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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 14 Chapter 8

Chapter 8 – 3P in the Labyrinth, Part 3 ※

One more push, and my swollen member finally reached the end of Milfa’s hole.

“Kuh, S-so tight……!”

I couldn’t help but groan involuntarily. After all, the pressure was so intense that I have to put a lot of force into my waist.

Then again, this was only the second time we’ve done this, so I guess this tightness is natural.

Still, it was so strong that I felt like I was having sex with her virgin self again.

“Are you okay, Milfa?”

“Aah…… y-yes, but please don’t move for a while……hauu, uu…….Master Lian’s, it’s so big……fuuuhh.”

Even though it’s already her second time, Milfa still finds it hard to accept my rod. I could see it in the way that she’s still breathing hard.

For a while, I held her hips in check and waited for her breaths to calm down.

But even though she wasn’t doing anything, the wet membranes of her vagina continued to twitch erratically. They squeeze my manhood in a perfect wrap as if they’re molding their shape with it.

“Ara ara, you’ve just inserted it, and you already came just from that? In any case, let me amuse myself here.”

Tia expressed a seductive smile as she went and straddled my face.

Overhead, I was able to see her white thighs and the red pubic hair shading the base of her crotch.


I could also see her salmon-pink clit, and it’s already dripping with love juice.

That dripping base slowly approached me.

Tia crouched down in front of my face.

“Mmmh, mgh……nn.”

I was now in the so-called reverse-spitroast, with a hot, slippery garden covering my mouth and another hot, slippery garden surrounding my cock.

I couldn’t help but bounce my hips in reflex to the excitement it brought.

“Ahiiii, hnnnn!?”

The aftermath of my thrust caused Milfa to moan out loud. Milfa’s slender body rippled to it as well.

From there, I started to move my hips, also while my face was being buried by Tia’s vagina.

Milfa’s hips shook as she does the same.

Our union deepened, and the sound of their insides churning became louder.

It had also become raucous to our ears.

As if she doesn’t want to lose out, Tia presses her genitals further against my face.

The entrance to her slick flesh was quivering, and I could feel the sweet honey dripping from the depths of her vaginal opening; most of it ending up being poured in my mouth, though.

“How about it, Lian? Is my pussy making you more excited than hers?”

“That can’t be true! Master, my pussy feels better, right?”

Tia and Milfa swiveled their hips competitively, wanting to find out to whom I would react better.

From there, I heaved my hips more gently, this time passionately rubbing my crotch against Milfa’s.

With this, I would be able to keep the pace slow rather than intense.

At the same time, I wiggled my tongue all over Tia’s pussy. I carefully licked her crevasse and clitoris before thrusting my tongue inside.

“Hauuun, Master~, masterrr~! Please thrust it in me more, please taste Milfa’s pussy mooore……hiaaauu, aahh, aaah, aah, haaaaaa!!”

“Aaahn. If you like me there deliberately……haaa, aahhh……Liaan……there, it feels so good……fuuaah, so good!!”

Milfa and Tia’s charming voices repeatedly echoed in the space.

While at it, I continued to use my tongue and penis to slowly arouse the two women.

Because of my numerous sexual experiences, I had already acquired enough leisure and skills to steadily increase the pleasure of these two.

Eventually, or should I say as expected, It was Milfa who reached her climax first.

“Fuaaaaahh, ahhh, noo, no mooooree, ahuuuu, hhhh!”

Milfa let out gasps of ecstasy as she shook her slim, naked body.

“I’m cumming, Milfa!”

About the same time, I, too, reached the peak of my ecstasy. I shot my thick cum as hard as I could into the vagina of the beautiful girl who is also my divine sword.

“Hiyaaaaaa, me too, I’m cummiiinnnggg!!”

Immediately after, Tia, who had been receiving cunnilingus, also reached an orgasm.

She thrust her hips up lightly, and a transparent squirt of water splashed out of her secret hole.


“Haaa, haaaa, haaaa……master’s semen……inside mee……so hot……and so much……I’m so happy……” after finishing a creampie on her, Milfa murmured this to me with an expression as if she’s in delirium,

As soon as she lifted her hips and released our bonds, a large amount of cum flowed out of her gaping hole, creating cloudy white threads as they drip down below.

“Mouu~, even though I haven’t been poured inside yet……so unfair.”

