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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 3 Chapter 8

Chapter 8 – Along the way: Special Service in the Inn

“……Yesh, we’re newlyweds ♡♡ That’s why, please forgive us if we start fucking without notice♡♡♡♡”

With her beautifully huge breasts exposed, Carney expressed this aloud to the receptionist.

At this point, the female knight was gradually starting to become more and more of a woman who just likes to have sex.

Naked, her big tits shaking violently, and her buttocks rippling to catch a man’s raging member.

All of these were being shown in full to not only her lover, Schild, but also to another person. Another stranger, on top of that.

“U-uhhmm! I will take a leave now!”

The girl in charge of the rooms announced as she attempted to run outside, her face turning red.

She was still a novice maiden then and there, so naturally, witnessing sex of strangers upfront was too exciting for her mind to bear.

She was a true professional when it comes to serving customers, so every once in a while, she has also dealt with customers with demands too unreasonable to accept even with her skills.

But this encounter is still a first time for her.

“Wait a minute.”

However, before she could even dash at the exit, someone grabbed her by the hand.

That someone was Schild.

And before she knew it, he, too, had taken off the rest of his clothes, making him completely naked as he held the woman by the hand.

“I-Is there anything else I can help you with, Sir?”


“Yes, there’s one more thing I want to ask you. Do you have any special services at this in?”

Special service.

The girl in charge of the room immediately connected the lascivious scene in her eyes to the suspicious and lewd-sounding words that entered her head. If yo u a re ab le to re ad thi s me ssa ge, yo u a re re ad ing from an unau thor ized agg reg ate si te. Rea d at my Wor d Pre ss a t stab bing w ith a sy rin ge. hom e. blo g to sup port m e and m y tran slat ions.

“No! No! No! We’re not that kind of establishment!”

“I see. Well, that’s too bad.”

Schild directed this response to Carney, whom he had violated just now.

And he was very disappointed in his tone for some reason.

“They don’t have it here, the room service.”


At these words, not only Carney but also the girl who introduced the room raised her voice.

“And here I was wanting to have the food brought here and have sex while we eat it, so we could spare the time to go out for dinner. What do you say, Carney? Do you want to move to another inn now?”

“Wait! Yes, there is! We do have that kind of service! Our inn is also a first-class restaurant! Thus, we can prepare anything from light meals to hearty meals. We can also provide drinks and sweets. Whatever you request of us, we will grant it!”

“Even having sex with the room attendant-cum-receptionist?”

“Even having sex with the room attendant-cum-receptionist! Ah.”

It was that moment when she knew she fucked up. Or was about to get fucked, literally.

“Wait, no! Also, Mr. Customer, asking that in such timing is unfair!”

“But it still counts, right? Or you don’t like it?”

“Mrs. Customer!?”

This time, it was the nude Carney who got entangled with the room attendant girl like a snake, much to the latter’s surprise.

Then, she started to carefully remove her neat formal attire, which appeared to be the inn’s uniform, unbuttoning the buttons one by one.

“Madame!? I-isn’t this……cheating!?”

“It’s okay. After all, my husband is the kind of man who can’t be satisfied unless he embraces a lot of women in his arms. It’s our duty as his wives to understand our husband’s nature and support him.”

As she said this, the last piece of clothing the receptionist-cum-room-attendant was wearing dropped on the floor, leaving her only with her underwear.

The design of her underwear was simple and had remnants of innocence, showing that the girl has little experience in this trade.

Of course, this underwear was also removed, and it was not long after when she was completely naked. Her nude body, along with small breasts and thin pubic hair, all were revealed to the man.  Still fresh, but already reached the maturity of an adult.

An adult that did nothing but throw herself into her work every day and run towards the direction of her dreams.

That nude female body shone white in front of Schild, along with the vibrancy of a woman in her youthful peak.  

And now, it will be ravaged and penetrated with his penis, the penis which had ravaged Carney’s pussy just now.


The girl screamed like a rabbit being strangled as Schild’s cock went inside.

“So in the end, it’s still sex♡♡ Even though I already told you that we’re not that kind of establishment♡♡♡♡”

“Ah, I’m sorry. Are you mad?”


Schild belatedly expressed his worry.

Too belated, in fact, that he only did it after successfully penetrating the vaginal cavity of his new woman, not to mention he was already happily moving back and forth in it as if his member wanted to pour its semen right away.

