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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 5 Chapter 15

Chapter 15 – Visiting the Ryngberg House

“So, what happened after that, big brother?”

After the recent happenings in the tutorial incident, Schild visited Cymbium to confirm each other’s understanding of what happened to the case of Ardelheide.

He is now alone with Cymbium in her room.

“Well, she’s now my new woman, that’s what.”

“That’s really unfair, Schild. Did you know that I’ve been listening to those aristocrats that hired Miss Ardelheide their long-winding excuses all day? It was so much that I’m feeling languid now!”

“If you feel that exhausted, why not just behead their heads and call it a day?”

“As if I could! Also, you are the only one who can do such a thing! Seriously! Anyway, I’ll leave this “I’ll never be king” rhetoric for now to keep these nobles in check, but you will be king, okay? Promise me, Schild!”

“Can we just have sex?”

“Now you’re just dodging the question! Let’s do it, though!”

And so Schild and Cymbium had sex right after.

“Mhuu♡♡ Mchuu♡♡ I love you, Schild♡♡ I love you so much♡♡”

“Me too, sis.”

Currently, the two were both completely naked, their genitals and lips joined together. They were also overlapping skin on skin.

“By the way…”



“I heard that you paid a visit to the Oscar House the last time?”

Cymbium initiated a not-so-very glamorous conversation in the bed.

“Oh, you mean that time.”

Schild also responded.

Although it was referred to as a “visit” by Cymbium, the real thing was nothing but a trap set by Olivia – the Second Queen and also a member of the Oscars, to put Schild out of the picture.

But Schild at that time was already aware that he would be engaged in a battle than to be served an actual entertainment, seeing the “unwelcome welcoming” they had in him.

In the end, after the encounter with her assassins and their failure to subdue him, he was “entertained” by Olivia and even had a joint collaboration with her daughter Serenea right after.

“I see that you already know, Cymbium. But I never thought that the old man of the Oscars would tell you about this.”

“It was Serenea who told me.”

“Right. So that’s how it is.”

Schild spoke his thoughts, as if only remembering the existence of the other informant.

The First Princess Cymbium and the Second Princess Serenea had a relationship that are uncannily close to that of half-sisters.

Uncannily close, meaning they oftentimes have threesomes with Schild, and in the days without him, they would often have lesbian sex every night.

Because of this, it’s impossible for secrets to be kept between Serenea and Cymbium.

“I think this is a very serious situation.”

“What is?”

“After all, Schild, you just visited the Leschbein House the other day, right? And before this, you had visited the Oscars.” If yo u a re ab le t o re ad th i s mes sa ge, yo u are re ad ing fro m an unau thor ized ag g rega te si te. Re ad at my Wor dPr ess at sta bb ing w ith a syr inge. ho me. b log to sup p ort m e and my tran latio ns.

In other words, Schild has already visited the two of the three major noble families.

“The only ones left are the Ryngbergs, my mother’s family. It would be a great disappointment for us if we became the only great noble house to not receive a royal visit of the upcoming king!”

“Don’t say “royal visit”.”

Royal visit is a term specifically used to refer to an outing of a person of high rank. In many cases, the term is limited in use and are only permitted for kings and other heads of state.

It was natural that Schild didn’t want anyone to use these words to refer him.

“Therefore, let’s go.”


“To the main residence of the Ryngberg family, where else! I will contact mother and request that she give you her best hospitality there is!”

And so, as per Cymbium’s request, Schild went to the last of the three noble families, the Ryngbergs.

“This is……!”

As it belonged to one of the three great aristocratic families, the Ryngberg mansion is also a magnificent place that lived up to its name.

But what did Schild think about it when he saw it?



Schild had already visited the homes of the Leschbeins and the Oscars, two families at both ends of the spectrum despite both being great nobles.

However, comparing them to the Ryngbergs this time……

“It’s really mediocre.”

The more Schild looked at it, the more he got this impression.

Compared to the Leschbein House, which has fallen out of the picture, and the Oscar House, which now boasts of its prosperity as the largest power,

Ryngberg House, whom he had visited this time, Schild couldn’t be helped but place it somewhere between the two.

Perhaps that is why the structure of their house is also very much in between the two?

It is not as desolate as the Leschbein house nor as crowded as the Oscar House.

Nor is rather as tragic as the Leschbein House, nor as haughty as the Oscar House.

