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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 6 Chapter 3

Chapter 3 – Under Argome’s Watchful Gaze 1

Schild continued to persistently lodge in Lady Nazah’s “mansion”, literally and figuratively, even though his origins were known to the aristocracy and the general public.

After all, Schild was still refusing to become king.

The scouts had not brought back any useful information either, and it was likely that the army would not be ready to go to war for some time.

Because of this, Schild had surprisingly so much time to spare, even though the country was in a state of war.

Just like today, where he is wandering around the capital as he used to do when he was a subjugator.


Now that it had become clear that he was a member of the royal family, he was again expecting to be surrounded by a crowd once he got outside. But, contrary to his expectations, no one surrounded him again, unlike the phenomenon where he became the “hero” and gained the title of [Slayer of Forty-Eight]. Or was it because of this previous achievement that the populace has already gotten used to his presence?

Either way, Schild simply strolled around the city like he was some sort of familiar celebrity.

“Hey, auntie, give me that meat with a huge bone over there.”

He bought a snack at a roadside stall, which he could eat while walking, and the woman who ran the stall gave it to Schild with her usual smile as if she was already used to seeing his face.

“Is the seasoning the usual?”

“Oh, this time, make it very hot with lots of hot spices. Let me have sex with you as well while at it.”

The stall owner, whom Schild calls “auntie,” was a hardworking woman who reached the age of 40 but did not look like her age.

She was working at the moment, meaning she was covered in sweat from the heat of cooking meat, which also reduced her sex appeal, but Schild could still see that her base was good enough to be attractive as long as she wore light makeup and got dressed.

‘You sure about that last part? I heard that you are a prince now. Is it still okay for you to embrace such an old woman like me who’s selling meat skewers by the roadside?”

“I’ll always be me, no matter what I become.”

“Well, I can’t help it if you say it like that. Give me a few minutes, okay?”

The time was still late morning. There was still some time to get into the “game”.

The proprietress put up a “still in preparation” sign and invited Schild into the stall, where then she lifted up her skirt to reveal her bottom.

“Still, for you to buy my meat and then have sex with me as a bonus, aren’t you asking too much, Prince? Also, I want to finish preparing my skewers before noon, so please make your dick cum in my pussy real quick.”

“You’re making me sound like I’m sabotaging your business.”

Nevertheless, Schild immediately inserted his penis into the insides of the mistress, who was hard at work preparing his meal. If you ar e ab le to r ead th is message , yo u are rea d ng from an unaut hor ized agg rega te si te. Rea d at m y Wor dPr es s at stab b ng wi th a sy ri nge. ho me. b og to su p port me and my transl at ions.


“Really, though. You’re already sweaty from your skewers job, but you’re always sweatier inside your pussy every time I skewer it. Aren’t you the one who is benefiting much here?”

“You and your lame puns again…♡♡ But it is all your fault, though♡♡ I did not know that having sex at work would feel this good♡♡ And because you made me realize it, you better take responsibility♡♡♡♡”

“Ain’t that right, madame? So that’s why you’re always hot and wet and sticky every time I come to have sex with you at your stall even though I haven’t done anything. Ah, your face is all sweaty, too.”

As Schild prompted to move his hips, he too approached the skewer seller’s face and roughly licked off the beads of sweat running on her cheeks.

Plock plock plock plock plock plock.

Along with it came the sounds of buttocks being slammed, echoing in the narrow stall.

“Ahhnn♡♡ No kissing♡♡ No tongue kissing as well♡♡♡♡”

“But why is that?”

“Because you’re still eating the spicy meat I’ve given you. I don’t like spicy food.”

Like the stall owner had said, Schild was still in the process of eating his meat skewered in a huge bone while he was skewing his other meat with a huge boner inside her meaty insides.

There was still plenty of meat stuck to the bone, so there was still a lot of leftovers he could eat. Because of that, his mouth is now spicy, and it would guarantee to give a hot kiss, a literal one, if Schild were to kiss the auntie now.

And so, because Schild was also the type with no intention of leaving any edible meat behind, he had no choice but to stuff himself with the tender and juicy meat instead, in compare with the raw but juicier one attached to the auntie.

He tasted the meat with his tongue and the other meat with his penis.

“You’re a really good meat skewer seller, auntie. Not only can I eat your cooked delicious meat, but I can also skew your delicious pussy meat.”

“Really, enough with your lame puns♡♡ If you’re going to intend to waste your energy, touch my tits instead of just talking♡♡ There’s also a pair of soft meat here, you know♡♡♡♡”

With these words, the proprietress untied her business apron and took off her upper clothing, exposing her breasts.

