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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 6 Chapter 17

Chapter 17 – Setting the Decisive Battle

Reinforcements came in from the West Adele territory.

They are led by Lagothe, a female warrior under the direct command of the lord of West Adele personally.

“Schild! We’re here!”

Lagothe is, of course, one of the numerous women in a physical relationship with Schild. And here, she greeted him like usual, though seemingly in higher spirits than normal as she was thinking she will be finally of help as a support for her lover’s forces from here on.

“But we didn’t request for you to come, though?”


The main reason for this remark of Schild was because the Demon Lord’s Army is with whereabouts as uncertain as shadows in the night.

Their movements cannot be pinpointed out, all the more their future advances, making the kingdom have no clue when and where they will next appear.

Because of this, the most alarming thing for Schild’s side became the surprise attacks of the enemy on defenseless towns or villages. It was alarming as the kingdom could collapse if such guerrilla warfare is repeated constantly on these parts, as casualties would grow in time.

To solve this, the royal court under Schild’s control refused all the reinforcements proposed by the lords since the beginning of the war against the Demon Race and made it a rule to strengthen the defense of one’s own territory instead.


In the event of a shortage of troops, reinforcements will be sent from the royal capital.

“Indeed, the vigilante corps in West Adele is well-known for their bravery. But can you still afford to devote your strength to the front lines without worrying about your own territory in case they get attacked at the same time?”

“If we can’t, then we won’t be here in the first place! I’m here to represent those reinforcements just in case you need one, Schild!”

Lagothe’s morale was sky-high. It was obvious that she is very excited about the upcoming battles from here on.

But if one should think deeply, Lagothe’s words certainly had some backing in them. The West Adele Territory is pretty much one of the safest places besides the capital, as, Marie, their lord, is already capable of leading an army on her own. Not only that, she is also surrounded by talented people around her. If yo u ar e ab le to r e ad this mes sa ge, y ou are re ad ing from an una u hori zed a ggreg ate si te. Rea d at my W ord Press at st abbing wi th a syr inge. h ome. bl og to su pp ort me an d my tra nsl ations .

“At first, the Count was insisting to go by herself. She was also saying words like she wanted to have lesbian sex with the princesses or something. But thanks to the repeated persuasion of “Servant” Nancy, she eventually gave up, well, for now.”

“Hahaha, that’s pretty much like her. But as one would expect, the lord themselves being away from home at this period is just too much. I’m grateful to Nancy for this. But why are you the one leading?”

“Well, I was decided to lead because, you know? Since the battle against the Demon Race will be fought with a mixed force of Subjugators and knights of this country, which has a previous reputation of being hostile to each other, it was thought would be difficult for the outlander Sae to handle it, so the representative became me instead. And because you snatched Rezahata away, they haven’t had much of a choice, really.”

“A rational decision. Indeed, that is really like Nancy. Well, since you are now here, I will be counting on you to play an active part in battle from now on.”

“Yes! Leave it to me!”

With Schild’s confidence in her, Lagothe became more and more enthusiastic.

“Of course, you’ll do an active part in this too.”


Schild stroked Lago’s buttocks from an optimal position, out of sight of his surroundings.

As a veteran warrior, Lago had been blessed with a large physique, which also made her buttocks exceptionally large, almost reminiscent of a horse’s. And with the muscles she had built up throughout her career and the luxurious curvature it had, this made these fat lumps of flesh to become even more comfortable to caress, especially for Schild.

“I knew you’d do this as soon as I met you, Schild…♡♡”

“Oh? In that case, shall we go straight to bed then, so that I can toy with this ass. Of course, your pussy as well.”

“With pleasure♡♡ After all, I’ve also come all this way to be raped by Schild♡♡”

“You really love the word “rape”, aren’t you, Lagothe? Even though we’re totally not doing that.”

However, even though he said he would bed her this, he would toy her that, Schild has no intentions of granting Lagothe’s wish to fuck, at least not yet.

After all, a decisive battle is just around the corner.

A military meeting was scheduled for today to prepare for the army’s departure, and Schild had to go to the war council to finish the preparations – which was the exact moment Lagothe arrived.

“…and that’s the gist. And seeing you now became the representative of the reinforcement troops, I think you should come with us too.”

“Eeehhh? Then, that means I won’t be raped until we win this battle?”

“You’re not the only one enduring it, Lagothe. Well, I think we’ll still have time to have sex at least once before we head out. Let’s squeeze a quickie at that time.”

