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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 6 Chapter 2

Chapter 2 – The “Hundred-Eyed” Argome

Schild was not the only one irritated by the war’s sudden stagnation.

While the victors were already in a state where they could not suppress their desire to retaliate at the war situation, which could turn upside down at any moment, it was even more for the ones who lost the war.

The “Evil Virgin” Zaria, who was leading the New Demon Lord Army for the sake of convenience, was greatly upset at the report of the first defeat.

“A male of the royal family existed!?”

The defeat of one of the Devas of the New Demon Lord Army, the “Ant Sovereign” Ante.


The loss of one of the four Devas was a source of great discomfort to the perfectionist such as her.

“Such a person should no longer exist in this world! How could you have overlooked such an important matter, Argome?”

“My absolute apologies.”

In front of the “Evil Virgin” knelt a woman as plump and voluptuous as she was. Though it was also obvious at first glance that she was an abnormality.

For starters, the woman in question had a hair so long it covered up to her calves, almost resembling a cocoon as it wrapped her sexy body in question. But what was the defining part of her eeriness, or abnormality, was that in those hairs, hundreds of eyeballs were buried in it, like those of a peacock, but with real eyes instead of just plumes.

The size of the eyeballs varied widely; some were the size the same as those in a normal human being, while others were as large as a clenched fist.

She called the eyeballs she kept in her hair “terminals,” and when necessary, she could send them far away to perceive what she wanted to see over a distance.

It was almost akin to literal clairvoyance, with the meaning synonymous to “all-seeing”. And because of this characteristic, she was inevitably assumed the role of intelligence officer of the New Demon Lord’s Army, gathering all kinds of information and becoming the most important executive who is recognized both by herself and her peers as “The New Demon Lord Army’s Eyes”.

This was the power of the “Hundred Eyes” Argome, the fourth and last of the Devas of the new generation of the Demon Lord’s Army.

Today, however, such being is under severe reprimand.

By none other than the first of the four Devas, Zaria, the “Evil Virgin,” whom they considered their leader. If yo u a re ab le to r ea d thi s mess ag e, you are rea di ng fr om an unau tho rized agg rega te sit e. Re ad at my Word Pr ess at st abb ing wit h a s yri nge. h ome. bl og to su ppor t me and my tra nslat ions.

“Gathering information is the most important thing in a military operation. No matter how strong and elite you are, it is useless if you do not know the way forward.”

“Indeed, it is exactly as you said…”

“That is why our father, the Demon Lord, created you, and that is why he made the intelligence side so solid. With you, the New Demon Lord’s Army would not miss any anomaly, not even the slightest movement. Wasn’t that so, Argome?”

“It is as you say.”



Zariah threw a glass vial, which was close at hand, at her comrade.

The bottle missed its target and shattered on the floor right next to Argome, but the chemicals inside spilled out and melted the material of the floor.

Zaria was apparently conducting some kind of research, as there were still countless glass bottles containing such chemicals around her.

“If only you had done your job properly, you wouldn’t have missed such a big deal! And that is that Prince Schild…The illegitimate son of that man and whose existence had never been revealed until now…exists!!”

“With all due respect. I reported his existence to you and warned you again and again. It was you, Zaria, who refused to accept it.”

“Am I to blame now?”

At the recent meeting, Argome was quick to see the presence of Schild, who had defeated Prime Minister Dernonos, as a threat and called out to the other four Devas regarding this matter.

“You were the one who dismissed the information, saying that it was up to you to review it and that all we had to do was follow your decisions. It was you who decided that there was no need to be wary of that dreaded royal family.”

“At that point, we received no report that he was royalty, did we?”

“Well, that’s true, but…”

“No matter how strong he may be, a mere soldier is not enough to alarm anyone. As such, it was you, Argome, who overlooked his most important characteristics and failed to report them.”

Being confronted at her sore point, Argome was unable to refute anything.

Her ability to see for a thousand miles is by no means universal.

The fact that she controls the “eye” means that she can “see” from afar. She also has “eyes” that can “hear” and “speak” her thoughts, like the one she used in their Four Devas meeting which happened a few days ago, but even though they also have these abilities, their abilities were too mediocre compared to her “sight”, and has to be done close-up in order to function properly.

An eye floating in the air up close is just nothing but begging her to be compromised. Especially for a warrior with sharp senses like Schild.

This was why she could not find out the secret of Schild’s birth, even though she was very careful about monitoring him.

“Ante’s efforts have gone to waste. I gave them the “Hex of the Gladiator”, only to go ahead charging against the only opponent it doesn’t work on!”

She called out the name of her comrade from the Four Devas, who had been defeated in the previous battle.

