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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 1 Chapter 4

Chapter 4 – Man of One’s Destiny

The girl with blonde hair and blue eyes had been staring at me for a while now.

The white vestments that look like two long pieces of cloth affixed to the front and back of her body. Long white bare legs stretching out from its hem, exuding a healthy dose of coloration. No matter how you look at it, she’s a pretty girl who looks good in her priestess uniform, reminiscent of the RPG characters I used to play in my past life.

Come to think of it, she was staring at me when I first came here, too.

All three of them are equally beautiful girls, but she was my type in particular.

Her age is around 18 or 20 – probably about the same as me.

……though in my case, I’m reincarnated, so I’m only talking about the age I was when I died in my previous life.

Still, a gentle and refined beauty like hers is very well my best favorite.

Nonetheless, the fiery warmaiden and the cold sorceress mage are also hard to pass by.

The three of them are beautiful in different leagues of each other that it’s hard to choose one.

The woman continues to stare at me.

Her cheeks are blushing red, and she sighs from time to time. Then, a faint smile appeared on her adorable face.

Is she daydreaming? What’s wrong with her?

“Ah, Uhm……”

She stood up and walked up to me.

Ugh, up close and personal, she’s insanely cute. Even I am getting jittery all of a sudden as I was getting approached.

“My name is, um, Mina Aribelle. Can you please grace us with your name, Mr. Savior?”

“Yano Soichi……no, that wasn’t it. Uh, Lian Tiarade,” I almost answered the name of my previous life, so I hurriedly corrected myself.

“You’re a good sport, boy.”

This time the female warrior walked up to me with a smile.

“I’ve never seen an elf before……heee, you have a really beautiful face.”

Her face is poised, and her cheeks are red as she looks at me.

However, she seems like she’s shy of something, as her gaze swims about whenever her eyes meet with mine.

Is this the kind of reaction a girl would have when she’s with an extremely handsome boy?


After I said that, her tense expression that seems to lit a blaze at any time turned into a smile.

She is of considerable beauty, as well.

She’s probably the oldest of the three, but she still doesn’t seem to reach 20.

If Mina’s age range is that of a high school girl nearing her graduation, this girl is definitely a college student.

“I’m Rosemary Grande, but you can call me Mary. Nice to meet ya.”

The warmaiden held out her right hand to me.

When I squeezed the hand back, I was thrilled to feel the surprisingly supple and soft palm of the girl’s.

“Ah, he became shy for a moment. So cute……he’s just my type.”

Mary spoke the last one in a small murmur.


She might have said it that way so that I wouldn’t hear it, but unfortunately, my elven ears have excellent hearing.

“I am Ingrid.”

The mage girl then introduces herself in a cool tone.

She was a petite, beautiful girl with short-cut blue hair reminiscent of ice.

Unlike Marie, she doesn’t seem to be nervous at all.

She was just as cool and girly as she looked. This project is made possible by neorecormon of stabbingwith a sryringe translations.

Her age is probably one or two more years younger than Mina.

In terms of age range, a junior high school girl? But the way she acts is more mature than that, more mature than Mary even.

This is how the three of us – Mina, Rosemary, Ingrid, the three adventuring beauties, and I, a reincarnated elf ─ met.

And it’s also the meeting of what should start the party of the most powerful adventurers in the history of this world.


According to their story, Mina and her party are the so-called adventurers.

The adventurer in this world is said to be a jack-of-all-trades who accepts various quests, such as defeating demons, guarding people, and searching the labyrinths for anything of value.

And it is said that the girls came for the request to defeat the dragon that ravages the villages in these lands.

“Thanks to Lian, we were able to get rid of the dragon, and we’ll be able to go back home on schedule.”

“I’ve explained this countless times already, there are dangerous demons that roam at night. It’s safer to camp here today and leave first thing in the morning instead.”

Ingrid immediately counters Mary’s words.

“Eeeeeh~?! But I want to go back to town and take a shower already! I’m sticky all over, with sweat and mud all over my body. If it’s just a little danger, I can manage it with my sword!”

“Rejected. Also, didn’t the tip of your sword snap from the last battle?”

“Geez, It was only just the tip. Ingrid, you’re too stubborn.”

“I just want to avoid risks whenever possible. You’re too reckless, m……”

“You, are you about to say that I’m a muscle head?”

“It’s all in your head.”

Ingrid returns a cool glance at Mary, who’s about to shout at her.

“Okay, okay, stop it you too.”

Mina coaxed the two with a gentle smile.

“Ingrid just spoke that with everyone’s wellbeing in mind.”

“Sigh. If it’s Mina telling me that, then I got no choice but to comply.”

“Thanks for the follow-up, Mina.”

Mary smiles wryly, and Ingrid replies indifferently.

Even though I had just met them, I could tell that this party of three women have a very good bond with each other.

“Would you like to join us for the night, Sir Lian?”

Mina asked as she looks at me.

“Is it okay? Me sharing the camp with Mina and the others?”

I asked back.

Well, I’m kind of nervous about sleeping alone in the forest, so I’m grateful for the offer.

“Of course, it’s okay. After all, if we’re to be attacked by a monster while the others were taking their sleep, it’s better to have as many people as possible.”

“Also, it’s more reassuring if we’re all together.”

Mary added along.

“Just a reminder. If you come at us lustfully, we will put you in ice.”

Ingrid was the only one with a strangely cold glance.

I mean–it’s the kind of look as if she’s seeing a sex offender.

…… Did I do something to make this girl hate me?

“I don’t mind being attacked if it’s a beautiful boy like him……fufufu.”

“Mary, your drool, your drool.”

“Ah, not good. Fufufufufufufu.”

── And so, I spent the first night in this world with these three women.

