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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 1 Chapter 32

Chapter 32 – First Conversation with Princess Serenea

“Can you be my subordinates? I’m going to make you my direct vassals, so you can always be at my side to follow my orders.”

Serenea made an offer to Schild and to Carney.

“I need an ally! I need an ally who will respect my will and not my mother’s! Then, if something stupid like this were to happen again, I, I might be able to stop it before it’s too late!”


It was a desperate plea.

Not a command of royalty, but a plea of a weak and cornered person.

What’s more, the plea is not for herself, but for the weak and foolish people who didn’t know what they’re doing.

(If she were the one I met first in this kingdom, I would have listened to this plea and became her ally.)

But that was only ‘If’.

And so, Schild…

“I can’t do that.”


…stated his reason for not accepting.


“I’m sorry, Your Highness, but I’m already in a cooperative relationship with the First Princess Cymbium. I had already promised her, so I cannot make another promise that contradicts it.”


“That goes for Carney as well.”

Schild then gestured at Carney with his line of sight.

“Your Highness……Princess Serenea. My name is Carney. I’m from House of Leschbein.”

“The Leschbein family ……, three of the most fallen noble families ……!?”

“What do you mean by most fallen? And why are there three!? This! This is why I joined the faction of Princess Cymbium! Moreover, she calls and treats me as a friend rather than a vassal! Ah, pardon my rudeness, Princess Serenea. But as you have heard, I can’t just betray her and follow you instead.”

“I see……I see now……I should have expected this…….”

Unable to elicit a favorable response, Serenea’s shoulders slumped.

“When you think about it, It’s only natural. I heard somewhere that the monster extermination squad on the subjugators’ side is led by Cymbium. To think it was true…….” If you are a ble to r ead this me ssage, y ou are rea ding fro m an un au thor ized aggre gate si te. Re ad at my W ordPr ess to s upp ort me an d my tran sla tions.


“The truth is, I don’t know her that well. They say she’s my sister, but I’ve never really talked to her, and the only moments I’ve seen her were when we’re at formal ceremonies and parties. Ah, but people around me often talk about Princess Cymbium. They’re all not good, though…….”

“Oh? Could you please tell us more?”

“They say she’s stupid, foolish, and evil. That if she becomes queen, the country will cease to exist, so I have to take her place.”

(It was common biased information. By telling her that, they will be able to instill in the still innocent girl the desire to become queen.)

“But even I understand……! That all that they keep on telling me, more than half of them are lies……and in this battle that had happened right now, all of it was made clear. That the one who had made the wisest judgment is none other than Cymbium herself!”

“Rather than the Knights, who have forgotten how to fight and have become gutless, Cymbium relied on the active fighters of the kingdom, the subjugators. And in this way, she has now created an environment where these fighters can fight to show off the best of their abilities and gain recognition for it, and most importantly, she has gained the trust of the most capable warriors of the kingdom!“

After this battle, Cymbium’s reputation among her subjects and even to the people will soar to the clouds.

Serenea, who is her rival, understands this the most.

Still, Schild couldn’t help but get awestruck that she was able to think of this while she was only eighteen years old.

“I shouldn’t be queen after all. Cymbium is just much more suitable for the position. In fact, I never wanted to do this in the first place. But mother and grandfather would never allow me to give it up.”


“Tell me, what am I supposed to do?”

From there, it was only silence inside the tent.

Meaning Serenea no longer had any more words to vent out.

“Lord Schild……this is……what should we do?”


“I get it.”

The Oscar family. One of the three prominent noble families that Schild and his companions needed to be wary of the most.

And yet, their biggest trump card, Serenea, was only just an innocent girl.

(Even if we bring her back to the capital, she will probably be reused again as a pawn by the Oscar family in order to seize the monarchy. Worse, she would be cut off and be the scapegoat if the Oscars were made to take responsibility for the casualties that happened today.)

It would be the same as usual for Schild and the others, but for Serenea, it would be unfortunate for her either way.

“We need to do something to separate her from the Oscars. We can’t let this opportunity go to waste if we want to achieve our own goals.”

“Really? Y-you’ll do that for me!? B-but how will you do it?”

It was Serenea herself who asked this anxiously.

However, Schild’s subsequent response was unexpected.

She approached Serenea on her seat, then lifted her petite body in his arms.

“Kyaaa! What are you planning to do!?”

“Lord Schild……don’t tell me you…….” This cha pter tr ansl atio n is ma de p ossi ble by sta bb ing with a sy r inge translat ion s. ch eck u p-t o-d at e trans lati ons on my Wor dp ress s te.

Ignoring Carney’s anxious expression, Schild then went to the bed on the corner of the tent and plopped Serenea’s body in the middle of it.

“It is simple, Princess Serenea. We’ll just gonna make you ours.”

“I knew it!”

“Eh? Knew what? What is it?”

But for some reason, Serenea still had no idea what was going to happen next.

And so, Schild made it clear once again. While at it, he, too, signaled Carney to go outside.

“I know why you still don’t get the meaning, but whatever the reason, I’m not letting you go back into the Oscar household by yourself. For that, I’m gonna make you a prisoner of mine.”

(With this, the Oscar family will lose their biggest trump card to gain the throne – their regal successor and their only heir.)

“Y-you’re going to imprison me? Y-you’ll go that far? I-m a princess, you know?”

“Of course, I can. You are the leading representative of our rival faction, you know?”

Schild spoke proudly to the Second Princess Serenea, who is now shaking like a kitten on the cot.

“I’m gonna embrace you now.”

“Eh, embrace? So that’s what it is……eeeeeeeeeehhh!?”

Seeing her late reaction, Schild couldn’t help but wonder how much Serenea had understood in the meaning of the word “embrace” even though she was already eighteen years old.


With the appropriate age for marriage in this country being in the late teens, it shouldn’t be surprising that someone of Serenea’s age would already have a keen understanding of the subtleties of sex.

“By “embrace”, you mean like, the one that should be done in a bedroom!? That thing that married couples do to each other at night?”

“As expected of a princess. It seems that you have been educated in this area. Well, your belief that it only involves married couples  is a bit of a misnomer, but the act itself is exactly the same.”
“No way! But I’m a princess, you know? Even my grandmother told me that a noblewoman should not allow anyone but her husband to touch her skin…….”

(Well, I should have expected this from a daughter of one of the largest noble houses in the kingdom. Of course, they’ll treasure her like that, much more that she’s their candidate for the throne.)

“Normally, yes. But emergencies like this one need to be remedied with emergency measures. Princess Cymbium even offered her virginity to me just to win me over to her side.”


While Serenea was confused, Carney, who had run outside ever since finding out Schild’s plans, came back inside the tent.

“I’ve been checking the perimeter of the tent to make sure no one is around. I was able to fool the guards into thinking that Princess Serenea was resting in another tent.”

“I’m sorry you had to go through all this. Wait, then what about this tent?”

“Of course, I told them not to let anyone near this place for a while, in the name of you having sex with me!”

“Seriously!? You told them that with a straight face? You  really are……one hell of a woman, Carney.”

“Mou, enough of the praises, Lord Schild. Because of that, I’m starting to get horny as well…….”

Right after that, Carney started stripping, starting from the armor she was wearing in front.

Caught by the pace, Schild also began taking off his own clothes.


After they had finished undressing, they then went to Princess Serenea, who’s now all confused and disoriented. From there, they started removing piece by piece all her dirtied princess clothing next.

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