Mage Tower Management Volume 4 Chapter 7

Chapter 7 – Belle’s Double Penetration

This chapter contains words, phrases, images and scenes not suitable for young audiences. You must be 18+ years old to proceed. Not safe for work. Be aware.

In front of me was Belle, the Demon Lord feared by many. But in contrast to those tales of old, the proud ruler of the night has now completely resigned herself to my presence.

Helpless and isolated, she’s no different from a carp on a cutting board, with no aid and no escape.

“Now then. First, let’s start by loosening the hole of yours”

As I said that, Dahlia who was holding her from behind read my intention and lifted Belle’s legs up.

This brought Belle’s two holes closer to my eyes.

“Noo, this is……it’s so embarrassing……Don’t look at it so much!”

Belle closed her eyes, embarrassed to see what will happen next. Still, the anus is a sensitive organ, so no matter how she shy herself, it’s futile.

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That said, I’m no tentacle monster, so I can’t just ‘develop’ it alone with just my fingers. Specific methods are required.

I stooped down, seeing the cute opening beneath her vaginal orifice.

“Looking at it once again, it’s so pretty”

Belle covered her now reddish face with her hands.

I immediately stretched my hand and traced my fingers around the hole so as to relax the muscles around her ass.

“Nnn, it feels so strange”

Well, it can’t be helped. Asses aren’t usually touched this way either.

However, since the area around the anus is quite sensitive, it was considered a great erogenous zone.

“I‘ll help too”

Dahlia who was holding Belle switched grip from her legs to her breasts and pussy.

“Nhuu, ahhh, Dahlia, wait! It really feels weird over there, please stop! Ahhnn!”
“Play with the other erogenous zones like this while groping her. This way, her anus will start to feel even hotter.”

Did this woman remember the sensations of her treatment? Her hands are quite good.

In a blink of an eye, Belle’s pleads turned into sweet moans.

I who heard it put more effort in my caresses, not intending to lose to Dahlia’s.

Then, as preparation before starting our full-scale ‘development’, I inserted something to the loosened anus.

‘Hyaaaa! Wh-what did you put inside?”

Surprised, Belle gave out a cute scream upon the invasion of the foreign material within.

“it’s a kind of suppository I compounded with magic. I made it secretly, to use it if an opportunity similar to this arises”

I’m not that barbaric to put myself in the wrong hole without any preparations.

Therefore, I made this suppository. Unlike those that are made to cure fever and colds in my previous world, this invention of mine breaks down the impurities in the pores and kills dangerous bacteria to some degree.

In Dalia’s time, I could only use a tentacle monster to make these ‘preliminary arrangements’. It was rough, yes, especially for our cute thief here who had practically zero experience in the matter, but the idea is that I have to defend the dungeon from intruders that time, so I couldn’t care less about what will happen to them.

But with our situation right now, we couldn’t afford to make trouble. We must not get the government’s attention, as their influence will be detrimental to our goal.

Dahlia, however, has something else in her mind. It’s pretty unfair that I was the only one who experienced that thing. I want Belle to experience it too! Having developed a sense of rivalry into them, she decided to make this punishment – and also to create another companion to her misery.

“So, how is it, our cute demon lord? Feels good, right? I see you jolted in pleasure earlier. This humble thief is really glad”
“D-don’t put it in all of a sudden. I-I didn’t feel good at all! I-I was just surprised, this is nothing to me!”
“Oh, my bad, but certainly I felt that you leaked out a little when Gilles inserted that suppository. Maybe it’s all in my imagination”
“Th-that’s right! As if I could leak a little in that teeny little thing!”

In truth, Dahlia’s palms and fingers were already sopping from fingering Belle, and Belle had already leaked a series of muffled moans while I was inserting it on her loosened anus.

“Dahlia, stop bullying Belle”

I sent a gesture to Dahlia who has no intention of stopping, then stopped her hands.

Then, I pushed my forefinger against the anus of Belle, and inserted it little by little.

“Ah, this is, Gilles’ finger……is it? Nn, fuuuh”

Belle’s breaths became even more prominent.

Was my intentions finally understood? The hardest part of her back entrance opened, making my finger slip through to her rear end.

“Looks like you’re loosened up now. Finally we could start”
“Nhu, haaa, haaa, no, please, Gilles, do it gently”
“Don’t worry. Everything will be okay once you swallowed it all”

I pushed the rest of my finger in one breathing.

“Nkuhh, hyaaaa!? I-is it all inside?”
“Yes, but it’s only one finger yet. More are still about to come”

After my forefinger has gotten accustomed on its new place, I increased the number of fingers to two, then to three.

