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Adjutant in Another World Volume 5 Chapter 1

Chapter 1 – Intensifying Sabotage

The day after I reported to Lucy that I was going to start preparing for the confrontation with Marquis Krall.

Around noon, there was a bit of a commotion.

A part of the stables in the base collapsed, and the horses escaped.

The entire unit worked together to search for and capture the horses and managed to retrieve all of them before sunset.

However, all planned training and exercises were canceled as a result.

“Was it Milena and Lecy’s doing? They’ve even started to act quite conspicuously.”

After checking the stables, which had been given first aid repairs, I spoke as I finally took a breather.

I am convinced that they are the culprits in this case.

This is because I’ve been very cautious about sabotage until now, that unless they act decisively, they won’t be able to get a significant effect.


“And this time, it seems that the attacker is someone that can get through the patrolling soldiers. Their plan wouldn’t have gone so smoothly unless they were someone familiar with the base facilities.”

It is a military base, so civilians are not allowed to casually enter.

However, it wouldn’t be difficult for those sisters to steal people’s eyes and manipulate them.

Especially the younger sister, since she’s quite physically strong.

“Trying to buy time at any cost before the Marquis is done with his preparations, huh.”

That’s the role they were given, as well as the price of the medicine.

“But this time, my life is also in danger because the Marquis is after me too. I have to prevent Milena and the others do whatever they want even more.”

For that, I went on working with countermeasures. Of course, I also took precautions to ensure they won’t notice anything. If you ar e ab le to re a d this me ss age, you are rea din g from an una utho rized agg rega te sit e. Re ad at my Wor dP ress at sta bbin g wi th a syri nge. h ome. blo g to su ppor t me and my tran slat ions.

First, I began to gather the nobles and soldiers who were dissatisfied with the Marquis.

Of course, this is a force for the head-on confrontation that will eventually come.

Neither the Marquis nor I am the type of character that will obediently allow themselves to be killed in silence, so there will surely be a fight.

Fortunately, despite having the support of many citizens, the Marquis also has many enemies. The most prominent of these are the other powerful aristocrats.

“Among the nobles who have fled from other cities or territories, there are also high-ranking nobles such as counts and marquises. But as long as this is the Marquis Krall’s domain, their power and influence would remain small. However, their title and the forces they brought with them are still something that cannot be ignored.”

This is also the reason why, despite the fact that Marquis Krall is practically dictating Krasland, he still conducts meetings with them to discuss major decisions.

From the Marquis’s point of view, he would probably like to proceed freely with all matters since it is already his territory.

However, he is being thwarted by these nobles, who do not like the fact that he has too much power.

“The enemy of my enemy is my friend… well, not really, but we are in agreement that we will not allow the Marquis to do as he pleases.”

And so, while receiving funding and other support from opposing aristocrats, preparations were steadily underway.

“It’s a game of who finishes the preparations faster, the marquis or me.”

I nodded in understanding and returned to my room to check on the sisters’ movements.

But I may have underestimated the energy of the sisters.


As I was heading back to the barracks and up the stairs to my room, a hand-drawn cart suddenly appeared at the top of the stairs.

It seemed to have been propelled by a considerable amount of momentum as it furiously rolled down toward me.

“What?! Why is there a trolley here?”

For a moment, I was so surprised that I couldn’t move, but I managed to avoid the falling trolley at the last second.

The trolley rolled beside me and ended up crashing on the landing of the staircase.

It was going pretty fast, so I would have been seriously injured if it had hit me.

“Whew, that was close. Milena and Lacy, they’ve done it.”

I sat there and took a deep breath.

I was really surprised because I didn’t expect the attack.

“I’m not going to let my guard down. I’m not going to leave any stone unturned.”

I said and braced myself once again.

I was no longer sure that I could be safe on the base, even if it was in the barracks.

“Let’s get into the room quickly for now. We’ll be able to relax once we get there.”

I proceeded to my room, taking great care even as I walked down the corridor.

Finally, I entered my room, which I could say was a safe zone.

No sign of anyone inside.

After checking every corner, I sat on the bed and rested.

“I didn’t expect them to do it inside the barracks. I was really caught off guard.”

I slapped myself on the cheek to tighten up and thought about how to deal with Milena and Lacy sisters from here. Thi s ch apter trans la tion is ma de po ss ible by st abbi ng wit h a syr in ge transl ati ons. ch eck on ly up-to -d ate tr ans lat ions on my Wor d pr ess si te.

I’ve thought about it before, but the best way to do it is to make them switch sides, or at the very least, make them turn against each other. But that will be quite difficult.

First of all, those sisters are always together, making it difficult to set up a strategy as the other one can interfere.

If we are to do it, we will first have to split them up, then convince the other individually.

But then, the Marquis will probably notice.

The shadow of the Marquis is always behind the two sisters.

If anything happens to the sisters, he will take immediate action.

If I am going to go through this through trickery, I’ll have to deceive the Marquis as well. That’s more than a little trouble.

On top of that, we don’t have the strength to go out and use force at the moment.

We need to thin out our opponent first in this battle of attrition.

“There’s also the second problem. That is, I lack the information to set up a plot. I’ll have to get it from somewhere, but…”


It is hard to imagine the sisters bringing information to this base, which is hostile territory.

That said, infiltrating the marquis’ castle is out of the question as well.

That leaves us with only a limited number of viable candidates.

I thought of several candidates and circled one of them in my head.

The Count’s residence at Zaintert, how about we start there? At the very least, it would not be as heavily guarded as the military base or the castle.

The sisters’ father should be there, and it is always nice to check and acquire information personally.

If we can get a sample of his medicine, it can become a great weapon for us.

It’s still risky, but the great returns on this investment is too tasty to ignore. We have to do it.

However, there is no way I can do this spy-movie stuff by myself.

I need someone to help me.

Fortunately, I have a friend I can rely on in times like these.

I grabbed a pen and paper to make a plan and headed for her.

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