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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 9 Chapter 6

Chapter 6 – 4P Ritual and Release of the Seal, Part 1 ※

After we moved to the bedroom.

(So, this is the last time, huh?)

Once the necessity of this ritual disappears, Ingrid will never need to have sex with me again.

She will be free after this. I know that, but still, it makes me sad.


If possible, I would like to continue doing this with Ingrid.

……while I was indulging myself in these deep emotions, the girls had already taken off their clothes and are now caressing each other.

It seems they are ‘preparing’ themselves for the upcoming act.

“Come, Sir Lian.”

“Me too. I’m ready any time……fuhh.”

“As long as Lian wants it…….”

Soon as they got sufficiently ‘ready’, the three of them laid down on the bed side by side.

I looked down at the three naked bodies, all of not losing on the other in seductiveness, and my breath immediately turned into ragged gasps of excitement.

“Nnnfaahhh, good! Thrust it more insiiide!”

The first person I penetrated was Mary.

The supple naked body of the female swordswoman swayed lustfully as I struck her sheath.

As I did that, I squeezed her ample breasts. If you are able to read this message, you are reading from an unauthorized aggregate site. Read at my WordPress to support me and my translations.

She squeezed her vaginal flesh in return, and being already tight as it is, it made me feel like a sweet current was passing through my penis.

It felt so good that I felt like I was going to cum on the spot.

But just a little more……

If possible, I want to come with Mary.

It’s not easy to time your climax, but since we’ve been doing this more than once, our hips have now become very familiar with each other, to the point where we’re now able to rub against each other in perfect synchronization.

The angle of my thrusts has subtly changed in time and became more and more oriented in finding the point where Mary could feel it the most.

I pitched slow and steady, pushing Mary more to her limit.

But not only her arousal that has increased. Mine as well.

“Fuaaaahhh, aahhh, Lian, me too, I’m cumming……hyaaaa, ahoooo, hmmm!”

Mary bounced up and down on her outstretched legs, her slim throat quivering as she panted.

“I’m going to……cum, too!”

“Come, come! Lian’s hot seed, shoot it all inside meee!”

She cried out in pleasure.

And as Mary requested, I readied my aim into the deepest part of her womb.

Soon the thick and hot cum was poured all over, almost making her womb feel inflamed by the heat.

Throb, throb, throb. My penis that got embedded in the deepest part of her body pulsed vigorously.

I could almost feel its huge amount surging inside Mary and rushing to her womb.

“Fuaaaaahh, so hoot! Cumming, cumming, cumming! I’m cumming again!!”

Mary screamed, climaxing she was bathed in a powerful injection.


Then, with a thud, her naked body plopped down, sprawling herself to the bed.

I lightly kissed Mary, now basking in the afterglow of her orgasm, then went on top of Mina next.

“Fufufu. Please, feel free to use my body to make yourself comfortable, Sir Lian.”

Mina greeted me with a lascivious giggle in turn, that far belied her usual innocence.

“Indeed. I’ll do just that.”

I thrust my burning rod in response.

“Aaah, ahhhhn! Sir Lian! Sir Lian~! Fuaaah, you’re making my insides so tight……Uuu!”

As I drive my cock hard, Mina gasped. Her whole body convulsed right away.

Her vagina is so tight that its sweet pressure was almost squeezing me inside.

Her mucous membranes undulated as if they had a will of their own, sending a mysterious pleasure through my entire girth.

As always, Mina’s insides looked as if they were tailor-made for my penis, and I was able to get the most pleasure just by inserting it.

I hugged Mina’s upper body and sucked on her flowery lips.

“Mmm, chu, mmm……Sir Lian, fuaaah…… I’m feeling too good……ahhh, ahhh, ahhh!”

I wiggled my hips and gradually increased the momentum from my slow strokes.

Out of the three of them – and certainly out of all the women I’ve met in this world – Mina is the one I’ve had the most skin-to-skin contact with.

That’s why I also knew the spots where Mina would feel the most. This chapter translation is made possible by stabbing with a syringe translations. check up-to-date translations on my WordPress site.

Watching her show her dainty shyness and debaucheries as she matches my hips, I couldn’t help but fall in love with her all over again.

“Are you about to cum, Mina? Don’t hesitate to come!”

“Haaa, haaa, yes! I, haaaa, haaaaa, auuuuu, Coming, I’m cuummiinngg!!”

In the end, and with a loud cry, Mina’s naked body convulsed once more.

The tightness of her pussy worsened, making the pleasure I felt to rise even more.

“I’m coming, Mina! I’m coming!”

However, maybe because I gave my hips too much momentum, my manhood got disengaged and came out of her cute hole.

At that moment, I reached my limit.

“Uaaaa, it’s coming!”

Unable to stop the sweet, numbing euphoria, I sprayed a large amount of semen outside and onto Mina’s body below me.

A shower of cloudy white stuff stained the area around her vaginal opening, her soft pubes, her midriff, as well as her ample breasts.

“Fuaaaaahh, aah, so hot!”

With my semen all over her, Mina moaned in delirium.

“You have let out so much……so this is the mix of mine and Mary’s love juices and Sir Lian’s seed……it’s so thick, fufu.”

She then raised her body. Despite letting out distressed breaths, Mina came face to face with the still-raging organ underneath.

“Chu, mmm, mmm……sshlurp…….”

She then kissed the rod of flesh coated with semen and love juices, ran her tongue over it, and began to suck it clean.

It was a cleaning blowjob.

“……me too.”


Ingrid, as if she couldn’t bear watching anymore, blurted out from the side.

Coming over from the other side of Mina, Ingrid too, slouched over my waist and started licking my rod.

The sense of conquest that came from having two beautiful girls cleanse my meat stick was irresistible.

New blood flowed into my erectile tissues, making me harder than ever.

“Amazing, it’s still getting bigger……but with this, it’s my turn……!”

Ingrid, her eyes glistening, suddenly pushed me down.

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