Mage Tower Management Volume 7 Chapter 1

Chapter 1 – Problems after the Completion of the Tower

“I knew that we’re trying our best here, but……”

A few months after the completion of the new Lavabelle Tower.

While strolling in the residential area, I couldn’t help but throw a fit in frustration.

“I know, we know. You’re trying your best. Why not taking a rest for a while?”

Belle, who was walking next to me tried to appease my anger.

With the completion of the tower and our first tenants, we’ve gotten more and more new intruders as time pass by.

With the residents became more and more attracted to the boons inside the tower, they have started conducting a series of businesses inside.

Because of this, the total population grew and grew that it now rivals a small town. Moreover, it became somewhat self-sufficient, satisfying the needs of the other residents inside much further.

It has developed so much it even developed a commercial area, something similar to a marketplace inside the dungeon.

The cycle now goes like this:

The adventurers search for treasure chest inside the dungeons, then they sell them in the merchants in the commercial area -which is also inside the tower- to earn money. After that they settle in the residential area of the tower.
People in the commercial area then sell the items they have bought from the adventurers to the merchants outside the tower to earn money, then they too settle in the same residential area.
There are also the ones who try to make food and weapons to the inside of the tower to meet the demands of the adventurers. After the business they too settle in the residential area.

With this, food, clothing and shelter has been covered completely.

In addition to those supplies, there is also the ‘relief’ that I provide to them while they’re inside. The thirst for flesh is a part of the three main desires of humans after all.

So, in a way, my act of accumulating points has also contributed to the satisfaction of the residents inside the tower.

Even now, how much time I gathered to their embrace has become an open secret among the residents.

This perfect circulation however, has led to an extreme reduction in the number of new people entering the tower. Basically, all of them have now taken residence inside.

“Just how many people called you out today by walking in the residential area?”

“Are you jealous? I got no choice, I’m just that popular.”

Belle stared blankly to what I had said.

“Still, to think so many have moved here”

As for my duty to embrace women who fell into the dungeon’s traps, it couldn’t be helped because it was for the sake of points.

However, if I embrace the same woman many times other than that, complaints and jealousy will assault me to no limits from the companions of the group where she belongs.

“Jealous? Nah, I’m already contented being loved by you.”

“But everyone else doesn’t think like you, Belle”

The point is that even if I have sex to satisfy the demands of that group, the points earned will be low to the point of being insignificant.

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Moreover, because I was busy satisfying the group, sometimes I’ll be down and out when there’s a new intruder coming to the dungeon the next day.

I know that keeping this on and on is a bad idea, but these days they’ve been escalating their plays, it was just too much.

Even if I say that my energy is unrivaled, that doesn’t mean I’m available 24/7 all year round. I’m not a convenience store.

This is why we’re not seeing a rise in points lately, which is also the cause of my frustration earlier.


These are the points we have accumulated.

Just by looking, we really have accumulated a lot, but more than 30% still remain.

Though that 30% sounds small now, we only achieved a close to a few hundred points over the past month.


I didn’t know how many times I sighed up to this day.

“Speaking of which, there is a new sweets shop that was opened recently and is gaining popularity. How about we go there for a change?”

Belle pulled my arm as she tried to cheer me up.

Well, there is no reason to refuse a good food, so we we went on.

As it was a popular shop, the line formed on it was a long one.

As Belle and I were lined up together, I received a lot of reverse sexual harassment from the other customers, which is already a part of the usual scenery.

Because of that, I was scolded by the shop owner, and ended up unable to eat what I wanted due to the chaos I have created.

It maybe because of the isolated environment, but the women in the tower these days were too liberated, or rather their sense of shame is lacking.

To the point that I was even stripped off of my clothing in the middle of the street, even though the whole town is in lack of men.

“Nevertheless, all women are still trendy, no matter what the world is”

Now that we cannot eat those sweets anymore, I then tried to cheer up Belle who has become sulky in the corner.

To think she was the one trying to cheer me up earlier by bringing me here, the tables have turned all too soon.

“……I’m sorry”

Belle also apologized after being aware of the incident.

