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Adjutant in Another World Volume 3 Chapter 4

Chapter 4 – Lucy and Tilda, An Evening with the Two of Them

The soldiers are celebrating the defeat of the horde of monsters numbering 3,000.

As for me, I am carrying the paperwork I’ve just finished and am currently watching the scene from the window of our office.

Only the defense troops and front-line soldiers are done fighting the monsters; the commanders and their adjutants still have the paperwork to battle with.

“It seems that a long time has passed since I was among them.”

I muttered such things, remembering the fact that I had already been in this other world for a couple of months and the time when I was a common soldier.

I wondered what would happen when I was first thrown out naked, but here I am now, still managing to survive.

Unlike me of the past who was all buck-naked, I am now dressed properly like a normal being and had a relatively secure position in my hands. And my master, Lucy, is progressing beautifully in her job as a commander as well.

As proof of it, that last sortie when she saw the Viscount Karl’s troops being delayed, the fact that she asked us to leave them instead of rescuing them was proof that she could now calmly look at the whole situation.


Though I can’t deny that I was the one who made her do that.

After finishing the paperwork to the office, I returned to my room.

I relaxed my body, which had been stiffened by the tension of the battlefield, and laid down on my bed.

The next moment, however, was unexpected.

There was a knock at my door.

I let out a breath and got up to greet the visitor.

“Yes, yes, who is it?”

I opened the door, and surprisingly, Tilda was there.

She was looking up at me with her usual quiet expression.

“Oh, Tilda. Come inside for now. I’ll make you some tea.”

I invited her in, and she silently complied.

“So, what can I do for you?”

“No different than usual. I want Yuushin to help me with the ritual.”

She spoke as she sat down on the chair I offered.

Tilda believes that if a fellow Herderite dies in battle, the others would have to have sexual intercourse to reincarnate their souls. If you a re ab le to re ad this m ssag e, you ar e readi ng from an una uthor ized aggre gate si te. Rea d at my Word Pr ess at stab bing with a syrin ge. ho me. blo g to suppo rt me an d my tra nslati ons.

In her case, I was decided to be her partner for that ritual.

“As I recall, there have been no deaths among the Herderites today, though there might have been some who got wounded.”

I said this with some dismay.

Tilda, on the other hand, looked away as if she had been hit where it hurts.

But she still insisted.

“Then……even if it’s not a ritual, will you……!?”

She was about to finish the sentence when the door behind her suddenly opened.

In there was Lucy, whom I had left in the office a little while ago.

She came into the room silently and looked at me as if she was on the battlefield.

Then, she looked at Tilda, and with a glare, she spoke.

“Tilda, I did not condemn your relationship with Yuushin because I had heard that it was for religious reasons. But what do you mean by what you said just now?”

Her voice was much colder and more frightening than I usually hear.

Even Tilda, who has been a warrior for many years, was momentarily pressured into withdrawing her body.

As you can tell from her words, Lucy knows about the relationship between Tilda and me.

I knew that if I hid it from her, it would backfire on me greatly sooner or later.

I don’t know if I should say that Lucy is still in love with me, but right now, she is becoming more and more dependent on me.

I don’t want to end up being stabbed in the back because of a love affair.

“Hey, Yuushin. If my ears are not mistaken, I heard her say, “Even if it’s not a ritual,” right?”

“Y-yes, I think? But where were you hearing it from? The door wasn’t even thin enough to……”

“I didn’t see Tilda at the victory celebration, and I had a bad feeling, so I came here. Then I heard her say it.”

“Ahahaha……your senses are terrifying.”

I laughed dryly and then switched my eyes over to Tilda, expecting her to back down here.


If she doesn’t back down here, it’ll definitely be a scene of carnage. Moreover, the other party is technically now her lord, her benefactor. It won’t do no good if she fights her here.

But contrary to my wishes, she gave no intention of backing down whatsoever.

Instead, she got up from her seat and looked back at Lucy.