We each take turns keeping watch and slept for the rest of the time.

I’m tired, so I’m sleepy too, but…

I was awakened by the sound of a crackling firewood.

Or maybe my sleeping posture isn’t proper to begin with? After all, this is my first time sleeping outside without a tent.

Anyway, since I was already half-awake and in a daze, I started to reflect on the day’s events.

I found myself meeting a goddess in a white space and experiencing sex for the first time in my life.

Then I was reincarnated as an elf in this world, met Mina and the two others, and defeated a dragon with magical swordplay…

Hmmm, too many events happened in one day.

The excitement of it all was making my eyes feel dizzy.

A short distance away from me, Mina and her party were still asleep.

I left quietly so as not to wake them up.

Since I couldn’t sleep anyway, I decided to take a walk around the area.

Ingrid has set up a warding spell within a radius of about a hundred meters around our current location.

It seems to have a mechanism that sounds an alarm when a monster comes near.

As long as I stay within that range, they’ll be safe even if something happens.

If a bad monster appears, I’ll just run over and eliminate it.

In the first place, though, I was told that there is no such vicious thing lurking around here. Maybe because of that dragon, which is on top of the food chain here, that it made the other species hard to approach this area.


For once, I was thankful of that dragon menace.

“Wow, what a starry sky……”

I looked up at the night sky as I walked.

I could see countless stars twinkling and shimmering around us, bathing the surroundings with their scarce light.

It was a far cry from the city I used to live in my previous life.

“I’m really in a different world now, am I……”

I was looking up at the night sky, alone, and suddenly a realization hit me.

There is no one here who knows me.

An environment, a civilization, a country, so different from the world I had grown up in.

The feeling that I was a different person.

The anxiety and loneliness of having nowhere to turn.

All of these came rushing in at once, and I felt as if my chest is going to be crushed.

“You can’t sleep, Sir Lian?”

Before I know it, Mina had appeared behind me.


I turn around.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you up.”

“No, that’s not it. In fact, whenever I think back the battle we had just been to……my eyes just can’t seem to close with ease.”

Mina spoke with a smile. to view the complete chapter, only read at stabbing with a syringe dot home dot blog.

She was fantastically lovely under the shine of the moonlight.

Already enough to grab my heart in its core.

Just by looking at her, I could feel my heart beat faster and faster.

Is it the recoil of all the anxiety I had been keeping inside all this point?

Just being with her soothes my heart and makes my heart flutter sweetly at the same time.

“I just feel like…… I’m unable to calm myself? Ah just ignore it. I’m okay, really.”

The voice that came out of me is shrill and nervous.

『──That this man, is the person I’m destined to be with──.』

Suddenly, I remembered the lines she muttered when I met Mina back then.

“C-come to think of it, you said something about me being your destined person when you met me……”

I change the subject, trying to distract myself from the tension and awkwardness.

“Eeeeh!? N-no way, you heard that?”

Immediately, Mina blushed, the least of what I was expecting.

“Awawa, so embarrassing……”

Even her acting embarrassed is very cute.

“A priestess who serves as the Goddess of Love is able to discern his or her destined partner. Whether it’s an oracle or intuition, you see……”

Mina said and looked down, embarrassed.

“After seeing you earlier, I’m sure of it. The one who is my…”

Gulping and clearing my throat, I wait for her next words.

“F-f-fated pa……no, I can’t. It’s too embarrassing after all!”

She suddenly turns red and squats down on the spot.


“When you meet the man of your destiny, you are to dedicate your body and soul to him. Only after that you will attain true happiness…happiness of being a true woman.”

Mina murmurs as if she’s chanting an oracle.


“It is the doctrine of Goddess Elciata, the Goddess of Love, whom I serve.”

Come to think of it, the goddess who took my virginity was the Goddess of Love, Elciata.

I should have expected it for that Goddess’ doctrine, but why do I feel that that Goddess (Is he really one?) is more of a free-spirited and experienced slacker than a holy one? I’m sorry for having such thoughts, Mina.

“In fact, the instant I saw you, I was filled with deep emotion, emotion telling me that I have met the man of my dreams. That the man in front of me is the man of my destiny, the man to whom I would give my whole body and soul to – and also the man whom I will devote all of my chastity.”

Mina is looking at me with an almost tearful face.


“I’m sorry, I know you’re surprised that we just met……”

Mina bowed her head apologetically.

“It is only my intention to follow the doctrine of the Goddess of Love. You don’t have to accept it, and if you don’t like it, feel free to reject it if you don’t want me.”

I wasn’t religious in my past life, and I wasn’t particularly interested in religion either.

I don’t know how I feel about following her beliefs.

But what I know is that Mina’s thoughts are full of sincerity.

It doesn’t matter if we’ve only just met or not.

Is it intuition or instinct?

Or is it just fate, as Elciata’s doctrine would say?

If I were to tell the truth, I’m also attracted to her──.

“……ah, I’m sorry. For Sir Lian, this might be too abrupt. We only just met, after all.”

Mina became despondent.


“I, I was, just so happy that I couldn’t help but got carried away……Please forgive me.”

“No. In fact, I’m also glad that I am Mina’s destined partner.”

The words came out of my mouth surprisingly smoothly, even to myself.

“Then……will you accept me?”

Mina returns her gaze at me.

“Under the teachings of the Goddess Elciata, my mind, my body, please let me dedicate everything I have to you.”

Mina vows before me and gently pulls my face to hers.

Her soft lips touched my own.

Is everything just a lucky coincidence?

Or was it guided by destiny, as Mina had said?

What if it’s one of my traits of having MAX luck with women? Whatever the case is, it’s now a fact that I’m being approached by an incredibly beautiful girl right now.

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