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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 5 Chapter 14

Chapter 14 – A Bachelorette’s Newfound Study

Ardelheide has spent most of her prime at the university as a diligent student, resulting in the scholarly woman that she is now.

As a side effect, she wasn’t able to acquire any sexual experience.

However, that ends today.

“Aahhhh!? Aaaaahhh……!? Ahaaaa……!?”

“That was good, Ardelheide. As expected, shattering a pride of a vile woman along with her virginity is superb.”

Schild has just finished giving cunnilingus to Ardelheide and is now driving his penis into her vagina.

The resistance of her virgin membrane became evident in his rod, but it suddenly became smooth after pushing through and feeling something being torn apart.

Just like that, Ardelheide is no longer a virgin.

This means that the growing days of the scholarly woman being pure can no longer increase.

“Hiii, guh……Your……Highness……”

“Hmm? What is it?”

“If I continue to give my body to you……will you take back your rights to the throne?”

“It isn’t that simple.”


Enduring the pain of her hymen that he broke, Ardelheide squeezed out a few words to Schild.

But to her offer, Schild replied frankly. He even continued by telling the harsh truth.

“In the first place, I’m just using your pussy to relieve myself because my hard cock is getting in the way of my pants. Also, aren’t you getting full of yourself? Going back to become an heir in exchange for a pussy is just way too cheap.”

“No way……”

Not caring a bit about the scholar’s expectations, Schild moved his hips.

Because of the recent deflowering, the other side felt nothing but pain, but Schild made sure to ease that pain with his natural caressing.


“You’re getting there, Ms. Ardelheide. Your moan is still a little suppressed, but a bit more practice, and you’re all set.”

“Fuughii! Ohiiee! Ngiiii! Buhieiee!”

Schild spoke to soothe the paining Ardelheide.

However, her moans only worsened from here.

Schild looked for the reason why she was going like this, and upon a bit of an observation, he found out that it was Ardelheide’s fault.

For some reason, Ardelheide was still keeping herself from succumbing to Schild.

Her body was already tempted, yet her mind was keeping on telling her that she must not cross the line.

To this, Schild was dismayed.

“However, it is only a matter of time.”

(After all, this was Ardelheide’s first sexual intercourse. The sensations she was feeling now, her body hasn’t yet learned on how to adapt.)

Actually, Schild was on point about this. Even though her mind is still unrelenting, Ardelheide’s body was already showing signs of excitement.

She was wriggling and gasping her body. It was a sign that it wouldn’t be long before her instincts take over.

“Nohohohohohonk……! Cough, cough……nhoooo……!!”

“Damn. This is getting unpleasant. Let’s start over.”

Soon, Ardelheide coughed and groaned like an animal.

Oddly, this did not impress Schild.

As for the reason, Schild could still feel that Ardelheide is still resisting. She was fighting the temptation even though she had made it this far. If y ou a re a ble to re ad th is mes sag e, yo u are rea ding fro m an unaut hor ized aggr ega te si te. Re ad at my Wor dPr ess at stab bing wit h a syrin ge. ho me. bl og to su ppo rt me and my tran sla tions.

Fed up with this, Schild temporarily decided that her first ejaculation would be a simple semen discharge.

A sensation of something rising rushed up from his balls, then to his urethra. Then, it overflowed into the vagina of Ardelheide, who was still containing his penis inside.

Splurt. Splurt. Splurt.

Just like that, the virgin vagina of Ardelheide got its first creampie, not knowing that her partner Schild was feeling disappointed that this ejaculation was “only for placing his load” and not for affection or excitement brought by their lovemaking.

“Ogooooohhh! Ugooooooooohh!!”

However, the moment Schild came inside, Ardelheide started to change.

Mainly her moans, then her bodily reactions.


As if something in Schild’s ejaculation greatly affected her, Ardelheide started to moan crazily. Then, her whole body convulsed extremely even though she was on a streak of rejecting its sensation before.

Was it the last straw that broke the camel’s back? Or was it something else?

Schild was in deep thoughts for a moment, but he concluded that the result was nothing unusual. After all, putting aside her sensitive virgin womb, what Ardelheide was receiving here was also no ordinary load. It was the heated semen of a hero – and one of the most supreme genes of the land at that.

