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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 1 Chapter 5

Chapter 5 – First Sex with Mina, Part 1※

Mina and I looked at each other as we slowly parted our lips.

“Ahh, your lips…… were my first. To be able to dedicate my first kiss to Sir Lian, I’m so happy.”

Mina has her face already flushing as if in a trance.

Those breaths escaping from her wet and shiny lips, it was extremely lustrous.

“I’m happy as well, to be able to receive Mina’s first kiss.”

I made a huge smile, mustering the full effect of my beautiful elven boy face…though I still don’t know if that works.

“Ahhh, Sir Lian……”

And looks like it’s effective, as she immediately became swooned, or at least that’s what I think.

“T-then, this time……”


I reached out to Mina.

I touched her smooth cheeks and neck, then crawled my hands slightly lower – towards the middle section of her white vestments.

Is this really me? I could feel the boldness growing inside me soon after I finished the kiss.


Mina lets out a soft moan.

A faint vermilion of excitement crosses her pretty face, making me aroused in return.

It also made me put more force into my fingertips, which have now successfully reached her chest, which were so huge I could feel the richness of them even through the thick fabric.

And then, I realized something.

“Oh, now that you mention it…”

I shifted my gaze to the small sword hanging onto the waist of my body.

Even though it’s a sword, it’s still kind of embarrassing to have Milfa see and hear me having sex. After all, it is a sentient being.

“Rest assured, Master Lian. I’ll go into hibernation mode to protect your privacy, so please enjoy yourself as long as you like.”

As soon as Milfa says it, the words ‘Sleep mode’ appears on the sword’s LCD display.

I’m not sure if it’s the alternative of being asleep to humans, but……thanks, Milfa.

I thanked my partner from the bottom of my heart for my concern.

“……Sir Lian? Is there something wrong?”

“No, it’s nothing.”

I smiled at a dubious-looking Mina.

Apparently, I was the only one who could hear Milfa’s voice.

“So……shall we continue?”

I whispered softly.

The beautiful young priestess turned red to the ear and nodded her head.

Under the pale moonlight, I took off my leather pants.

As the naked lower half of my body got exposed, I saw Mina gasp.

This is……a man’s……!?”

Mina looks at my penis as if she were enchanted by it.

The anticipation and excitement of getting to have sex with her has already made my dick fully erect.

By the way, my size is more or less fifteen centimeters, about the same as it was in my previous life.

Even though I had already become an elf, my size didn’t seem to get smaller and thinner or larger even.

“W-what should I do……” This chapter is translated by neorecormon of stabbing with a syringe translations.

Mina asks in a stiff tone.

Oh, right. This is supposed to be her first time.

However, it’s only the second time I’ve had sex in my life.

I’m also far from being experienced.

What should I do first?

While thinking about our next step, I returned my gaze back to Mina.

I see her lovely round eyes and cherry-colored lips.

As expected, she’s insanely cute.

“I wonder if you could use your mouth……”

Half instinctively, those words came out of my mouth.

A thought that it would be a great experience to have that pair of dainty lips sucking my dick.

“M-my mouth……?”

“Yes, my cock, putting it in your mouth……and sucking it in.”

“Uhm, I’m not really sure, but as long as Sir Lian wants me to……”

Could it be that she doesn’t know what a fellatio is?

Nevertheless, Mina consents with open arms.

Kneeling at my feet and putting her knees together, she timidly brings her lips to the tip of my dick.

“Are you sure you want to do this?”

I asked her coyly.

My voice trembles with a strange sense of anticipation.

I’ve lost my virginity to a goddess, yes. But I’ve never had a fellatio.

“As long as it makes Sir Lian happy, I’ll be happy as well……I’ll do my best to serve you a lot.”

Mina spoke with a bashful smile, and it was insanely adorable.

“……nn, chu.”

The beautiful girl started by softly kissing the tip.



Just the feel of those hot, soft lips on the tip of my penis nearly made me reach the peak.

Due to the boiling excitement, my manhood quickly hardened in just several ticks.

The area where Mina’s lips touched mine feels like it’s about to melt.

“nn……mu, ahh.”

Despite acting like a nervous cat, Mina swallows the tip.

At a frustratingly slow pace, she takes it up in her mouth from the head, going down little by little until it reaches the shaft part.

“Haaagu, guuu……fuu, muuu.”

Mina then puffs her nose out and sucks hard on my penis.

First, she holds my thing in place with her mouth, then she entwines it with her tongue. After that, she sucks me as hard as she can.

It’s an awkward, yet very polite blow job.

Well suited for a prim and proper girl like her.

It was so arousing. Not only was I satisfied physically, but I was entertained visually as well. After all, to be able to see a good and polite girl on the level of Mina blowing me up close and personal, if this didn’t get me aroused, then I don’t know what will be.

“N, chuuu……lerooo, hnnnnn……sho thick……uuu……mmuh.”

It seems that my hardened penis was a little too big for Mina’s small mouth, as she was having a hard time swallowing it all.

Yet, it was really cute to see her teary-eyed, struggling to suck it hard and serve me in the most wholesome way.

Mina’s warm tongue continues to wrap around the saliva-covered meat stick.

As it was further tightened with exquisite pressure of her hands, an itchy sensation began running through my tip.

“Ugh, that’s it, it feels good……!”

