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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 5 Chapter 4

Chapter 4 – Soap Play with Mina and Mary, Part 3 ※

The first thing I did was hold Mina’s hips in my arms and penetrate her in one swift motion.


As a result, Mina let out a lusty moan, and her smooth back arched in unison.

Her vaginal opening, which I had a hard time inserting the first time, has now become less resistant than before. However, it was still tight enough to make my penis ache.

Added to that were the slippery mucous membranes, wiggling and squeezing with sweet pressure every time I move my hips.

“Kuuh, Mina. As always, it feels so good inside you.” I groaned as I slammed my hips as hard as I could.

Guchu, guchu, the watery private hole resounded each time the angry and throbbing alien entity impacted the end of her womb.

“Haaa, ahnnn, it’s even reaching so deep……auu!”

And while Mina shouted in delight as her limbs, wet with the moisture of our bodies, wagged and trembled in pleasure, I continued to put my weight on her and gouged her tight pits.

“Ahiii, haaa, aaaaahnnn, fuaaa……so good, Sir Liaaan……”

I looked down, only to see a cute priestess panting lustfully with her beautiful blonde hair swaying frantically, a far contrast from her usual kind and timid personality.

After a few more thrusts, I released myself from Mina’s grasp and plunged into Mary next to me, giving her a powerful pistoning session in top gear right from the start.

“Fuaaah, auuuh, Lian, so good……it’s even, reverberating, at the bottom, of my stomach!”


Mary exclaimed, shaking her red twin tails left and right. Her vagina is much cozier now than when I did it with her when she was still a virgin.

Back then, it was so narrow and tight, and even with my trait, it’s so hard to move. Even with the insides getting wet, it was still difficult to push it in and pull it out.

But now, it’s much smoother, to the point that I can do extractions on her freely.

So I hunched my hips and gave Mary a big welcome by having one big stroke towards her insides.

This made the slippery membranes rub against my meat rod, causing a sweet itch of pleasure to well up inside me.

The tightness of her small vagina hadn’t changed much, but the pumping itself had become much easier.

It was incredibly pleasing being the factor that developed both of these women’s bodies to what they are now. If you are reading this message, you are reading from an unauthorized aggregate site. Read at my WordPress to support me and my translations.

I slammed my pistons into Mary’s with as much force as I did to Mina earlier. After a few more thrusts, I put it back to Mina again, thrusting hard on the different vagina but almost have the same pleasant tightness as the former.

“Afuuu, uaahh, hnnn, cumming……I’m, about, to cum……auu.”

I stirred Mina’s pussy, now soggy all over, and gave her one last thrust, which seemed to have made her cum a bit.

Soon as she let out a muffled scream of climax, I pulled out my meat rod and inserted it into Mary without even pausing.

After a few more thrusts, Mary’s aroused body reached the peak as well.

“Aaah, ahuuun, yes! I’m also, cumming!”

Compared to the soft whimpers of Mina, Mary’s voice was loud and high-pitched, and she almost screamed as she too reached her own orgasm.

I continued enjoying their pussyholes as much as I could, penetrating Mina then switching back to Mary depending on my will.

Both women were still tight and narrow, but with the gushing wetness of their insides, as well as their previous experience with me, all of these factors combined and made me feel much better than the last time.

“I’m gonna let it out, both of you!”

Dobyu, dobyudobyurururu!

After several times of penetration and pistoning, I shot my first vaginal ejaculation into Mary’s treasured depths.

“Ahhhh, it’s thumping so deeeep! Yes, more, let it out, let it out more inside my womb! Ahh, cumming. I’m cumming while being cummed insiiiiiiiiide!”

Mary too, came once more as a huge amount of semen was pumped inside her.

After releasing it all, I pulled out the penis from her gaping womb. This made the base of her cunt, covered with love juices and semen, to overflow its contents to her crotch, wetting Mary underneath and all the way to the floor.

Sultry odor unique to women rose up, showing a proof that I conquered a beautiful girl on my own, and that sweet smell only excited me more and more.

“Sir Lian, me too……”

Mina spoke as she enviously stared at Mary, who had just received her first creampie, and then shook her lovely hips as if begging me to fuck her.

“Okay. I’m going to give you plenty of cum too, Mina.”

I spoke as I grabbed the shapely mound of her ass and spread them to the left and right. Then I penetrated her deep with a mighty stroke, enjoying that narrow, hot, writhing flesh to the fullest once more. Then I rubbed back and forth the insides of her vagina, gradually accelerating in each move while stimulating our sensual feelings.

Auuu, uaaah, hnnnn, nnnnnn, cumming! I’m about to cum again, Sir Liaaaann~.”


Soon as she came, I couldn’t help but stare down at her fragile, shivering back, and it wasn’t long when I also reached the peak myself.

“Kuhoooo, I’m gonna put it all inside! Take it all firmly, Minaaah!”

I screamed and poured as much cum as I could into her tight pussy, similar to what I did to Mary earlier.

