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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 2 Chapter 7

Chapter 7 – The Hen

Schild gave a wary look at the girl who just barged in.

She introduced herself as Tanifa, the only daughter of Nazah who is also the mansion’s owner whom Schild is supposed to be staying in.

Schild was suspicious at first, but the more he stared at the girl, the more he found the explanation convincing as she looked a lot like her mother in several ways.

“I was expecting a much younger person than this when you said she just started her schooling, though.”

Schild couldn’t help but say in wonder, still naked and not even trying to hide his erect penis before the presence of the sudden intruder.

As for the traits he was referring to be similar to her mother, firstly, she had the same flaxen hair as Nazah, and although her face had a youthful flush to it, it also shared her mother’s innocent vibes.

But rather than a young one, based on her figure alone, she would already be around 20 years old, which is undoubtedly too old for the schools Schild was thinking of.

“Oh, I’m sorry for not making it clear. You must be thinking about apprenticeships or pre-school or anything similar. However, it is not because it is a college she’s enrolled in.”


Schild tilted his head at the unfamiliar word.

By the way, as they had just finished their sex, Lady Nazah is also naked. But for some reason, she also doesn’t show any pretense of putting on clothes even after being caught doing lewd things by her own daughter.

“It’s a school exclusive in the royal capital where students over the age of eighteen are allowed to enter. However, there is a strict examination for admission, and it is said that it was so difficult only one in ten applicants were able to pass the exams.”


“Oh, so if she got in, that means she must be quite the head smarts. Isn’t that great?”

“That’s right! And she’s diligent and determined, too! You may never believe me, but she did nothing but study this whole past year just to prepare herself for the exams, not taking even a little break at all! Of course, as her mother, I was really worried, yet I’m also very proud of her. After all, she had finally achieved the goal she was aiming for.”

“Mou~! This is not the time to talk about being proud of me, mom!”

Nazah intended to continue her praises when Tanifa cut it with a thunderous cry midway.

After all, despite getting excited and proud of her accomplishments, it couldn’t hide the fact that she was being praised by a couple who were all naked and hugging each other and who had performed depraved acts just now.

“I came home early because I found out that someone is coming to board on our house today. But what the hell is this debauchery!? Also, mom, I never thought you were the kind of person who would let a stranger get under your skirt so easily!”

The flaxen hair of her mother’s heritage wade and shook in anger. Tanifa looked like an angry demon god.

“Calm down, Tanifa, there’s more to this than it meets the eye….”

“I know, I knew it all along! It’s all about the money, isn’t it?”

Meanwhile, having been left completely out of the mosquito net in the mother-daughter argument, Schild didn’t know what to do. This ch a pter tr ansl ation is ma de poss i ble by sta bbin g with a sy ri nge tr ans lati ons. check up- to-d ate trans lat ions on my Wo rdpr ess si te.

For now, he decided to watch from the sidelines – completely naked – for a bit longer.

“Tanifa, you should already know that the moment you get accepted into the university, the more money you will need to advance your studies. College is not just about passing exams. Once you’re officially enrolled, you’ll need to pay more and more for the school’s expenses and the like. To be honest with you, honey, it has grown to an amount that even your mother can’t pay on her own!”

That’s when it hit Schild.

The circumstances of why Lady Nazah tried so much to get him to rent the room, even at the expense of her body.

“And the more boarders we can get, the more income we can generate…is that what you’re trying to say?”

“That’s right. With the money your father left me and the income I make from teaching, sewing, and cooking, we were still able to barely feed our family. But obviously, it wasn’t enough for your college expenses. I don’t want to limit my daughter’s future, seeing you studying and doing your best for an entire year. So I tried to find a way to earn more.”

For this reason, Nazah decided to open up her mansion for boarding, and when Schild came to her, she did everything she could to keep him, even allowing him to have sex with her.

What a touching mom……thought Schild.

“But I can’t just allow such licentious manner of getting money! Even if it is for my own sake, mom, you don’t need to do this!”

The beautiful face of Tanifa is now dyed full of regret.

“And you there, you stark-naked motherfucker!”

“Wait, what did you just call me!?……Oh.”

Tanifa’s attention then switched to Schild for the first time.

“You said you’re Schild, right? And you want to be our boarder?”

“Well, that kind of went in that direction…….”

“So, you’re saying you’re still not convinced, despite all that!?”

“No, that’s not what I meant. “

“You dare…this man fucking dares….”

With the arrival of Tanifa, Schild could only brace himself for what will happen.

If she insisted to “Get out of here, you lodger who uses my mother as his meat toilet!” then Schild would have no other choice but to obey her.


