Mage Tower Management Volume 5 Chapter 9

Chapter 9 – Elisa Bain

This chapter contains words, phrases, images and scenes not suitable for young audiences. You must be 18+ years old to proceed. Not safe for work. Be aware.

After passing through the big gate, I finally entered the city.

It has been a long time since I saw the familiar streets of my hometown. I wanted to spend a bit more time in mesmerizing the scenery, but my duty holds me back as I still need to report to the mayor of this area first.

I am Elisa Bain.

The only daughter of the prestigious Bain House of this generation.

And I have just returned from a long mission abroad.

“Haaaa, I want to see nii-sama already……”

To be separated from nii-sama for this long, it was the first for me.

It was so painful that I already felt my chest about to rip itself apart.

I arrived at our mansion, and after telling my servants to keep my luggage, I went straight ahead to the government office alone.

“This is Elisa Bain, and I have returned. Where is the mayor?”

To save myself time from those gaudy and unnecessary formal reception process, I used magic to spread my voice throughout the office.

It wasn’t loud as it was improper for a lady to speak that way, but with the sound of my voice being spread evenly around the room, such volume is unnecessary.

A few seconds later, the mayor came out in a panic.

“Welcome, welcome, Elisa-sama! Please come in”

The mayor is a sly person, but considering that this is already his third term, it only shows how skilled he is in his job.

Well, as long as they aren’t a nuisance to my onii-sama, anyone is fine, really.

“I just came here to report my arrival. The mission has been successfully completed, and with this the Bain House’s name will rise even more.”

“Magnificent work as always, Elisa-sama. Are you perhaps in a hurry? If so, we have available carriages ready to use right away.”

“I am. Perhaps you can lend one of them for me?”

Though it was faster if I just run with magic, as I am in the end a noble of the Bain House and also Gilles Bain’s sibling, I won’t do such shameless thing.

“Then I will prepare them immediately. How about a cup of tea while you wait?”

“Very well. I’ll take your offer”

After that, I was escorted by the mayor to the reception room.

When I sat on the sofa, the mayor pulled out a tea set from the shelf and started brewing tea.

Then, my eyes were focused on the pot that the mayor was using.

“Is that teapot a magic artifact?”

“Eh, ah yes. I acquired this recently. Of course, I bought it at my own expense”

“Right, of course it is”

Despite saying so, I couldn’t get rid of the sense of incongruity that I felt by looking at that teapot.

“Can you show me that teapot for a little bit?”

“I don’t really mind, but I do hope that it would match Elise-sama’s tastes”

After he finished pouring the tea, I took the teapot and examined it from various angles.

Though the magic involved is simply to keep the heat from escaping, the way it was built in was frighteningly accurate to a degree.

Even more accurate than what I could do.

Though I’m not so good at making artifacts, I still take pride of it for my skills belong to the first class.

Being a descendant of the Bain House, the originator of all magic, I possess the natural talent to use all magic more than an average person.

“Mayor, who gave you this teapot?”

“It’s Evelyn-sama, the director of the Ministry of Magic. If only you were a bit earlier, you two would have met that time, and she would also have given you something similar to this.”

“But the director of the Ministry of Magic was sent to this city to monitor the Lavabelle Tower, am I right?”

” -! ……..Yes, that’s right.”

Just now, did the mayor went rigid when I said Lavabelle Tower? Me

Even if you say that it was a symbol of fear in the past, I don’t think there is something to be afraid of at this present.

Hmm, what if he’s hiding something?

Shall I pry for a bit?

“Mayor, I have been away from this town for a long time. As such, I am concerned about the happenings around the tower, also as a noble of the Bain House”

“Ah, for our Elisa-sama to care about us like this, we have our utmost gratitude. We citizens of this town can now sleep with peace of mind.”

“Don’t expect too much of me. The death of the Demon Lord sealed in that tower may have been the utmost wish of the Bain House since my grandmother, but I’m still lacking in strength. However, I can assure you that I’ going to destroy it in the future”

“What a noble heart! This Dalton is moved!”

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I examined the current mayor with transmission magic, and to my interest, his heart is pounding rather quickly.

I’m right that there is something that happened in the tower. I better look at it.