Ardelheide also spurted water trickles from the small hole between her legs in her climax, drawing a trajectory of arches across the bed.

“Did you just squirt pee? Is that what a proper bachelorette does?”

Of course, that indecent action wasn’t missed by Schild.

However, the mockery he let out was no longer heard by the person in question because she was already in a delirium.

It was to be expected.

Not only was this Ardelheide’s first time, meaning this was one of her most sensitive times, but the partner she had just sex with was a sex god and a champion – a very skilled veteran at that.

It was natural that Ardelheide would be overwhelmed in the end.

Actually, it was pretty unusual that she lasted this long.

Either way, due to this experience, Ardelheide is now gaping and oozing all over her orifices.

Saliva, tears, sweat, and snot, almost every bodily fluid is now spilling from her body as she convulses from pleasure.

“……Now then. Since we are dealing with a university graduate student, let’s grade the sex we just did next.”


“On a scale of one hundred points……My bad, Ms. Ardelheide, but your score is but a lowly twenty.”

She was graded a relatively low score.

So low that, if she were in her normal state, Ardelheide would have filed a complaint against the one who graded her.

However, she wasn’t in that state right now.

She was still in delirium, trying to catch her breath after her first raging sex.

“Again, that was some really poor performance, Ms. Ardelheide. But I hope you learned a lot during our first session. Let’s work together until you achieve a perfect score of 100, okay?”

“Now then. Question number 1.”

This was a continuation of Schild’s mischief, err, teaching sessions with Ardelheide.

“What is a pussy?”

“The pussy is……this nasty hole on the crotch of me, Ardelheide♡♡ It is a toy to make Master Schild’s cock squirt his semen and make him feel really good♡♡”

“Correct. Next question……”

After many “tutorial sessions” with Schild, Ardelheide is now reduced to what he could call his own meat toilet, who is also willing to do any nasty orders for him.

The accomplished scholar at Salena University, who is also proud of her degree, was no more.

What was left of her is……on the bed, shaking her ass with delight in front of Schild for every lewd praises that the man throws at her.


If it was her former self, she would have already felt offended and called the man off for sexual harassment.

Hell, she would not even imagine this scenario at all, as in the first place, she wouldn’t dare interact with such people, as she views them as nothing but monkeys in heat.

“Second question. What is sex?”

“Sex is the act of having Master Schild’s cock sinking in my perverted pussy and dumping his semen inside it♡♡ Also, the act of having your cum poured inside my meat toilet pussy is called a creampie♡♡♡♡”

“Correct again. Third question. Can we have sex now?”

“Of course♡♡ In fact, as long as it’s Master Schild, we can do it right away at any time♡♡ Here you go♡♡ This virgin wet pussy, please fuck it senseless and make a mess of it with your big and hard cock♡♡♡♡”

And just like that, Schild’s sessions were repeated this way, and in a span of a single day, she was transformed from a scholarly Ardelheide into an Ardelheide who is now a well-used whore.

――a whore Ardelheide who can now easily attract a man and give him nothing but pleasure in no time.

“Ufuuuu♡♡ Master’s cock is inside me again♡♡♡♡”

“Okay, next question while we are having sex. What are you now, Ardelheide?”

“What are you now?” If it was the former Ardelheide, she would interpret this as a philosophical question.

However, in Schild’s eyes, she was no longer the former Ardelheide now.

“Ardelheide is a meat toilet♡♡ A meat toilet which offers her pussy to Master Schild anytime, anywhere♡♡♡♡ So please, put your cock in me♡♡ Use my body as a pussy-cumdumpster until I drop♡♡ Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck meeee♡♡♡♡”

Squelch squelch squelch squelch squelch.

Ardelheide’s pussy made watery sounds from the friction of her vaginal walls getting rubbed by Schild’s penis.

And each pumping, this talented woman, who was supposed to be armed and proud with her knowledge and degree, would writhe in pleasure from her carnal instincts, a great gap compared to the intellectual demeanor she had before.

“Yesh, thatsh iitt♡♡ Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck meeeee♡♡♡♡”

“I see that you are using some words repeatedly. A limited vocabulary, perhaps? That shows you haven’t studied hard enough, Bachelorette Ardelheide.”

