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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 6 Chapter 4

Chapter 4 – Crimson Emperor Beheading Moves

“Beating me using only the Crimson Emperor(Teikou) Beheading Move(Zan Jutsu)s? Oh well……”

Malik shrugged his shoulders in finding out my following actions.

“Do you realize that your magical swordplay, which allows you to attack from a greater distance than what an ordinary swordsman does, is your only advantage? To let go of your only trump card……this is why you are called sub-humans. You even lack in wits.”

It was another line that condescended to others.

That’s why I want to go physical – to break this guy’s nose.

In addition, the term “subhuman” – a term that refers to all non-human races such as elves and dwarves – is often used as a discriminatory term in this world.

Fortunately, I’ve yet to be discriminated against because I’m a handsome elf……until now.

As far as what I’ve experienced, the people of this town do not have that kind of discriminatory mindset. Even in the rural villages I have been visited, I never had anyone said these lines to me before.

Though it is too early to say because it wasn’t even a month since I got here, but for another world dominated by humans, I think I have met a lot of nice and warm people already.

“You’re going to handicap yourself against Malik?”

“You’re a hundred years too young.”

“Subhumans are so stupid.”

The cronies laughed as they followed suit.

“Then, come.”

Malik announced, lowering his sword slackly.

“……you’re not making a stance?”

I couldn’t help but ask.


Though my knowledge about swordplay is new, I’m sure that that is not the basic stance of the Raging Flame(Rekka) Overlord Style(Hakenryuu).

“It’s a handicap. This is a battle between A-Class and C-Class. And you don’t even intend to use magic sword techniques. Even my pride will not allow me to do that.”

Malik smirked slyly.

The freshness he had when we first met is no longer there in the slightest.

“You can go ahead and hit whatever you want, Lian.”

“Then don’t mind if I do!”

I shouted and kicked the ground.

Using my Acceleration, I doubled my body’s leg power.

In just one breath, I was able to close the gap between us.


Malik’s slitted eyes narrowed. Then,

Ginnnn, a metallic clang resounded, scattering dazzling sparks onto the air.

Shock reverberated in both of my hands.

My slash, which I cleaved at close range, was met by Malik’s sword, which leaped up from the lower level.

But I didn’t stop there, and unleased my second strike.

My body moves so naturally. Is this the result of Mary’s training?

It feels like the basic movements of the swordsmanship are starting to become second nature to me.

Of course, I still couldn’t compare to a top-notch swordsman in terms of technique.

But now that I have strengthened my body and have gained much more power and speed than ordinary people, let’s use that to our advantage and unleash a series of storm-like attacks. If you are reading this message, you are reading from an unauthorized aggregate site. Read at my WordPress to support me and my translations.

“……Kuh.”  Smile disappeared from Malik’s face.

Third clash, fourth clash, five ──.

Malik retreated slowly from the slashes I released.

“I see, it’s no wonder you made it all the way up to C-Class so quickly…”

Muttering, Malik took a giant leap back.

“…… Looks like I don’t need myself to hold back on you.”

He then slowly pulled up his sword, which had been slackly lowered until now.

Then, he aimed it at my eye level.

“Finally…and here I wonder when you’ll actually get serious.”

I said as I watched my opponent’s movements.

Using my enhanced kinetic vision and reflexes to the fullest, I prepared for my opponent’s first strike.

After all, What they cannot match in terms of technique and tactics, such as reading each other’s moves, they have to make up for with their overwhelming physical abilities.

“Here I go, subhuman!”

Malik shouted, and in one movement, he closed the distance and struck.

“Gu, uuu……”

But I caught him, even just barely.

Honestly, I almost dropped my sword when I felt the strong blow.

After that, countless silver lights danced around us, as sparks of slashes scattered.

Malik’s sword, now on the offensive, was heavy with each strike.

It was astonishing to see how such power could be found in such a slender body.

And as expected of an A-Class adventurer, he was no slouch.

The sword strikes were so heavy that even my enhanced arm strength is having a hard time catching it.


If it was just in terms of power, he might be equal to or even greater than Claudia.

“This is more entertaining than I thought! You’re a subhuman, but you’re persistent!”

The strikes became heavier and heavier. Eventually, I couldn’t overcome the power, and my stance slightly collapsed.

At that moment, Malik jumped up in the air.

Raging Flame(Rekka) Overlord Style(Hakenryuu) ── Beheading Emperor Flash(Zan Ou Sen)!”

A slash with the added momentum of a gravitational fall – approached above my head.

I jumped caught the blow just in time after I regained my bearings, but──,

“What a weight……!”

A tremendous impact ran through my body, as if my bones were about to get shattered.

I clenched my teeth and managed to pass it off by jumping backwards.

“Oh, so you managed to take on one of the profound techniques of the Raging Flame(Rekka) Overlord Style(Hakenryuu), eh? I commend you, subhuman. If you were an ordinary swordsman, your sword would be broken together with your arm.”

Malik smiled coolly.

“In that case, let’s go with something heavier.”

This guy wasn’t even at his best just now!?

Facing my shuddering face, Malik swung his sword around like a windmill.

However, I returned the favor by fighting back.

As a consequence, another impact ran through my whole body felt as if it’s going to fall apart, and that’s by only matching him with my sword.

Despite its slender build, this guy’s sword seemed to be mainly destructive.

“If that’s the case…”

I aimed at his sword itself and readied another stance for a slash.

It wasn’t just an ordinary slash – it’s the weapon destruction technique I also used on Claudia back then – the Crimson Emperor(Teikou) Beheading Move(Zan Jutsu) called Rend(Ha) Blade(Jin).

“You’re wasting your time!”

Malik’s swordsmanship is a gorgeous dance. The exchange at the right time were deflected without hesitation. This chapter translation is made possible by stabbing with a syringe translations. check up-to-date translations only at this site.

This meant that if I didn’t time this right, I would receive an incredible backlash that more than just losing my sword and my arms.

Of course, it’s the magical sword technique that defeated Claudia, Burst(Rend)Seraphim Zapper(Searing Angel’s Absolution) could easily destroy Malik’s sword.

However, I’ve already declared that I’ll win this match using only the swordsmanship that I have learned.

It’s not already a simple matter of winning by force. I will win by showing my pride as an adventurer.

Thinking of the adventurers I’ve met so far – Mina, Mary, Ingrid, and Claudia – I renewed my resolve.

I back stepped out of the way – however, he released a slash to put a check on my movements.

“I won’t let you get away.”

Malik is not naive either.

He stepped in further and challenged me to a close combat to no end.

Then suddenly, with a thud, I felt something hard against my back.

Before I knew it, I already had my back on the city walls.

He had me.

“There’s nowhere to run now, is there, subhuman?”

Malik smiled in joy.

However, it’s the kind of smile a hunter would have after hunting down his prey.

“Do you want to give up?”

He then spoke arrogantly.

“Kneel. Bow down and kiss my boots. If you pledge your submission to me, I might add you to my cronies.”

“Kukuku. Ah, sorry about that. You were just so silly.” I snickered.


“But I won’t do it even if I die.”

After all, it’s about time I win this fight.

Let’s end this disgusting man once and for all.

“Hmm, for now, let’s go with that one.”

There is a new technique that Mary taught me yesterday. And now, I have a perfect dummy to test it out.

Crimson Emperor(Teikou) Beheading Move(Zan Jutsu)s, Fifty-first Sword(Gojuu-Ichi no Tachi) ── Thunderous Roar(Rai Hou).”

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