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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 4 Chapter 20

Chapter 20 – Regression of Princess Cymbium

An urgent summons was received by Schild from the First Princess Cymbium – on the same day that Schild returned to the royal capital.

It was right after he had returned to his lodgings and banged Lady Nazah, Tanifa, and her schoolmate Selinus in consecutive succession.

As the sun was setting, Schild fucked Selinus, an aristocrat’s sheltered daughter, all the way to her house with back-to-back sex in an alleyway until they reached her home.

When he returned to his lodging, he once again lined up the asses of the mother and daughter pair – Nazah and Tanifa – and began their parent-child sex again.

But before he could even finish, “that” happened.

There was a violent banging on the door. When Schild answered to see what was going on, he found that they were messengers from Cymbium.

Or rather, it was the sisters Nena and Nina, Cymbium’s maids and direct subordinates.

“Thank the Goddess you’re here. We’ve just received news of Master’s return, so we immediately rushed over!”

“Her Highness is waiting for you. We’ve already brought a carriage to take you to her right away!”

It was a very urgent call.

Then, Carney came to his mind.

Carney had told Schild that she would stop by at the guild’s royal capital branch before they head home to inform them of Schild’s arrival.


Cymbium’s camp must have caught wind of the news from there.

“But isn’t that too fast?”

They hadn’t even informed a messenger yet.

Schild had certainly planned to go to Cymbium to exchange information, but he was skeptical about going directly as he thought she was busy in her role.

He was expecting to be able to face her the next day at the earliest to be honest.

“Princess Cymbium needs Master Schild, now!”

“We’re running out of time. To the carriage, quickly!”

The maid sisters hurried him into the carriage, making Schild groan for a bit.

“By the way……Can I fuck you two while we’re inside the carriage?”


“Right after Master Schild’s return? But……as you see, it’s a bit……difficult for us to have sex without our Mistress……”

But when they turned their gazes downward toward Schild’s member, they saw that he was pulling up a tent in his pants. This was only natural as they cut off the supposedly second threesome with him and the mother-daughter midway. If yo u ar a ble to read this m essa ge, y ou a re rea ding f rom an un author ized aggr ega te s ite. R ad at my Word res s at sta bb ing wi th a syr inge. ho me. b log to s upp ort me and my tra ns lations.

The maid sisters gulped in succession.

In the end, Schild didn’t wait for their permission and banged the two maids on the spot, dusting the cobweb-filled vaginas off with his cock as the carriage rushed towards the royal castle.

“Myaaa♡♡A cock, at long last♡♡ Our Master Schild’s long-awaited cock is here♡♡♡♡”

“We’re sorry, Princess♡♡ We’re sorry we wanked Master Schild’s cock before you♡♡♡♡”

Schild was immediately taken to Cymbium’s private quarters when they arrived at the palace.

But there was no Cymbium there.

“……Or so I thought. There you are.”

In the corner of the room, a beautiful woman in a blonde dress was curled up into a ball and was hugging her knees.

She is the first princess, Cymbium.

The maiden who is supposed to be the noblest and most blessed in the land, who is praised by many as the most beautiful woman closest to the throne.

“And yet, why is she like this? She looks like a recluse who’s been beaten down by life.”

Curled up in the corner of the room, Cymbium’s whole body emitted the aura of a defeated person, making even those watching her feel depressed.

Her blonde hair, which usually shone brightly, has already become shaggy, and her dress was worn out.

“What happened to you while I was gone?”


Even Schild was surprised and panicked at the sight of this Cymbium, her princess and “half-sister,” looking so different.

“Her attempts to persuade the others to join the Magna Carta didn’t go well.”

Coming out from the side and speaking this line was the second princess, Serenea.

She is considered to be a rival to Cymbium for the throne but is currently in Cymbium’s custody for various reasons.

“Serenea…… I’m home.”

“Welcome home, big brother. Or I so I would like to say, but for now, I want you to pay more attention to our big sister.”

This was the first time in a long time that he has seen this younger “half-sister” again, but considering how greatly Serenea’s mood changed while he was gone also confused Schild.

(It’s like Serenea has become mature out of the blue.)

“The Ryngbergs, the backers of my sister, are the second most powerful of the three noble families. We tried to rally the lords under her umbrella to ensure the Magna Carta was established, but……!”

It didn’t go well.

Apparently, none of the lords are willing to take a step forward because they are anxious, unable to see the future that lies ahead of them after dragging the current king down, even by using special laws.

“Both my sister and my grandpa seemed to think that they could push people to cooperate with them just because they are people with leadership ability, but the reality is ruthless. They’re all down because of the vision of the future that they can’t show.”

As a result, the cooperation of the lords in the Ryngbergs faction has turned out to be not as good as it should be.

Cymbium’s confidence was shattered because of it, becoming the mess she is now.

“I’m just a woman of this caliber, to begin with……”

“Oh, you finally started speaking. It’s been three whole days.”

Cymbium’s mutters were heard at long last, though her grave tone resembled the monologue of a ghost. Thi s ch apter trans lat ion is m ade poss ibl e by st abb ing w ith a sy ri nge tra nslati ons. che ck on ly up- to dat e tra nslat ions on my Wo rdp ress si te.

“I’ve been called the “First Princess,” but even though I am royalty, I have failed to do such a basic thing. I have no political talent. I am only but a pampered woman who knows how to smile at the crowd. I don’t have the strength of mind to act decisively in times of crisis. This is something that father and Schild have, and I do not. No, really……”

Words of self-condemnation came out one after another in her mouth.

This showed that her failure in recruiting her faction gave a quite devastating impact on her, especially on her morale.

“I have learned a great deal from this incident. I don’t deserve the position of being Queen. I have no talent. I am not qualified to be a ruler of a nation…….”

She just mumbled on and on.

“You look completely devastated……”

And that was just because the scheme she had made had gone somewhat awry.

Nevertheless, the fact that Cymbium has become so fragile was in itself surprising to Schild.

“It seems that my sister had always have a weak core hiding behind that strong front. Her heart wasn’t strong enough to withstand constant pressure.”

The younger sister gave a frank analysis.


Ever since their first meeting, Schild always had the impression that Cymbium is always clever, a scheming woman deep into her bones and whom you would not let your guard down even if she fell.

But that impression was only valid after “after she met Schild”. Not before she met him.

When you think about it, it was only after she met Schild that she began her full-scale counterattack against her political rivals, the Oscars. As much to say, without Schild, Cymbium is actually not that formidable a person.

That’s why her attempt to persuade the Magna Carta in Schild’s absence failed spectacularly.

“I think big sis is the type of person who can only overcome her own emotional weaknesses in the presence of big brother Schild. Showing off her true abilities is also the same. In other words, she’s purely dependent on big brother’s essence.”


“Please, big brother! Inject some of your essences again into our faltering big sister! Or else, she would become a woman who could do nothing but become a useless decoration of a royal forever!”

It was a direct statement from the younger sister, whom he couldn’t tell whether she was being kind or harsh.

Either way, Schild decided to respond to that request.

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