Mage Tower Management Volume 6 Chapter 9

Chapter 9 – Royal Doggy

This chapter contains words, phrases, images and scenes not suitable for young audiences. You must be 18+ years old to proceed. Not safe for work. Be aware.

“We’ll now proceed to the next step, are you still alright?”

“O-of course. My determination won’t be fazed just by this”

Adelle stood up and made a fist pump as she encouraged herself.

“And, what should I do next?”

“Hmm, let’s see”

If possible, I want to take her virginity in the least painful way.

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However, my sadistic mind that wants to bully Adelle kept on nagging me not to.

“Put your hands on the wall and turn your ass over here”

“……I understand”

Adelle listened to my instructions obediently and pointed her beautiful peach-shaped butt towards me.

This brought to open her treasured place wrapped in pure white laces, already moist and wet.

“Wow, you’re already this wet just by sucking me? What a naughty princess”

“That’s only because it’s Mr. Gilles―― hyaunn”

Adelle who has about to deny the accusation had her butt grabbed, causing her to raise a wild moan.


But as expected of a royalty, her skin feels so fresh and young. it was so soft and natural as if it’s sucking my fingers inside.

Thinking I would be able to do anything I desire to such a bountiful landscape that no one has ever touched, my thirst for conquest was stimulated.

“…….nnn, ……Nnnnu……haaaannn”

After I rubbed and massaged her with delight, her breaths became rougher and rougher as time passed by.

“Princess, how does my massage feel? Feels great, right? Considering you’re such a pervert and all”

“I-im not a ……pervert, hyaan!”

Adelle desperately tried making retorts whenever I teased her. However, all her sentences were left unfinished and replaced by enticing moans because every time she opens her mouth, I squeeze her plump butt hard.

The process kept repeating for a while, making her underwear so wet it couldn’t be compared to what it had looked like earlier.

“Just look at the state of your poor panties. It’s practically soaked that if the one who made this were to see it, she will surely cry.”

“Don’t tell me about it!”

Adelle’s face turned red in shame from being teased again.

Oh, what’s this? Did her legs just tremble? She already came just from that?

“Well then, why don’t I take off that underwear of yours so that it won’t get any more stained. I’m a benevolent person after all”

I put my hands on her panties and slipped them all the way down to her knees.

Then after I squatted, I buried my face in her secret place, which is already a deluge right now.

“Noo, don’t, that place is dirty!”

Adelle tried to resist, but as it was already overbearing for her just to stand, she wasn’t able to do anything on my assault.

“Why is it not allowed? Even you yourself gave your all in licking mine earlier. Didn’t I say it before? Sex should be equal for both parties.”

I pried open the slippery pink flesh with my fingers.

Then, I smelled the scent of the royal pussy that nobody has ever touched.

“Hyaaa, wh-what are you doing!?”

“Your scent is really quite distinct, Your Highness. Even I felt dizzy by the thickness of it.”

Noticing that I was smelling the scent of her secret place, Adelle’s back quivered up to her spine.

Then, nectar began to overflow one after the other.

I took my tongue out, then started licking it without hesitation.

“……Haaa, haaann……M-Mr. Gilles, Mr. Gilles is licking my pussy!”

Looks like the she’s about to reach her peak, as the insides of her treasured place wriggled restlessly and even tried to clamp my tongue inside it.

“Good grief. No matter how much I lick it, the fluids just won’t stop”

To think Adelle had a masochistic temperament, this is an unexpected discovery.

It’s like they have given me a toy in which I’m free to do whatever I want with it.

The cunnilingus that I had started was originally intended to reduce the pain of being deflowered.

However, to think she would exactly get horny in her suffering. Ah, she came once again.

“Nmmm, shall I make you cum once more, my cute Adelle?”

I stopped caressing her clitoris with my tongue, and then I peeled it open.

“Nhaaa!……..D-don’t! Something is, something is coming ouuuut!”

With her clit now exposed, I adjusted my position and tried pinching it as hard as I can.

“――Ah, Aaaaaah, aaaaaaaAAAAH!”

