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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 3 Chapter 22

Chapter 22 – Onward to the Count’s Residence

After avenging her parents, Sae returned to her country to the East.

However, what awaited her was a court official who refused to return the family stipend to their family.

From there, she found out that the real purpose of taking the stipend away from Sae’s family was to improve their clan’s deteriorating finances, and if there existed even the slightest fault, they would take the house down to reduce the expenses by suppressing the stipend paid.

Also, Sae’s achievement of avenging her family’s death was suspected due to the fact that she did not bring back the head of the criminal itself.


In the end, what made Sae lose her temper was a proposal from the old court official.

“Why don’t we put her in the Shogun’s harem? That way, it would be one less house to worry about, and the lord might like her as she could entertain him with tales of the foreign country as well.”

At that moment, Sae beat the old man to a pulp and flew away from her homeland.

“There is not a single true man in that country.”

That was the last thing she said.

“This one came back to this country because this one had nowhere else to go. Remembering the days when this one traveled with you, this one searched from place to place imitating a subjugator in the prospects of training her own blade. By the time this one has regained herself, this one ended up here.”

“And I heard from her that she got here based on a rumor that you’re staying here. You’re really popular, aren’t you, Schild?”

“The most reliable person in this country that this one knows is Master Schild. And since this one believed she hadn’t repaid all her debts, she decided that she would search you to continue repaying them.”

“And by repaying me, you mean through sex?”

“Yes. Through sex.”

This sums up Sae’s tales of her return.

“But before we know it, you have already left for somewhere, and the Count, which should be on our side, has started to prevent us from knowing where you are going.”

“And since we had no other leads, this one and Miss Lagothe ended up staying, to which the Count of these lands greatly welcomed us.”

Considering Count Mariastel’s fondness for beautiful things and women, the visit of the beautiful and skillful Lagothe and Sae must have been a stroke of luck for them. If yo u ar e a ble to r ead th is me ss age, you are re adin g from an unaut hor ized agg rega te site. Re ad at my Wor dPr ess at sta bbi ng w ith a syrin ge. ho me. blo g to supp ort me and m y tra slati ons.

Schild understood very well the psychology of the noble that would do anything just to keep them in at all costs.

While he was thinking about it, he poured another load of semen into Sae’s vagina.

“And they call you “Three Flowers”? What the hell is with that title anyway?”

“Like hell do I know. Before we knew it, that idiot Count had already given us those cringy titles without even our consents!”

Lagothe the “Lotus” said with a tinge of anger.

“That supporter of us. As a hired hand, this one has always appreciated that she is paid well, but this Count had always been overdramatizing our accomplishments that even this one had a hard time dealing with them!”

Even the “Camelia” Sae, whom Schild has known for her patience, also sighed.

“Still, “Three Flowers” means there’s one more person other than you guys, isn’t it? Is it possible that she’s also an acquaintance of mine?”

“That person herself said she didn’t. We had confirmed this when we were just chatting leisurely and somehow brought the topic with us. The last of the “Three Flowers”, Rezahata the “White Lily”, do you know her?”

“Nope. Never heard that name before.”

“So you really don’t know each other. But in case you meet her in person, you’d probably eat her right away. It’s you that we are talking about, after all.”

“So she’s a beautiful woman?”

“You already know the character of that asshole Count. There’s nothing but women in that mansion.”

“Well, aren’t you jumping on the conclusions too much? I ……would like to say that I am not that unscrupulous, but yeah……there is a high probability that it might lead to me having sex with her.”

This was not without basis, as Schild now has the royal family’s bloodline called “The Majesty of the Lion” fully amplified by Carney in him.

Though the person himself doesn’t know this yet, he was already aware that with just meeting them and having a “desire” similar to wanting to embrace them for a bit, he could make any woman proceed to having sex with him immediately and without any qualms just by radiating his aura.

“I think I ‘ll stay here for a while longer and have more sex with you two. Who knows if there will be another chance like this once we get there? It is also for me to not let my libido die down.”


