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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 1 Chapter 4

Chapter 4 – Rowdy First Night at the Capital: Beginning

Like every other daytime establishment, the Subjugators Guild in the royal capital turns quiet when dusk arrives, despite it being located in the most populous city in the country.

And because it was already late when Schild arrived, most of the guild staff had gone home, also not giving Lirica not much of a choice but to personally meet the so-called “Amber Eye Slayer” that arrived in their front door.

As this guild is the most prestigious one as it was founded in the capital, it has numerous big shot clients that come and go. Because of the passbook system, they’re not just typical big shots either, so the guild requires to welcome them with the utmost treatment, and that includes the privacy of their every dealing.

In other guild branches, it is most common to negotiate over-the-counter, sacrificing privacy and space for the sake of convenience. But in the royal capital, while this system is also present, most of the dealings were done in reception rooms – private rooms to avoid prying eyes and ears.

Being a room that showcases privacy, no one was allowed to come in unless called from inside.

Yes, at this moment, no one was allowed to come in unless called from inside.


Currently, in one of the said reception rooms, the bodyline-hugging uniform of a government official is being undressed, then being crumpled in a messy heap before dropping on the floor.

The same also went for the official’s pale pink underwear, which had absorbed a lot of the woman’s odor and sweat from all the day’s work.


“Uhm……is this allowed? Surely this is not a trap, right, miss manager? Hey, hey!?”

Once again, Schild confirmed the odd situation he was in.

After receiving the reward money – which is a lot – from the guild’s manager Lirica, Schild asked for a place to stay for the night.

Lirica asked for his preference, but unknown if it’s his tiredness overtaking him or because he wants to tease a bit this beautiful woman in front of her, Schild spoke that he wanted to go in a place that has women he could embrace.

A brothel, in short.

However, being unexpectedly innocent despite her age, combined with her spirit of service to provide wellbeing for the Subjugators no matter what. Lirica, who doesn’t know what to recommend to this man and feared that he would do criminal acts if he weren’t able to sate his lust, instead resorted to doing an incredible thing.

And that is offering her body to the man instead.

Schild is the type of person that prefers having a woman completely naked when having sex.

This is why when he was urged by the female head to have sex, he requested her to go fully nude first before he does anything.

Like a scented package being newly opened, Lirica’s private parts immediately gave off a unique fragrance as they were brought to the limelight.

It was similar to that of a crushed jasmine petal, and due to Schild’s prior caresses, it was already soaked with love juices.

It was only for a short time, but not only a finger, even something thicker would definitely slide smoothly. That’s just how agape she is right now.

“With this, it’s as good as served. I’ll be bothering you for a while, branch manager.”

“Afuuuuu! Big, you’re so big, Mister Schild! That’s it, go deeper! Aahh, so thick!”

Schild then commenced his penetration.

At this point, the working hours in the guild were already over, and these two people were the only ones remaining in the building.

“Aahh, I finally done it. I’m finally having sex……! What’s more, it is with a man I just met today……!”

Despite that, the sound of Lirica’s moans were so loud that Schild couldn’t help but worry that someone may still hear it.

But the fact that she is this loud meant that she was also this excited, in which Schild felt such a pleasant and unique thrill that it almost made him ejaculate away.

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However, thanks to the man’s tempered willpower from his hardships, he was able to prevent from doing so.

[――Then, how about I take care of it myself? Y-your hunger for women that is.]

Schild recalled what the beautiful branch manager said to him a while ago, and the other reason he wasn’t able to hold back.

Because his journey took longer than he expected, Schild was kept away from the desires of the flesh for quite a long time.

As such, his hunger for a woman is already approaching peak levels when he arrived in the capital.

This was also the reason he immediately spoke that wanted to stay in a place that also served as a brothel without knowing it.

But what was he was not expecting is that the person he asked of this, a woman whom a hundred percent you’ll think of as ‘prim and proper’, had arrived to a conclusion that it would be better if he had sex with her instead, just for the reason that she was unable to recommend any brothels due to lack of knowledge.

Was she worried about the man who has potential suddenly doing a crime in the city? Or does she have more ulterior motives? Or maybe she is just ‘crazy mad’ for his looks? Schild was unsure of the woman’s goals, hence his doubt at first.

