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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 9 Chapter 7

Chapter 7 – 4P Ritual and Release of the Seal, Part 2 ※

“Aaaaahh, nnn.”

After pushing me down, Ingrid immediately went on top of me.

And without hesitation, she took my cock deep into her womb.

I couldn’t help but get surprised. Ingrid’s aggressiveness was unexpected, so much that I double checked if it was really her.

With her small breasts quivering, Ingrid swayed her hips back and forth and from side to side.

It’s as if she was belly dancing.

And immediately, sweet pleasure ran through me as I got clenched in her tight grip.

My senses were somewhat dulled by the two consecutive ejaculations, but it still felt good inside Ingrid that my genitals almost melted.

“Liaaaann……that, I want to tell you……nnn, this…….”


Swinging her hips lewdly, Ingrid looked down at me with her moistened eyes.

“Even after the ritual is over…I will still be……with you…….”

After saying that, her cheeks turned apple red.

“I knew it……this is too embarrassing……uuu.”

“Fufufu, doing this at this late hour, but that’s Ingrid for you.”

“You also want to be connected with Lian, right? Just like us.”

Mina and Mary were smiling on either side of me.

“Ingrid, that means…….”

“I want you to continue to embrace me……I want you to continue to hold me in your arms ……because you are the one I gave my innocence to, and because Lian is ……you will always be …… to me, even after the ritual is over.” If you are able to read this message, you are reading from an unauthorized aggregate site. Read at my WordPress to support me and my translations.

This time, perhaps having reached the limit of her shame, Ingrid stopped talking.

She was all red up to her ears.

But I’m glad.

That means I can continue making love to Ingrid, just like I did with Mina and Mary.

A sense of relief spreads through my heart.

Joy, as well.

“If it’s with the three of you, even with the ritual or not, you’re always welcome.”

I smiled.

Then thrust my hips up as hard as I could.

“Ahh, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah! Mmm, yes! I’m so happy……mmm!”

Ingrid let out a cry of pleasure and delight at the same time.

Sweat was beading on her slender naked body, giving her skin a bright rose hue.

Soon, her breathing became more and more ragged as it spilled from her lips, indicating that her climax was near.

I, as well. I had been so turned on that I feel like I’ll cum at any time.

“I’m coming, Ingrid!”

“Let it out, let it out, fill me up with your cum! Pump me with all of your seed, Lian!”

The usually cold and collected Ingrid is now screaming and showing a rare display of emotion before me.

Aroused by her wildness, I thrust my hips up as hard as I could.

Lightning bolts of pleasure ran through my brain.

Sweet numbness also began to spread throughout my lower limbs, and soon, I exploded.

With a great surge, I filled Ingrid’s vagina with my lust-boiled spunk.

Even though I had already released it twice, my ejaculation had not yet lost any momentum.


With a feeble cry, Ingrid threw her slender limbs back in a great heap.

Her small breasts jiggled, and her blushing naked body shook as she spilled out her climaxing breaths.

I continued to pour as much white slime as I could into Ingrid’s womb, nearly emptying my testicles.

After the long ejaculation, Ingrid fell backward onto the bed.

At the same time, our crotches got uncoupled.


My penis was still erect, standing tall and vertical. It twitched slightly even in the aftermath of my third release.

I want more.

I want to taste more.

It’s as if it’s asserting itself.

“Hmmm, you’re still going strong.”

“All of us will take care of you until you are satisfied.”

No one stated that this was just a ritual to break the spell. Even Ingrid, who has said it before, has already taken it back.

We continued to have sex for hours, devouring each other’s bodies and covering them with my cum.

Their pussies, their faces, their tits, their bellies. Pretty much almost every part of their body has been tainted with my seed.

Time went by fast. And then,

“It’s released!”

Ingrid, who had been immersed in the afterglow of pleasure, slowly raised her body and got down on the floor. This chapter translation is made possible by stabbing with a syringe translations. check up-to-date translations on my WordPress site.

The amulet on the side of the bed flickered dazzlingly.

At the same time, a faintly shining pattern appeared between her small breasts.

Negaprotect(Seal that Repels all Evil) – Complete Release”

Ingrid spoke those words calmly.

The magical crest of the royal family of Finia, which sealed the immense magical power she was born with.

With this, it will be──.

With a crunching sound like glass shattering, the seal arrays on her chest broke into a thousand pieces and scattered into countless particles of light.


I felt a chill run down my spine as I looked at the new Ingrid in front of me.

“This is……amazing.”

It was Mina who muttered first.

After all, a tremendous aura of domineering power was radiating from Ingrid’s entire body.

Was she really endowed with this much amount of magical power right from the start?


Ingrid gasped lightly, and a golden aura enveloped her naked body.

Then, blue sparks clung to that aura as well.

It’s strong.

I can actually feel it.

It’s nothing compared to what she’s had until now.

“I can’t believe she had this much power…”

Mina muttered dryly.

“Certainly, it has a strong aura from its appearance alone. Even I, who don’t know anything about magic, can see how powerful it is.”

Even Mary, who hasn’t any magic knowledge among the party, was able to feel the tremendous power shift in Ingrid.

I couldn’t help but worry a bit. As power changes personalities, will she change from here on? Or will she be the same Ingrid that we have known?”

“You don’t have to worry. For I will use this power to help all of you. Mina, Rosemary, and also you, Lian.”


Ingrid, clad in gold light and blue lightning aura, smiled.

She placed her right arm on the left side of her chest, right where her heart should be, and spoke solemnly with a reverent bow.

A pose of nobility making an oath.

“For you, who have given me strength. For you, who are more important than anyone else in this world. I swear, in the name and pride of Ingrid la Finia, that I will help you, protect you, and fight your adversaries with my life.”

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