“Really? I’m glad……chuuu, lero……Nnnnn, pichuu……”

Mina’s eyes narrowed in fascination, yet her tongue continued to waggle within.

It seems that she’s trying to find my good spots with her tongue with my reaction as her basis.

This, of course, made the feeling of wanting to cum, a sensation that kept on circulating on my tailbone and my spine since earlier, to increase ten-fold.

“Ahh, I can’t, it’s going to come out……”

Moaning, I looked down at Mina.

She was also looking up at me with an enraptured, exuberant face.

“What……are you…cumming……? P-please, go ahead……chuu, muu……put it all……in my mouth……chuu.”

While continuing to suck on my cock, she encourages me to ejaculate in her mouth.

With those words, my heightened desire finally explodes.

“Ugh, I’m cumming……”

In a muffled voice, I filled Mina’s warm mouth with copious amounts of cum.

A torrent of hot and white fluid floods her throat with an outrageous momentum, then begins to flow back outside. And no, I didn’t use any exaggeration in that sentence, not one bit.

──Is this the trait of having matchless vigor during sex?

I can’t help but feel a sense of conquest as I pour my semen into the beautiful girl’s little mouth.

“Nnnnnnn……!? Guuu, muuu……mmm, fuaaah.”

Mina, on the other hand, was surprised by the amount, texture, and hotness of her first sperm, so much that her entranced eyes are now wide open from shock.

Still, she obediently gulped down the cum without spitting out a single drop.

Impressed by her courage, I became more immersed in the feeling of my blissful release.

“Dokudokudokudoku! Dobyururururuuuuuuu!”

With force so strong that it gave loud vibrations inside her mouth, I continued to release plenty of my load in Mina until I finish my last drop.

“Haaaa, haaaa, haaaa……w-wow, so thick and syrupy…… so this is what comes out of a man……”

Mina releases my cock and takes a deep breath.

Her eyes were in a daze, enraptured by the afterglow of receiving my extracts down to her very throat.

“It felt good in me as well, Mina……haaa, haaa……”

I returned my gaze on Mina, feeling a supreme sense of satisfaction.

There is also that certain amount of languidness, particular to what one usually feels in the immediate aftermath of ejaculation.

However, a hot urge rises from my lower abdomen once more, immediately replacing the languid feeling I had mentioned earlier.

Not being satisfied with just one shot.

An overwhelming sensation that can still make one ejaculate as many times as he wants.

Before I got here, I’ve had many ejaculations in my first experience with Goddess Elciata. However, my degree of recovery right now is much, much greater compared to that time.

I knew it. This is the trait of having matchless vigor during sex.

As evidence, my penis still stands tall, not showing any hint of wilting at all.

It is as if it’s telling me that the ejaculation inside Mina’s mouth just now was just a warm-up to it.

“I-it’s not enough? Ah, p-pardon me. It’s because I was too inexperienced that I was unable to satisfy you. I’m sorry.” spoke Mina in dejection, thinking it was her lack of skills that I still have a hard-on. To view the complete translation, only read at my WordPress site. by doing that, you are supporting the translator as well.

“That’s not true, Mina. Your blowjob was really great.”

I told her how I felt.

“But, you see, I wanted to do more and more comfortable things with Mina……and that’s why I’m still like this.”

I swayed my still throbbing manhood, and Mina blushed.

“You want to……do it more……with me?”

She asked, and I nodded quietly.

“Sir Lian……wants me?”

I reached out to her, my hand trembling with excitement. Then, I gently touched her cheek.


Mina lets out a small yet lustrous breath, a massive gap from her usual pristine appearance.

My lower abdomen tingles more due to this.


I screamed in a muffled voice and hugged the beautiful priestess.

Dokun, dokun. We felt each other’s heartbeats, pounding hard on me as I held her in my embrace.

“T-then, please……”

Mina gazed back, and in a faint voice, she spoke.

“Please……make all of me……to be Sir Lian’s……”

All of her? But that means……

“Are you sure?”

I gulped and cleared my throat.

From the conversations we’ve had, Mina must be a virgin.

And she’s going to offer all of that to me, whom she’d just met?

“I trust my intuition as a servant of the Goddess of Love.”

Mina, with a dignified look on her face, tells me back.

“To give everything to my destined partner──I have believed in that doctrine all my life. Besides, this has been throbbing non-stop since a while ago……It’s telling me it wants a deeper connection with you., Sir Lian.”

Mina’s face flushed even more as she said it.

She was so embarrassed, she buries herself in my chest just to hide her blushing face.

Ugh, she’s too cute, this girl.

With my heart fluttering, I put my left arm around Mina and hugged her.

Meanwhile, I continue to slide down my right hand, crawling it downwards……all the way to her lower abdomen.

I rolled up the hem of her distinctive vestments, which look like a long piece of cloth draped back and forth, and inserted my hand through the gap in her garment.

I took a guess as to where is the location of her underwear.

Even though I’m now in a fantasy world, the development of underwear in this world seems to be pretty much the same as when I was still on Earth.

I rubbed with my fingertips the piece of fabric that seems to be her panties.

Guchu. An unexpected loud squish resounded.

“Mina, you……”

I was going to caress her, but her secret place is already gushing wet.

“When I was licking Sir Lian’s……, I also felt good……or something like that……Uuuu.”

The Love Priestess spoke with so much shame that her ears went red.

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