“I’m always welcome for sex, but your libido drying up? Impossible.”

“It would be more impossible for Master Schild’s libido to die, even for a moment, than for the sea to dry up all its waters.”

Terrible comments came from the two.

Schild was a little offended by this, so he made them both suck him off and ejaculate in each of their mouths to “punish them”, only to find that they might be right because his erection didn’t subside at all.

“Well, now that I’ve seen Schild again, I’m all good now.”

“The Count pays us a good salary, and the food provided in the mansion is of good quality, but there’s no longer any reason for this one to stay now that we have found you, Master.”

“We will follow you from now on. After all, there’s none of Schild’s cock in that mansion.”

“Pardon this one, but shouldn’t it be better to word it that there is no cock in that mansion entirely?”

But even though they were of completely different backgrounds, they spoke in unison as if it was natural for them to follow Schild.

“Hey now. Aren’t your resignations as the Count’s aides your responsibility? Why does it sound like you’re going to push to me all the blame?”

“Oh, by the way, why does Schild want to come to the Count’s mansion again?”

“This one is thankful for the heavens as because of it, this one was able to see you again, but does Master Schild, perhaps, have some business with the Count?”

Schild’s purpose for this trip is to get Count Mariastel’s approval to invoke the Magna Carta to forcibly depose the current king, according to the wishes of First Princess Cymbium in the royal capital.

Schild had almost forgotten this mission as he went to what was practically a sex tour, fucking at least dozens of women in each town and village they stopped in, but with the help of Carney (though she was the primary cause why he forgot), he was at least able to explain to them correctly.

“……and that’s the reason why we came back. I’ll get to the details when we see the Count in person. By the way, I have a question for you two.” Thi s chap ter tra nsla tion is m ade poss i ble by stab bing wi th a syr inge tra nslati on s. ch eck only u p-t o-d ate transl at ons on my Wo rdpr ess s ite.

“Yeah?” “What could it be?”

“You both said to me that you guys were expecting me to come here, right? How did you know I was coming?”

Since the two of them are now huddled under Count Mariastel’s roof, did Mariastel herself already anticipate my visit? Schild couldn’t help but think.

“Just making it clear, we weren’t actually informed that it is you who would come. We are just told by her private steward unit that someone strong is entering our borders, hence our dispatch.”

“In place of our Lord Count, who never leaves the mansion, we have elites who are assigned to go all over the territory to gather information on various places. They were informed that a strong man fond of devouring women in the towns they stopped by is approaching the territory, leading to the dispatch of this one and Miss Lagothe to deal with him. Come to think of it, the description really befits Master Schild.”

“I see.”

As for the private steward unit Lagothe has mentioned, they are the most elite of the internal affairs workers of Count Mariastel, and their importance was so great that the eccentric Count wouldn’t be able to keep their domain as it is without their cooperation.


There was also the fact that Schild was approaching their territory so flamboyantly that it was impossible for these capable women not to be wary of him.

“Then isn’t it convenient? Since they already know we are here.”

Schild stood up.


As for the perverted knight, she had already gone from enjoying butt rubbing with the newest member of the group, Kelechi, to performing lesbian sex with her, and she was even drinking directly from the piss and love juices the other party was leaking.

Her sexual tendencies are getting more and more out of control, and Schild is getting worried.

“Anyway, break time is over. Let’s resume our progress.”

Their destination is almost there.

And Schild is planning to get there before the sun goes down today.

Their destination was none other than the Butterfly Quilt Castle, the residence and mansion of Count Mariastel, the lord of West Adele.

“One more creampie for each of you, and then we’re off!”

“““We aren’t going to leave now?”””

“What? You don’t want any more sex?”

“I still want it, Lord Schild!”

“Of course, I want it! You said you’d make up for not seeing me until now!”

“No matter how much I return the favor to Master, it won’t be enough! So please, as long as you desire this one’s pussy, feel free to use this one’s as often as you want!”

“Me too! Even though I’m a newcomer, I won’t lose!”

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