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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 1 Chapter 11

Chapter 11 – The Mist’s Poison

“You’re telling me that that monster used his most powerful weapon – the poisonous mist – all-out, and has already spewed it in the entire village?!”

“That’s only my speculation, but seeing the state of the village, its range is wide, too wide that every villager in the vicinity was affected. How are you still intact, Carney?”

Since Carney is running in heavy full-armor alongside him without issues, Schild concluded that this person should still be in good health.

“It’s because of you doing strange things in the room that drove me out in the first place! And since I ended up with nothing to do in my first visit, I went out to the outskirts of the village to practice with my sword!”

“And it just happened to be outside the range of the poisonous fog. You’re lucky.”

However, in order to defeat the Octolov, one must inevitably enter the range of the poisonous mist.


It is impossible for a makeshift mask to completely prevent the fine mist of poison. Hence, specialized masks should be worn when facing one. With this, Schild had no choice but expect Carney to be in so much pain later on that the person would not be able to move.

“So in the end…… we have no choice but to take down Octolov, and as fast as we can before the poison takes into effect.”

“A short-term decisive battle? Also, where exactly are we going?”

“To the octolov’s lair, of course. Millie told me that there’s a pond in this direction of the village, and it is the only source of water for the villagers. And being the only body of water here, the monster will have no choice but to reside there.”

After a moment of their rushing, the forest cleared up, and a surface of water filled up their vision.

The pond itself was not that big. Nevertheless, it was already an ideal size for a small village. But because its size didn’t change as the monster grew and evolve, it had become impossible to hide its presence anymore. If you are able to read this message, you are reading from an unauthorized aggregate site. Read at my WordPress to support me and my translations.

A mutated eight-legged creature could now be seen lurking directly above it.

“That’s the Octolov?”

The huge monster had a slimy skin, similar to an octopus, and having expanded so much, it could not fit its body in the shallow pond water anymore, leaving its upper half exposed. Same goes for its eight tentacle-like legs.

“Let’s hurry up. I’m starting to lose control of my body from the pain!”

The amount of poison Schild had inhaled was already at a level where a normal person would have fainted from the sensation long ago.

It was the extraordinary mental strength he tempered over the years of surviving that he was still able to push himself and move.

“Very well! I’ll be defeating in a single blow!”

Carney draws sword at the ready and slashes at the demon on the water.

“You idiot! You’re slashing too fast!”


The sword that Carney swung down did indeed caught the octolov’s head, but the moment it made contact, it slipped away with a “boing” response.

As a result, not even a scratch was made in the octopus creature’s body.

“Octolovs are soft-bodied, and their outer skin is covered in a very slippery mucus! It’s impossible to slice through it with a sword without great skill!”

“No way……! Uwaaaaaa!?”

Right after the failed assault, Carney got entangled by one of the octopus legs and lost freedom.

“Let go, you monster! Wait, what are you……uwaaaa!”



The bound Carney was brought directly in front of the monster’s eyes – then got directly breathed a thick mist spewing from its mouth.

It wasn’t the invisible mist that affected the village anymore. It was a thick fog so concentrated it was already visible to the naked eye.

“Not good. That’s……!”

The poisonous mist that an octolov can spew can already cause a person to go mad. And this was a mutation, which was already spewing an amount beyond normal as it had covered the entire village by itself, and all that were directly sprayed in a super-concentrated version in Carney’s body before it was even spread in the air.

Schild got no choice but to rush in and slashed while it was busy with its prey.

“You horny little shit! Don’t get carried away!”

Fortunately, the pond was much shallower than he had imagined, so Schild was easily able to navigate even when on water. This chapter translation is made possible by stabbing with a syringe translations. check up-to-date translations on my WordPress site.

In addition, Schild’s swordsmanship was different from that of most people as it was purely focused on survival and cutting its prey in one hit. Because of this, he was easily able to slice off the giant octopus legs, which were supposed to be protected against slashing by its mucus and soft body. He cut them off one after the other in a flowing motion, and eventually, he succeeded in retrieving the captured Carney.

“Alright, I have saved you!”

