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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 1 Chapter 13

Chapter 13 – The Knight’s Reawakening as a Woman

A thick finger began rummaging inside Carney’s pussy, which was already wet from the remnants of the poison that it was hard to believe it was from a virgin’s.

“Aaaaaahh!? Wait, waaait! Don’t just do what you like without me knowing! Also, my body is not supposed to be used in such a way!”

But just midway after, Knight Carney’s consciousness cleared up. Was it from fear? Schild couldn’t help but deduce.

“Then what is the right use of your body? Can you care to tell me?”

“My body, I have already devoted my body as sword to protect the people from monsters……that’s why……hyaaahiiiinn!?”

A beautiful woman who has devoted all of herself as a knight with pride. That was Knight Carney.

However, that same body of hers is now steadily trying to regain its primary functions as a woman – which is the reproductive instinct of welcoming the man she loves and make him cum inside her.

When the time was finally right, Schild laid Carney’s bewitching figure out on the soft grass.

“Ahhh……no way, my thighs and legs are being spread so widely open……!?”

“Well, if you don’t open them wide, I won’t be able to enter my cock inside your cunt.”

“Cunt? What is a cunt?”

To think she would be this illiterate about sex……thought Schild, but he still answered it in full of honesty.

However, after the answer entered the latter’s ears, it made her already red face even redder than it was.

“Kyaaaaaaa!? What are you doing, teaching me such v-vulgar words!? A-also, telling me such shameful thing, even making me say it so directly……I’m still a knight, you know!?”

“You’re the one who recited it without thinking, and I just answered you. Don’t worry though. By the time we’re done having this sex, You’ll become the kind of woman who’ll recite it by herself.”

“I won’t say it! I’m not going to say those words ever again! Ahhh!”


Despite rejecting the horny words, Carney still remained her legs spread open with her pussy already oozing out in between, as if telling the man she was ready to welcome him anytime. With this, Schild aimed the tip of his sword on her sheath, and without hesitation, plunged it deep into his partner without mercy.


The beautiful pussy spilled a small amount of red liquid from between the gaps and the inserted penis, in which Schild has confirmed one more time. This chapter translation is made possible by stabbing with a syringe translations. check up-to-date translations on my WordPress site.

Carney was finally deflowered.

“Congratulations. Now you have finally become a woman……does it hurt?”

The pain of deflowering is beyond a man’s ability to measure. Still, it was Schild who did not hesitate to be caring.

“I, I don’t know……Maybe……I really don’t know!”

“Which is it, really?”

“W-what are you making me try to say then! That I felt so much that I couldn’t tell the difference which is pain and which is pleasure anymore? The first time hurts, I know that much! But it doesn’t hurt, at least for me! Does this mean I’m really a……?”

Carney was so confused that she couldn’t even distinguish anymore if she was feeling pain or pleasure.

This made Schild decide that she should be okay for the time being, so he immediately started the extraction process, of course, gently at first.

“Nhiiii! Nhaaah! The sensation……I could feel it spreading in waves from my cun- I mean from my crotch……! What is this……just what did you do to me!?”

“I didn’t do anything much.”

“Then why is it not hurting, even though I’m a virgin! Is the monster’s poison still paralyzing my sense of pain? Or are you just really, really good at this?”

“How about the fact that Carney herself is a slut without us knowing? Even though here you are, spreading your pussy wide open even though it is your first time?”

“Yaaaaaaaa! No, it can’t be! I’m not a slut! Ahhhn, don’t poke it! My, my pussy is gonna breaaaaaak!”

A woman.

A woman, naked under the moonlit night, is embracing a man between her legs.

Despite the way she twisted and turned in pleasure and danced like mad, with her pearly white skin and vibrant black hair reflecting the moonlight, anyone who sees her will be bound to be entranced.

Right now, traces of Carney being a knight couldn’t be found anymore. Only a beautiful nymph that came alive from a myth.

A very horny nymph at that.

“Aah~! Aah, aaahhhhh♡♡♡……whath ish thish……it feelsh……goood♡♡♡”

“This is sex, Carney. We’re having actual sex.”

“Sho thish ish sex……I’m doing sex with Schild♡♡ Even though I’m doing it as payment, I’m feeling so good from iiiiit!♡♡♡ Ahhhiiii, ahhhiiii♡♡♡”

“Hey, are you okay?”

Schild couldn’t help but ask, feeling uneasy that the latter’s reaction was a bit beyond his norm.

Carney was wild, so wild in her first time that even Schild, who has a lot of experience with women, couldn’t help but feel bewildered.

Was it really the poison, or is she just this lustful? He couldn’t help but think.

“As you have just recovered from the poison, this is kinda troubling. Let’s end it after I cum inside you, okay?” If you are able to read this message, you are reading from an unauthorized aggregate site. Read at my WordPress to support me and my translations.

“C-cum inside me? Un, yesh, it’s fine. Go ahead, anytime♡♡ Anywhere is fine too♡♡ Ahiiiii♡♡♡♡♡”

And so, with a quickened back and forth movement, Schild immediately did his last spurt. After this, he would let it all out into Carney’s cunt, as both parties agreed.

Yes. Despite being so uptight earlier, Carney, in the end, agreed to it.

A creampie agreed by both parties.

“I’ll tell you this first, but don’t be surprised at how great the amount of my seed is that I’m gonna let out. It was accumulated after a battle after all, so it’s going to be more concentrated. Anyway, be prepared once I started cumming inside you.”