“You don’t have to feel bad. Just the fact that Belle cares about me makes me happy already”

It may be a bit of a cliché, but since I came to this world, I still tried to pull these lines out as much as I can.

It’s because I have learned that it is the best move to make any woman pleased, no matter how corny it is.

“Yes, thank you. Gilles is gentle after all”

Sure enough, Belle returned her usual demeanor.

“Oh, passing the subject, Evelyn will be coming home today”

“……now that you mention it, I haven’t seen her recently. Where did she go?”

“……Uwaa, to think you forget her, how horrible. And she even went to find a new way to efficiently accumulate points for us”

Belle threw a slight fit upon me having forgotten our hardworking director.

Now that she mentioned it, I think I remember her saying such a thing.

Almost every day has become a sex spree recently that I have completely forgotten about my other affairs.

Upon concentrating the magical connection I had with Evelyn, just in time, I felt her presence in less than an hour away.


Though I have just created this magic recently, to think it was already this convenient.

“Well then, for the sake of our adorable director who always tries her best for my sake, why don’t we give her a grand welcome?”

After I said it, together with Belle, we activated our transfer magic and teleported to the first floor of the tower.

“……Did something happen when I was away?”

After returning to the tower, Evelyn was surprised upon our sudden presence and immediately misunderstood that something has gone wrong.

“N-no, nothing happened at all, as if something will give us trouble on the way. Ahahahaha……?”

Belle who had just gotten into trouble just earlier laughed wryly.

“If I was wrong, then what’s the fuss? I won’t believe you’ll come and pick me up for no reason”

Did she found out what Belle was thinking? The way she stared at me feels interrogating.

“We’re here just to welcome out director who is always working hard for our sakes. No more, no less”

“Is that so? Why, thank you. I certainly thought for a moment that you perpetrated something again and are having thoughts of me putting an end to it”

Perhaps being reassured by my words, Evelyn made a good stretch after placing her luggage.

Normally, all the problems in the tower are left to Evelyn for consultation before we solve it, so her behavior right now is justified.

After that, the three of us then moved to the top floor of the tower.

Belle however, has escaped somewhere immediately, worried that she will receive a preaching about causing a commotion at the store in the commercial area a while ago.

Because of that, Evelyn and I were left alone.

“And, how was the result?”

Since it was a hassle to talk leisurely, I immediately went straight to the point.

“I thought so, being you the one receiving me”

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Evelyn immediately understood what I wanted to hear, then smiled in a slightly worried way.

“Well, I thought that it was about time you’ll have troubles in earning points, so I went to check them out. By the way, how many points do we still have left?”

I told her that we still have 30% points waiting to be filled up.

“Hmmm, the rate is getting worse than I thought.”

“It is. And to think that is from embracing a considerable amount of pretty women since the city was built”

In my original plan, I thought that if all the women were to gathering one place such as a city, I would be able to accumulate points very quickly.

But apparently, I felt that my accumulation of points has turned a lot worse than when we were still starting.

“Unlike when we were still starting where the girls what walk into the trap is forcefully being done by you with no other option left for them, this time, every one of them hopes to be held by your embrace, and with everyone expecting it, that maybe the reason why the points earned was so low.”

“……that……I can’t deny it”

No matter how many times I did it, I will only get a lot of points when it’s our first time having sex.

While if the first time is the most important, it would be inefficient if the other party always wants to have sex with me instead.

If so, then the traps we made to force them becomes meaningless.

“But I’m sure you already knew this thing. And? Did you found out new way to solve it?”

“That’s right. I really tried my best to examine it as much as possible. With that, I want a reward for my efforts.”

Evelyn stared blatantly at the area between my crotch.

“Good grief, you are really hopeless, this nympho woman.”

Though I said so, I’m also looking forward to joining with Evelyn after a long time.

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Those who were regarded as beautiful in our world were treated with disgust for being ‘ugly.’

Those who were acting prim and proper were ostracized for being ‘lewd,’ 

Those who were regarded as a virgin were labeled as ‘sluts. 

This is a story of our main protagonist, Tomoaki, as he tries to save Blossom, a city filled with ‘ugly women,’ ‘whores’ and ‘sluts.’

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