Worried about his partner’s condition, Schild dragged Carney back to the bank first, trying to ensure the safety of his comrade over the mission.


After all, that poisonous mist can easily take away a person’s sanity even if it is diffused and its concentration diluted. Moreover, as this person was exposed to it in a concentrated form, Schild wouldn’t even doubt if his partner died of shock from the intense pain.

“Oi, open your eyes and get a grip! Don’t die on me here!”

“Uu, uuuhhn……!”

The knight groaned and writhed a little at his response, but that’s already enough for Schild to feel relieved.

However, he also knew it wasn’t the best time to rest easy yet.

The poison would now be circulating throughout his body, and Schild expects that Carney would be in extreme pain beyond his imagination after this.

Intense pain for the man, pleasure for the woman. Depending on the gender, the octolov gives different side effects to each of them.


While making sure that Octolov was still unmoving from having all of its legs cut off, Schild took a good look at Carney.

“uuu. Uuuu……!”

Carney’s eyes fluttered open, and finally, the knight had regained consciousness.

“Are you fully awake now? Stay conscious and prepare for pain! Don’t let your guard down for even a second! Don’t think you can escape the pain by passing out. You’ll go into shock if you don’t!”

However, Carney’s reaction was not what Schild had expected.




“It feels……good.”


Carney brushed past Schild and stood up. Then, as if shuddering in frustration and itch, the fully armored knight,

“Hot, so hot, what is this feeling!? I feel like I’m melting into a mush……I want to pee, but at the same time, I don’t! Aaahhh, don’t know what it is, but I feel like all the liquid in my body is going to leak out!”

“What are you talking about, Carney? Pain should be……”

“No more! This armor is in the way!”

As he said this, Carney twisted more and more violently until the person ended up taking off the thick knightly armor ‘he’ was wearing.

This action seemed like suicide as there is still an enemy monster in front of them, but Schild realized he hasn’t the right to reprimand either as he was also buck-naked at the scene.

And so, the heavy armor fell to the ground one by one, clattering in each drop – but Carney didn’t stop there and even stripped the clothes underneath.


The moment Schild reached out his hand to stop ‘him,’ his hand stopped in an unexpected surprise.

Round flesh tumbled out of the clothes that had been taken off. And there were two pairs of them, one pair above and one pair below.


The ones above were unmistakably, breasts, and the bottom, butts. Wonderful breasts and butts.

Schild has doubted this knight’s preferences since they first met, and had also thought that it was normal for noble gentlemen to look like androgynous sometimes due to their emphasis to outside appearances.

However, maybe because he wasn’t paying attention to it, and perhaps because of the person’s boyish attitude in their journey, this made Schild think that Carney was just a young boy driven by impulse to explore the world and is looking for something he could use to prove himself a better man to his family. If you are able to read this message, you are reading from an unauthorized aggregate site. Read at my WordPress to support me and my translations.

As for the person’s armor, while his huge breastplate is odd, it wasn’t that uncommon as protection, and it wasn’t shapely enough to hide a woman’s breasts properly, thus making it no different from the eyes of Schild.

But when the person has taken off all of her armor and everything is now revealed, it became a true shock to Schild.

A bit toned, but far from the muscularity of a man’s. And not even a hint of excessive flesh.

A beautiful lower half as if a painting with various curves drawn together. And because the other party also took off their underwear, what’s in between their legs was also revealed in full view.

There was nothing ugly hanging in the middle of it, only a smooth, hairless, and beautiful mound with a pinkish slit that was leaking wet.

The female genitalia of a woman.

“This is……!”

He then recalled the peculiar effect of the poison spewed by the Octolov – and how it works differently depending on the gender of the target.

To men, an intense pain.


To women, an immense pleasure.

Then he observed Carney again.

After being exposed to the concentrated poisonous mist, the knight fell into a state of intoxication and immediately took off everything, revealing the fact that the person is not in any way, in pain, in more ways than one.

Yes, what Schild is looking at now is Carney’s full body, oozing with sexiness and allure of a female in heat.

“Schild, my body feels so hot!! What should I do? How do I get rid of it? Tell me, please! I’ll do anything! Anything you waaantt! Just tell me!!”

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