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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 1 Chapter 33

Chapter 33 – Together with the Younger Princess

“Uhm! I have a question……!”

“What is it?”

“Why do you have to, uhm, do this to me? I understand that you’re trying to separate me from the Oscars, but isn’t it enough if you just make me your prisoner? I don’t see the connection at all……”

Having already been stripped of all her clothes by Schild and Carney, the second princess, Serenea, is now unreliably hiding her naked body in front of the two.

What’s odd about it is that she only hid her breasts with her arms and hands and did not even care about her lower body, which was already without panties.

(Nevertheless, it’s good sign that she’s still a virgin.)

They say that virgins’ first instinct was to hide their breasts, while non-virgins hide their crotch.

“That’s because, even if it’s a formality, you’re still our prisoner.”

“Come again?”

“It’s a rule that once a woman is in captive, she must be raped and humiliated by its captors. We are simply going through that context.”

“So……are you g-going to rape me?”

“No, Your Highness. He’s going to love you.”

It was then when Carney, who had also gone completely naked but not showing any signs of hiding her breasts or crotch unlike Serenea, intervened. She said in a tone as if she was tired of it,

“Don’t take it too seriously, Your Highness. Lord Schild just wants to have sex with you.”


“Is that so?”

“[Embrace the woman he wants to embrace the moment he wants to embrace her] is his policy. And now it’s acting up again. Sigh.”

“I don’t know what’s going on anymore!?”

The young princess tried to stand up on the bed, but she was quickly caught by Carney on her back and Schild in her front, leaving her with nowhere to run. If you are ab le to r ead this mes sag e, you are rea ding from an unauth oriz ed aggr eg ate site. Rea d at my WordPr ess to suppor t me a nd my t rans ations.

“But I think it would be a huge advantage to have Schild fuck you here, Your Highness. You see, Schild will definitely cherish a woman once he has put his massive dick inside of her……ahh.”

“Carney, don’t talk nasty things to an innocent girl.”

“And who is the one who turned me from an innocent knight to such an erotic and perverted woman? Let me tell something, Schild. I was probably the purest and most uptight woman you have ever met until I was fucked by you over a hundred times in the past few days!”

“R-really? I didn’t think it was the case.”

“S-so you better take responsibility and make me feel good!”

“Very well.”

After such lover’s banter, Carney and Schild kissed each other without hesitation.

Of course, Schild too didn’t forget to exchange a kiss with the still confused Princess Serenea right after, who was now stuck in between them.

“Capu……fuah, chu-chupu-churu……fhuh……!”

A manly-sized tongue rampaged through the princess’s mouth. Carefully licking each of her tiny tooth, Schild checked each and every of its texture of her cute little mouth with his tongue.


They kissed for quite a long time before their lips separated.

But as soon as they parted their lips, the saliva that had accumulated in Princess Serenea’s mouth leaked out at once, dripping her lips, her chin and even to her chest down below.

“Is this……a kiss? The……thing they say you do at a wedding to pledge your love in front of God?”

“Actually, it’s something you do before you pledge your love in marriage. It feels good, doesn’t it?”

“Yeah……It felt really good……!”

“That’s why men and women kiss and have sex all the time, even before they get married. It just feels so good.”

Furthermore, Schild stooped down and lowered the position of his head, all the way down until his chin was touching the bed. Because of this, Serenea’s crotch, with her buttocks on the bed, was now on the same height as Schild’s eye level.

“W-what are you doing? Why are you coming so close to my……that face, no way? You can’t possibly be……Hyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!?”

Serenea screamed at the slippery sensation that suddenly ran between her legs.

Yes, Schild has started licking the second princess’s crotch.

“Nooo, don’t do iiit! Ahii!? W-why are you licking me there!? It’s dirty. It’s dirty! After all, it is where you pee!”


Serenea’s upper body twisted and turned wildly as if to escape the capture of the movements of Schild’s tongue.

But even though she’s almost is flailing, she couldn’t escape the cunnilingus because Carney is also holding her back.

In addition to that, the knight’s hands were also rubbing Serenea’s small breasts.

