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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 14 Chapter 10

Chapter 10 – Before the Trial

Super Ancient Trial.

It was of a higher tier than the High Ancient Trial, and apparently, Tia has an ability that allows me to undergo them.

“But, how will you do it now that the doll is destroyed?”

I was initially in the process of undergoing the trial just before she arrived.

But the mechanical doll that controls the system was destroyed by her.

“Ara, aren’t you forgetting something? I’m also a product of those super ancient times, you know. This means I can activate the trial system on my own and a higher-level one at that. Shall we go back to that place?” Tia cheerfully smiled as she says this.

So she has those convenient abilities as well.

“In fact, all we have to do is get out of this space and go to that. It’s like switching boats while in the middle of the sea, except simpler.”

After she said that, I stared at Milfa, who’s still asleep.

“What will happen to Milfa when we get to that place?”

“She’ll probably revert to her sword form.”

“So I have to say goodbye to her in this form, huh.”

I woke Milfa up.

Well, even though she’ll be back in her sword form, at the very least, I can still talk to her.

But I can’t touch her in human form anymore.

For that, I want to talk to her in this current form before we leave this place.

After all, she’s the one with whom I had lain skin-to-skin twice and with whom I already held dear in both heart and body.



From there, Milfa wakes up slowly.

I then explained the situation to her.

“──I see. Then I guess I’ll have to go back to being a sword.”

“Can’t you take your current form on the other side?”

I asked her just to be sure.

Maybe it was because I had sex with the human version of her twice, but I have to admit, I’m gonna miss her. I f yo u ar e abl e to r ead th is message, yo u are re ading fr om an una uthor ized aggre gate si te. R ea d at my Word Pres s to sup port me and m y tra nsl ations.

“It’s going to be difficult.”

Shaking her head from side to side, Milfa’s face was somewhat forlorn.

“But I also desire to see master in this form again. So, I’ll try my best so that someday, I’ll be able to transform at will.”

“Thank you, Milfa.”

We affirmed each other’s resolve.



“Could you kiss me in the lips until the last moment?”

Milfa looked at me wistfully.

I nodded quietly, and after that, I locked lips with her ──until the space between us vanished.


I found myself back in my original place.

There is the broken doll, Claudia, Felix, and Georg, who are still unconscious after all that happened.

“──Ara, this is…….”

Tia looked up as if she had noticed something.

“I see. Redone’s army is on the move.”


To those sudden words, I stared at her, dumbfounded.

“Mystique and Mad Eater as well, two of which are equal in power with my own, and a huge number of sweepers are attacking all over the place.” Tia also added.

Why? Does that mean ──.

As I recall, there’s still some time before the big offensive that he declared.

“Redone can be very fickle sometimes.”

Tia sighs as if she had read my thoughts.

“Then I have to──”

“You can’t. You have to pass through the trial first, master. In your state, you can go toe to toe with Mystique or Mad Eater, but you won’t be a match for Redone at all.”

Tia warned me before I was able to move.

“In this case, it would be better if we wake these three first.”

Then, she pointed at the unconscious Claudia and the others.

Indeed, in this situation, it is better to have as many forces as possible.

“You can wake up the three of them?”

“Yes, I can. They are currently asleep as a result of mental interference. I can counteract it, so…”

I’m not sure of the logic behind it, but right now, every second counts.


“Then please, Tia. After that, I’ll tell them what’s going on so that they can go back first.”

In a few moments, Tia’s abilities woke the three of them up with effortless ease.

Then, after I told them what had happened so far…

“Can she really be trusted, boy?”

Claudia was the first to suspect.

“She’s a strange woman…… but indeed, her figure is captivating.”

No, that’s not the point now, Georg.

“I’m all for it.”

Felix, on the other hand, went along with my opinion.

“If Redone and his troops are attacking now, then there’s no need to idle here. Also, we’ve experienced just now that only you can endure the ordeal, Lian.”

“Indeed, we were immediately put to sleep, but-“ This cha p ter tra nsl ation is ma d e po ss ibl e by sta bb ing with a sy ri nge t rans lati ons. che ck up-t o-d te tr ansl atio ns on my Wor dp res s sit e.

“Well, I suppose we should help the adventurers who have already started fighting first. How about we compete there, Miss Claudia, to see which one can destroy more?”

Georg said to Claudia, who was still having difficulty accepting the situation.

“That’s not the point. That woman──”

“Fufufu, you’re jealous, aren’t you, Miss Claudia?”

Tia finally spoke and directed a provocative smile at her.

“……! I, I just……!”

However, Claudia was immediately flustered.

“Please, Claudia.”

I looked her straight in the eye and took her hand.

“Let’s go with Tia’s suggestion here.”

“I’m worried about you here.”

Claudia’s hands were trembling faintly.

“If anything happens to you, I’ll──”

“It’s gonna be alright. Don’t worry.”

“But you’re already precious to me…….”

I was about to say something as well, but Claudia closed in on me.

“Also, I don’t want to lose you.”

I didn’t need to be told that it wasn’t “as rivals” anymore.

I could feel her feelings well enough.

“I promise I’ll come back safe.”

This time, I nodded with a serious face.

“So for now, I need you to go join the others. Please.”

“……All right.”


After letting out a deep sigh, Claudia finally agreed.

“……looks like I was really just jealous. Sorry.” She also added.


“Still, it’s nice to know that I can also have these feelings in me. They…they’re not unpleasant.”

Claudia gave me a smile at the end.

“Well then, I’ll guess we’ll split up from here.”

“Yeah. I promise I’ll be stronger once I go out.”

I nodded to Claudia and then to Felix and Georg

“From that point, I’ll leave it to you.”

“Come to think of it, we still haven’t settled it yet with the fat guy.”

Felix and Georg also joined in, to which Claudia could only smile wryly.

“We’ll do what we can. So do your best here, Lian.”

“Go get that power for us.”

And just like that, the three have left.

To which it was just me and Tia who remained.

“Now, I will open the door for your trials. From there, you will have to face all of them by yourself…no, not just facing it; you have to pass them with the highest results as well.” Tia announced solemnly for the last time.

“And when once you are able to overcome it… you will awaken to your true power. The power that even Redone could not even achieve.”

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