“Really? I’ll be expecting it, okay? I’ll be absolutely expecting it! Ahh. Finally, a lovey-dovey rape with Schild…it’s been so long♡♡”

“Right, right. No time to daydream now. They’re waiting.”

Thus, with this, Schild attended the war council with Lagothe in tow.


Attending the war council meeting are Lesnussa, the leader of the Royal Court Knights, Carney, representing the monster subjugators, and Lirica, the head of the Subjugators Guild Royal Capital Branch, who is in charge of giving an opinion on administrative matters.

Cymbium is also present to convey the will of the royal court.

Furthermore, in preparation for the battle against the Demon Race, Elovairo, the retired patriarch of the Oscars, who had actually experienced war with the Demon Race in the past, was also invited to serve as the chief of staff.

There were many other participants in the meeting, but two “people” stood out from the crowd.

They are Argome the “Hundred-Eyed” and Ante, the “Queen Ant”, who had surrendered from the New Demon Lord’s Army.

Most of the conference participants looked at them with puzzled eyes.

“They say they were made to surrender solely by the hands of Prince Schild…”

“If that’s true, just how unfathomable is he…?”

The meeting began amidst the whispers with such topics of conversation.

“I’m going to cut to the chase,” Schild began the meeting by saying this in front, sitting from the commander’s seat.

“We now know where the New Demon Lord’s Army is based, and we will attack them there.”

These words sent shockwaves throughout the crowd.

“We have found out the base of the New Demon Lord’s Army!? The very stronghold of our enemy?”

“Yes, we have.”

Schild’s next response was in a less serious tone.

“The two sources of information are Ante and Argome, who are standing here with me. According to them, a large part of the army of the Demon Race and their commander-in-chief, “The Evil Virgin” Zaria, is garrisoned…here!”

Schild pointed to a spot on the map that was posted at the conference hall. It was the same map he drew on the wall previously in his “lessons” with Bachelorette Ardelheide.

Then, a second shock ran through the conference.

“That location is……!!”

“Isn’t that just right under the nose of the capital?”

“The Demon Race was hiding and living in such close proximity? Ridiculous!”

The demonic stronghold revealed by Ante and Argome, also called the Demon Cradle Castle, was in a direction just off the large city road, which was pretty much nearby looking at the map alone. This surprised of the bureaucrats in the meeting. And upon looking closer, the location was surrounded by a series of steep mountains and forests, which apparently shielded them from the eyes of the people, hence the Human Race not having a clue of its existence. Thi s ch ap ter tran sla tion is m ade po ssib le by stabb in g wit h a syr i nge tran slatio ns . chec k onl y up-t o-da te trans lations on my W ordpres s s ite.

“How are we not aware that an enemy stronghold had been built this close to our capital? What are the royal capital guards doing?”

“Come to think of it, there are also no reports of monsters being discovered in that area.”

Lirica this time speaks up as the one who manages the subjugators.

“It’s possible that the reason they got us unnoticed is that the area is originally uninhabited. No people, no monsters, no anything. As such, there are no reports of people residing nor missing in it in our guild. And because of the lack of monsters, our Subjugators Guild has no records of involvement in that area. Though I think that they might have kept the monsters quiet to avoid the base from being discovered. After all, the most distinctive trait of the Demon Race is their ability to control monsters at will.”

“We have no time for blame games nor to backlog the past records. What we need to discuss right now is what we should do in the future. And by the “future,” I mean the immediate future, the day after tomorrow where we will strike.”

Then, in a renewed tone, Schild declared in high spirits.


“Yes, you heard it right! Together with the Knights of the Royal Court and the Army of Subjugators, I plan to attack the Demon Cradle Castle with me in the lead! This will be first-ever offensive of the Humans against the Demon Race! And from there, I will defeat Zariah, the [Evil Virgin], who is the commander-in-chief of this New Demon Lord’s Army, and end this war once and for all!”

Tension ran through the place.

After all, many people were astonished at Schild’s sharpness in immediately making this necessary but critical decision, which everyone hesitated to make.

“Count Mariastel of the territory of West Adele has already sent me a detachment of which I could use. They came with a perfect timing. With the addition of the troops that had been preparing for this moment, the day after tomorrow, this expeditionary force will march under my banner. Any questions before we head out?”

“Who will protect the capital while the prince is away?”

“For that, I will leave the city in Lesnussa’s hands.”

As for why Schild decided this, the defense of the royal capital was originally the job of the royal court knights, and since they chose Lesnussa based on their analysis that they would be able to entrust her with the defense with peace of mind, Schild also assigned her the post of being the defender.


“I don’t like it.”

Lesnussa surprisingly objected.

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