Mage Tower Management Volume 5 Chapter 6

Chapter 6 – Reckless Attempt

This chapter contains words, phrases, images and scenes not suitable for young audiences. You must be 18+ years old to proceed. Not safe for work. Be aware.

After coming back from the negotiations in the town, I am now in the middle of my work, diligently monitoring the whole dungeon in my spare time.

I am now thinking on how can we unlock the “sealed” transfer magic in the dungeon.

For our negotiations, the mayor, whom Evelyn has struck a deal with, has reported that he has begun the massive recruitment of the migrants we’ll need.

The commercial and residential facilities in the dungeon are still incomplete, but some of them are already done and ready for use, so it’s possible to accept a small number of them.

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“Well, Rome isn’t built in one day, so let’s take it nice and steady here”

I think that by now, the fact that we are looking for migrants should be widely known in the town.

No matter how small or big a city is, I’m not foolish to imagine they will lack manpower for female craftsmen and merchants.

That’s for the upper part.

Now for the lower part, the negotiations with the underworld that I’ve entrusted to Dahlia has gone well too.

Together with the boss of the “dark side” of the town, he has spoken out against doing criminal acts inside the tower, and after a bit more negotiations, he finally came to terms with us on recruiting women who were not able to live in the surface.

Well, the negotiations part was simply handing over some artifacts, however.

Each of the Bain artifacts are engraved with their insignia, and are closely monitored by the government, so it is not easily accessible even for the humans behind the scenes like them.

For that, I handed some artifacts without the insignia.

Since the artifacts to be handed over are carefully selected I can guarantee that it will not be used directly for crime. As for indirect ways, well, its up to them.

Still, for any kind of artifact, it is expected to have a huge demand on it, no matter what it was, so if you bring it to the auction at the central, it will definitely become a huge sum of money.

You think that’s enough for them? Of course, it’s not, as they are the types who will extort the goose to lay more eggs till it’s in the brink of dying. So, I threatened them by saying “Gilles Bain will crush you personally when the necessity arises”.

Thus, the lower part should be fine with this.

“Hmmmm, is it impossible after all?”

I have been lost in thoughts for a while, but I couldn’t think of any way to solve the transportation problem.

When I was writhing in my mental, a familiar face appeared in the corner of the monitor.

“This person, she’s the one we met at the shop that time……”

Looking at her closely, she really did give a vibe of a serious scholar.

I was wondering if she will really come, and because I am in the middle of my slump, her timing was just right for a change, so I decided to chase the scholar with my surveillance equipment.

The scholar entered through the entrance, but she didn’t move from there. Instead, she began searching around.

She tried to cut the floor and walls to collect material, but then fell disappointed because she couldn’t get a single piece.

“After all, it’s impossible unless you are as strong as Belle.”

If it’s the dragon on the top floor, it may be able to shave it a little, but for a scholar like her it will be an impossible task.

Then after putting herself together once more, the scholar who was looking around seem to have found something.

When I zoomed in the camera, it was a remnant of a slime.

It was a slime that was strong against blunt attacks, but weak against slashing, piercing and magic.

But even if it was cut and divided to some extent, some of its pieces will reunite after a while. This seems to be the part that the slime wasn’t able to gather.

The scholar picked it up with her tweezers and then placed it in a container that seems to be a magic tool.

“is it really fine for her to collect such trivial things?”

Still, I don’t think it was a bad idea.

That slime is a complete creation that I made from scratch, even though there is a similar monster which was its origin, my slime is entirely different.

Even I thought that idea is remarkable.

Though the ordinary smiles couldn’t think and could only do three things – eat, sleep and multiply, my slimes on the other hand were made to remember their tasks at the instinctive level, so they can do things that ordinary slimes could not. This alone made them surpass their predecessor at a very large margin.

However, teaching them a job at the incentive level also means that they could only do that single task and nothing more.

If they are thrown in our harsh nature, they will surely go extinct in no time.

But what if the scholar analyzed the slime from that remnant and took it to the experts in their field?

As someone who has succeeded in creating life that could be classified as impossible, I will be targeted by a lot of scholars and mages.

I can be their partner in my spare time, but I’m too busy collecting points right now.

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“If that happens, then I won’t be able to return in peace.”

I intended to go easy on her once she comes to the dungeon as a similar person who loves the same meal, but looks like she won’t be able to go out safely today.

Nevertheless, I’ll still be gentle as I commit her. She’s a beautiful woman after all.

I thought as I remember her appearance when I saw it close before.

Then, I observed the scholar on the monitor again.

Speaking of her distinctive traits, are they glasses?

Though Evelyn has her monocle, this one is a normal pair of eyeglasses.

Really just like a scholar.

Right now she’s walking around the dungeon, so she wore clothes that are easy to walk in, but even her white shirt and coat really looked neat on her.

Her breasts……really gave a her a great impression.

They are at least or most as big as Carol.

Though I have told Evelyn that it wasn’t just the size that matters, the visual effect is still bigger with larger breasts after all.

While I was arguing about that in my mind, when I stared back at the scholar, she apparently has encountered an enemy.

Standing in front of the scholar is of course, a slime.

The slime is swaying around its body, as if asking for the scholar a chance.

The scholar seemed surprised by the first monster, but she quickly recovered and took a wand out of her bag.

Then, after she murmured something, a fireball was launched from the wand and it hit the slime.

The slime made a sizzling sound then melted.

“Well, looks like someone seems to have prepared for a lot of things.”

Probably that want is a magic artifact packed with fireball magic.

It is the type that uses magic sealed inside it after giving the keywords set by the owner and a little bit of magic power.

Due to its nature, it can be used by any human with magic powers, and its rapid firing ability is effective too.

However, because of their utility, their prices are usually high, enough to buy a simple horse-drawn carriage for just one simple artifact.

Well, if you are a mage, you can just recharge the wand by sealing another fireball magic inside. With its reusable feature, it won’t hurt to buy one. Especially when it regards to your safety.

Mercenaries and adventurers that like to dive into dungeons always have several wants like this. Their effects are usually for attack, recover and fleeing to escape.

The fireball is executed splendidly, and completely burning the slime out.

That fireball has enough power to burn two or three slimes altogether.

“Once you have reached the stairs to the second floor, let’s see if you’re really worth it”

The current dungeon has changed from a five(5) floor structure to a ten (10) floor structure, so the difficulty levels have been reassigned.

Thus, it should be easier now to get to the second floor, which is the equivalent of the first floor in the previous one.

Even the slimes I mentioned earlier could be kicked to the side by a warrior and it won’t bother them anymore.

A slime is slow, and could only go as fast as a man’s walk speed at its best.

When attacking, it jumps and rushes at high speed, but even that is something that couldn’t be done continuously.

After several battles, the scholar advanced to the second floor as expected.

However, while searching there, she was ambushed by slime and tried to fight back, but her stick ran out of ammo.

The slime, grabbing the opportunity, rushed straight at her, causing her to lose her consciousness. The slime then captured her and put her in the usual prison room.

What a really disappointing way of ending the show.

“I even warned her to be careful. Is she a scholar with no combat experience? Then why did she come alone in the first place?”

While questioning her idiocy, I stood up and made my way to the prison where the captive scholar would end up.

She tried to steal a piece of this tower away, and now she’s gonna pay for it.

I grinned while thinking of what will happen from hereafter.

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