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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 6 Chapter 1

Chapter 1 – The War with the Demon Race Begins

Schild has won his first battle against the Demon Race.

However, he also knew they should not be carried away by this victory alone.

The war has just begun, and there would be dozens of battles to come.

This was only the first victory.

The enemy Demon Race forces, in particular, were still a mystery for them, and nothing was known about their home base, overall size, or even the faces of their commanders.

In the theory of “He who controls the information controls the world,” the Kingdom’s Army led by Schild was at an overwhelming disadvantage.

“We don’t have enough information.”

Schild said in a tone so grave that it was hard to believe that he was the winner of this first battle.

“Continue to send out secret agents and scouts to gather information on the enemy. Then notify the cities. I want all cities to double their security measures in preparation for an attack by the Demon Race.”

Schild was even more impatient, especially since he realized he didn’t know where the enemy was based.

If guerrilla warfare were to start in various areas without them having a clear target for attack, the war would soon become a dilemma.


Schild wanted to find out where the demonic army was based before that happens, no matter what it takes.

“If we don’t get to know where the enemy’s base is, we cannot set a goal for this war to end…”

At present, they had to wait for action on the part of the Demon Race before a new battle could be triggered, and that irritated Schild.

If it’s sex, he is okay to be on the receiving end once in a while, but if it’s a fight, he will have to be in control, or else he will be guaranteed to lose.

“Hou, so young, and yet…”

But even with all that worrying, this was the Oscar’s former patriarch’s remark – in a tone as if he was amused by Schild. If yo u a re a ble to r ead thi s mes sa ge, y ou are rea di ng from an una utho rized agg rega te si te. R ad at my Wor dP ress at sta b bing wi th a syri nge. ho me. blo g to sup port m e and my t ran slatio ns.

“But, prince,” he began the talks. “This kind of warfare is common against the Demon Race, though you may not understand it yet since you have yet to experience fighting them.”


These were the words of a retired man over 80 years old who had been fighting the Demon Race since the days of the kings before him and the kings after him.

Schild was grateful for the information, but the fact that the old man was speaking in an upbeat tone made Schild a bit annoyed nevertheless.

“These guys are not Humans, and I suggest not treating them as one. In fact, they were even worse back then, as they had various abilities that could hide them in any place. That’s why in the past, our battles with them were a repetition of the question of how to find them and beat them when they were hiding somewhere. Yes. Always assuming they are everywhere, ready to spring at us. That was how we prevailed back in the days.”

“Old man, you really change the way you talk as soon as you start bragging about the old days.”

“These are what old people do. Well, it’s true that being drawn into guerrilla warfare is scary, but in this day and age where our cities are already well prepared to deal with them, and our forces are scattered throughout the country, there is no longer a need to fear the dark so much. Besides, you’re talking to someone who literally lives in it.”

The Apparition of the Oscars, Elovairo.

And the “Kingdom’s Shadows”, the Oscar House.

Him speaking with confidence was enough to lighten the burden on Schild’s shoulders.

Schild was not happy to have to change his tactics because of someone else’s advice, but he followed the advice of his mentor regardless and stood down.


“…before you brag about your good ol’ days, tell me one more thing. What should I do now?”

“Heeding the advice of a veteran, eh? You’re a good kid. Well, there is only one thing you can do, really. And that is to wait for our guys to get information.”

“I guess that’s the only way.”

Wait for the scouts to bring back information about the Demon Race.

And once the scouts successfully learn their whereabouts, it will be the time for the military to take action.

By that time, Schild will be forced to do the hard work of a king once again, which was out of character for him.

“Then again, old man, you knew many things that I didn’t know yet. Your experience fighting many battles against these Demon Race is as precious as gold, and for that, I am grateful.”

“You don’t have to thank me, Your Highness, for I am only doing my duty. Also, that is one of the benefits of being an old man – to brag about experience. I have long been of no use to my country, and my title of “Apparition” is losing its shine too. So, being able to have the opportunity to do this kind of work before I die of old age is a Goddess-sent chance for me, hehehe.” Th is ch ap ter tran lat ion is mad e pos si ble by sta bb ng wit h a s yri nge tran slati ons. che ck on y up-to-d a te tran slat ions on m y Wor dpr ess sit e.

“For the time being, I have nothing to do. I need women. At least five.”

“I knew you would say that.”

The “Apparition” clapped his hands, and ten maids entered from another room in a line.

“I have selected them for the prince’s personal attention. You may use them as you please.”

“You came prepared, huh. Now then…”

Schild dragged the ten maids to the bed in turn and undressed them.

He then inserted his penis into their vaginas and enjoyed the sensation of friction of their flesh.

The old man felt nostalgic. After all, he remembered that back in his time, this was how the nobles used to provide women to their kings when they were still princes. At least it was the same for King Protesto and Preslate, whom he had served.


However, for some unexplainable reason, this lustful behavior would only last until they become a king. Once they officially ascend to the throne, they would become surprisingly well-behaved. They would not indulge in sexual intercourse with anyone other than those formally designated as Queens and concubines, as if they had become a different person entirely.

This was true for King Waldborn, who had already officially acceded to the throne when Elovairo began his service in the royal castle, and of King Preslate, the most average of all the generations in terms of sexual desire.

Of course, there were also exceptions like King Protesto, King Preslate’s father. He still did these acts of debauchery and impregnating women non-stop, which immediately plunged the kingdom into civil strife after his death, having so many children. He was so indulged in sex that he couldn’t even announce an heir after having a heart attack(it was suspected to be a heart attack that time) while having sex with several women in his bed.

To this, Elovairo couldn’t help but wonder what would happen to Schild, who would eventually become king, in the future. With such dismay in his heart, the former patriarch left the chamber, in which panting voices of the ten maids started to reverberate throughout.

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