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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 14 Chapter 9

Chapter 9 – Tia’s Confession

“Haaah, haaah, haaah……”

At my feet, Tia and Milfa are both lying down.

All of us were breathing heavily.

The sweet and sour scent of sweat emitting in each of our bodies was wafting in the air.

As for the two women, their vaginal cavities are now fully agape. A huge amount of white muck was dripping from both of their holes, which are already mixed with their love juices.

Their scents mingled, filling the surrounding area with the stench of our fresh bodily fluids.

It was a bewitching, mesmerizing afterglow.

“I never expected that it was me who’ll end up in this miserable state after I used my charm to lure you in…….”

After recovering her energy for a bit, Tia sat up and gazed at me with fascination.

She’s still leaking out sweet sighs that sound enchanting to the ears.

Even when she was still a virgin, she already had that bewitching aura around her, and now that she had experienced the flesh of a man, her sex appeal had grown even greater.

To the point that just looking at her like this is already enough to make my whole body tingle.

“I can’t believe that it was me who got charmed by you instead……at the very least, now I know that you deserve to be my master. So please let me kiss you again, my dear master.”

After our hardcore sex, Tia became completely submissive and was now slumped at my feet.

“Tia, why are you doing this to me?”


I asked her as I put on the clothes I had taken off.

Tia was already dressed in her highly revealing outfit; perhaps she’d created by some kind of magic beforehand.

By the way, Milfa is still naked and slumped over, probably tired from the intense sex.

“Why indeed? Perhaps, I wanted to know more about you?”


“Yes. For that, I used my charm abilities to lure you in and have sex with you. I want to learn more about your existence, in both body and soul. “

“Body and soul? What does that mean? No, What’s your intentions, really?” I f yo u ar e abl e to r ead th is message, yo u are re ading fr om an una uthor ized aggre gate si te. R ea d at my Word Pres s to sup port me and m y tra nsl ations.

“Intentions, huh. Honestly, I don’t know. I don’t even know why I’m doing this. After all, I’m a weapon – a weapon designed to obey those who summoned me. But whether it’s a bug or some other factor – I suddenly began to have doubts, which should be impossible for a thing like me. Because of that, I wasn’t sure anymore if I still want to follow Redone or not.”

Tia softly tells me her confession.

“I wanted to choose a master to serve of my own free will. For that, I came to you. As for why I chose you over others, I also don’t know, but something tells my head that it should be you.”

“So, I went ahead of your group and tracked your movements. Dressing up as the old woman who guided you here, I secretly followed your footsteps…”

Tia then looks straight at me.

There’s a vibrant light in her moist eyes, one that was filled with emotion.

It was hard to believe that she was a man-made being just from that stare alone.

Her gaze was as passionate as that of a woman in the flesh.

“This may sound repetitive, but again, I don’t really understand what I was doing at that time. Still, I got scared when you have undergone trial. What if he fails? What if he’ll never come back? So, I destroyed the mechanical doll before you even started. However, I couldn’t express myself at that time because you’re still supposed to be my enemy…….”

“Before I knew it, I already had feelings for you. But I still don’t know about you, so I was forced to charm you. To get to know you. Also, it was from the fear that I will be rejected by you.”

“But I don’t regret it now. Thanks to you, I was made to realize that what I’m doing is right. Because of you, I’ve set my path anew. Not the destruction of humans, for I was made to feel their warmth. Not the seeking battles to relieve me of boredom, but the interaction with others to gain happiness.”

“From then on, I developed feelings. I had learned desires. Both of them, all because of you. And all they seek is you.”

Tia made another smile. This time, not her usual seductive one, but a smile full of love and longing.

“It’s funny, isn’t it?”


No, it’s not. For you, have just become a ‘human’.”

“H-how could I? I-I’m a weapon in the end.”

“But you are now. That, I can feel it. Also, isn’t that what you wanted to be in the first place?”


“You longed to be a woman. A real one. You’ve just experienced love, all in its true meaning. You also experienced how good it is to feel the warmth of the other. Isn’t that enough to suffice?”

“I don’t know what made you think like that that you put me on such a high pedestal, but if your feelings are heartfelt, then I will accept you. But, of course, that means you’ll have to prevent Redone’s plans too.”

“Thank you, Lian. No, thank you, my new master.” This cha p ter tra nsl ation is ma d e po ss ibl e by sta bb ing with a sy ri nge t rans lati ons. che ck up-t o-d te tr ansl atio ns on my Wor dp res s sit e.

Tia knelt down on the spot, like a knight pledging to their lord.

A posture of complete subservience.

Now, then. What to do.

To be honest, I also have begun to have feelings for Tia.

I want to accept her to my party if I can.

But I also couldn’t help but feel that her presence would only bring chaos instead.

After all, she was our enemy just before.

What to do…….

Especially since the decisive battle is around the corner, it is not safe to be having doubts.

Still, I can’t help but think about the consequences. What if my decision puts the other adventurers in a tight spot?

“If you are still in doubt, master, how about we put the matters about me joining you on hold? If I show any suspicious signs, please feel free to destroy me. As I’ve already designated you as my master, I will abide by your decision.”

Tia looks me straight in the eye.

Destroy her?

I can’t do that. Not to a person with whom I have just been laying skin to skin and exchanging feelings with.


Not even for a bit.

Even if it’s someone whom I recognized as an enemy until I came here.

But with her speech, my feelings were greatly shaken.

“Besides, if I go back to Mas-no, to Redone, I’ll just be destroyed. He sees me as well as the other two as nothing more than weapons for war. He will dispose of me without mercy and without having any second thoughts.”

Tia sighs as if telling me it’s already too late.

“Even I cannot stand against him who has already passed the Trial in the High Ancient Labyrinth and has obtained the highest level of power as an elf.”

“High Ancients? You mean Redone has already been here before?”

“No. It’s in a different place called Daybreak Labyrinth.”

Tia answers my question.

“That labyrinth was the most dangerous labyrinth of all, where, like here, the wisdom and trials of the High Ancients lie. In the depths of that place, he gained immense power and knowledge of the High Ancients. And it was also through this power and knowledge that he was able to dig us out of our ‘sleep’ and activate us.”

So Redone already has the powers and knowledge that I have yet to have.

If that’s the case, it’s not a good idea to face him yet while I’m still in such a state.

“But don’t worry, my dear master, for you just need to open a greater door as him.”

As if she’s responding to my inner thoughts, Tia announced to me.

“Wait……door? You mean like the trial I was about to do before this?”

“No, this is even greater. The Super-Ancient’s Ordeal. When you have passed through this, you will gain the power that will surpass even that of Redone’s. Do not worry, for I will show you the way.”

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