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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 3 Chapter 26

Chapter 26 – Operation Dashing Hero

The plan was simple. It was for the Count to show up at a time when her female warriors are being outnumbered by tough monsters, then overturn the situation by dashingly subjugating and dealing the final blow to win their hearts with the glory of her victory.

“So, even though she had arrived at the scene and saw that her women are struggling, Marie deliberately hid and watched the battle situation, deciding the timing of their entry.”

“However, Master Schild appeared and defeated the monster first.”

“To think there was such an ulterior motive behind that battle……!!”

But due to this, who had been meticulously working out the staging to make herself a hero, ended up having all of her achievements snatched away by Schild.

This was also the same for the female warriors she was planning to rescue, where they shifted their admiration to Schild instead.

“I didn’t mean to do that at all,” Schild started to defend himself, “and also, it is my job as a subjugator to slay monsters, so I did nothing wrong.”

Schild also let out the same words that time, but for Marie, she found it unacceptable. After all, it also caused her plan to make the female warriors join her harem to crumble in one fell swoop.

“But Master is a miser and is not easy to let go of her passions yet.”

At first, Marie tried to praise Schild for charging into battle before her and even thanked him for saving her women.

By doing so, she would be able to show her mettle and stop the decline in her reputation for not responding in time to the crisis.

However, this didn’t mean that Marie had let go of her plan to have lesbian sex with the female warriors. In fact, she was just beginning.

“What came next was the most shocking moment to our lives. Master, who was already known for her hate of men, personally invited Master Schild to join the corps and even allowed him to stay inside her castle – the Butterfly Quilt Castle which was already known at that time as a sanctuary for beautiful women and a forbidden place for men. Master Schild then became renowned as the first and only man that has entered this place.”

“I thought at that time that it would be more convenient for me, that if I beat Schild in front of the women at some point, my Flowers’ high opinion of him would all be transferred to me!”

“It never really happened, though.”


Even though he looks like he thinks with his cock, Schild has learned the hard way that all that you can depend on the most is yourself. As such, even at that time, he is already versed not only in combat but also in general information (which is a basic for a subjugator) and culture (which is necessary for him to woo women). Therefore, during the time they lived together, Marie has never once got the better of him in every competition they had.

Their gap became even more prevalent in the times where he was being criticized; Schild has always admitted to his own faults and even praised Marie whenever she outwits him. Also, he never boasted. On the contrary, he even gave tips each time he won, which raised his reputation lots and lots, much to the irritation of the former.

“In the end, Master gave up on trying to defeat Master Schild and switched her aim into throwing him out of the castle.”

“Wait. So the reason you wrote me that letter of introduction to the royal capital was for you to get rid of me here?”

But thanks to that letter, Schild was able to enter the royal capital and meet Carney and the others.

And the ravenous beast that was consuming Marie’s paradise on the inside, she had finally got rid of it.

“But this time, I will not be defeated!”

Marie rallied back.

“I was weak at the time! So I sent you away to the royal capital, thinking I couldn’t beat you anymore! But now, I’ve changed! I’ve gotten stronger and more beautiful! And this time, I will defeat you, clear up my name and prove it to them that in the end, beauty will never be triumphed by ugliness!” If yo u ar e a ble t o re ad this me ssa ge, you are rea di ng from an una utho rized aggre ga te site. Re ad at my W ord Pre ss at st abb ing with a syr inge. h ome. b log to su ppo rt me and my tr anslati ons.

“Am I that ugly for you to do all that?”

Women are beautiful! Men are ugly! Isn’t that obvious!?”

“It’s hard to accept even if you generalize it like that.”

 This was how Schild had fended off Marie’s attacks many times.

“I’ve got an idea! Hey, errand boy of the capital. The conditions you’ve brought, how about we decide it in a match?”

“You really got to insult me when you have the chance, huh. Also, what match?”

“You and I will have a face-off. If you win, I will endorse the Magna Carta for you. I’ll even encourage the other independent lords to join your cause! How about it? Do you want to fight with me?”

“Nope. Don’t wanna.”


“I don’t want to fight with you in a slugfest or a fistfight. I’ve known you for a while, and I’ve developed a crush on you, more or less.”


“Hey now, do you really have to react like that? For your information, even though I’m a sex maniac, that doesn’t mean I say such things out of the blue.”

“O-okay, fine. This showdown won’t involve direct combat. How is that?”

“So it’s still a showdown in the end, huh.”

“Uhm! I have a suggestion! About the game!”

This is where Carney, all of a sudden, raised her hand. Would it be a decent suggestion for once?

“How about we do a sex game?”

“No way.” “Absolutely not.”


It was immediately rejected, and what’s more hurtful is that this came from two self-proclaimed sex maniacs even.

“You know, Carney, there’s nothing more ridiculous than competing in sex. Sex is about making love, giving each other pleasure, and making your partner feel better.”

“I agree with him on that point. But, sex is supposed to be between women, and sex with men is too ugly.”

They are two troublesome people who only agree in these areas, making Carney learn the hard way of their problematic personalities.


“I guess I haven’t learned enough yet.”

The female knight could only pout in the end.

