 12 – The Widening Crack
Chapter 13 – Milena’s New Client 
Chapter 14 – Defection as Expected
Chapter 15 – Milena’s New Client

Volume 6 – The Ruler of Krasland

Chapter 1 – Protectors of the Regime
Chapter 2 – The Last Meeting 
Chapter 3 – The Beginning of the Reckoning for Lucy
Chapter 4 – The Night Before the Decisive Battle, Part 1
Chapter 5 – The Night Before the Decisive Battle, Part 2
Chapter 6 – Krasland Uprising
Chapter 7 – The Siege
Chapter 8 – A Deadly Battle in the Entrance Hall
Chapter 9 – The Last Battle Begins 
Chapter 10 – The Last Duel
Chapter 11 – Closing with the Marquis 
Chapter 12 – Treatment of the Count’s Daughters
Chapter 13 – Making the Two Submit Together


Epilogue – The End 

Volume 6 Extra Story (LN Exclusives)

Short Story – Start of the Day-Off (LN Exclusive)

Webnovel Extra Stories

Extra Edition 1
Chapter 1 – Transport Unit
Chapter 2 – Dragged into the Woods
Chapter 3 – Dark Clouds Loom Over the Fort
Chapter 4 – Suspicious Commander
Chapter 5 – Secret Tunnel 
Chapter 6 – The Exit of the Tunnel
Chapter 7 – Settling Down at the Fort
Chapter 8 – A Night with the Bold Lucy 

Extra Edition 2
Chapter 1 – Messenger from the South
Chapter 2 – Behind the Scenes at the Workplace
Chapter 3 – Empty City
Chapter 4 – Chain of Disruptions
Chapter 5 – The True Reason for the Beastification 
Chapter 6 – Fusion Monster Chimera
Chapter 7 – Fixing the Aftermath
Chapter 8 – A Night with the Dog and Cat Sisters

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