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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 1 Chapter 12

Chapter 12 – The Knight in Men’s Clothing is a Bombshell Beauty

“……Ha! W-what, where am I, where is the monster!?”

“You’re finally awake.”

The time when Carney woke up, the day was long gone, and the night had already fallen.

The knight who fell unconscious dazed for a while, but she gradually came to her senses and remembered the situation she was in.

“They say that the octolov’s poison wears off quickly, and they are true at that matter, so you should be thankful. The pain has completely subsided on my end as well, and I’m sure the villagers had also come to their senses by now.”

“Where’s the monster? Where’s the octolov?”

“The octolov? It’s long gone. Look towards the pond.”

Carney looked in the direction Schild was pointing, and sure enough, there was the carcass of a giant octopus, torn into eight pieces, pulled up on the shore.

“Y-you did that all by yourself, Mister Schild?”

“Of course. I mean, who else is going to do it, with you collapsing so soon after stripping and screaming?”

When he pointed this out, Carney realized for the first time that she had made a big blunder.

“I see……I was directly exposed to the octolov’s poison……wait, stripping?”

“Yeah, and you were so fucking erotic that time.”


That’s when Carney realized something more. She, right now, is completely naked, without a stitch of clothing in her body.


“So you can also make that scream, huh. Even though you acted boyish all the time, your scream is still feminine. Honestly, if I heard that without discovering what’s inside that armor, I would think you were gay. Lots of nobles like those nowadays, or so that’s what I heard. Sigh. Why do upper classes always have strange quirks?”

Knight Carney’s real gender is female.

Despite that, her hair is tied up in a bun, and she wears knightly armor that obscures her proportions and hides her gender.

In short, she was disguising herself as a man.

But now, all of that disguise has been stripped away, exposing her lush feminine breasts, plump round buttocks, milky pink nipples, and female genitalia in full.

“Why the gender impersonation?”

“More importantly, clothes! Let me get dressed first! Where are the clothes and armor I took off……?”

Carney searched for her clothes with the confusion of a lost maiden.

She was directly fumed by the octolov, so her memory is not as clear as it should be, similar to getting drunk by alcohol. But as she hadn’t moved from the spot since just before she lost consciousness, the clothes she took off should still be there.

“I gathered up your clothes and armor and hid them.”

“Why would you do that?!”

Carney’s uneasiness increased as he heard what Schild had said but couldn’t help but still question the man.

“Before that, I have a question for you. Why are you hiding the fact that you are a woman?”


Being asked a question that anyone in the same situation would have asked, Carney stammered.

“I thought you were a trustworthy companion that I can easily rely my back on, but to think you were hiding something like this. I’d like an explanation that makes sense.”

“I, I abandoned my femininity to become a knight……!”

“So you’re saying you abandoned being a woman?”

In other words, is she saying you can’t become a knight as a woman? But Schild had never heard of such a thing.

As a monster slayer, Schild is unfamiliar with the world of knights serving in the royal court.

Although the industry of monster slayers and knights is basically different, they are supposed to be the same in terms of being combat occupations. And at, well, at least in the society of subjugators, there are also female warriors. Some of them are even as active or even more than their male counterparts.

“Female knights indeed exist even though they are rare, of course, I knew that much…… However, if you are a female knight in what’s basically a male-dominant society, you will be underestimated just because you’re a woman. It’s the same even in the world of monster slayers; the hurdle for us is just too high. This is why I gave up being a woman – all in order not to be belittled of my abilities. That and also to solidify my dedication to live my life in the world of fighting!”

“Hoou, impressive.”

“So please, Mister Schild! For my goals, please forget about everything you’ve seen here!”

Carney bowed her head in pleading.

Since she was not wearing any clothes from the start, the unusual scene of a woman begging in her shiny white knees appeared before the man.

“……Then let’s do this.”

Schild suggests.

“Just let me have sex with you, and I’ll shut up on what happened today.”

