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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Idle Talk 10 (Volume 2 Extra Story 3 Part 2)

Volume 2 Extra Story 3 – Shakira vs. Carney (2)

The garden of the Nazah residence was not only of considerable size but it was also surrounded by high walls and thick trees.

As such, it was a very private and well-protected space, without any danger of anyone peeking in from the outside.

In addition, the weather today is clear, and the sun is shining brightly.

What does this mean? This means it’s the perfect chance to get naked outside! Or so, Schild thought as he waited for Shakira and Carney’s reactions from the sidelines.

He also thought that “If I could see the bizarre and fascinating movements of their buttocks without any clothes blocking them, I should be able to get a good erection from it.”

“So, Shakira and Carney, please dance naked this time.”

““You pervert!””

Despite their verbal abuse, both Shakira and Carney immediately stripped down to their underwear, exposing their nipples, pussies, and anuses under the blue sky.

The two of them had already been conditioned in such a way that they could never disobey Schild’s orders.

The female knight Carney and the dancer Shakira.


If they hadn’t been united by their commonality as Schild’s lover, they would have never been involved in each other’s lives.

This may also be the reason for today’s confrontation. Still, to Schild, it is more important that these two people should appreciate each other’s naked existences, as they would never even have the chance to see them if Schild had chosen another path.

““Your tits are so big!?””

Suddenly, Carney and Shakira shouted at the same time.

“I didn’t have time to pay attention during the detoxification orgy, but Shakira, your tits are huge! Melon? No, it has to be a watermelon!”

“I could say the same to you, Miss Carney! In fact, I’ve never seen anyone with tits as big as mine!”

If there was a line between big tits and enormous tits, both Carney and Shakira were definitely included in the classification of “enormous tits”.

At the very least, of all the women Schild has had in the royal capital, the biggest would have to be in either of the two who are in front of him. If you ar e ab le to rea d this mes sage, you are r ead ing from an una ut hor ized agg rega te si te. Re ad at my Wor d Pre ss at stabb ing with a syr in ge. h ome. bl og to sup port me and my tra nsl ati ons.

While there are also others with big tits, like Princess Cymbium and Lady Nazah, they were still far enough from being classified as “enormous”.

“Actually……, these tits are nothing but a problem for me. Whenever I give an intense performance, these lumps of fat would shake so hard I feel like it’s gonna tear off from my chest! It hurts so much when it happens!”

“I know what you mean! I use bandages to fix mine in place before a battle, but I always worry if it comes undone because I won’t be able to fight if that happens! It would be the greatest shame of me if I were to die while fixing my tits!”

“Yes! You couldn’t have said it better! You’re not like those colleagues of mine who consistently say that ‘boobs are a weapon’ or ‘you’re blessed’! I’ve finally met a true comrade with whom I can share this problem!”

“Tit comrade!”

“Tit comrade!!”

The two nude bombshells held hands tightly together as if they finally found their long-lost sister.

But that’s also when the two came to their senses.

“Wait, now is not the time to be doing this! We’re enemies!”

“That’s right! While at it, let’s up the challenge and make our “Master Carney” here to master the professional moves in a day! After all, three days is a bit too long for an “easy occupation”, isn’t it?”

“Y-you……fine! I’ll do it!”

Carney took up the challenge of Shakira with great vigor, only to regret this choice later.

In the first place, professional moves are called as such because these moves need sufficient training in the profession in order to imitate them.


Therefore, it wasn’t even a while when Carney’s movements became akin to a dying sea cucumber on land.

And yet, Shakira was merciless, as she continued to show off to her even more bizarre and unpredictable butt movements that were hard to track.

“How about this!? And this, and this! Is that the extent of your physical abilities, oh “Master Carney”?”


“You have to move with more pelvic awareness! Bones, muscles, fat, even your womb if possible! Your hips won’t bounce unless you’re aware of all of their movements!”

What came next was strict reprimands and guidance of a true professional.

Shakira continued to shake her ass in front of Carney, but compared to the rigid knight, her moves were so smooth that as if music was actually playing in the background even though they were only in a garden with no one else around.

Perhaps it was also because she had been dancing for quite a long time that she could do this. Nevertheless, Schild noticed that there were countless beads of sweat forming on the surface of her round buttocks.

Just a reminder, both Shakira and Carney are currently utterly nude under the blue sky and in front of Schild’s eyes.


Slowly, Schild walked up to their dancing figures.

And before they even realized, he had also stripped himself naked, similar to both of his women.

“Lord Schild!?” “Mr. Schild, what’s the matter?”

“Both of you, turn around and show me your asses.”

Schild right now is squeezing his penis with his own hand.

And the moment the two beauties’ beautiful asses were pointed at him,


He let go of his penis, and it sprayed a tremendous amount of semen on their round butts, painting them almost wholly white in an instant. Thi s cha p ter tr ansla tion is ma de po ss ible by st abbi ng wi th a sy rin ge tra nslat ions. che ck o nly up-t o-da te tran slat ions on my W ordpr ess si te.

“Ahh, so hot!”

“My ass feels so warm! My entire butt is covered with hot cum!”

As for the two, they were both bewildered and aroused by the sudden treatment. But what came next was unexpected.

“Now that I have let it out, keep going, you two.”

Schild said, satisfied, but instead of joining in, he returned to his spectator seat and resumed watching.

““You pervert!””

Carney and Shakira now had their asses covered in semen because of their lover.

But they still have to continue as it was the order of their man.

And so, even though they’re sticky and dripping with cum, they kept on showing off their moves: shaking, swaying, and bouncing their butts all over as they glistened in the sunshine with Schild’s cum.

However, no matter how much semen makeup is applied, the fact still remains that Carney’s ass can only move in a haphazard manner.

Unlike what happened to Shakira, the miracle of awakening her skills after being cummed didn’t occur to Carney.


(After all, Shakira has already been training as a professional dancer at that time. There is no way an amateur like Carney can imitate her moves overnight.)


Will Shakira win this match because of Carney’s recklessness? And will Carney apologize to Shakira next?

Just when Schild’s about to lose hope for Carney……

“If it comes to this……”

Carney moved again. But this time, she moved differently as she suddenly turned on her back and rushed to attach her own buttocks to Shakira’s.


Since both of their asses are covered in Schild’s semen, soon as they overlapped, Shakira felt a heavy, sticky, liquid response in her rear.

“Miss Carney!? What are you doing?”

“Don’t stop! Just keep moving your butt!”

All of a sudden, Carney and Shakira joined butt-to-butt.

“If we combine our butts together, my butt will also be able to move in time with your butt! This way, I’ll be able to copy your ass movements perfectly!”

“A-ass if that could work!”

Maybe it was from desperation or her stubbornness; Carney resorted to a unique solution, all in order to replicate Shakira’s butt dance.

But will this be really an effective measure? Will Carney really be able to copy Shakira’s moves in this manner?

Most importantly, to which ass will the goddess of victory smile upon?

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