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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 3 Chapter 34

Chapter 34 – Birth of Another Pair of Pole Sisters


“My pussy, my pussy is♡♡♡♡”

“This reward is so good♡♡ It makes all the fight we just did all worth it♡♡♡♡’

“Y-you see, I’m actually a newcomer who just joined last month……a-and I’m also a virgiiiiiiiiiinnnn♡♡♡♡”

The female soldiers that Schild had seeded dropped their bodies one by one, and their faces showed extreme euphoria of satisfaction.

Of course, Schild was also the same, and he felt that it was worth it fucking each of their taut asses.

Next came the soft and elegant butts of the maids and butler corps of Nancy, then the dirty-scented asses of the peasant women taking care of the crops and livestock.

But Schild didn’t show any difference in treatment in all of them; he fucked them all equally and jizzed his load inside them.

The taste of each of their pussies was unique and exquisite, and Schild could feel a new kind of bliss with each new vagina he fucked.

“I’ll hurry up as much as I can, but it’s going to take a while with these numbers. So those of you who can’t wait, I give you permission to pass the time by licking each other’s cunts. You’re Marie’s servants, so you can all go full lesbian on yourselves.”

The naked beauties got into pairs and licked each other’s genitals as Schild called out to them.


Meanwhile, Schild continued to penetrate the mass and thrust his penis from the start to the end.

He violated Nancy, who had brought him food as he had told her to, as a reward, together with those who had helped her, then another woman, then another, then another.

Finally, the penis has reached the greatest pussy in the castle.

“You’re still gonna fuck me……♡♡ Mlem, mllem♡♡ Chuup♡♡♡♡”

Mariastel, their one and only female lord, reconnected to Schild once again. This time it was a face-to-face sitting position in which she also put his lips on his.

At that point, there wasn’t a single woman anymore who didn’t have Schild’s semen dripping from their crotch.

“My garden, my paradise♡♡ Every single one of my Flowers, they all have been tainted with your cum♡♡♡♡ But even with that, you still aren’t contented, and now you’re cumming inside me again♡♡ Even though I’m already so full of your cum, even though my womb is about to bust, your giant cock is still pumping hard inside♡♡♡♡”

“You don’t like it?”

“Don’t like it? I love it♡♡ In fact, I’m so happy♡♡ My garden is covered in cum, but it’s even more beautiful than before♡♡♡♡ All thanks to you, Schild♡♡♡♡♡♡”

Soon, the proud aristocrat of West Adele, Count Mariastel, climaxed for what seemed like the dozenth time that day.

And on that same day, she was completely transformed into just “Marie”, a bona fide woman and a meat toilet of Schild. If yo u a re ab le to re ad this m essa ge, you ar e rea di ng from an una ut hori zed agg regat e site. Re ad at my Wor dPr ess at sta bb ing wi th a sy rin ge. hom e. b log to sup port me and my tr ansla tions.

She had also stopped her servants and all her subjects to call her “Master” and “Lord Mariastel” on that day. It would be then replaced by “Mistress” and “Lady Marie” to further denote that she had finally had accepted becoming a “mistress” of Schild in both meanings of the word.

A further torrent of semen filled her womb as she declared this.

“Hammu♡♡ Mmmh♡♡ Mlem mlem♡♡♡♡”

“Yes, that’s it, milady. Your cock-licking skills are remarkable!”

After enjoying what was almost a “Feast of Debauchery outside the Butterfly Quilt Castle”, Schild finally took a break after finishing his load inside the last woman – Count Mariastel.

This woman, who had challenged and lost to the same man and had ended up having sex with him for the first time today, is now in between his legs, licking deliriously and lovingly the very symbol of the thing she has previously hated.

Marie is currently being instructed by her beloved butler Nancy on how to give a proper blowjob. The same Nancy, whom she regarded as her most trusted companion, yet also the one who had cheated her for a man’s cock.

But now, she had finally understood why. It was because Schild’s cock was just so irresistible.

“I’m really glad that this has happened today, Marie! From this day onwards, we can now be fucked by Master Schild together. We can also get to a play where we lick each other’s sperm-covered pussies after he fucks us, where we then can then exchange each other’s semen with our mouths. To sum up, our range of plays will expand dramatically!”

“Uu……it’s unfair. No matter how many times I requested you, you never called me “Marie,” even when we’re having lesbian sex. But now, you’re immediately calling me that after we had sex with Schild.”

“No, you got it wrong, mistress! That was because right now, all of our previous ties have been stripped away by this man! Back then, we were still in a master-servant relationship, and I could be punished for lese majeste if I did it! But now that we have established an equal relationship as Master’s Schild’s meat toilets, we can now freely call each other what we want! In fact, you can also call me “big sis” like the last time!”