“Very well, you greedy man. If that’s not enough for you, I’m gonna add one more bonus.”


“You can fuck my body as well!”



“ “Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhh!?” ”

At this point, not only Schild, but Nazah, who was listening nearby, screamed out as well.

“Do you realize what you’re talking about, Tanifa? You’re a still a girl of marriageable age! You’re not even a widow like me, yet you’re already opening your legs to a man you just met!? This is just preposterous!”

“But the reason you’re working like this is that we need money. Because I need money. It is just beyond unfair that I do nothing while my mom puts herself through this much trouble for my sake!”

Then, Tanifa came at Schild with a determined look.

He could feel the evident spirit and determination in that look.

“If you stay with us, you can also have sex with me, whenever you want it! I mean, what could be more attractive than a lodging where you can have sex with the mature landlord and her beautiful daughter altogether?”

And so, Tanifa declared.

“So, you should definitely become our boarder!”


“Ahh, uhn……! So this is……sex……!? Auu, wow……!”

Now that he was permitted to have sex with Tanifa, Schild’s actions were swift.

He quickly grabbed the clothes she was wearing, stripped her naked, and then rolled her onto the bed to spread her legs.

Compared to Nazah, the naked body of the daughter Tanifa is still fresh and taut, tributing to her youth. That said, her figure is lacking greatly in the flesh department, and the smallness of her breasts and buttocks stood out even more now that she was put side by side to her mother’s fully matured bodacious body.

Still, the whole process wouldn’t run very smoothly if not for the help of the mother, Nazah. This was extensively showcased later on. If y ou a re ab le to re a d th is mes sa ge, yo u a re rea din g fr om a n unau thor ized ag g reg te si te. Read a t my Wo rdPr ess to sup po rt me and my tra ns lat ions.

Since the Tanifa girl was still a virgin, Schild made sure to wet her crotch with a cunnilingus beforehand. This is to soften the pain of her rupture as much as possible before thrusting in.

“Guh! Puhaa!!”

However, at the time of inserting, Schild showed no hesitation at all – he immediately plunged himself right in. Still, he wasn’t able to made it through and entered with only just his tip.

“Are you okay, Tanifa? Does your pussy hurt?”

“It’s okay, Mom. I can endure this much better than you think……!”

“That’s not what I meant, Tanifa. You don’t have to endure it.”


Tanifa did her best to put a brave front on her sweat-covered face. But when she heard her mother said she didn’t need to put up with it, her expression froze.

“Sex should be enjoyed in full. It’s not something one has to endure. In fact, not enjoying sex is the greatest misfortune a woman will be doing.”


“I repeat. You have to enjoy the sex, Tanifa, and don’t worry about Mr. Schild. Sure, he’s powerful and skilled, but above all, he’s gentle. I’ve experienced it firsthand, so I guarantee it. Isn’t that right, Mister Schild?”

When Schild heard those lines, not only he felt flattered, he also couldn’t help but feel embarrassed.


After all, even though he already had been through a hundred partners, it was still a rare experience for him to be praised for his personality rather than his skills on sex.

“I didn’t know you think that highly of me. But I’ll try to live up to your expectations.”

And so, Schild began by pulling his penis in and out little by little so as not to strain the virgin’s yet-to-mature vagina.

“Oh, oh, oh, ……! I don’t know what it is, but it’s opening up places I didn’t know I could ……!”

“I know what you mean, Tanifa. Every woman gets surprised in their first times that her body can open up that much. But I guarantee you, it’s perfectly normal.”

With Nazah’s coaxing, Schild simultaneously pushed his rod deeper through Tanifa’s flower – which hadn’t experienced blossoming before.

But contrary to his expectations, it took just one more plunge to reach the depths of Tanifa – a feat he was not expecting to be done this quickly as if his member just slipped through.

Because of the abrupt shock of his tip hitting the entrance of her womb, plus the surprise factor brought by it, Schild has forgotten to hold it in and immediately let out his semen.

“Eeeh? What are you doing cumming without warning!? Oh no, I’m gonna get pregnant!”

Due to this, the younger and more petite Tanifa greatly panicked. After all, she just sensed an influx of liquid that had the power to turn a woman into a mother by just running rampant inside her.

“Calm down, my cute Tanifa. We’ll take the pills together later.”

To this, Lady Nazah immediately hugged her panicking daughter from behind.

Then, she soothed her by sweeping her hand on the abdomen just above her womb as if trying to calm it down.

A mother and her daughter embracing each other in the nude.

Added to that, the sight of semen from the same man spilling out of both each of their vaginas.

Schild couldn’t help but be moved by this motherly yet perverted scenery, which boosted his hard-on even more.

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