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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 5 Chapter 5

Chapter 5 – A Girl’s Recollections

Ingrid la Finia’s side.

What filled Ingrid’s vision was a blanket of flames.

The magnificent royal city of Finia was on fire. Yes, everything was ablaze.

Cries filled with anguish.

Roars filled with pain.

Screams of what should be her people echoing in vain.

And then, at the next, countless huge shadows attacked them.

Spitting flames and lightning, these ‘demonic constructs’ rampaged – all of them probably having enough power to surpass even an S-class demon.

The knights and wizards of the kingdom who stood against the demons to protect the citizens were no more.

They have been destroyed, but not by them.

All were done by a single opponent.


For now, she had no choice but to flee.

In despair, Ingrid ran with all her might, to the farthest her feet could bring her.

But then……

“You are ──”


As if to block her way, a black shadow stood in front of her.

The light from the bright flames behind him made it difficult to see his face.

But even with that, the girl could see his most distinctive feature.

The adversary has pointed ears.

An elf.

What’s more, it was a dark elf with dark brown skin – a dark elf.

Ingrid’s body stood on all hairs.

For she is now in front of the entity, the same entity who had defeated all the knights and wizards of her kingdom, alone.

And then ──,

“Please run away, Your Highness!”

“We will stall him for you!”

The knights and wizards that were left to protect her rushed in between. If you are reading this message, you are reading from an unauthorized aggregate site. Read at my WordPress to support me and my translations.

“Hee, so there’s still some that survived? Amusing.”

The dark elf’s eyes squinted slightly.

“But it’s useless. Whether there are tens of thousands of you or even hundreds of millions of you, you won’t even reach beneath my feet. Can’t you understand already? We’re different dimensions apart.”

“It doesn’t matter whether we win or lose!”

“We will protect Her Highness with our lives!”

The knights shouted with their swords and the wizards with their staffs.

Not a single one of them fled.

Not a single one of them flinched.

As they were, the proud Royal Order and Magic Squadron of Finia, risking their lives for their sole mission.

But now, their thoughts are filled with sadness.

“Run away……”

Ingrid murmured in a tearful voice.

“You’re all …… going to be killed …….”

“Still, that’s some spirit you got there.”

The dark elf smiled a refreshing smile that was out of place on the battlefield.

“However, it’s all nothing but a waste.”

Only for that same smile to turn to an evil one – one that seeks delight in destruction and violence to his foes.

“My sword, Gilfaraze──kick off the fools who oppose me and erase them.”

The dark elf pulled out a short sword that hung on his waist.

The display on the hilt changed from “Standing by” to “Attack mode”.

Then its blade split open in the middle, and a purple glow converged in the middle of the said blade, like some sort of a railgun.

He aimed it at the knights and wizards, and the next thing, there occurred a strong blast blew their surroundings hard.

When it cleared up, all the knights and the wizards that shouted their bravery had disappeared.

There wasn’t a scream.

Nor even a flesh or bone was left behind.

It wasn’t even a battle.

“Aaand it’s over, just like that.”

The dark elf said quietly to Ingrid, who was now back to being alone.


“Such a shame, though. If not for that power you were born with being all sealed up, apart from this me, you would have kicked the crap out of the troops under my command.”

Ingrid unconsciously pressed her chest.

Hiding within her clothes was a “mark” engraved between the flesh between her small breasts. This chapter translation is made possible by stabbing with a syringe translations. check up-to-date translations only at this site.

As an ‘abomination’ born in unpreventable circumstances, Ingrid was sealed off the great power hidden in her body on the day she was born.

However, it was an irony, as such an act by the kingdom to protect her and its citizens, became the triggering factor for their demise instead.

‘If only I had the knowledge and power to unlock the seal, I might have been able to defeat this dark elf and save my country.’

If only I had the knowledge.

If only I had the power…!

This is why, this is why I sought knowledge so desperately.

A method to undo this Negaprotect(Seal that Repels all Evil) carved in my body.

I’m sure it exists somewhere in the world.

This is why, after this, I want to become an adventurer.

Even so, it’s still no guarantee.

At present, Ingrid is helpless against the Dark Elf in front of her.

“The Long-lived Kingdom of Finia will perish today, all by this hand of mine.”

A slash of magic power flew from the downed sword of the elf and gouged the surroundings.

Ingrid could only stare as the purple glow of destruction closed on her.


She then opened her eyes.

“Again……it’s that same dream again.”

Ingrid mumbled as she sits up.

It’s been three years now, but she’s still having this dream once in every few days.

This caused a lot of sweat to pour out of her body every time, making her see-through negligee stick to her skin.

Despite her mature age, Ingrid still had that immature bodyline, yet that only highlighted her allure even more in the unevenness brought by her outfit.

Throb ──.

The demonic crest carved between her small breasts ached.

Recently, this pain of hers is becoming worse.

“Don’t tell me……it’s reacting to him?”

Mumbling, Ingrid’s eyebrows drew into a steep.

There was no basis for it, but she had such premonition.

Or, is it because that abominable dark elf is nearby?

But, how could that be, for this to resonate with him?”

Then, the mocking face of the Dark Elf floated to her mind.


Suddenly, his face overlapped with Lian’s.

In their previous quest – her body, even though it was inevitable as she was manipulated, it remembered that it had exchanged a sweet kiss with that man’s lips.

For Ingrid, it was the first kiss of her life.

And as much as she hated to admit it, it was a very sweet one too.

However, that memory quickly cracked and shattered.

She couldn’t help but think of it.

On that very day, she lost everything.


Her hometown, her family, and all the people close to her.

And it was the abominable dark elf who did it all.


Ingrid bit her lip so hard that it bled.

She already knew.

That the unreasonable attitude of hers towards Lian was all just a prejudice from what she had experienced.

Sure, she is not good with men, but it didn’t mean she hates him.

After all, there is no reason to dislike him.

In fact, she should even be grateful to him for saving her and her friends.

‘I guess I should have said “Congratulations” to him at the banquet yesterday.’

‘Or perhaps I should have said, “Thank you for saving me” back then.’

But she couldn’t.

If she didn’t keep him at a distance, her emotions would explode no matter how unreasonable it was.

She will go crazy mad at him, all just for the fact that she made her remember her most hated enemy.

That’s why ──.

“……… I’m sorry, Lian.”

The girl, who had been deprived of everything, could only mumble a small apology to the boy who wasn’t even there.

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