“That’s blackmail!”

It may sound like blackmail, but Schild was rather serious about it.

As a warrior who lives and dies by the seat of his pants, Schild’s policy is to “embrace the woman he wants to embrace at the moment he wants to embrace her,” and there is absolutely no way he can pass the chance of having sex with Carney right now.

“Carney, on the way here, I offered to pee with you in a bonding ritual, but you declined and stayed away, didn’t you?”

“Y-yeah, but that’s……”

“I can see now that it was to prevent your true gender from being revealed. Peeing together is a way for men to bond with each other, or that’s what I have been taught, but now, that doesn’t apply to you anymore. If it’s a man and a woman, the best way to bond is through sex.”

This may be a preposterous move if it’s someone else, but for Schild, who lacked the feeling of bonds due to his harsh childhood, having one is even more precious to him. This became even more prevalent on his first taste of sex with a woman, to the point where he would try to never miss the chance as long as it was presented to him.

Of course, the man himself is still not aware of this fact.

“Sorry about that, but I’ve just been in a one hell of a tough fight, and even before that, I haven’t had the chance to cum due to the interruption by that monster, so I ended up with a lot of energy stored up in my balls.  In fact, right now, I really want to shoot it out of the end of my dick.”

A thick rod of rage shot out vertically from Schild’s lower body as he stood on his knees. Carney, now revealed as a woman, became more panicked than she was before.

“Hyaaaaa!? So big, it’s like a club! S-speaking of which, you……! Why are you still naked!? Ever since I left the village, you, the entire time……are you into that thing?”

“There’s no way in the hell I am! Also, you got the nerve to say that when you are naked too! Plus, isn’t it perfect that we are already set? Now just let me pour my best seed that I’ve cooked up in that fight for you.”

Carney was then pulled by Schild with ease. The knight struggled a bit, but Schild,

“Also, with this extremely beautiful woman in front of me, how could I even resist?”


And just like that, Carney stopped struggling for a bit, making Schild’s arms embrace her more.

This made the knightly woman’s impossibly large breasts get crushed against his rock-hard chest, which the former couldn’t help but wonder how she managed to hide them in such a generic breastplate.[1]

“But……! Outside like this……?”

In fact, the two subjugators were not that far from the battlefield with the octolov, deep in the forest, even further away from the tiny village where the few people live.

“It won’t make much difference where we do it. Or do you want to go back to the village and do it on a bed with yellowed sheets?”

“What if someone comes?”

“No one will come. The villagers are probably too busy with their own affairs at the moment, and that’s for sure.”

“But, this is actually……my first time……”

“That just makes me want it more. Although I am not that particular about virgins, I want to be proud of the title that I became the first man of an excellent woman like you, Carney.”

Carney is losing options bit by bit, though it’s already prevalent in her that she also wants the action, as she hadn’t said any refusal even at this time.

Without a stitch of clothing in them, Carney’s naked body is so beautiful in the moonlight that she could be mistaken for a goddess.

Her hair, which had been tied up and disguised as short when she was dressed as a man, is now untangled, making her silky black hair reflect the moonlight with its shimmering night glow.

Her skin is white, without a single stain, and as polished and lustrous as white porcelain.

As a knight, Carney has been through many battles, so her body is tight and supple like a feline beast. Her arms and thighs were sharpened like swords, but her breasts and buttocks, which are still feminine, were soft and firm.

No, it wasn’t just on the level of ‘feminine’. It has already to the point that they looked like they were sculpted for Schild – they were so huge and perfect for this man’s tastes.

Carney must have trained this body as a weapon to face monsters, yet, this feminine body of hers that has been explicitly honed for that purpose still oozed out an attractive charm, worth fucking by any man.

She must have long forgotten the joys of being a woman now, but this made Schild even want her more.

““Let me teach you the true benefits of having a female body, Carney.”