“Oh, yes. Schild. What do you think of this method?”

“What did you come up with this time?”

“I’ve just received a report of a monster outbreak in the vicinity of my residence. I’ve got the Vigilante Corps searching for them.”

“Wait, so the real reason why you dispatched the Corps wasn’t for me but for a real monster?”

“I’m glad that you already classify yourself as a monster as you’re supposed to be. Anyways, you are correct.”

But being told something so dreadful like a monster outbreak in a normal tune, the two subjugators couldn’t help but worry.

It was especially more for Carney, a model knight-cum-subjugator through and through.

“So that’s why Lagothe and Sae went back to their mission……calling it their last hurrah or something.”

“Last hurrah? Wait, you’ve already seen them? Well, anyways, there are reported sightings of two ferocious monsters. Both have names.”

“Then isn’t that even more of a big deal!”

As its name suggests, a named monster is a monster that has been given a unique name to make people distinguish it from the rest and become warier of it compared to other monsters.

Compared to normal ones, these monsters are more experienced, ferocious, and bloodthirsty, and as such, they pose more danger than ordinary ones.

The fact that there were two of them sighted simultaneously was enough to send shivers down on any lord’s spine.

However, to Marie,

“Fufufu, don’t underestimate my vigilante corps. They’ll kick the hell out of these two famous monsters in no time. As soon as I get a report from the search team, I’ll lead the main force to take them down. So, what will you do, Schild? Do you want to play or not?” Th is chap ter tran slat ion is m ade pos sib le by st abb ing with a syr inge tra sla t ions. check only up- to-d ate tra nsla tions on my Wo rd pres s si te.

“You, don’t tell me……”

“Before your thoughts run wild, no, I didn’t capture them just for this competition alone. I am an eccentric lord, but I’m not so insane that I would endanger my subjects for a little competition. Still, I couldn’t help but think that fate has blessed me. For now, how about you and I each hunt one of them, and we’ll judge our superiority based on whether or not we defeat it?”

It was an absurd suggestion, but Schild couldn’t help but do something when he heard that a monster had appeared.

He still believes that his true nature is to be a monster slayer and not a king.

“Competition or not, I won’t be able to keep quiet once I hear that named monsters are lurking nearby. I’ll also immediately go and help you once I got rid of mine.”

“This is why I hate so much about you. You always act nonchalantly about this as if you want to reassure somebody!”

“What about you, Carney?”

Ignoring Marie’s irritation, Schild shifted his eyes to the female knight.

“Naturally, as a member of the subjugators of the Royal Capital Branch, I will assist you in your battle! I’ll also fight hard to get the Count to agree to the Magna Carta!”

“No, it’s not a quid pro quo, actually. it’s a showdown, so even if we help, if we lose the showdown, then it will be for naught.” Schild also corrected Carney before she mistook anything else.

“By the way……”

Carney decided to ask the question she had been wondering about ever since she arrived.

“Just to confirm, has the Count already had sex with Lord Schild?”

“Just where did that come from!?”

Marie was, of course, flustered by this sudden and frank question.


“Why do I have to have sex with a guy? Sex should be between women! When beauty meets beauty, that’s when the best beauty is born!”

“So you haven’t? It’s……amazing that you can spend more than three days with Lord Schild and not have sex.”

“Carney, you…”

When Schild heard this, however, he became terribly distressed by the way he was treated by his lover.

“By the sound of it, does it mean that Master Carney is already in a relationship with Master Schild?” Nancy, who has gone quiet for a time, couldn’t help but immediately ask.

“Yes, he conquered me within two days of our first meeting.”

Carney answered Servant Nancy’s question rather casually.

“Such a pretty flower, and yet it has already fallen into the poisonous hands of this man! Oh, Schild, you poisonous worm! I have decided! I must defeat you completely so that she can finally go and play with my garden!”

“You mean you want to have sex with her? I don’t mind.”

“But I do!” Oddly, it wasn’t Marie who exclaimed this, but Carney.

“Lord Schild, I don’t know what you are taking me for, but I won’t have sex with just any woman I fancy with! They needed to have sex with you first for me to do so! In other words, I have no intention of having lesbian sex with any woman other than the one that Lord Schild has embraced!”

“What the hell is that condition?”

Apparently, there is still a clear line in Carney’s mind that she would not dare to cross.

“So, what are you going to do, Lord Count? Do you want to have sex with Lord Schild so you can have lesbian sex with me? Or will you give up the thought altogether?”

“Will I? What a dreadful woman! Now that I’ve seen this side of her, I found out that the name “Dianthus” is no way enough to represent her!”

It was then that Marie stood up.

“I’ll come up with a new name for the flower that’s more appropriate for you. Nancy, I’m going to lock myself in the library! Don’t talk to me unless you receive the report of the sight of the monsters we speak of!”

“Very well, master. Please take your time.”

Marie ran out of the reception room, leaving Schild and Carney in a daze.

“That woman……she’s one of a kind, isn’t she?”

“Indeed, she is.”

“But Carney, you’re even more one of a kind than her”, Schild followed up, making Carney almost choke on the macaroons she was eating.

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