Adelle climaxed at once, blowing herself a tide and making her almost collapse due to it, but I didn’t let her do so.

I reached my hands on her waist and positioned ourselves stably to keep us from falling, then I immediately pierced her pussy with my hard cock, tearing her hymen. Afterwards I plunged it deep inside her in one move.

“~~~~!? ~~~~~~!?”

She then gave a silent scream to the pain and pleasure, still unsure of what had happened to her.

“Congratulations, Adelle. With this, you have now become a fine woman”

Adelle was certainly a virgin.

The proof of it was the visible amount of blood shedding down from our connection.

However, the pain of deflowering even caused the female pig to feel pleasure, that even her vagina had a series of convulsions after that.

Even from where I stood, my eyes didn’t miss her face that looked like it was about to melt at any moment.

“You, I’m going to turn you into a genuine masochist!!”

Since she feels pleasure even from the pain, there is no need to be caring like making her pussy get accustomed to my cock, isn’t it?

With that as basis, I immediately started with a high-speed piston, which I usually do in my partners.

“……Aah, aah, noo…… I, came, just now……don’t move……!”

Adelle repeatedly begged me to stop, but her insides kept on tightening my dick as if she doesn’t want to let it go.

Though she was a virgin, the sensation I felt inside her wasn’t as narrow as the normal ones I have experienced with. However, because she kept on convulsing one after the other, it felt even greater than the former.

“Good grief, what a hopeless perverted princess you are”

Every time I put out an insult, I felt the insides of hers tightening in response to it.

But because her pussy is quite on the shorter ones, it wasn’t able to fit the entire length of my member.

In other words, I have been hitting her womb entrance since a little while ago.

“Ahhh, its so biiig! Aaaah, it’s, its crushing my womb!!!!”

Unlike the cheerful impression when I met her, Adelle was now screaming like a whiny child.

However, I didn’t loosen my grasp on her.

After all, I haven’t taken my shot, even though she had done it so many times.

“Come on! Scream louder! It’s going to be more intense later!”

I forcibly shook her hips while prying open her tight vagina violently with my meat stick.

Normally, if I go in and out like this, the woman would feel greater pain than pleasure.

However, the inside of hers just became hotter and hotter, and the love juices that had turned syrupy was already overflowing through her legs.

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The tide kept splattering from her vagina every time I slam my rod onto her hips, as I was fucking a champagne barrel through a hole.

It was so much that there is even a puddle beneath our feet now.


“I’m, becoming strange, even though I’m a princess, my womb is being ravished hardly……it feelsh sho goooooodh”

The princess was already slurring her own words from the pleasure she’s receiving.

However, it had stirred up my sadistic mind even more.

“How about this then? Huh!”

I held Adele’s waist firmly then pushed the cock further into her cervix.

“Ah!! M-my uterus has been pryed open!?”

As I penetrate deeper into her womb, the tightening became even more intense, further increasing my feeling of wanting to ejaculate.

“Kuh, it’s so damned tight”

Still, I didn’t loosen my waist strokes, but kept on pushing in and out of her cervix many times.

Every time I retract my member out of her, her pussy tightens its grip so much as if it doesn’t want to part with my penis.

“Nooo, no moreeee, my baby’s room will be broken by thiiiiiis!”

Adele, who was fucked all the way to her womb in her first sex went screaming while scattering saliva all over the place, making one question whether she had lost her sanity or not.

But I kept on shaking my hips without care for such a thing.

“……aaau…….uaaa…….aah, gguunn! Gyaaaan!!!”

When she reached the point where she could only groan like a beast, I wasn’t able to suppress the feeling to ejaculate any longer.

“――Adelle, I’m gonna let it out! Take it all the way to the back of your womb!!”

Byurururururuu! Byurururururuu!

An extraordinary amount of semen came out, so much that upon reaching her depths, the semen that I jizzed out actually flowed backwards and overflowed to our connecting parts even though I haven’t pulled out yet.


After that, Adelle then fell to the ground with whites on her eyes, unable to withstand the first sexual pleasure she received in her life.

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