Seeing this, Tia glared at Milfa in return.

“To think I got beaten in the initiative even though I got him first……this is frustrating!”

Then she looks at me again.

This time, her sharply drawn eyes are now filled with a burning fire of passion.

“This time, put it all inside me, okay? Make sure it’ll definitely be thicker and more copious than this girl’s.”

Soon as she said that, Tia straddled my waist next.

As her pussy is already soaked from the facial-riding, she was able to insert my cock with just a light effort of a push.

It was far in contrast to the second time I had in Milfa’s pussy just now.

Was this part of the adaptability of a Sweeper?

“Aaahh, as expected. You’re amazing, Lian……Your penis is buried inside me without any gaps……it’s the highest! Besides that……Lian, let me taste it more……!”

Soon as we connected deeply, Tia began to move her hips as if she were a hungry beast.

Up and down, then back and forth – they were a series of intricate movements that mixed linear and circular motions.

It was a bold and aggressive use of her hips and was nothing like being pleased by a machine.

Did me cumming inside Milfa first ignited her pride as a woman? Honestly, I just don’t know.

“Uahh, this is so good……!” If you are ab le to r ead this messa ge, you are re adi ng from an unaut hori zed aggre gate si te. Rea d at my Wo rdPr ess to supp ort m e and my tra nsl ations.

I let out a moan of pleasure as Tia’s vagina tightened and squeezed me, all while she varied the pressure of her insides at her own will.

I also moved my hips, and from there, we repeated a series of puling in and out at a not-so-gentle pace.

This woman’s body, which was already in heat from the earlier licking, was ignited even further.

Soon, loud squelching sounds could be heard from our joining parts.

This was a result of Tia’s hips grinding hungrily, as well as our intercourse becoming more and more intense.

“Ahhhh, this, I wanted this all along! So amazing that it makes me feel so alive……fuaahhh, yess, more, mooooree!”

It wasn’t long when Tia was already screaming in ecstasy and twisting her glamorous body in a sexy way.

As for my side, my own arousal had already risen to its peak. I was feeling a sweet numbness running intermittently through the entire girth of my squeezed penis.

“You don’t have to hold back,  Liaan~……Please pour your cum into the deepest part of me~~! Ahh, ah, aaahh!!”

With drool already coming out from the corners of her mouth, Tia requests vaginal ejaculation while riding on top of me.

“Alright. This time, I’m going to give it to you plenty, Tiaaa!”

Her first time was interrupted by Milfa’s materialization, and because of that, I wasn’t able to finish in her vagina earlier.

Still, despite this  contest, I wanted to give Tia an equally thick load as I had given to Milfa.

With a fierce desire for conquest, I thrust my hips up to a bridge.

Using my shaft to its fullest extent, I hit Tia’s innermost parts as hard as I could.

“Mmph, aaahh, oooohhh! Yes, that’s it. That’s iit! Come, Lian! Please pour your hot cum inside meeee!” Tia screamed out, her long and vibrant red hair shaking here and there.

Her hot walls were undulating and rippling so much as if they’re urging me to ejaculate.


It was as if it’s devouring my member and all of it that was about to come out.

“I’m coming, Tiaa! Receive everything into your very depths!”

Eventually, I reached the peak of my climax. From there, I released a massive amount of semen inside Tia, an amount not lesser than I gave to Milfa.

A euphoric feeling of ejaculating in a hot flesh ran down my spine and hit my brain, also almost blurring my vision from its intensity.

“S-so hot, so hottttt! This, I wanted this all along, aahahh, I’m cumming again!! I’m being ejaculated by Lian, and yet, I’m cumming agaaainnn!”

The waves of ejaculation repeated, almost resembling a great tide, and because of the amount, it quickly brought Tia into a state of intense ecstasy.

Her voluptuous naked body swayed and throbbed vigorously, and while at it, it also spread out a sweet smell of our copulation, our fluids mixed with sweat and other bodily extracts.

As for Tia, she’s letting out sweet breaths, and from time to time, she also lets out high-pitched moans.

From there, I continued to spew the hot lust rising from my testicles into their already murky vaginas, alternating between the two until their bodies couldn’t take it anymore.

After that, I basked myself in the accomplishment of dominating two inhuman women using only my might alone.

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