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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 4 Chapter 6

Chapter 6 – Pretty Siblings Dish

“Carney? What are you doing?”

Schild said, not stopping his nailing of Rezahata’s butt.

“Don’t just stand there. Come over here. Take off your panties and stick your ass out. Then we can all have a nice threesome together.”


Surprisingly, Carney refused.

They had been connecting their genitals every day for the past few days, and he was sure that she would offer her ass to him even if he didn’t call her, but she unexpectedly refused.

However, she walked, lined up next to her sister who was being fucked in the Doggy Style, pulled down her pants, took off her panties, and stuck out her wonderfully firm buttocks to Schild.

She also grabbed that same buttocks from both sides and spread them apart, giving him a full view of her asshole and vulva.

It was a vulva dripping with love juices.

It was as if she was saying, “Come on, fuck me.”

“What the hell was that?”


Schild pulled his penis out of Rezahata’s vagina and moved it into Carney’s vagina.

“Ahiiiinn♡♡ I told you I don’t want to have sex with you♡♡♡♡”

It was totally not the line of a woman who takes off her panties, spreads her buttocks, and exposes her vagina to a man.

Was she imitating Rezahata?

“You’re really like sisters!”


Schild exclaimed, while also playing with Carney’s buttocks in an extracting motion.

“Do we really……look alike?”


“I and big sis Reza, do we really look alike?”

Schild felt something becoming tense when Carney asked this question, but since there was no way of knowing what was behind it, he had no choice but to answer frankly. If you a re ab le to rea d thi s mes sage , you ar e read i ng from an un autho riz ed agg rega te si te. Re ad at my Wor dPre ss at st abbin g wit h a sy rin ge. ho me. b log to sup po rt me and m y tr ans atio ns.

“Do you really look alike? Of course, you do. You’ve got the same big tits, the same bouncy ass, and almost the same feel of pussy. Maybe even your personalities are similar?”

Schild pulls his penis out of Carney’s vagina and puts it inside Rezahata’s.


After a quick feel, he pulls it out and again puts it back inside Carney’s vagina.


“Yep, the two of you are very alike. Sex is the most revealing aspect of a person’s nature, so there’s no doubt about it. But, since you are sisters, why don’t you accept these similarities? Or is it because you have different mothers? But for me, you are more than real sisters, whatever they say.”

“Real sisters……I see……♡♡♡♡”

It was hard to tell from Carney’s expression whether she was buoyed by the pleasure of sex or just happy.

In the end, two similar but resilient buttocks were lined up to be alternately fucked by Schild.

“Big sis Reza……what have you been doing since you left home?”

While being violated side by side, the two sisters began to talk to each other.

“I moved from place to place in the territories connected with the Leschbein family. Despite my sudden departure, our father took care of everything in the house, so I was never at a loss.”

“I see. I’m glad you’re doing well.”

Through their dialogues alone, even Schild could see that the sisters had their own difficulties.

But for now, he didn’t pay much attention to their stories. After all, for him, enjoying the happiness of being able to fuck these wonderful sisters at once was a top priority.

For Schild, sex was the supreme pleasure if they didn’t pay attention to manners and rules, just devouring the other freely in carnality.

And he would not hold himself back about it. Even if their topics turned serious.

“Ahaaah……♡♡♡ feels so good……♡♡♡♡ Lord Schild, how you do you feel, tasting our Pretty-Sisters-Threesome Dish♡♡♡♡”

In a short time, Carney was panting and had completely transformed back into her usual lecherousness, unlike her caring self when she talked with Rezahata earlier.

“Ah Y-yeah. It was really great. You really know how to please me well. But Pretty-Sisters-Threesome Dish?”

“Because Princess Cymbium had started it♡♡♡♡ She had always bragged to me that whenever she and Princess Serenea got violated by you, she would always call it a Pretty-Sisters-Threesome Dish with a proud face♡♡♡♡”


(That Cymbium, what is she telling Carney?)

Schild was dismayed at his “half-sister” for making such a boast.

“Wait a minute, what did you just say?”

Beside her, Rezahata was astonished at the sudden appearance of the names of the first and second princesses.

“Ah, that’s right. You still haven’t known this yet, sis Reza. You see, Princess Cymbium and Princess Serenea are already just like us, meat toilets whom Lord Schild could fuck at his command♡♡ Yes, both the princesses of the kingdom had already been fucked senseless by Lord Schild’s cock♡♡ By the way, Princess Cymbium is worried about you, sis Reza! I have to let her know that you are doing okay and had also been included in Lord Schild’s harem♡♡♡♡”

“No, before that! You’re the king’s illegitimate son, aren’t you? Then you and Princess Cymbium and Princess Serenea would become half-sisters and brother! If you have sex with your blood sister or brother, it’s incest!”