Everything is in the middle.

Therefore, from Schild’s point of view, it did not give him a stronger impression of being mediocre compared to the two houses.

“They say that the Ryngbergs are the least impressive of the three noble families. Now that I’ve seen this, I also can’t help but agree.”

“Really?” The accompanying Cymbium asks back. To which Schild explains further.

“To be honest with you, I can’t think of anything that’s distinctive in this house besides the fact that it is receiving your backing.”

Moreover, although they have claimed to have Cymbium’s backing, Cymbium has always fought alone in her political battles so far. There is no memory in Schild’s head that the house has actively supported her in any way.

“Well, I suppose that’s to be expected.”

Cymbium, who is also one of the Ryngbergs, spoke with a sigh.

“After all, this family was the first to send a queen to the current king and the first to produce an heir. They had always thought they already had this power struggle in the bag.”

The first queen to be chosen was a daughter from the Ryngbergs.

Not only that, the first offspring of the king was also from them as well, meaning the first in line to the throne would be a Ryngberg as long as there are no suceeding male offsprings in their rival houses.

Which also meant that their house would eventually grow in time, as long as they wait for Cymbium to be inaugurated as the queen.

“We don’t need to orchestrate a furious chase like the Oscar House with their second princess. Or rather, we really don’t need to do anything to win. That was what this camp is thinking.”

“You no longer need to score a point to win; you just have to avoid receiving a penalty, is it?”

“Yes, and that’s why they haven’t done anything. They haven’t taken action because they are afraid of making a mistake that will cost them, even though right now, it is already costing them their public impression.”

This was Schild’s first visit to such an unimpressive house.

Because of this, unlike the first two noble houses, he had no idea what to expect.

“Well, only sex would happen.”

That much was certain, not to mention predictable. That is what Schild believes. Thi s chap te r tran slati on i s ma de poss i ble by sta bbi ng wit h a syr ing e tr ansla tions. c heck on ly up-t o- da te tran sla tions on m y W or dpres s s ite.

“The reason you are not impressed nor dismayed also has another reason for it.”

Suddenly, a voice of someone he never heard before, rose up.

And it was not from Cymbium.

It sounded a lot like Cymbium, but Schild immediately recognized that it was the voice of a completely different person whom he did not know at all.


Cymbium says to the person.

A beautiful madam, similar in impression to Cymbium, yet older than her and possessing the glamour of a mature person.

Such a glamorous woman came to them as if she had been waiting at the entrance of the Ryngberg House.

“The “Lioness Aura” that our Ryngberg family emits is the “Harmony of the Lioness”. It is the Queen’s Aura that subdues strife, brings reconciliation, and creates peace. For that reason, our family chose ro be mediocre, as standing out would only cause conflict.”

The glamorous woman spoke in a brisk manner as if she had heard the conversation up to that point.


“I can’t deny that this has resulted in a less than impressive…impression of us, but there are just more pressing matters to attend to. Like peace and well-being of the whole country, for example.”

“You are?”

“Oh, pardon for my late introduction. My name is Petrome, and I am the first queen of the present king.”

The person introduced herself as the first queen of the now missing King Preslate.

In other words, she is the mother of Cymbium.

“So Cymbium came out of this woman’s cunt……Goobuh!”

All of a sudden, a Cymbium special elbow strike went into Schild’s side.

Indicating that even though it was okay with the daughter, sexual harassment against the mother was still unacceptable.

“It has been a long time, Mother. Have you been well?”

“I’m more worried about you than I am about my peace and quiet in this house, Cymbium. You are the one who is always eager to pick fights with anyone and everyone after all. Is it because of your royal blood that you are always so belligerent, so unlike the Ryngbergs?”

The mother and daughter exchanged pleasantries as they enjoyed their reunion.

The first queen Petrome possessed a long, shimmering blonde hair like her daughter. And like Olivia with Serenea, she bore a resemblance to her daughter as if she’s a version of her who’s all grown up.

Though the difference is, they look more like sisters than a mother and daughter when put side by side.

“I’m sorry to keep you standing here while we’re talking,” she said as if to break the ice. “Please come in. We of the Ryngberg faction are already ready to welcome you.”


“We are pleased to welcome Prince Schild with open arms. And after this, we hope that our new ruler of the country will also be pleased to “welcome” us as well.”

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