“Not at all♡♡ In fact, we’re sorry too♡♡♡♡”

“Eh? Why is that?”

“Our profession, while being soft and friendly, was never supposed to allow or show any signs of weakness to our customers or our guests♡♡ So please, don’t tell the store about this♡♡ Or else I would be fired from my job♡♡♡♡”

The receptionist-cum-room-attendant looked like she was about to cry as she said this, so Schild, feeling sorry for her, approached her ear and whispered something. Of course, without stopping the sex.

“It’s okay. I’m not going to tell on you.”

“Is that true?”

“Can I kiss you in return?”

“Yes, as long as you don’t tell the store.”

“Can I cum inside your pussy too?”

“Wha-!? F-fine, if that’s what you want.”

“Really? That’s great.”

And so, from here, Schild unrestrainedly devoured the female genitalia of the room attendant, which was not originally meant to be offered to guests.

“Ohhh♡♡ It feels so good♡♡ Still, to think I’m doing such things here, even though we’re not this kind of establishment♡♡♡♡”

“It’s fine, don’t worry. Also, your pussy is wonderful.”

“Ah!? M-Madame!?”

The next thing they knew, Carney has already closed in and has snuggled up the attendant girl who was being violated by Schild. Th is chap ter tr ansla tion is m ade po ssib le by sta bb ing wi th a syri nge tr ansla tio ns. che ck only u p-t o- date tran sl at ions on my Wor dpress si te.

Then, as if wiping away the beads of sweat that had risen from their intense sexual activity, she crawled her fingertips over the surface of her skin.


“Still, to have no qualms about having sex with someone’s husband, aren’t you a bad receptionist?”

“Eehhhh!? Didn’t you just say that you’re in full support of your husband sleeping with many women or something?”

“Do the staff here usually sleep with the couples who stay here? Shall I tell the people everywhere I go that this inn also offers sexual services with its receptionists?”

“Please don’t! If you do that, our business will fall!”

“Well, even if you disagree with us, there’s nothing you can do about it…”

“B-but, but……!!”

“So, in exchange, can you do us a favor?”

Carney then put her mouth to the receptionist’s ear and whispered something in a soft voice that even Schild could not hear.

“So, can you try saying those words?”


The girl receptionist made her blushing face even a darker tint of red as if she had received a very embarrassing request.


“If you do this now, we’ll keep our mouth shut.”


Soon, the girl, who had also been twisting and writhing under the thrusts of Schild’s penis for the entire time, finally made up her mind.

“All right! P-please, dear customers! Take a look at my p-professionalism! Nhaaa♡♡♡♡”

The receptionist girl began to speak while making a peace sign with her hands. Of course, with a penis still stuck in her vulva.

 “Thank you for visiting our inn, [Rabbit Spring Garden], esteemed guests! My name is Marne, and I will be your exclusive pussy room attendant for the day!”

As if she had just updated the customer service vocabulary with new entries after receiving Carney’s whisper, this Marne started to introduce herself once again in a professional way. Only her words were not in any way professional, that is.

Still, it was also here that Schild had finally learned the girl’s name.

“We do not provide any sexual services, but I will be providing special pussy services for our guests, just for today. And this is a exclusive pussy service where my pussy squeezes your cock with pleasure until it makes you cum inside my vagina♡♡♡♡”

The room attendant’s voice started to sound debauched, as if she was feeling ecstasy from her own lewd words.

The girl’s toes were also twitching and curling up, indicating that she had climaxed several times.

But even though he already knew this, in a relentless manner, Schild continued thrusting his penis deeper into her vagina, and it was so hard the wooden boards below almost creaked with every pound of his hips.

“Aaaaahhhhh♡♡ I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming♡♡♡♡ I’m having sex in the inn even though I shouldn’t♡♡ If this continues, I’m going to get addicted to having sex with customers in secret♡♡♡♡♡♡”

Soon, white substance resulting from Schild’s penis rampaging avalanched into the womb of yet another helpless woman, violating and occupying the walls of her insides.

The pleasure and satisfaction brought by it were irreplaceable.

Then, after pulling his penis out of the receptionist-cum-attendant girl, who has also passed out from a huge climax, Schild inserted it back inside Carney, who was already hungrily staring and opening her legs next to them.

For a while, Schild continued to indulge himself in one of the best pleasures of this world, a thing of which that had already become a part of his daily routine.

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