Though it was easy to strangle this mayor here, I have to meet with my nii-sama first.

“Elise-sama, the carriage is ready”

“I see.”

After that I rode to the carriage and went back to the Bain mansion.

As soon as the carriage reached the gates, a number of servants came out to pick me up.

“Thank you very much for your efforts. Where is nii-sama?”

Our butler replied to my question with a frown.

“That’s, Gilles-sama hasn’t arrived here yet”

I suddenly had a bad feeling.

Nii-sama may not return home for a few days, but if it’s a few weeks or more then something must be wrong.

If it’s the usual stay inside the brothel, the butler would usually “He’s at it again, doing actions unbefitting of a member of the Bain House” and frowns in resentment afterwards.

The butler has still that distorted face of his, but this time wasn’t of anger, but of regret.

“What happened to onii-sama!?”

I unconsciously pressed the butler for answers.

“Gilles-sama is currently on a mission, and that is to monitor the Demon Lord in the Lavabele Tower”

“M-my onii-sama, in the Lavabelle Tower?”

There was a demon lord who did all the tyranny and violence in this country in the past, but it was sealed off by my great grandmother in the end.

To think that the same demon lord is now under watch by my onii-sama.

The butler nodded firmly to confirm my muttering, even though I wasn’t able to spoke any word after that.

“Aaaah, onii-sama……”

As if a string has been cut inside my head, I felt a sense of powerlessness, and my surroundings became pitch black.

The last thing I heard was the screams of the servants, then my consciousness was cut off completely.

When I woke up, I was in my own room.

Looks like I have collapsed, somehow or other.

Then, I immediately noticed the maid who seemed to have been waiting for me to wake up.

“Milady, how is your physical condition? Are you feeling hurt somewhere?”

I checked the conditions of my limbs and the state of my magic power, but there was nothing wrong.

“I’m okay now. Don’t worry”

The maid then expressed a sense of relief upon hearing those words.

“Call the butler here right away. I want to hear a more detailed explanation from him”

I issued that order, then watched the maid as she goes out. After that, I finally made a long sigh.

No matter how shocked I was, to collapse in front of my servants is a really big blunder.

After a while, the butler came, then I received a detailed explanation.

As I listened more and more, my hands’ grip went stronger and stronger under the bedsheets.

Then when the butler had finally finished, I took a deep breath, then told to him.

“In other words, onii-sama headed to the tower to reapply the seal to the resurrected demon lord, but he was not able to reseal it, so he became its shackles instead to contain the Demon Lord?”

“Not quite, milady. I heard that the Demon Lord has no intention of invading once again, and it was only a covert ops mission”

“But it is still true that onii-sama is at the same place as the Demon Lord, right? Surveillance, monitoring or whatever, why didn’t you stop him?”

I who have become emotional blurted out to the butler.

“My earnest apologies! But when Gilles-sama went out, he only said that I’ll be going out for longer. There is a beautiful woman waiting for me” so I thought that he was going to go the brothel again……”

“Woman? The Demon Lord is a woman!?”

“Yes, or so that’s what I’ve heard”

My goodness……

My brother sure is a ladies’ man, so he might be put under the Demon Lord’s charm spell! I have to rescue him!

“Onii-sama, rescue is coming! You, have my equipment ready right away”

“Please think for a moment, milady! We can’t afford to send you out right away now that Gilles-sama is gone!”

“Don’t talk as if my brother is already dead! And what exactly do you want me to do?”

“You misunderstood your humble servant, milady. I only said right away. I’ll be right back, please wait for a moment”

The butler then went out of the room.

In the meantime, I started preparing clothes and equipment on my own.

After a while, the butler is back to where he had left.

In his hands was a long item tightly wound with a cloth.

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“Please bring this”

“What exactly is……this is!”

What came out of the cloth was a staff.

At a glance, you can feel that it possessed powerful magic from within.

“This staff was the one personally used by the head of the previous generation, Katya Bain – your and GIles-sama’s mother. Please, milady. Bring this with you.”

“……Thank you. Then, I’ll get going now”

Onii-sama, please hold on. I will rescue you from that evil Demon Lord’s hand!

I firmed my determination as I held the staff of the strongest archmage in history with my hand.

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