“That Ante is… in hiding now, shifting their plans. I expect they will be ready for a counter-offensive within a month.”


“So Ante didn’t die… At the very least, they had saved the face of the Four Devas, at least for the time being. Unlike you.”

The intense sarcasm from Zaria tore Argome’s pride.

“But still, the “Hex of the Gladiator” that we gave to them is valuable. If we had known that there was a member of the royal family that could nullify it, we could have gone with our other plan from the very beginning and avoided wasting the hex.”

“…so it’s my fault.”

“That’s right.”

Argome could almost hear the sound of her own pride shattering into pieces.

“I’d like to take responsibility for this in my own way.”

“What will you do?”

“Kill that royal blood, Schild. By my own hand.”

Zaria’s expression changed when she heard this.

“Argome, you are the eyes and ears of our army. You are assigned this rank not only because you are good at gathering intel but also because your direct combat ability is also the lowest among the Four Devas. You are the least capable of fighting, and you should know that too.”

“With all due respect, Zaria, our opponents’ strength is far beyond the realm of common sense. In a proper clash, I doubt that even our Berzeld would be able to defeat him.” Th is cha p ter tran sl ation is ma de po ss ible by sta bb ing wi th a syri nge tra nslat ions. che ck on ly up -to- da te trans lat ions on my W ord pr ess s ite.

“He is that strong!?”

“That is why I will be the one who’s moving. With my abilities, I can do all kinds of tricks. If I watch him day and night with all my ‘hundred eyes’ without a moment’s pause, I will surely discover his weaknesses and shortcomings. That will be the time I will strike.”

If she were to use her abilities to the fullest, even the strongest opponents would have no choice but to cave in. And what’s even better is that she has always been doing it at a safe place, far from any danger. It would not provide her with any risk.

The flames of hatred in Argome’s hundred eyes were already shimmering from the wound to her pride.

“…Hmph. If you want to give yourself a chance to humiliate yourself, then I won’t stop you. But if you are to lose, expect a heavy punishment for bringing yourself another shame to us Demon Race.”

“No, I don’t think so.”

“You have great confidence. Do you really plan on winning against him?”

“Of course, I am. Or else I won’t be saying this much. But even in the unlikely event that I lose, you won’t have to worry about losing face, Zaria, for I have no intention of adding to our shame.”

“What do you mean?”

“The moment I will lose, then and there I will extinguish this life of mine gracefully, all to defend the pride of the New Demon Lord Army. So with that, Zaria, I hope you watch the last battle of this “Hundred-Eyed” Argome closely, up to the very end!”

“What did you say!? Argome, stop!”

Zaria rushed to stall Argome upon hearing those words. However, she was too late as Argome had already disappeared, and only a void remained where she stood.


“Argome! The war against the Humans has just begun. Do you know how much damage you will do if you, our information gatherer, disappear? What will we do if you’re not here!?”

Zaria’s ramblings still echoed throughout the room, making no sense whatsoever as the woman she was talking to was no longer there, and just like that, the dispute between the two Demon Race women, who are also the members of the Four Devas, ended with one being left alone in the Demon Lord Army’s stronghold.

“‘That royal blood Schild! You are guilty of offending my pride!!”

Meanwhile, after leaving Zaria, the insidious anger of “Hundred-Eyed” Argome was on the verge of reaching critical levels.

The anger, now brewed in a nettlesome way by her comrade’s remarks, was directed at Schild.

“I may lack the skills required for direct combat, but you don’t know that I can also become the most vicious sword that can defeat you in many ways, even if you’re the strongest amongst our enemies!”

Countless balls of light shot out from Argome’s long hair, tracing a path through the sky.

Those balls were none other than her eyeballs, countless eyeballs that made Argome gain her title of “Hundred-Eyed”.

They could fly up to a thousand miles away in the direction of the main body, and no matter how far away they were, they would immediately transmit what they saw on their retinas to the main body in real-time.

Now, hundreds of them flew in full force, stealing all kinds of information on the ground.

This was the power of the “Hundred Eyes” Argome.

“Now, let us begin, Prince Schild! There will never be a more appropriate time for you to be put to rest than now! Whether working or resting, eating, sleeping, bathing, shitting, or ejaculating in a human woman’s pussy, every moment of your life will now be under my watchful eye!”

And then, after gathering all of Schild’s information until there was nothing left of him to see, she will hunt him down and kill him by any means necessary.

This was Argome’s plan to eliminate Schild.

“No one can escape Argome’s hundred eyes, Schild! I am now watching your every move! And once you let down your guard, that very moment will be your demise!”

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