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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 1 Chapter 34

Chapter 34 – Initiation of Princess Serenea

“I’m going to put it inside you now, Princess.”

“No, no way! It’s impossible! Something of that size can’t possibly fit in!”

The girl shook her head to her left and right with a pale look on her face. She was so afraid that she even closed her legs to hide her crotch, despite the fact that it was already oozing in wetness.

“It’s okay, Your Highness.”

This was then when Carney who was behind the princess appeased her and tried to reopen her legs.

“You have already learned the etiquette of the bedroom as a woman of royalty, haven’t you? From which you are taught that a woman’s pussy is designed to accept this thing.”

“B-but there’s no way it can fit in there! If you put something this big and thick in my hole where I pee, it will definitely break!”

“Princess, it’s not like that, it’s also in the same area, but it’s a different hole. At first, I too didn’t think I could make it, but I did.”

“Is that true? You’re not lying?”

“Of course. I wouldn’t lie to Your Highness. Now then, if you please, Lord Schild.”

At Carney’s urging, Schild finally placed his tip at Serenea’s entrance.

And without wasting time, he inserted it all at once.


What came next was a pain of rupture that ran through Serenea’s entire being, making her scream. It was quickly accompanied by the virgin blood trickling down from their joining parts.

“Ahgagagaaaa……it hurts, it hurts so much……! It’s ripping my crotch open……!”

“P-Please hold on, Princess Serenea!”


“It hurts, it hurts, it hurts, it hurts……!”

But what they didn’t expect is that Serenea would show severe signs of pain, so much that even Carney couldn’t help but panic.

They say that the pain of losing one’s virginity varies from person to person, but Serenea’s reaction was so different from her own that Carney had forgotten entirely what she should do.

“Carney, hold the princess tight.”


At Schild’s immediate command, Carney snapped out of her senses and immediately hugged the princess’ petite body. Schild hugged Serenea as well, sandwiching the princess in between them, also as if trying to relieve the pain being received by her whole body.

“Aaah, fuaaa……!?”

“Has it settled down? I’m gonna start moving now.”


After he confirmed her response, Schild began to extract his member one inch at a time; this is to not hurt the now-devirginized Serenea. If you are able to read this message, you are reading from an unauthorized aggregate site. Read at my WordPress to support me and my translations.

“Hnn……aaauu, ahhmmnn, fuaaaaahh, haaaaaaaaa!”

Thankfully for the two, the pain had already eased, and from that point onwards, Serenea gradually succumbed to pleasure herself.

“Uaahh, nnyuu, hiuu, fuaa, aahh, aaaaaahh……what, is this……how?”

“It’s getting a little more pleasant, isn’t it, Princess Serenea?”

“It feels good……It felt……much better compared to……the one I felt before.” What Serenea is referring here to was the cunnilingus Schild had done on her earlier.

“The one before, it only felt good on the surface, but this one is different……it’s making me feel good from the inside out……!”

“That’s the pleasure of a woman. A feeling that only a woman can taste. Now, Princess Serenea, go ahead accept more of that feeling!”

“So good, I’m feeling so good! My body is flying. I’m flying through the air!”

After he heard that Serenea is now feeling better, Schild made his pumping more and more intense. Soon, it was almost as if he’s hammering himself inside Serenea’s vaginal walls.

As for Serenea, because of her petite build, her body couldn’t help but be swept by the momentum each time, so to fix this, Carney began to hold her firmly from behind.

This in turn made Serenea receive in full all the force that should have dispersed from being swept away, so it wasn’t later when the girl started to feel more and more crazy with pleasure.

“Aaaah! aannhaaaaaaa! Ahiii, ahiiiaaa, aahaiaaaaa♡♡”


Serenea’s panting voice gradually became debauched, from that of a girl to that of a woman who knows love.

“Ahnyaa♡ Hiaaa……unyuu♡ so good♡♡ more, moree♡ this feeling, I want it mooree♡♡♡”

“Oh, looks like that licentious royal blood of hers is beginning to awaken…….”

