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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 1 Chapter 3

Chapter 3 – My Magic Sword Skills Trait

Brass(Demon) Blade(Slayer)!”

The magical slash I released greatly staggered the dragon’s giant body that was more or less 20 meters in length.

The raging shockwave had also almost knocked me off my feet.

Good thing I managed to apply physical strengthening on my legs, so you could say I barely managed to hold on.

I then walked over to the adventurer girls.

A gallant female warrior with red hair in twin tails.

A cool beauty wizard with blue hair in short cut.

And a dainty priestess with blonde hair cropped at her shoulders.

The girls are completely different from each other, but all of them are breathtakingly beautiful.

“An Elf?”

The one who muttered as she stared at me in amazement is the dainty cleric with blonde hair.

Ugh, she’s so cute!

Even in a situation that I successfully made a grand entrance, I couldn’t help but get nervous involuntarily.



We heard a groan, and from there, I saw the dragon turning its angry eyes on me.

Looks like I have to focus on this one first.

“Stay back.”

I turned to them and readied my divine sword, Milfa, as I told them.


“You, do you intend to fight it alone!? That’s too reckless!”

“Even adventurers in A-Class will need several people to fight against it, much less a weak-looking elf like yourself. it’s not someone you can stand up to on your own.”

The warrior and the mage gave me each of their warnings. This chapter is made possible by rocheneorecormon of stabbing with a syringe translations.

In the meantime, the priestess girl is the only one that is staring at me……

“By any chance, has fate brought you to us ──”

……and mumbling something I don’t quite understand.

“It’s okay.”

I showed my best smile I could manage, and the warrior girl immediately blushes on me.

Also, I’m not sure if she is embarrassed or not, but the mage girl looks away slightly.

“I appreciate your concern, but I have the trait of having the “Complete Mastery of the Strongest Magic Sword Arts.”

There’s also the divine artifact Milfa which was sent by the Goddess.

“How do we fight it, Milfa?”

I asked my partner, the short sword.

“The dragon’s scales have tremendous defensive capabilities. Even if we shoot them from point-blank range, it won’t be fatal to them.”

Milfa explains matter-of-factly.

“Still, it’s not like it hasn’t any weakness. The most fragile part of the Windy(Green Winged) Dragon(Fang King) is the scales under its throat. I’m sure you’ll be able to defeat it if you accurately shoot it there with your light magic sword art, which is also its weakness attribute.”

“Under the throat, huh. Even if you said that……”

I look up at the dragon, which looks more than 20 meters long.

There’s no way the sword can reach that place.

“Can I fire the thig earlier again from here?”

“For a magic sword art that is compatible with an A-class dragon types, they only range about five to ten meters. Any further than that will reduce its power by a lot.”

“So it’s no good, huh……No, wait.”

Isn’t the present me already good enough?

I look at the dragon again.

“Let’s do just that, Milfa. I’ll leave the fine-tuning to you, just like before. Meanwhile, just leave the timing of release to me. I will do my best.”

“Understood my(my) master(lord).”

A moment later, a flash of greenish light filled my vision.

Damn, they attacked me from the other side first!

And I don’t have any more time to avoid.

I reflexively swung my sword.

The flashes of light emanating from the sword’s body quickly scattered the dragon’s shining breath.

“He canceled a dragon’s breath with a magical slash without even chanting? How in the world ──”

The mage girl exclaims in surprise.

“That’s a good reflex. Apparently, master seems to more qualities than I thought.”

I chuckle at Milfa’s words.

Maybe the dragon in front of me is a ridiculous monster by the standards of this world.

But for me, it’s not a significant threat.

The fact that I could easily prevent her attack is the proof.

Now then. Only read the complete version at stabbing with a syringe dot home dot blog.

“The only thing left to do is to kill it.”


The dragon backed away as if it were pressured by its new foe.

The atmosphere of the battlefield had changed dramatically, just from the previous exchange of attack and defense.

The weak and the strong.

Those who were the hunters and those who were the hunted.

Our positions had been reversed in an instant.

“Let’s go, Milfa. I’ll make this quick.”

Saying that, I started running.


Thanks to the strengthened muscles by magic, I was amazingly fast.

I can’t help but feel like I’m riding the wind as the scenery in front of me passes away at such a high speed.

It was like I’m riding a racing bike or a race car at such speed.

“Magical convergence rate, 40 percent …… 50…… 50…… 60……”

The mechanical voice of Milfa spoke, indicating the control status of my magic power.


Kicking the earth, I jumped as hard as I could with both of my strengthened legs.

My body, which leaps with the force of a bullet, reaches a distance of about 20 meters from the ground in the blink of an eye.

If my Magic Sword Arts can’t reach you, then I’ll just have to jump within a range good enough to cast it!”

The strategy was so simple I doubt it could even be qualified as a strategy.

“Convergence rate …… 87 percent……we’re ready.”

Limit(Slash) Break(Release)!”

On Milfa’s signal, I swung the short golden sword.

The sword’s blade emitted a dazzling glow.

Along with a clashing sound, its tip split into two halves, and a red ball of light appeared in the hollow between it.

I can feel it.

I can see my magic power gathering and condensing into one.

Yes, this will definitely work!

I thrust the sword with its tip split into two toward the dragon’s throat.

Seraphim Zapper!(Searing Angel’s Absolution)

The crimson magic ball was released, and it shot through the stubborn dragon’s weak scales with a single blow.


Mina Aribelle’s side.

Everything happened in an instant.

The beautiful elven boy who has suddenly appeared easily repelled the dragon breath that even Mina’s protective wards could only barely hold on against.

And with a single blow, he pierced its hard scale that could not even be scratched by Mary’s sword or Ingrid’s magic.


Faced with such a great decimation, the doomed dragon collapsed on the spot.


Mina stared blankly at the unbelievable series of events.

Her whole body is burning hot.

Just by looking at that boy, her heart is beating faster and faster in her chest.

It’s tingling sweetly and sourly, a feeling she had never felt before.

──What in the world is this sensation.

He indeed has the good looks that only an elf can have.

But what attracted Mina was not such an outward appearance.

It was something in her female intuition……something even more primal.

Is this an oracle from the god Mina serves – the Goddess of Love, Elciata?

Once she saw him at first glance, it was as if her everything tells her to adore and devote everything to that man.

It doesn’t matter if the other party is not a human but an elf.

(Yes, if it’s this person……)

Mina looks at the man, titillated.

There’s no doubt about it.

This sensation, which she of earlier as a probability, has been changed to a certainty.

──That this man, is the person I am destined to be with──.

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