“And what’s the problem with that? In the first place, isn’t that common in royalty and aristocracy?” Schild spoke in return, hiding the probability that they are not be blood-related, which could cause another turmoil.

“But isn’t that immoral-mmmhhh♡♡♡♡”

But before Rezahata could answer back the question, Carney sealed her lips.

With her own lips.

A kiss between sisters.

These two sisters shared the same blood, yet they intertwined their tongues with each other, breaking the taboo of gender and kinship altogether. What’s more, they were doing it while being tortured and violated by the same man. Th is cha pte r tran slat ion is ma de poss i ble by sta bbi ng wit h a sy rin ge tra nslat ions. ch eck on ly u p-to-dat e tra nsl atio ns on my Wo rdp res s si te.

These various immoralities combined and induced a brain-devouring pleasure to the three.


They parted their lips after a lot of tongue-twisting in the literal meaning, but suddenly, Carney flicked her tongue in and out like a snake.

It was only a small movement, but after hundreds of times of laying skin to skin with her, Schild already knew.

That this was a signal that Carney was about to do something terrible.

And just as he had predicted, Carney suddenly started screaming out loud.

“All of you! Come around!”

She shouted with all her voice.

She had already taken off her top clothes and was completely naked. She was also with her crotch covered in semen.

And her sister, Rezahata, was also in the same horrible state.

It was a disastrous situation that would surely end their social lives if witnessed by an unrelated third party, yet Carney still called for an audience.

“Gather around! Gather around! We’re about to put on a very fun show!”

“Lady Carney!?”

Rezahata screamed, but the words that came out of her big sister mouth did not receive a reply.

Not surprisingly, people gathered from all directions, lured by the loud voice.

They were the women of the Butterfly Quilt Castle where the Schild and Carney are staying.

Although it was a relief that there were only women in the audience due to their master’s hobby, they were still gathering at the scene of what could be said to be their superior’s and her younger sister’s act of mad debauchery.

“All of you, bear witness! For I, Carney will show you a pretty sibling-sex combo together with my elder sister, Rezahata! Watch us sisters get tortured and violated by Lord Schild’s member until we fall into madness in sex! And then, we will be reborn completely as Lord Schild’s own meat urinal sisters!”


“Lady Carneeeey!?” Rezahata screamed once again.

“As expected of Carney,” Schild also marveled in his heart.

Thankfully, almost all of the female servants who had gathered had already been marked by Schild, so there was no inconvenience even if they were seen in whatever deed they do.

Or should it be said that they all enjoyed being watched and vice versa, considering the orgy they had last time?

Anyways, Schild banged Carney and Rezahata again, alternating their asses in between.

“Nhyaaa♡♡ Nhyaaaa♡♡♡♡ Please stop♡♡ This is so embarrassing♡♡♡♡ I can’t bear to be fucked senseless while everybody is watching♡♡♡♡”

“Me too♡♡ I feel you, sister♡♡♡♡ However, being in this shameful state is making me feel excited too♡♡ Then again, it is Lord Schild’s cock, so my pussy will always be guaranteed to feel good♡♡ That’s why my pussy is already wet and oozing at times like this♡♡♡♡♡♡”

Carney was already used to having sex while being watched by other people. Nevertheless, it was still a new humiliation and excitement for her to be watched being fucked together with her sister, whom she had been estranged from for a very long time.

“Big sis Reza♡♡ Let’s fall into depravity together♡♡ And become Lord Schild’s cumdumps whose purpose is only to receive his seed anytime, anywhere♡♡♡♡ Not to mention, I would definitely be happy and would have even more fun in the future if I became a promiscuous woman together with my sister Reza♡♡♡♡♡♡”

“You can’t, Lady Carney♡♡ You are the one who will become the queen and rebuild the Leschbein family. Being that vulgar is no way an option……♡♡♡♡”

“A queen is but a king’s meat urinal in the end♡♡♡♡”

After this, Schild ejaculated into Carney’s and Rezahata’s vagina a couple times, enjoying the inexplicably vulgar lasciviousness of these sisters of noble blood.

Carney and Rezahata also released enchanting screams, and the smell of sticky semen spread all over the place.

Maybe because of the smell, the female servants who had gathered to watch had already lost their minds, though most of this was from digging their fingers into the hole of their pussies.

Schild looked at these spectators. After giving them a nod, they also took off their clothes and in unison rushed toward the man, where it became a huge orgy once again.

Just like that, from that day onwards, orgies like this would be formed instantly whenever Schild fucks someone at the Butterfly Quilt Castle.

And it never stopped until all of them are pleased.

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