Afuu, aaaaahh! Sho, hot……shir liannnn, this is……sho good……yesh, all of it……inshide meee……haaa, aahhhm aaah, cumming again. I’m cumming I’m cumming I’m cumming!!”

Similar to Mary, Mina came once again while being injected with my seed inside. This caused me to pump out even more as I look down at the beautiful girl quivering in orgasm in a disorderly manner.


After that, I ejaculated another batch of cum inside Mina and Mary’s pussies.

“Whew, that felt good……” I said as I exhaled in satisfaction.

Of course, I still had a lot of energy.

As for the two, they are sitting with their backs at the edge of the bathtub, still soaking in the afterglow of their climax.

They seemed to be a little tired, but not so much that they were out of breath.

Looks like we can still have some more fun together.

Surveying my eyes on the wide bath, I noticed a mat lying around on the side of a wall.

I don’t know what this is for in this otherworld, but I took the mat and laid it out on the bathroom floor.

Just like that, we can now do a little mat play.

I lay down with my back on the mat and called them over.

“Next. Both of you, get on top.”

“huuu……this time, please, make Mary, go first.”

As she’s still breathing out ecstatically and still about to recover, Mina nominated Mary, who has much more stamina being the vanguard of the party, much to my surprise.

“Thanks, Mina. Now then, it’s our turn.”

Quickly straddling on my waist, Mary smiled at me and grabbed my manhood, which had already risen almost vertically.

I groaned as her action made the tip of my penis touch the lips of her pussy, and the sensation immediately sent out numbing waves throughout my core despite being only a light action.

“Fufu, does it feel good when I do this?”

Finding out my pretty pathetic reaction, Mary couldn’t help but smile more. Like prey about to be played by a cat, I felt a shiver in my spine as my partner’s mischievous grin widen.

She never looked at me like this before. I couldn’t help but wonder if the few times she had sex with me made her awaken more and more of the feminine side in her.

Except this one is pretty sadistic on its own.

“Do you want me to put it in?”

Mary lowered her head, and towards my ear, she whispered.

But before I could even make an answer, the whole thing of mine got plunged without any warning.


Suchuuu, zubiuuuuu……!

As if the whisper was just a feint, the sudden feeling of Mary’s folds caught me off guard.

The meat rod waded through the hot folds, and when it reached the middle, it slowly descended, little by little until it reached the end of her womb. This chapter translation is made possible by stabbing with a syringe translations. check up-to-date translations only at this site.

“U, aaaaaaaaahh……guuh!”

“Hnnn, afuu, uaaaaaahhhnnn!”

With a thud, Mary landed lightly on my hips, and we both squealed with delight at the same time. The slippery insides entwined themselves around my wood, squeezing erratically and even sucked it inward.

It felt so good that I felt like I was going to cum just from this insertion. How did Mary manage to do this?

“Aahh, I knew it. Lian is still the best……it’s reaching so far beyond my fingers could reach. I’m going to move now, okay? Hnnnnn.”

Despite letting out a gasp as if she’s in pain, Mary continued to move back and forth on my hips, in a motion similar to rodeos I see on the net.

As she did so, however, her pussy got tighter, squeezing my penis more and more.

But it wasn’t just that that happened.

“Then, I’ll take this one……”

Before I knew it, Mina was already there, up and recovered. She then straddled my head and landed her butt on my lips.


In what was called a face-sitting position, it is unknown whether she was still drunk in alcohol or in lust, but Mina is unusually aggressive right now.

With Mary’s pussy tasting my meat stick while I taste Mina’s pussy with my mouth, a sweet electric current of pleasure shot through my entire body.

Wait, this is……not good. It feels so good! I never expected the two combined pleasures would be this intense!

With my feeling of wanting to ejaculate rising quickly, my penis jerked and twitched inside Mary’s narrow hole.

But still, I tried to fight back. Not allowing myself to get carried away, I raised my hips up in a semi-bridge to poke Mary’s deepest parts as hard as I could. While at it, I, too, inserted my tongue into the precious hole of Mina, who was covering my mouth, and stirred it around.

As a response, the two people’s bodies rose up in excitement, up until they reached the climax from our lewd twitting game.

“Fuaaaaah, Lian, if you poke me so much, I’m gonna cum! Aah, I’m cumming, I’m cumming I’m cumming I’m cumming!”

“Me too! I’m gonna cum as well, Sir Liann! Aaah, fuaaaah, ahuuuhhh!”

The moment I saw them both having their orgasm, my desire also went over the edge, and in the end, I exploded.

“Fuu, guuh……ooh……ooh!”

With my mouth still clamped in between Mina’s legs, I could only let out a muffled cry of pleasure while also spitting out as much cum as I could into Mary’s deepest parts.

The three of us reached the zenith at the same time, tasting a climax so dizzyingly tremendous that it penetrated from my tailbone up to the top of my brain.

My consciousness almost faded away, but I barely held in.

After that, we rested for a bit then went up to our respective rooms.

I had a very good sleep that night.

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