“Yeshhh♡♡ Fill me up with your shot♡♡ I don’t really get it, but finish this cunt of mine with a whole lot of your creamy cum♡♡♡♡”

Carney agreed, though it is unknown if she’s still conscious or has already lost her sense of judgment in the extremeness of pleasure.


And despite being sensitive about vulgarity earlier, she has already said a lot of obscene words since the time they started banging. To top it all off, she didn’t even hesitate to allow Schild to ejaculate inside her pussy, which should be more than enough to make her wallow in regret later on once she regains her composure.

“Aaaaaahhh……♡♡ Coming♡ something is coming out♡♡ it’s coming, it’s coming, it’s comiiiiinngg♡♡♡♡♡”

Byuru, byururururu dokudokudoku……Finally, an almost jelly-like white substance rampaged wildly towards the insides of the crossdressing knight.

To this female knight who was pretending to be a man, the same woman who has thrown her gender identity away for her goals.

Next to the body of the monster that was letting out a stench of beast, she lost her virginity – even allowed herself to be cummed inside by a stranger she has only known for days……and it all happened all without even feeling a tinge of hesitation on herself.

Although it was far from being romantic for the woman, the vitality they had expressed during copulation was already enough to surpass that of true lovers.

It was also a truly amazing experience for Schild.

“……aah, aah, aaah. Aaaah, aaaaahh……♡♡”

Time has quite passed, but Schild and Carney were still having sex.

They were still in the deep of the forest where no one else lives.

This time, however, Schild is on the bottom, while Carney is on top and wildly shaking her ass over her partner’s body like a cavalier that was her job.

“How is it, Lord Schild……♡♡ Does it feel good♡♡ Please say that my pussy feels good♡♡♡”

Right now, Schild is taking full relish of the best part of this position – watching Carney’s enormous knockers as they bounced like rubber balls from below.

“How did you hide something this huge under your breastplate?”

“……? Oh, you mean these tits? It’s hard work, but I had to wrap them tightly with a cloth to flatten them every day.”

“What a shame. They were such good breasts.”

“Ahnn. Let me……take a break for a moment.”

Tired of the pumping that has been going for a while, Carney falls forward and overlaps her body on Schild, who is lying on the ground beneath her.

Of course, even at it, their genitals remained deeply connected to each other.

After a few minutes, it was Carney who broke the silence first.

“Haaa……to think, I did something so outrageous……”

“Something outrageous? What is it?”

“uuu……Are you for real or just playing dumb? You took me of my virginity! Even with that, I had such a relationship with you, whom I just met a few days ago! Even I who went crazy won’t be able to think of that!”

“I’m pretty sure it was you getting crazy that you did all that……” Schild wanted to correct that last line, but he didn’t continue. After all, even though her attitude is a bit angry, having just recovered her senses after that quick rest, Carney’s pussy is still not showing intentions of letting go – meaning the girl also wanted it herself.

“I was supposed to be a knight…… serving others and fighting for justice. Now I turned into such a slut! No, no, I can’t accept it. I’m just a little lost. Yes, just a passing fancy of mine. this is not me, this is not the real meeeee!”

“You’re saying those things, yet the part underneath you is refusing to let go……!”

“M-mister Schild, this is just temporary. This is happening just this once, okay? Starting tomorrow, I will be returning to being the prim and proper knight I was, and this womanly self of mine will be sealed foreve……mmmphuu!”

Carney’s words were cut off by a sudden sweet kiss from Schild.

“Mmpuahh! Mister Schild……you are indeed a warrior of great ability. You have the knowledge and observation to see through the octolov’s true identity and the skill with a sword to defeat it head-on. All of these are worthy of respect.”

Why are you getting formal of a sudden? Also, get on point already”

“W-will you continue to fight with me? Nothing would be more reassuring than to have your help in my fight against the monsters.”

“And what would be my reward? Will I be able to have sex with you if I do that?”

At Schild’s suggestion, Carney couldn’t help but stop her hips from resuming their up-and-down motions. Then, after a bit of contemplating, This chapter translation is made possible by stabbing with a syringe translations. check up-to-date translations on my WordPress site.

“F-fine, as long as it satisfies you, I’ll serve you as well……Mister Schild. Or should I call you Lord Schild from now on?”

“That’s not good, you know.”


“Don’t agree just like that. I’m not that low of a person that takes advantage of others. In the end, I’m just a man who can do only one thing – and that is making a living by defeating monsters like this octopus over there. If it helps a woman like you, it’s already rewarding enough.”

“Mister Schild……”

The hips that had stopped began to piston again. Each clash of Carney’s soft buttocks against the man’s muscly underneath were so loud as if they were screaming [I love you, I love youuu] to Schild.

“But if you really want to offer your body, a simple sex is just far from enough.”


“Carney, it is my principle to embrace a woman anytime I like and anywhere I like. If you really intend to be with me, you should be prepared for that.”

“Eh? Eeh, Eeeeeeeh?!”


“That means I’ll fuck you regardless whether it’s day or night, sleeping or waking up, eating, bathing, using the bathroom, any time I feel like it, and anywhere I feel like it. I won’t even care if people are watching or not.”

“Uuu……j-just, please spare me from doing this where people are watching……♡♡♡♡”

Instead of replying in affirmation, Carney placed her own lips on Schild’s own in reply.

This was the first act of the female knight Carney after formally becoming warrior Schild’s mistress.

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