“R-really? T-then, big sis♡♡”

“I love you, Marie♡♡♡♡♡♡”

“I love you, big sis♡♡♡♡♡♡”

Ever since Marie had inherited the title, the two of them had been in a distant master-servant relationship. Or at least, this is what Nancy viewed them to be. As such, she had to sacrifice and hold herself back.

But now that they have returned to being equal, just like the old times, they are now free to address and treat each other in any way. And the first thing Nancy did was to exchange love kisses through their beloved’s penis.

Of course, it was not just them who entertained the man, who is basically the guest of honor of their castle right now.

While the lower half of Schild’s body was in such a state, the upper half of his body, primarily his hands, were being subjected to the softness of other women’s bodies. Lagothe’s and Sae’s breasts were on his right and left, and while they were doing that, Carney’s lips and mouth kept his mouth busy by intertwining hers with his.

“Puhaa♡♡ ……looks like our case is now settled, Lord Schild♡♡”

“I feel like we just had sex and went through the motions, though……”

Schild then looked around his surroundings and sighed.


The scenery that unfolded to him was nothing but the epitome of lustful debauchery.

Surrounded on all sides by female flesh, each of them has his seed dripping in each of their crotches. Some were serving him food, some were guarding the vicinity, but most of them were giving female-to-female pleasures on each other, sharing the seed that was pumped inside them to each other either by licking, sucking, or fingering each other’s orifices and exchanging these fluids through kisses.

“I’ve come all this way to fulfill the errand of Cymbium. But for some reason, it always ends up in sex, no matter what I do. Why is that!?”

“But you already did what you had to do, didn’t you? You won the match with Count Marie and got her to promise to agree to the Magna Carta, right?


It was then that Schild realized.

He had made a fundamental mistake.

“I’m sorry. We……still have that problem.”


“We originally came here to ask Marie to agree to the Magna Carta, and we agreed that she would adhere to our request if she won this race to defeat the monster, right?”

And as a result of this, Schild won the competition by defeating the Red Ice,  without even letting Marie lift a single finger towards the beast.


“I-I used my right as a winner to have sex with Marie instead!”

Schild was unaware that he had used that right, which should have solved the original purpose of his quest, for his carnal desires.

“……and? What’s wrong with that? Because of that, she’s now your woman, isn’t it?”

“Nope, that’s not how that works! Ahh, damn it. I can’t believe I’ve done it now. Marie won’t agree with this for sure-”

“But I don’t really mind, though?”

Although still recovering from her fatigue, Marie suddenly muttered below Schild.

“After all you have done to me, I don’t feel like resisting anymore. It’s true, you owe me a lot for tainting my flowers, but you also saved us from these two huge monsters as payback. I still felt this was way too insufficient of a repayment to end this deal, but I’m too tired now. I don’t care anymore.” This chap ter transl ation is mad e possibl e by sta b bing w th a syr in ge tran sla tions. chec k on ly up-to- date trans lati ons on my Wo r pre ss sit e.

“Also, Article 64 of the Magna Carta, right? I haven’t even heard who was the royalty that spearheaded this yet, but once a formal recommendation comes in, I guess I’ll endorse it for now.”

“No, you can’t!”

For some reason, Schild went furious. Amid his rage, he squeezed Marie’s tits hard.

“My pride can’t allow it to end like this, Marie! It is just as you said, this is way too insufficient! I know I’m being ridiculous here, seeing that you already agreed, but if I allow myself to leave with you looking like that!”

“Schild……are you an idiot?”  

“Maybe. Maybe I am being an idiot right now. But this, this just doesn’t feel right. Since I have used that right to have sex with you in our last competition, how about we have another go? And if we win, this time, you will fully agree to the Magna Carta.”

“As I said, I’m already tired! I already agreed, so this competition doesn’t matter anymore!”

Marie shouted at Schild, but her tone showed she was already too exasperated to further cater any more whims of their guest.

“Wait a moment, Lord Schild.”

“What is it, Carney?”

“How about a change of players? This time, I’ll play the game at your stead.”

Carney suggested to the two while also mediating in between.


“Count Mariastel, as I feel it, is already bored and uninterested in having a match with you again after all the consecutive losses she had with you. So why not make me play your role for a change? Not to mention, I would finally be of help in this journey and not watch you as a bystander anymore. So, Lord Schild, please entrust this role to me this time. I promise I will bring victory and entertain the Count as well.”

“I see. As expected of my dear wife. Very well, you have my trust.”

Schild and Carney then embraced each other nakedly, as if to confirm their mutual trust.

However, the people around them couldn’t help but be dumbfounded by what was going on.

“So, what game will you compete with Marie in this time?”

“Ah, about that, I have already thought about it. In fact, I have been keeping this idea in my mind ever since you two announced that you would have a showdown with each other!”

“Ever since that time? Wait, this is not about a “sex game” again, isn’t it?”

“The name of the game is……!!”

And so, just like that, the showdown has restarted.

And this time, a fierce battle between Carney and Marie was about to begin.

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