“Fugh, ahuuu, nnnn! Ahh, enough, Gilles, it won’t open any further”

Right after the third finger, Belle’s anus tightened in a convulsing manner. She’s gotten tensed again.

“Relax, my sweet Belle. You’ll be fine afterwards”

Then, I pulled out all of the three fingers at once.

“Nhiii!! D-don’t pull it out like that! Ahu, haa, haa, haa”

While panting hard and sweating all over, she screamed at me with a flushed face.

“Oh my, Belle’s body is shaking all over. Looks like it’s anticipating its long-awaited anal fucking. Gilles, we’re ready”

Dahlia said out of the blue. Belle’s face turned into shock.

Looking at that reaction, I immediately understood that our thief hit the bulls-eye. Now, Belle’s anus has awoken – as a new erogenous zone.

If so, then I just have to do it the usual way.

“Oh, is that so? We could now start the real thing then. Here I go”

I aimed at my already prepared flesh rod at the newly opened hole.
Belle, mesmerized by my member, gulped once to resolve herself and said.

“……un, put it in. Gilles, please accept my anal virginity”

Her face remained with a tinge of red, but Belle said it with a clear resolution.

I nodded to it and pushed my meat stick forward.

“Nhuuuu……It, it’s in. Gilles’ dick is totally in. my butthole feels so full right now”

Her anus should have been loosened sufficiently, but her entrance is still tight.

Still, it no longer rejected the invasion of the foreign body. Instead, it was changed completely into a tightening vise of pleasure.

“Ahaa, Gilles’ dick, its so hot and hard……my bumhole feels so good”

That’s what she said.

Although it doesn’t have the tightness and unevenness like a vagina, her other insides cling hard into my cock, not intending to let it go.

Unlike a vagina that had a “shallower” end, her anus swallowed my cock deeper, as if it was a bottomless ravine.

“Ah, Gilles’ everything is now inside me. Gilles and mine are joined together. it feels weird”
“Yeah, but Belle’s ass feels really good too”
“I see. I’m glad. But, a little more than this is……Nghiiiiii!”

Belle was about to ask for a break, but I have no intention to allow it. This is punishment after all.

Thus, I started waving my hips without mercy.

“Iiii,Ahhhn! Don’t pull it out so suddenly, something, something’s coming out!”

Belle who has just developed her new erogenous zone was exploited once more with my long hard piston-like strokes.

“That’s good Belle. With this, your first anal experience will be an unforgettable one!”

I sped up my pistons as I violated Belle.

“Ahn, ahn! Hyaaaai! Don’t, cum! I’m cumming from my ass!!”

After a while, she showed signs of climax. I still I continued stabbing nonetheless.

“Looks like it’s working well. You can feel it right? I’m now stimulating your womb from a new place”

That’s right. I was poking her vagina from the ‘other side’ of the wall.

And because Dahlia ‘pre-heated’ her a while ago, her insides were now blazing as it received stimuli from unexpected places.

“Nhaaaa, aaaaah! Cuming, cumming, I’m cumming!”
“Cum! Cum a lot! Show your disgraceful self on your very first anal sex!”

I pulled out my meat stick until it’s right on the verge of coming out, then plunged it back in a single breathing.

“――Kahah! Nhoooooooo! Cumminnnnnng!!”

As a result, her anal hole shrunk from the climax, tightening its entrance together with my dick.

Together with her legs stretching upwards up to the tips of her toes, Belle trembled on the pleasure of reaching the peak.

“Haa-. Haa-, nhuuu, it’s amazing”

Belle said, panting, with tears on the corner of her eyes.

“Yep, that was really great. Now that’s done, let me join the entertainment as well.”
“……Eh? Wait……Dahlia?”

Dahlia who was assisting from behind a while ago handed Belle to me, then went down the bed to get something.

Because Dahlia almost tossed as she handed Belle over, we ended up in a Ekiben position[1]. Without taking any breaks, I immediately pierced her in the ass once more.

“Hahiii! Wait, Gilles, I came just now-”

Belle was about to argue with me, but she halted so. It was because Dahlia had appeared once again. And this time, in front of her.

“Dahlia, you’re back! Please help me stop Gilles. I really want to take a rest……eh, what is that thing!?”

This time however, she was wearing a black dildo strapped around her waist.

“Fufufu, Gilles handed this over after we did it on the bed. It was pretty lonely here after all, missing out the fun while my friends are banging with each other in front of me”

I was having a lot of leisure time back then, so I created some artifacts to pass time. The dildo strap I handed over to Dahlia is one of them.

