Mage Tower Management Volume 6 Chapter 8

Chapter 8 – Princess’ Royal Fellatio

This chapter contains words, phrases, images and scenes not suitable for young audiences. You must be 18+ years old to proceed. Not safe for work. Be aware.

“……haaahaaa, wh-what is this thing!? M-my body is throbbing hard”

I immediately removed the slime which coiled itself around Adelle.

However, I was already too late. It happened only after the slime had done its job.

Adele was originally dressed in a revealing outfit, the aphrodisiac secreted by the slime was firmly imprinted in her body.

“Sorry. That slime is an aphrodisiac slime. I use them to make women who come to this tower feel horny”

I explained as I try to wipe Adelle’s body with a wet towel to reduce the effects of the chemical.

“Hyaaan, M-Mr. Gilles, d-don’t!”

However, Adelle, whose entire body has now become an enormous erogenous zone, couldn’t help but make shouts and moans every time the cloth touches her skin.

If I leave it as it is, my reason will eventually run out.

Not being able to lift a finger to a scantily dressed beauty like her who moans seductively from time to time, it also suffered me a mental anguish.

“Hyaunn! Why an aphrodisiac?”

Adelle on the other hand, didn’t seem to understand the meaning why I added an aphrodisiac effect to my slime.

“This tower has a sealed room on the top floor. To open it, you have to earn points, and to earn points, it requires women to have sex”

I spoke to Adelle the secret of the tower, because it’s not like I’m having a loss. I see no importance to hide it anyway. Also, who would believe it? They would say that it’s just an excuse for me to fuck all the women who’ll enter the tower.

“That……ahh, might be just perfect……aaaahn!”

Perfect? What is Adelle talking about?

“I-I came here because, I want to be one with Mr. Gilles.”

This is bad. Adelle might be one of those type where the aphrodisiac is too effective on them.

Or maybe it’s because Elsie has improved the concentration of the slimes’ aphrodisiac effects?

Other than that, there shouldn’t be any reason for Adelle to become this lovestruck to me. Looks like someone will get a punishment later.

“I have already wiped out all the remaining traces of the slime’s fluids on your body. Your body should calm down after a while.”

After that, I invited Adelle to come to my room to take a rest.

It is also because I want to clear her about something in detail.

Just when did I got involved with the third princess of the kingdom? And why does she want to get connected to me?

Perhaps it was something similar to a political marriage to me, who has obtained the Lavabelle Tower and the Demon Lord?

Well, maybe she’s just confused due to the slime’s aphrodisiac.

“Are you okay now?”

I poured cold water into a glass, then handed it over to Adelle as I check if the aphrodisiac’s effects have faded.

“Yes, my body has calmed down, I think. Thank you”

Adelle received the glass from me and downed it in one go without checking anything.

I don’t understand the reason she trusts me this much.

She’s a princess of a country. If you think about it normally, shouldn’t she check first if there is any poison in the food and drink before putting them in her mouth?

“Okay. First things first. The thing you said about becoming one with me. It’s a joke right?”

As I don’t want to assume strange ideas, I went on the topic straight away.

“Mr. Gilles may not remember, but we’ve met once at the royal castle.”

Meeting her at the castle? I don’t have such memory.

Certainly, as the eldest and only son of the Bain House, I and Elisa have been to the castle several times.

However, as I was already infamous for being a woman lover even before that time, whenever I go to the castle all the women always went in hiding, so I wasn’t able to touch even a single hair on them.

“I’m sorry. I don’t have any memories of meeting you, Adelle. Can you please enlighten me with that?”

“That day, I was told that the woman lover of the Bain House would come, so I went in hiding with my maid.”

As expected from the intro. It really matches with my memory, which means I didn’t really meet her personally. However, Adelle expressed a nostalgic look as if remembering that ‘day’ she ‘met’ me.

Here is the summary of what she had said.

She, on that day, wanting to see the eldest son of the Bain family out of curiosity, dressed up as a man and came out of hiding.

However, due to a misfortunate coincidence, a thief entered the castle and Adelle was captured as a hostage.

As she was still disguise, I had assumed she was just one of the people who lived in the royal castle, well, technically she was, but it never crossed my mind that she was a princess.

I was passing by her at that time, so when the commotion broke out, I instantly defeated the thief with my magic, rescuing her in the process.

However, that same day, she didn’t expect that another thief would come up and robbed her heart instead.

“Hmm, now that you said it, I think I remember now. So, you were the pretty boy I saved at that time, huh?”

I was now able to recall the buried memories with the help of Adelle’s story.

I was planning on going to a high-end brothel at that time.

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But then we received a summon from the castle, and I was loitering there in annoyance because my adventure was postponed.

Then there was a thief who had entered the castle and dropped at the right place – to vent my frustration that is. In eight hits or so, he and I were both able to relieve ourselves from the stress, though the way we went was completely different from each other.

“If I was a pretty boy, then Mr. Gilles would be a lot, lot cooler than me, right? After all, in that moment, I fell in love with you”

Adelle who didn’t know the other side of the story continued showering praises on me.

“While that may be true, isn’t it impossible for a mage like me and a princess to be tied up with each other?”

To prevent me from being engulfed to her own pace, I made another direct approach.

