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Adjutant in Another World Extra Edition 1 Chapter 8

Extra Edition 1 Chapter 8 – A Night with the Bold Lucy

A few days after the incident at the western fortress.

Lucy’s troops returned safely to Krasland, escorting the Transport Unit alongside us.

It seems that the monsters in the area have been exterminated by that attack, as our trip went comfortably without any encounters along the way.

However, after returning, I was plagued by the batch of reports I should do.

Since I had already made an arrangement with the commander of the fort, I couldn’t be honest about what had happened in our journey.

So I had to adjust my report in various ways, describing the monster attack in a way that would not raise suspicions.

“Phew. And that’s done.”

I signed the last of the documents and tied them together. Then I glanced at the window of my room.

The sun had already set, and night had fallen.


“Nnn… I think I’ll go straight to bed today…”


As I was stretching to loosen my stiff body, there was a knock at the door.

I answered the door to see who it was, but to my surprise, it was Lucy who had come to visit.

“Is there something wrong, commander?”

No, it’s just… and you can call me Lucy now.”

She walked past me and into the room.

It was so natural that I could have missed it, but it was unusual for her to come into my room on her own.

Lucy is becoming more and more dependent on me both publicly and privately, but she still retains her innate shyness.

As such, I was always the one who took the lead when I asked her out on dates and other things.

However, it seems that today is a rare case.

“Lucy, would you like something to drink?”

“Uhm, just water is fine.”

“All right. Go sit on the bed.”

I think she is still very frugal – not like an aristocrat – to ask for ‘just water,’ but I filled up a glass for both of us, put it on a tray and brought it over. If you are ab le to re ad th is mess ag e, yo u are read i ng fro m an unaut h riz ed agg rega te sit e. Re ad at y Wor dPr ess at stab bing wit h a sy rin ge. ho me. b log to supp ort me and my tr nsl ati ons.

I then put the tray on the table next to the bed and handed one of the glasses to Lucy.


She took it with both hands and put it in her mouth once.

But the next moment, she did something unexpected.

“Mmmm… chuup, mmuuu!”

“What are you… mmgulp…!!”

The next thing I knew, Lucy immediately put down her glass and kissed me.

Moreover, it was deep enough to entangle her tongue inside me, with something like fine grains being poured into my mouth.

I reflexively swallowed it, but it was not her saliva, much less water. It tasted like the ‘nutritional drink’ I had taken in the past.

“Mmgh, gulp… Lucy, what the hell did you make me drink?”

“Phew, fufufu… It’s an aphrodisiac. I’ve taken some of it myself.”

She was already beginning to become excited as she said this.

Apparently, while I was getting water, he had planted the aphrodisiac into her mouth.

“Why… and where the hell did you get that?”

I immediately thought about the cause as I felt my body heat up.

There was no way Lucy could have gotten her hands on an aphrodisiac all by herself.

The first thing that came to mind was the shady merchant that I had become acquainted at the fort.

I remember that guy saying something about finding a new customer.

“So that is what he meant? Damn that guy…”

I thought in disgust, but my body was already being consumed by sexual desire.

“‘Yuushin, embrace me. Let us both feel good together, okay?”

The next thing I knew, Lucy was right in front of me, and giving off very amorous vibes, she pushed me down.

“Lucy, wait. We don’t even know what kind of side effects this drug could have.”

“No need to worry. Because I’ve tried it once.”

She said that, and without saying a word further, she climbed on top of me.

She already had her hands on my pants and was pulling my dick out from the inside.

“Amazing. It’s already this hard….”

I was already ready to go even though we hadn’t had much physical contact yet, probably due to the effect of the aphrodisiac.


Moreover, Lucy is pushing me down without holding back, so I couldn’t escape.

“I’m getting wet too, so I’m going to put it in now, okay?”

From here, Lucy started moving her hips in a way that made her look several shades sexier than usual.

Perhaps because she has ‘trained’ with me so many times, she is now adept at riding on top.

My meat stick got pressed against the secret part and was swallowed into the vagina at once.

“Ghh… Lucy, what happened to your underwear?”