But with a delicious dish in front of a starving man, Schild chose to bother with it later.

“Honestly, this was really surprising, branch manager. Do you often do this to subjugators who have potential?”

Schild spoke as he imagined the most likely scenario.

For Lirica, the head of the Subjugators Guild, a powerful warrior who could kill powerful monsters is a precious pawn.


Also, in order to avoid the trouble of being transferred to another guild on a whim and also to keep her in place, it is normal for a young and beautiful female branch manager to make the most of her natural weapons – her body, to bind the man.

“Hnnn……! It’s not, what you think……! Hiiinnn!”

Schild’s penis, which was already inserted in their Doggy Style position, slowly began to extract. The white, round female buttocks rippled as the fleshy cheeks collided with each other, also filling the man’s vision of its roundness.

“I……! haven’t done……! Such a shameless thing……before! Aahyaa! Gentler! Please! It’s hitting my insides……!” Lirica exclaimed, her voice breaking as she was thrust into her vagina.

“It’s the first time I’m doing this here, really! I’ve never used……my body……to attain my position! Not……with subjugators, not even……with the court officials at the palace! Aahh, there, there! It feels good……!”

The beautiful branch manager desperately defended while wiggling her naked body in the place where she works every day.

“Honestly……I also wonder, why I did that! When I talked to you……I felt, so refreshed……! I even let you have sex with me……! That as long as it’s you, I’ll……”


To tell the truth, this is not the first time Schild has been told this.

In the seven years since he left his hometown at the age of thirteen, he has moved from place to place, and in each place he has been, he has heard many women say similar things like today’s Lirica. This chapter translation is made possible by stabbing with a syringe translations. check up-to-date translations only at this site.

This was also the reason that at a young age, Schild has already lost his virginity.

Schild’s life was a constant struggle with death. The only way for a boy without a job to survive on his own was through a business that naturally involved risking his only one worth in his possession – his life.

Having got no other paths to take, and because his life was already in peril anyway, he chose to be a monster slayer.

(I mean, my way of living is already a danger; I might as well take full advantage of it.)

In such a profession, there are several things Schild had learned.

One of which is that there is nothing he will gain if he holds back his desires.

As Lirica said earlier, it is not uncommon for a monster slayer to be alive and well today and in the grave the next day.

In such a situation, it would be foolish to try to hold back today’s pleasure and save it for tomorrow.

Schild had realized this truth early on. Thus he had long ago abandoned the idea of saving the pleasures he could enjoy now for later.

And for the same Schild, his only pleasure is doing it with women.

If he had the money, he would buy a woman to embrace them, and if there was a woman he could embrace without paying, he would gladly embrace her without hesitation.

In this way, Schild developed an ideal to embrace the woman he wanted to embrace at the moment he felt like it.

As such, in today’s exchange with Lirica, he was not the least bit confused by her suggestion, which was contrary to his worried tone.

Normally, this would have been so unexpected that it would have thrown him into chaos as he still didn’t know the other party’s ulterior motives, but he unhesitatingly embraced her and kissed her, tasting her tongue and saliva as he undressed her, stripping her completely naked, even holding her down on the desk and making her stick her buttocks out.

Policies? Violations? Motives? I can deal with that later, thought Schild.

“Ahiiii! I’m feeling it! After all, it has been a long time……! Ahh, I’m feeling it again!”

Lirica is no longer a virgin.

Schild has already expected this of a beauty who has already passed her mid-twenties, but what he didn’t expect is that she still felt very comfortable even after going through the real thing at her age.

He could only think of only one reason.

(She has little experience in sex, despite being such a beauty.)

Lirica, the female branch head of the Royal Capital Subjugators Guild, is the first woman Schild has embraced since he arrived in the kingdom’s center.

Her naked body has skin as white as the well-maintained city streets. Her proportions are meticulously balanced, giving the strong impression that she has a “body for work” rather than a “body to be embraced.”


(But that’s also why it’s worth fucking her more.)

“Ahiiiiii!? Nnhaaa! Aaaaahhh! So good! Yes, over there! It feels so good to be poked there!”

A career-oriented beauty who had long forgotten the joys of being a woman is being made to recall it once more.

And it all started on a tough-looking lad carrying a bounty monster visiting the doors of the guild she was manning.

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