And so, Schild began. First, he ran his hands over Carney’s shoulders, then down to the back, and finally, to the butt of the woman he was about to fuck.

“Hiiiinn!? A-are you really going to do t-that? R-right now……that thing!?”

“That thing? Ah, you mean sex.”

“Don’t say it so casually! Also, why aren’t you spelling it so directly! Do you have any manners!?”

“But I want to have sex with you, Carney.”


“I want to fuck you senseless. Can I?”

“Aah, I give up! Okay, I’ll have s-sex with you as you want t-muuuuuph!?”

The same part of Schild blocked Carney’s lips as the latter kept saying more.

Immediately after, his tongue pried open the space between the latter’s upper and lower lips and invaded what’s inside.

“mumumumuuuuu!? Juru, chuu.  Chupaahh!? What are you doing all of a sudden!? That was my first kiss!”

“Then that would be my great honor.”

Schild parted his lips once, then put them on it again.

“Muchupaah, chuu, ahhh……! Mhuru, chiru……!”

They licked each other’s tongues, ignoring the fact that beside them was the corpse of an octolov that had just been slain and whose blood had not yet dried.

The spreading stench of death and beastly odor combined around them, but for these two people, who are about to come face to face with each other, it only stimulated their survival instincts and made them excited even more.

Originally, the octolov’s mist was poisonous enough to drive a woman sexually insane, so little did they know, they were truly about to turn into beasts in heat, at least, for Carney.

“Haabuuh, lerolerolero……! ……kiss, kiss, chuu, kiss me more…!”

Carney’s tongue licked back and forth aggressively, gulping down the mixed saliva of herself and her man she was working without hesitation, even though she was the one being pushed by Schild just earlier.

“W-what is this feeling……do I still have the poison of the monster in me?”

“What makes you say so?”

“Because I’m supposed to be an honorable knight……! I’m supposed to be disciplined and aiming to fight for justice, but I’m doing this lewd …… thing! I’m doing something impure and getting excited from it……!”

“And you think it’s the octolov’s poison?”

“How could it be but that? Because if it doesn’t……that just means I’m a slut……! Kyuuuuh!?”

Carney screamed as she was pinched in the buttocks as they hugged. While at it, Schild’s other hand relentlessly knead Carney’s perking nipple.

“Ahiiiiiii!? Aah!? haa, aaah!? W-what are you doing, putting fingers in such places……! Ahnn!”

“I knew it. No matter how hard the entrance of a virgin is, it will definitely be opened and soggy from the sexual poison of the octolov.”

In fact, Carney was already at the point that Schild could easily put his finger inside, despite the fact that it wasn’t even used by the girl yet.

“No way……it has entered……your fingers is reaching such a place……”

“There will be a much thicker thing coming in for later. Right now, we’re just preparing yourself for it.”

“Much thicker thing……? It can’t be……”

“Don’t worry. I’ll make you feel good. I promise.”

Translator Notes:

[1]. The breastplate Schild is talking about is the one below. Yes, it’s not the anime-styled body-hugging breastplate Carney is wearing in the cover of the LN Book 1 (Carney was on the far right on the LN cover, if it isn’t obvious enough). For this reason though, this was heavily criticized by the JP readers who bought the novel (mainly they were bashing the artist who drew the thing), as this part was not following the novel……also bashing the LN overall being a copy-paste of the WN with almost no fixes in plot in its publishing. PS. To avoid that, I took the liberty to edit these chapters, putting emphasis on the breastplate (the whole chest plate part and Schild’s view of Carney being gay at first was my add-on) and to avoid Schild being a gender-unidentifying idiot like he was in the raws.

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    1. Hmmmmm. Until you mentioned it, I was trying to figure out if that was a man or a woman. Really hard to tell with that armor. You’ve got a good eye

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    2. Well true, if you go after the manga adoption of this serie. She original wears a breastplate, but after her little fun she wears the one of the cover.

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