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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 6 Chapter 5

Chapter 5 – Thunderous Roar VS Raging Flame Overlord Style

“Not giving up, eh? It seems your brain is too small you can’t even understand the situation you’re trapped in. In the end, a subhuman is a subhuman, an inferior species.”

Malik blabbered with a sneer.

“You’re not even worth adding to my list of cronies. Very well, I’ll beat you to the ground as planned.”

“Well, give it a try, that is if you can.”

I growled in a low voice.

“Haha. Wow, very brave. As a reward, I’ll show you my Ultimate Move(Kiwami) in the deepest inner workings of the school, the Raging Earth Sky Phoenix Sword(Rekkai Ten Hou Ken). Can you take this?”

With the flamboyant name of the technique, Malik changes his stance.

From the level of his right eye, he’s now holding the sword with the tip held high.

It’s like he’s gonna do a full-blown chop from the top of my head.

Or will it be a feint?


As it was an technique I’m seeing for the first time, there was no point in anticipating what’s coming in next.

I’ll just use my full power to meet it.

“Here I go.”

Malik said briefly and took a step forward.

And then.

The proper timing……came.


Malik’s downward swinging sword wind cut through the air as it closed in.

This is…

Reflexively, I jumped sideways to avoid it, shattering the city walls immediately behind with a roar.

“Magic sword technique…?”

No, it’s different.

“You did well to avoid it. Well, I guess someone gets lucky from time to time.”

Malik snickered.

“That is only the so-called Kamaitachi. It is just an air pressure created by my sword slash which was accelerated to the maximum, but it was so strong that it creates a fault in the air and becomes a blade that cuts through everything— First maybe the walls, but the second will be you, subhuman. Fortunes don’t last long.” He said and raised his sword again.

“Oh, don’t worry, I won’t kill you. I’ll let you off with a slash across your beautiful face so that we’ll never see it ever again.”

His slitted eyes were filled with the pleasure of torment.

“Will the girls who were fussing over you be disappointed? Hahahaha. I can’t wait to see that.”

“You really are a douchebag, aren’t you?” I spat out.

“Well, I never intend to lose to a guy like you anyway.”

“You’ve got a big mouth for a subhuman.”

Snickering, Malik closed the distance once more, much, much closer than he was before. If you are reading this message, you are reading from an unauthorized aggregate site. Read at my WordPress to support me and my translations.

Because the shockwave is intangible, it’s impossible to deflect it with a sword.

And because my back is already against the wall, there is not enough space to dodge.

“This is checkmate! Say farewell to your face, subhuman!”

Malik swung his sword down from the upper level.

The trajectory of the sword was very simple, as it was a straightforward downward cleave.


However, it was the speed that was unusual.

Because of that, my reflexes, kinetic vision, judgment, muscle power, concentration…I got no choice but to raise all of them to super speed.

To the limit… no, beyond the limit.

“Over there!”

I stepped forward in perfect time with the timing of the sword being swung down.

It takes a lot of courage to jump into a slash by yourself.

If the timing is even slightly off, I’ll be ripped starting from my brain.

But if I was afraid, I would never be able to complete this technique.

So I just stepped forward.



And further.


The silver trajectory of Malik’s sword and the gold trajectory of my sword intersected.

“H-how……” A moment later, I heard a short cry of anguish leak out.

It was Malik’s cry of pain.

But more than that, was shock – as what he had seen was a slash that was even faster than his slashing speed that was already enough to create blades out of air.

What’s more, it was even sharper than his!

 My sword, which I had thrust straight out, slammed into Malik’s chest. To be precise, it was the hilt of my sword, which I reversed my grip to upside down, that slammed into his chest.

It was a plain counterattack, but the execution is godly.

Not only this technique needed the ability to accurately see the speed and trajectory of the opponent’s sword; it also required the best timing. Also, the sharpness of the slash must be faster than the opponent’s by only a moment.

I remedied the former by increasing my dynamic eyesight and reflexes to the limit, and manifested the latter by increasing every muscle strength in my body.

I had practiced this with Mary a few times, but this was the first time I tried it in a real fight.

And with that gamble, I won.

“……haaa, guh……uu……”

Adding the momentum of his to the blow I delivered, like a bus speeding even more towards an incoming train, the impact Malik received increased multiple folds, and he immediately kneeled on the spot, ungracefully scattering the vomit and excretory things along the way. This chapter translation is made possible by stabbing with a syringe translations. check up-to-date translations only at this site.

Goboh, gohaaa.

“Match over, Malik.”

I looked down at the man while posing arrogantly like he did to me a while ago.

“The one that won ── is my sword technique.”

“Malik is down……?”

“Get a grip, Mr. Malik!”

The cronies helped Malik up, who was still cowering and couldn’t get up, and then ran off.

I have beaten Malik, their leader and charismatic figure, head-on.

With this, I could only hope wouldn’t behave like that to Miss Paula anymore.

I’m sure he’s learned the hard way that I won’t standby anymore if he tries to ‘negotiate’ with me again.

“Excellent swordsmanship, Master Lian.”

Milfa’s voice resounded in joy.

“You’ve become quite proficient in the use of physical enhancements. Now that we came to this, you’re already set to move on to the ‘next level’ ──”


“Mr. Lian, are you alright?”

 I suddenly heard a voice from behind me. Turning around, I saw a woman with dark hair and glasses rushing towards me.

“Miss Paula?”

Had she been watching our exchange all along?

“Ah, I’m sorry. I was really worried, so……”

Paula said in a fading voice.

“It was supposed to be a match, but it turned into this kind of duel. …… I’m really sorry for the trouble I’ve caused you.”

“It’s not your fault, Miss Paula. Either way, even if it didn’t happen with me, Malik would still be challenged in the not-too-distant future with the way he does.”

I responded with my usual refreshing smile.

“Right now, I’ve given him a good beating. While we still don’t know what will happen in the future, at present, he sure won’t be bugging Miss Paula.”

“Mr. Lian……” Paula stared at me.

Her eyes were moist with tears, her lips were half-open, and her cheeks were tinted rosy. From time to time, hot breaths escaped her beautiful lips.

But even with a face so full of longing, Paula just stood there, unmoving.

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