When I asked her about it because things went so smoothly, she replied with some embarrassment.

“I didn’t wear them because I originally wanted to do this. So yeah… It would have been dangerous if I slipped and fell along the way.”

In other words, she dared to come from her room to this room with no panties on.

My room was in the barracks for adjutants and other assistants, and all around me were hungry men.

Imagining Lucy walking around with an anxious expression on her face, surrounded by these people and without any underwear on, I felt unexpectedly aroused.

“Ahaa, hyaan, it’s growing inside my belly!”

Lucy screamed at the growing hardness of my cock, but she took that as a cue to start moving her hips.

She moved her hips up and down while putting her hands on my chest, rubbing the rod in her insides.

She was wriggling her vagina more intensely than usual, probably due to the effect of the aphrodisiac.

“Haaa, haaa… I can feel the shape of Yuushin more clearly than before!”

It seems that the sensitivity of her body has increased, as she was already feeling better from the sensation even though we only just begun.

Lucy’s cheeks are flushed, and her eyes are glinting with lewd vibes.

Every time she moves, her big tits would shake as they got pushed up against her bosom, which in turn stimulates my arousal. This chapt er tran sla tion is ma de po ssi ble by st abbi ng wit h a sy ri nge tra nsla tions. Che ck onl y up-t o-da te trans lati ons on my Wor dp ress sit e.

“Damn. You’re always moving around with these big tits shaking. I am getting aroused just by looking at them, you know?”

As I said this, I rubbed Lucy’s big tits from below with both hands, lifting them up.

Her body shuddered, and her vagina tightened as she let out a charming cry.

“Hyahii! I’m sorry, I didn’t know when it got this big!”

“I’m not the only one who is feeling this. I’m sure plenty of soldiers and vassals in our unit get horny just by seeing these huge tits.”

Tilda and Anastasia also have very erotic bodies, but in their case, the men are in awe of their fighting prowess more.

For the male soldiers at the end of the line, Lucy, who is a noblewoman but has a gentle personality, is probably more ideal to their fantasies.

The female soldiers are also jealous and envious of her because of this, although she is unaware of it.

“This body already belongs to Yuushin.”

“Yeah. And I’m not going to give it to anyone. Still, at the minimum, you have to be nice and affectionate during the day, like you always do.”

“Nn, ahh, ahhh! Yes, Yuushin is the only one who can do this, but maintaining image is important too.”

Lucy bends forward and asks for a kiss as she says this.

In response, I put my hands around her waist and thrust myself up from below.

“Afuuh, mmhhuu! It’s thrusting deep into me!”

Yet Lucy continued kissing me, making charming noises at the sudden stimulation.

Even though it seemed that her heart would break without my presence, there is still a part of her that is unwavering that she inherited from her father.

This gap that she showed from time to time would also amuse me to my heart’s content.

“Haa, ahhnn! Yuushin, I’m about to…!!”

“Can no longer hold it in? It’s okay. Let’s do it together.”


Hearing my words, Lucy puts her hands on the bed and begins to move her hips with all her might.

Her movements, with no intention of holding back her climax, pulls up my arousal at the same time.

What came next is the unleashing of our limits inside our bodies.

“Nn, hafuuh, mmmhh! Cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cummiiinnggg!!”

Lucy screamed as her body climaxed, her whole body trembling with pleasure.

At the same time, her vagina instinctively latched onto my rod and squeezed the sperm out of it.


The luscious stimulation made my endurance reach its limit, and I poured my seed into Lucy.

The tightly clamped vagina leaked no semen at all, and it was apparent that all the semen was completely contained inside.

“Haa, haa, this drug is a bit too much.”

I murmured as I caught Lucy as she fell to the ground, her climax tightness gradually loosening.

The aphrodisiac worked great, but it might not be good if we use it continuously.

Thinking about going to check on the merchant when I woke up the next day, I held Lucy in my arms and surrendered myself to my drowsiness.

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  1. Do you have a discord server. i like the series that you have translated so far and would like to ask some questions about them. and if you do not have a discord server will you think about making one? also if you don’t have a server do you have an email i can contact you through?


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