Schild commented as he pierced with more force than what was requested to him.

“Aaaahhh♡♡♡ That’s it, there, thereee♡ I have always wanted this♡♡♡ Good, this feeling is so good♡♡♡♡♡”

“Fufufu. Has it started to feel too good that your vocabulary has disappeared, Your Highness?”

Carney also began to tease as she observed the princess getting more indulged to the pleasure.

I didn’t expect Carney to get more and more daring. Well, I guess it’s time we move on to the last step, Schild thought to himself as he observe the knight getting bolder on her actions.

“Carney, I think it’s time for her to be given her first taste of cum. As for you, Serenea, I’m going to pay you back for what you just did, so prepare to fully enjoy it inside your body.”

“Fueee……♡ Payback……I did? Nhuuu……♡♡♡”

“Lord Schild. You……are you planning to cum inside her!? Not this again! You’re basically doing it all the time!”

But as if Carney’s protests didn’t exist, Schild just repeated his extractions, his movements becoming faster and faster. This chap ter trans la tion is ma de po ssi ble by st abbi ng with a sy ri nge tra nslat ions. check up-to -da te tra nsla tions on my Word pr ess s ite.

“I got sprayed in the face big time. But I don’t like dirtying her face on her first experience, so instead, I’m going to spray it on her womb, and we’ll call it even.”

“I don’t know……♡♡ I don’t know anymore……♡♡ what I did or what it is……I don’t care anymooore♡♡♡♡♡♡”

After that, semen spewed out of Schild’s penis and stained the womb of another virgin woman.

The owner of that womb is none other than Serenea, who is also the woman who has the second-most honorable pussy in this kingdom – their second princess.

“Come to think of it, this is the second time I’ve taken a princess’s virginity…….” Schild couldn’t help but mutter, remembering his first night with the bewitching First Princess Cymbium.

And now, to his below was another princess he had her virginity taken care of, fully naked and was spilling out bloodied semen from her crotch.

“Did I went too far?”

“You’ve only just found it out?”

Carney couldn’t help but shout at the man.

Right now, Carney is gently nursing Princess Serenea, who had lost consciousness due to the shock of her first experience.


“Really, what are you thinking, Lord Schild! Not just Her Highness Cymbium, but even Princess Serenea!? Do you understand what you just did? It’s a Princess! A Princess’s pussy you just fucked!”

“And it was great!”

“Of course, it would!”

“But of course, Carney’s pussy is great as well!”

“I’m not happy even if you praise me once! Say it more!”

Meanwhile, as for Princess Serenea, she has already succumbed into a deep sleep. It seemed that her first sex had exhausted her to the core, causing her to lose consciousness right after.

“Either way, I think we should stop it here, Lord Schild. I don’t think she’ll be able to do it the second or third time, looking at her state……Even though I was really looking forward in earnest on how she will turn out.”

Carney spoke her true thoughts ruefully, showing how much she was deeply corrupted in the flesh with the eroticism of Schild.

“Princess Serenea may be exhausted now, but I still have you. Be prepared to receive lots of cum that won’t even lose to the amount I pumped inside Serenea, Carney.”

“Fufufu…… I’m glad to hear that. It’s a shame, though, as this is a great chance for me to show off to Princess Serenea on how to be an erotic woman in bed…….”

Oddly enough, the knight showed her seniority in the strangest area, the farthest and most unbefitting of what should be coming from a knight.

What’s more, she’s going to teach this to the most noble woman in the kingdom, firsthand.

“I wanted to teach her about pussy, cock, and lots of other nasty words. I wanted to teach her how to give a blow job as well, and how to use her breasts to effectively perform a breast fuck…….”

“I’ve already had someone in mind to teach her those things.”

“What? Who?”

Schild licked his tongue with a sadistic expression as he spoke this.

In response, Carney couldn’t help but look back at him with a scowl.

Either way, from here, Schild’s plan of making Princess Serenea succumb to lecherousness has only just begun.

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