“Princess Serenea’s tits are so cute……! But as she’s Princess Cymbium’s little sister, I’m sure she’ll grow up well!”

“Nyaaaa! My nipples! Not my nipples!!?”

Carney, who has now become a dirty female knight all because of the man, has teamed up Schild to become the strongest erotic husband and wife.

In conjunction with this, Schild and Carney thoroughly tortured the lower half of Serenea’s body as well as the upper half of her body, respectively, resulting to the virgin princess’s sexuality developing in an accelerated rate, much faster the legends of Gods creating the world in a few days.

In the blink of an eye, the blue earth of Serenea was immediately cultivated into a ripe fertile ground.

“Aaaaaaah!? What is this!? I don’t understand! I’ve never felt anything like this before! Something, something is jolting inside my body, and I couldn’t stop shaking!”

The girl shouted as she stretched her legs tautly as if she was becoming overwhelmed with pleasure. This cha pter tr ansl atio n is ma de p ossi ble by sta bb ing with a sy r inge translat ion s. ch eck u p-t o-d at e trans lati ons on my Wor dp ress s te.

Her toes, all ten of them, spread out like flower petals, and along with them were the throbbing spasms on her legs and thighs–all of them a sign of a woman approaching her climax.

Perhaps it was to escape the surge of pleasure, or perhaps it was because she was seeking it more greedily, Serenea then tried to close her widely opened legs tightly.

But since Schild was still licking and sucking on Serenea’s very womanhood itself, his head, which was still in between the girl’s right and left legs, was caught in as if in a vise.


“Ah, Lord Schild, are you alright?”

A not-so-motivated concern arrived from Carney.

But maybe because Serenea had put too much force on her legs, it made a hard contact with Schild’s skull, causing Schild to let out a muffled sound.

“Aaah! Aaaaaaaaaah!! AaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaHhhhhh!?”

However, Schild still didn’t stop from there, and soon, Serenea exploded between her legs.

A gush of tide exploded at close range of Schild’s face.


However, the momentum was too much that it made Schild retreat away from her crotch.

“Wow…… It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a grand squirt. And a powerful one at that!”


It was the first time in his life that Schild felt hurt from a woman’s climax.

“Are you all right, Lord Schild? Uwaa, it’s not just your face, even your chest is totally drenched. Hang on, I’ll wipe it off……!”

“Please, Carney……”

Seeing her partner drenched in love fluids, Carney approached Schild in a hurry. However, because the naked Carney didn’t have a handkerchief or anything else to wipe with her, she was forced to lick and rub her big tits together to wipe away the tide that has gotten Schild wet.

“Ah…… I’m sorry……! Really, I’m so sorry……!”

In the meantime, Serenea, after finding out that she had squirted a lot, was shrinking and trembling.

“Hauu, I made such big a mess. I’m already eighteen years old, and yet, I still peed on the bed!”

“Ah, that’s not pee, Your Highness.”

Schild hurriedly snuggled up to Serenea’s naked pale body and appeased her.

“It’s not pee, it’s something else. This fluid only comes out when a woman is feeling too good.”

“I-is that so?”

“Mllem……What Lord Schild is saying is true, Your Highness. It’s proof that you can feel a lot of pleasure. After all, isn’t that what royalty is all about, being sensitive in all parts?”

“I think your definition of being sensitive is way off, Carney.”

“But it’s Princess Cymbium who has told me!”

Not only Schild, but even Carney joined in, gently embracing the princess from behind.

And as a result of their combined efforts, Serenea regained her composure in no time.

“Lord Schild……isn’t this enough? The princess’s pussy is already gushing wet.”

“Yeah, it was supposed to be a simple foreplay, but I didn’t think it will make a great impact on her. Anyway, it’s time to get down to the real thing.”

Schild then brought out his erect phallus that has been protruding from his own groin in front of Serenea.


But because she’s a virgin who has never saw a man’s thing before, Serenea was frightened soon as she saw his member.

But both Schild and Carney thought it was understandable, considering its sheer and menacing size.

“I’m going to put it inside you now, Princess.”

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