“W-wait, wait! Today is just no good! Please! Aaahnn!”
“You made a really cute expression back there. Can you care to show it to me once more?”

Dahlia aimed at Belle’s vacant hole and inserted it there. The simultaneous penetration of her both holes made our demon lord ran out of breath.

Despite that, Dahlia and I began swaying our hips without mercy.

“Ahn, hyaaaan! Gilles’ and Dahlia’s cocks are rubbing inside meee! My both holes feel so good!”

Each time the two of us swing our hips, their impacts create splashes of love juices from our joining parts.

The pleasure coming from her two erogenous zones was so intense it didn’t even last her ten seconds before coming once again.

“Ngiii! Wait, I said waaaait! Let me get some reest! I can’t do this anymooore!”

Belle cried in agony. We don’t intend to stop yet.

Suddenly, Belle slouched a bit, making her and Dahlia’s breasts touch each other by accident. Their beautiful mounds squished with each other, unable to retain their beautiful forms.

So as not to fall, I left Belle’s slender legs to Dahlia for support, then stretched my hands upwards.

“Kyaaan! E-even my breasts too? G-Gilles, You’re massaging them too much. Be gentler!”
“Haa, haaa, I may have lost to Belle in terms of size, but how is it, do you find my chest pleasing?”

I plunged my hands in between their breasts deformed by each other’s collision, then enjoyed the difference by rubbing each of them with my both hands.

As a bonus, I drew Dahlia’s head closer, and like a beast craving for meat, I did a wild but passionate kiss on her lips.

“Unfair! I want Gilles’s kiss too”

Belle, envious by my sudden act complained. I too gave her an innocent and gentle kiss, like a pair of pure lovers would do.

I did all of them while busying my member down below. Soon, the lower half of my body was covered with thick smell as banging sounds of flesh echoed our room.

“Please, Gilles! Cum! I can’t hold on for much longer. My mind is already breaking apart!”

Belle pleaded as she approached her limit once more.

“Ah, every time you move my waist, my pussy feels heaven! I can’t stand it anymore!”

Her legs that were already held by Dahlia were now shaking all over. Due to its large range of continuous motions, she wasn’t able to hold her for much longer.

Because of this, I made Dahlia return her legs to me, then faced her body towards myself.

With this new position, I was able to inert it deeper, so I released the feeling of coming I have been restraining since earlier, and began shaking my hips ferociously until its end.

From the place where we’re joining, heavier sounds of water splashing could now be heard.

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“So violent, Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah! I’m going crazy, I’m going craaazyyyyy!”
“Hnaaa, aguh……me too, I’m also cumming!”

Coming! Belle’s anal virginity, I’m gonna pour my sperm and fill it all!

“Ahaaaaaaaaa! Gilles’s seed is coming inside, it’s going insiiiiiiide! I’m cummiiiiiiiing!”
“M-me too. Gilles, I’m cumming!”

Soon, large amounts of semen were fired from my cock as if trying to defy gravity by its own, dying the anus of Belle with pure white.

I poured it to the last drop, while her waist quiver in pleasure that seemed to swallow my meat stick in its whole.

After that, the two people lost their power as they convulsed and shake from the pleasure, one embracing the other as they come to rest.

While barely supporting the two who fell on the bed, I drew them close to me, hugged them then patted their heads.

“It was really a tough job. But with this, we are now ready to welcome Evelyn’s invaders. I’m looking forward to see what kind of opponent it will be”

I closed my eyes as I wrapped myself in the warmth of Belle and Dahlia, anticipating the challenges we have yet to be seen.

Translator Notes:
[1]Ekiben. Ekiben refers to a box lunch or bento sold at train stations in Japan and it is also a slang term referring to a sexual position where the man remains standing while supporting the woman who faces him with her legs wrapped around his waist (Wikipedia definition). It was also called the stand and carry position. There’s also a mock documentary film with the same name, centering on the adult video (AV) industry in Japan.

They are called that because on the era where the trains were still new to Japan, most Ekiben (railway boxed meals) were sold and carried by peddlers in a way where they carry them in a huge tray that is supported by sling or strap going around the neck. Now replace that tray with a girl and you get the sex position. It doesn’t matter where the girl is facing, in contrast to what the wiki had stated, as long as girl is being carried upright by its partner with its legs spread open for penetration.

Reverse Ekiben

And here is the promotional Illustration I got from the site about Belle, Gilles and Dahlia’s positions. Cropped to avoid spoiling stuff.

That’s the 4th of the 5 consecutive chapters released exclusively for this day. 1 more to go!

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