“That’s not true. I think you are a hero who had saved the kingdom from the Demon Lord’s threat, you even succeeded in creating another life that no one else in history could achieve. Even with only those two accomplishments, nobody would dare to complain”

What the hell. I was already entitled as a hero in this girl’s head, even though I ain’t keen on being one.

Still, I didn’t feel as bad when she said that.

“Okay. Adelle, you got me. We will become one as you desire. However, I may not be as exactly as you imagined, and similar to other men, I have lustful desires too, so you should prepare yourself.”

“Really? Thank you very much! You know, I really want to give my first time to the man I really like”

Adelle approached and hugged me.

Perhaps because of the aphrodisiac which had worked too effectively on her earlier, her slightly flushed skin gave a glossy and charming vibe.

“However, there is one thing I want before that”

“Just go ahead. I’ll listen to anything that Mr. Gilles will say.”

Adelle was totally in high spirits, like a girl who has just gotten permission to play.

“I believe in the notion that men and women should give and take equally when having sex. With that, I want Adelle to prove herself first”

“I don’t really understand very much as this will be my first time. So, what should I do?”

“Well, I want you to lick my cock and make it bigger”


As expected, Adele was surprised at what I had said.

If this were a normal case, I would be beheaded for insulting a member of the royal family.

Anyway, the work I could only do right now is to make her first experience become one where she won’t forget in her lifetime.

By no means that I don’t want to witness a member of the royal family succumb herself to me……its true, you know?

“……I understand. If Mr. Gilles says so, then it can’t be helped. Allow me to start off by giving this one my first kiss.”

Adelle crouched down and put her face close to my crotch.

Then, slowly lowering my pants, she turned her eyes to the now slightly larger meat stick.

“Wow, it’s my first time seeing this but……it’s surprisingly cute.”

“It won’t be long that you will retract those words”

“R-really? Th-then, I’ll start. Chu~~”

Adelle closed her eyes as having made up her mind, then she gently kissed my cock.

“Next, try licking it off while squeezing it with your hands.”

“U-Understood. L-like this? Lerolerolero”

Fearfully, she licked the tip while rubbing the staff of my meat stick.

Compared to the blowjobs that I usually get, she’s just on the level of a child’s play.

However, it didn’t bring down my excitement. Thinking that it was the very princess of the country that is licking my member, it actually rose up instead.

“Lero, lero……Nn? I-it got bigger!?”

“A man’s thing gets bigger when they feel aroused. This time, you may now suck it with your mouth.”

“C-can this thing fit inside my mouth? Mumumu, I don’t know if I can, but I’ll try my best”

Adele grasped my cock and took her tongue out to check its taste.

Occasionally her front teeth collide with it, but I also enjoy that kind of spice.

“Nn……Nmuuu…… nnnn!? Geho! Geho!”

Adele coughed violently after she released her mouth from the cock, perhaps because she went too deep with her mouth.

It was a good feeling, but I don’t know whether I will get satisfied by this.

“Hmm, I guess it was just too difficult for Adelle. It’s her first time after all”

I acted disappointed to her bad performance.

“Th-that’s not true! I’m just finally getting the hang of it. Let me do it again!”

Adelle, already in tears, shook her head in desperation, then she tried putting my cock in her mouth again.

Certainly, as she had said, it felt better than the first. Still, it didn’t change the lack of stimulus.

“Suck it while making vulgar sounds. Also, this might be a bit painful for you, but if you hold it deeper into your mouth, it will double the pleasure that I feel”

“Jupopopopo, jupopopopo! Like this?”

Adelle’s performance was so good that I felt I was swallowed entirely by her. Thanks to that, the pleasant feeling had improved by far, too.

Even so, that upturned eyes when doing a fellatio is really erotic, no matter how many times I have seen it. In addition to that, I could see her hyottoko face, so was the best.

“Nnn……Fuuu, jupoppopo……nfufufu”

Adele’s nose is getting rough because of the overdoing her suction.

It was also ticklish as her hair kept on touching my groins.

“……that’s right……just keep that up. It feels good”

“Nnhun, jupopopopo, jupopoppo, jupopopopopo!”

Her vacuum fellatio is getting stronger, making my meat stick bulge all over and ready to explode.

“Ahh, I’m coming―― a, Adelle!!”

When I was about to cum, I grabbed Adelle’s head and shoved my member violently inside her throat, then ejaculated inside it.

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“Nnguu!? Nbuoooooo! Gehe, gupoh, gopah!”

At once, despite being in pain due to being pierced all the way to the back of the throat, Adelle engulfed all my semen wholeheartedly.

However, there was too much semen that it didn’t go all the way down her esophagus, causing some of them to return and flow back up to her nose.

“――Guhee, ohee……upuu, haa, haa, So this is Mr. Gilles’ semen”

“Yeah. You’ve worked hard. It was really pleasant despite being your first time”

“Ahh, if Mr. Gilles is happy, then I too, am happy.”

Adelle, whose face is now covered with semen, collapsed while shivering, perhaps because of the lack of air due to being clogged by my meat and fluids.

If she’s already this disheveled when performing a fellatio, how much more could it be when we have the real thing?

I grew more curious and worried about Adelle.

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