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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 6 Chapter 6

Chapter 6 – First-Time with Paula, Part 1 ※


Side: Paula Arlade

I had no idea that Malik Shahzad, a renowned adventurer for being ‘a true friend of justice’, was hiding his true nature like this.

How dare he try to destroy Lian, a promising adventurer, under the guise of a practice match? Or so that’s what the girl thought.

Still, Paula was ashamed of herself for being a helpless onlooker, as well as being the root of the incident.

But at the same time, she became more fascinated by Lian, who had defended the pride of adventurers and won.

It was an amazing spectacle, as if her soul was blown away.

She was just there, staring at the beautiful boy in front of her.

Yet, the boy’s dignity, his strength of will,

And his carefree cheerfulness,

“He’s a wonderful person,” she thought again. “Just looking at him made my heart burn with passion.”

“Ah, Mister Lian, blood is……”

Paula’s face scrunched up as she noticed red smudges on the elf boy’s arms.

Perhaps the blade had grazed him during his exchange with Malik.

“I’m sorry…… it’s my fault……”


In the first place, Lian had agreed to the “bout” to protect her.

“It’s not your fault, Miss Paula. Despite his nature, he still challenged me to a fight, and I accepted it of my own volition.”

Paula’s heart tingled again as Lian smiled.

(Aah, no, if you do it like that, my heart is gonna beat fast again……)

“It’s time to go back to the branch. I still got a quota to finish today.”

“But you’re injured! You need to rest today.”

Paula hurried to stop him.

“But it’s only a scratch.”

“I’m worried about you……”

As she said this, something flared up inside Paula.

It was a hot urge that she had never felt before in her life.

When she saw how Lian fought and how proud he was just now – she felt something change in her as well. If you are reading this message, you are reading from an unauthorized aggregate site. Read at my WordPress to support me and my translations.

I want to take a step forward, too…… She felt such desire rising up in her.

“Ah, right, yes, I’ll patch you up at my place, how about it! No, please, let me!”

Following her impulse, Paula reflexively shouted. It was only after she let out those words that she fell into a surprise.

After all, it was the first time in her twenty-six years of life that she had invited a member of the opposite sex into her home.

“Uhm, you see, this…… uhh…… I want to make amends for today, yes. And I also want to thank you for intervening between me and the adventurers, you know……just before it becomes a dispute……”

However, the more she spoke, the more Paula’s words became soft.

──until it ended up in an awkward silence.

(Uwaaa, I wonder what Lian thought when I said that. He must be thinking I’m a disgraceful older lady who likes to hit on younger ones right now! This is bad. This is really bad!)

“Aah…I’m sorry for saying something crazy! You don’t have to go to my house; just the guild’s first aid room will do!”

Paula apologized in a flustered voice. She’s so much embarrassed that if there’s a hole nearby, she would immediately get into it.

However, she felt she was further ‘exposed’ because there was none, and her whole body felt even hotter.

“Auuu……I’m really sorry……please forget what I just said……”

“N-no, it is not that I’m bothered by it, but I think that it’s a waste if I decline your offer……so, I’ll go.”

Lian smiled refreshingly. She always saw the usual smile, but somehow, she felt wonderful relief, seeing this expression today.

And then,

“Also, thank you, Paula. For worrying about me.”

That fairy-like smile made Paula’s heart beat even more sweetly.


(Lian’s POV)


I am really surprised. After all, this is the first time that someone so meek-looking has invited me into their home.

Perhaps it was the remorse of being unable to do anything that was driving her to do this, but in the end, I know that Paula is still a kind person.

As I didn’t want to disrespect her feelings, I accepted her invitation.

She took me to her home, which was a house not far from the guild office.

The room was neat and tidy, reflecting her outward personality. The flowers that were displayed here and there added color to the room.

……wait, she lives alone?

Does that mean it’s just the two of us, right from the start?

I’m starting to get a little nervous.

“C-come, let me see your wound. I’ll bandage it after I disinfect it.”

Contrary to my expectations, Paula treated me in an excellent manner.

“……speaking of which, is there anything like a healing spell in our magic sword techniques?”

Curious, I whispered to Milfa.