“I’m shooorryyyy♡♡ Please, mashterr♡♡ Pleashe teach me moore♡♡ Teach me more of the dirty words you knooow♡♡♡♡”

“Very well. But as expected of a scholar. Your thirst for learning is praiseworthy.”

After that, Schild continued enjoying the sloppy vagina of the uptight bachelorette until he had his fill.

“Ahh, nooo♡♡ If this continues, I’m gonna turn stupiiid♡♡ I’m going to be an idiot for life♡♡♡♡ An idiot who only thinks about cocks and pussies and wanting to get fucked over and over until I dieee♡♡♡♡”

“I don’t mind. Don’t hold back. While at it, let me pour my cum inside your pussy again.”

“Waaiitt♡♡ If you come inside me now, I will really turn into an idiot for good♡♡♡♡ I’ll forget everything I’ve learned and will just be an idiot who can only think of my pussy getting fucked♡♡♡♡” Th is ch apt er tra nsl ati on is ma de poss i ble by st abb ing wi th a syr in ge tra nslation s. ch eck onl y up-t o-da te tran slat ions on my Wo rdpr ess si te.

But Schild didn’t “hear” what she said.

Blurrt, blurt, blurrrt.

Or rather, he chose not to. Instead, he poured his semen from the tip of his cock, where it violated Ardelheide’s uterus once again.

“Ahhh, you came inside……Ardelheide will now be a fool for your cock for eternity……”

With this, he now has complete control of the talented scholar dispatched by the enemy.

After the intense sex, Schild got hungry, so he went to the tavern again for a meal.

This time, Ardelheide was with him.

But unlike before, where they were averse of each other, she and Schild were now arm in arm, looking like two lovers cuddling together.

Right now, they are sitting at a table in the tavern, enjoying their meal.

But they weren’t alone.

Sitting across them was a male subjugator whom Schild knew, and next to him was a glamorously dressed woman he could instantly recognize as a prostitute.

Obviously, the man was trying to get themselves into the mood with a drink and a meal before engaging in a “battle” with the woman later.

Schild could also recognize the woman, who had traveled all the way from the Delpoix brothel district.

“Ooh, if it isn’t our VIP comrade Schild! And I see you’re seeding a new woman again. You’ve been pretty busy, huh?”

The male subjugator with whom he sat spoke to him in a friendly manner.

It was a common casual remark among the bold and open-minded subjugators, which Schild also liked in this place.

They were far unlike the aristocrats he met, who were nothing but fake smiles and pretty faces in them.

The prostitute on the other side of the table also began to talk to Ardelheide as if they were bosom buddies, even though they have just met.

“You two came out from the direction of the public lodging. May I presume that Mr. Schild here has already “taken care” of you?”

“Yes……♡♡ In fact, my pussy is fully soggy with Master Schild’s semen right now♡♡”

The male subjugator couldn’t help but make a hissing whistle at the overly open and honest statement of the girl.

The prostitute next to him just laughed.

“Fufufu. I know that receiving Mr. Schild’s teaching is a lot to take, even for a veteran, but let me give a piece of advice. In a public place like this, you can’t just be too direct in your words, or you’ll make the customers feel uncomfortable. So instead, try to use this public place to your advantage and use euphemisms. This will stimulate the imagination of the men and give them a desire to want you.”



Ardelheide’s eyes lit up at the advice from the prostitute.

Not in a sexual one, but in an intellectual one.

The same curiosity as if she’d just discovered a new scientific phenomenon.

“I’ll do my best to study♡♡ So please, teach me more♡♡ About how to have a fun and wonderful sex♡♡”

Perhaps because she was a bachelorette at heart, Ardelheide immediately expressed her thirst for knowledge, seeing that she was given the opportunity.

To this, Schild just chuckled and gave a wry smile.

“Why not give her some guidance? It’s not like we’re losing anything anyway. Plus, there’s also the rare chance of hearing two prostitutes giving each other some tips.”

“You’re saying that, but just here to watch us go for a dirty talk as we exchange pointers using nasty words.”

“Hehehe, can’t deny that.”

The male debauchee and the prostitute’s gazes intersected each other teasingly.

Regardless, the two couples had a fun exchange of obscenities with each other from there. And after a round of eating, drinking, and talking, they went again to the public lodging.

Two sets of moans escaped from two separate rooms after that.

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