“Are you sure? If you get completely naked here, it would take a while for you to go back to work. After all, I won’t be able to hold myself back.”

“It’s okay♡♡ Besides, you’re already fucking me in the pussy, so it’s too late to pussy out now♡♡♡♡”


And just like that, behind that narrow stall, a man and a woman overlapped each other’s bodies as if they were crushing each other, sending mists of sweat and lewd water flying.

And the adult store owner, one whom you could tell as a hardworking woman at first glance, has now transformed into a slut and a dumpster only built to receive cum.

“Ah, I’m being served♡♡ I’m being served, along with the meat I sell♡♡ As my customer eats the meat I sell, he is also eating the pussy meat I own♡♡♡♡ My meaty pussy♡♡♡♡ My delicious, juicy, meaty pussy♡♡♡♡”

Soon after, the meat rod that was pleasantly eating the pussy reached its fill, and its crawling white sauce was poured with relish inside the meat seller’s meaty vagina.

Splurt, splurt, splurt.

“Ahieee♡♡ Mmchuup, mlemm♡♡”

The stall owner was led to a climax by just an ejaculation.

And at the end, she also allowed herself to be kissed in a deep kiss, the ending being overlapped by Schild as if he was her “toppings”, where she was eaten all over without any leftovers.

On a side note, the deliciousness of the aunties’ meat skewers became popular after she and Schild had sex on the back that day. Or more specifically, when she sold that batch of meat skewers that were already prepped when they had sex on the back.

Rumors of its goodness kept popping one after another, even something extreme that the auntie’s skewers could double your vigor once eaten.

Was it because those skewers that day were so much marinated by the lewdness caused by their sex that it was also transferred to the customers? Or was it because the whole prepping area is basked by it?

Only the Goddess would know.

After having his fill in both ways, Schild visited the bank.

Even before he publicly announced that he was a prince, Schild was already one of the topmost account holders with the highest priority.

Indeed, being a subjugator is a job known to be looked down upon by many. But it still cannot be denied that this job is a necessity.

But most importantly, he was also the richest of them all.

Because all the monsters he subjugates are all with high bounties because they are also the most dangerous ones, Schild’s fortune has piled to the roof. It was an amount so great that it was enough for him to be considered a triple-A customer with it alone.

Of course, as someone who follows a belief that he won’t be able to take this money to the afterlife, Schild always tried his best to spend it all. Still, the amount of money he would receive was just too much that no matter how hard he splurged, it would only increase and increase.

So much money was roiling in Schild’s account that he could have already passed as a high-ranking aristocrat or a very wealthy merchant from it alone.

For this reason, Schild’s visit was always a big event for the bank as it would always involve huge numbers of money, so it was only right that they had to do their utmost service to welcome him. Th is ch ap ter tra ns la tion is ma e pos s ible by sta b ing wi th a syr in ge tr ansla tions. c heck on ly up- o-dat e tr ansla tions on my Word pre ss sit e.

Today too was no exception. Upon his arrival, he was immediately guided to a reception room in the back of the building, something ordinary customers with regular accounts would never be allowed to enter.

When he reached the back room, he was greeted again.

“Thank you very much for visiting us! And, what can we do for you today?”

“I’m here to check my balance and expenses for this month. Can I use this room for a while?”

“Please feel free to use it as long as you like! Uhm, will “it” be the one with the options too?”

“Of course.”

Even though he has lots of money, enough for him not to worry about his financial statements, he still visits the bank to check the money that was going inside and outside of his account.

He was a surprisingly meticulous man, doing it this way, but as “Schild”, he also had other purposes for his visits.

“We have brought you some… tea….”

A female employee, who seemed too sexy to work at the bank, entered the reception room alone as Schild checked his records.


The woman was dressed in a uniform and, at a glance, was as neat as it would for a government official.

“I wonder if the banks here are state-owned as well…”

He asked this question because he noticed that the woman‘s uniform bore a resemblance with Lirica’s, who was the branch manager of the Subjugators’ Guild, and one of Schild’s women.

“The tea… I will leave it here, sir…”

For some reason, the female banker, who was supposed to have finished her business, continued to stand by Schild’s side without leaving the room.

As it was, Schild checked the records of the money that came in and out of his account without being bothered by her presence.

“…I have a question.”

“Yes? Is it about regarding your expenditures and your transfers? Please ask away! I will try my best to answer everything!”

“Have you had sex lately?”

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