“…… that’s the category of wizardry. Most magic sword techniques are basically offensive techniques. You can’t use spells like recovery or assistance spells. At most, you can only enhance your physical capabilities beyond the norm, but that puts more strain on your body than healing them, so it doesn’t count.”


I don’t really understand the detailed difference between the two, but…… to sum it up, if you get wounded, you have to be treated normally like this or have a priestess like Mina cast healing magic on you, huh?

Being a Magic Swordsman isn’t an all-rounder than I thought.

“There. It’s all right now.”

When Paula finished wrapping the bandage on my scratch, she quickly moved away from me.

Silence fell between us again.

What I should say to her, I wonder?

I was once again aware of the fact that we were alone, and my tension started to act up again. This chapter translation is made possible by stabbing with a syringe translations. check up-to-date translations only at this site.

When I look at her again, I realized once more of Paula’s beauty hidden within her plain appearance.

It’s hard to notice because she has black pigtails, glasses, no makeup, basically a really simple look.

But after looking at her closer, she was indeed a beauty.

As I was gazing at her, Paula stared back at me.

“Mister Lian, I──”

Her wet eyes have a wistful light in them, as if she is inviting me – or perhaps she is waiting for me all this time.

Yes, they looked just like the town girls who had surrounded me on the way to the guild.

However, there’s a big difference between her and them, as my heart tingles sweetly and sourly when Paula gives me that look.

It’s so lovely.

Unable to contain my excitement, I gently brought my face close to Paula’s. Of course, if she refused, I wouldn’t force her and stop just right there.

But Paula didn’t show any signs of trying to avoid me. Though she’s shivering, she slowly closed her eyes as if she’s anticipating it all along.

I took that as an affirmation and pulled her face even closer to mine.

We were now so close that we could feel our breaths blew on each other.


Slowly, my lips overlapped on Paula’s lips.

Her lips are soft and plump.

“Nnnnnnn, muu, chuu, leroo……!”

Suddenly, Paula’s tongue darted in and around my tongue with great force.

It was awkward, but I knew she’s trying her best.

It was the kind of kiss that makes you adore Paula. Just by having your lips touch each other, you could immediately feel how adorable and lovable Paula is inside.

“Fuuu……haaa, haaa, ahaaaa……”

When we eventually finished kissing, Paula looked at me with an upturned pair of eyes. Then, as if she had just realized what just happened,

“T, this, so this is a kiss……ahh, I never expected kissing to be this good……!”

That means it was her first kiss.

By the way, at the banquet the other day, I thought I heard something about her having a 26-year history of not having a boyfriend…

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to do this all of a sudden.”

I apologized, but I couldn’t help to smile as well, feeling bliss about her initial reaction.

“You said you wanted to thank me, but I think I got carried away……do you hate it?”

Uwaaa, that was too overboard, me!

After saying such embarrassing words on impulse, I couldn’t help but get embarrassed as well.

“N-no! It is not that I hate it. In fact, I liked it too. T-thank you.”

“As for me, I couldn’t be any more grateful that I have received Miss Paula’s first kiss.”

Still, now that I reached this far, my mind is pestering me to “do it, do it already!!!”

Besides, having witnessed Paula’s innocently cute reactions so far, my crotch is already swelling up.

“Would you like to……go further, Miss Paula?”

I gulped and said with all my might.


Paula’s cheeks immediately turned bright red on my words.

I gently ran my hand down her chest.

“Nnn, hauuu……nnn. Haaa……”

I groped her breasts with my right hand, and they swayed voluptuously like melons.

It’s amazing how heavy it is, weighing down my palm.

And though she’s the skinny type of girl, Paula’s breasts could already be classified as enormous.

They are definitely the largest size of any woman I’ve ever had relations with.

And with that reason, I couldn’t help but reach out my other hand to the huge knockers in front of me.


When I lightly squeezed them, the overly rich flesh of the breasts crushed and deformed in a nasty way.

“Aaah, my breasts are being groped hard……this is too embarrassing……”

Paula murmured, her cheeks still as bright as a tomato.

She should be seven or eight years older than me, but I feel like I’m dealing with someone a lot younger.

I held my breath in excitement and pulled her top off.

With a boing, the two bulges which were wrapped in her bra generously popped out.

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