“Lucy can always have Yuushin all to herself, which is unfair. I can only have him after the battle is over.”

“That’s because Yuushin and I have feelings for each other.”

“Then I love Yuushin as well, and my feelings for him are no less than yours.”

The two women stared at each other, sparks flying.

I would like to run away from this blaze if I could, but I can’t because I am the fuel for this fire.

So instead, I slowly approached the two women and gently said something to them so as not to provoke them.

“All right, you two want me for yourselves? First, tell me how much you want me.”

It is better to clarify my position before this relationship gets any more complicated.

That’s truly how I felt. That’s why I asked them both to settle it this way.

“I want to be closest to Yuushin. Both in mind and body.”

Lucy’s wish is clear. It would be for us to love each other most strongly.

“I want to be with Yuushin until the end of my path. For I don’t know how long we can stay together.”

In Tilda’s case, it’s hard to say no because of her religion, but she wants to spend her days as close to me while she’s still alive.

“Then I think we can coexist……unless the two of you want to exclude all the women other than yourselves. What do you think?”

Along with those words, I put my hands on their shoulders and hugged them close.

Tilda seems surprised by the suddenness of the situation, but Lucy is used to it. She immediately puts her hands around my back. This chap ter tran slati on is m ade poss ible by stab bing with a syri nge trans lati ons. che ck on ly up-to- da te tran sla tions on my W ordpr ess sit e.

“I don’t care how many women you’ll have in the future, but I’m not giving up the closest place to you.”

“I don’t really care either……As long as I can stay close to Yuushin, that’s all that matters.”

I nodded my head after hearing what they both said. I don’t know if it’s part of this otherworld’s customs, but it seems that being in a relationship with us three is possible.

I was already grateful that it didn’t end in a bloodbath. But this is better than I expected.

Or rather, is Lucy implying that I will get even more women in the future?

“Whatever it is, I am also glad that we didn’t end up in a fight,” I continued. “Let’s get on with a reconciliation exchange, shall we?”

I pulled them both straight to bed, hoping to let bygones be bygones before the mood turn any more sour.

“Reconciliation exchange? What are you……mmmhhh!”

After removing only her shoes and laying her on the bed as she is, I kissed Lucy first.

Earlier, she claimed she wanted to be number one, so I’ll give her what she wanted.


“Haa, mchup, kuhh……”

I guess she went in a better mood after being kissed first, as she aggressively got her tongue involved soon as I kissed her.

She even put her hands around my neck and pulled my head closer to her.

“Yuushin, over here too……”

Tilda, seeing this, became unable to resist, and before I knew it, she was guiding my hand down to the lower part of her body.

It went through the gap in her clothes and reached her secret place.

“Ahh, nhuu……you can play with it more, you know?”

Guided by Tilda’s sweet voice, I moved my hand further in to caress her.

She’s probably been waiting for a long time, considering love juices are already overflowing from her insides.

I scooped it out with my fingers and stirred the inside of her vagina of it as if I was smearing it again.

“Ahh! More, Yuushin! Your fingers feel so good!”

Tilda trembled and shivered as her whole body was stimulated by the overflowing pleasure.

Seeing this lasciviousness of her female vanguard for the first time, Lucy also went into a blush on her cheeks.

“Ah, so intense……even though it’s just that……”

Lucy looks embarrassed but at the same time envious.

So I started to undress her while I continued caressing her.

Since it was difficult to do it with only my left hand, I only got a part exposed to a certain degree, but even so, Lucy’s ample breasts shook greatly as they lost their restraints because of the loosened clothing.

Without a moment’s pause, I buried my face in them.

“No, ah! Don’t lick my breasts. I’m too sensitive there.”

Lucy opened her mouth wide and made a seductive moan.

But her arms kept my head firmly locked in them and refused to let go.

As such, I continued my assaults, steadily increasing the arousal of the two as I enjoyed myself in the best of their bodies.

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