Mage Tower Management Volume 4 Chapter 6

Chapter 6 – Reward and Punishment

This chapter contains words, phrases, images and scenes not suitable for young audiences. You must be 18+ years old to proceed. Not safe for work. Be aware.

“Wait, what are you doing!”
“Punishment for breaking this open square apart. So stay still”

We are currently in the usual bedroom we use for sex.

However, compared to the joyous feelings I get whenever I enter this room, my mood is really sour today.

The main culprits of the incident are Belle and that damn dragon. However, because it was my creation, all the responsibility was pushed to me, so I’m together with Belle. Dahlia, who came along, was grinning beside us.

“We have to stay up all night to repair all the damages you have caused in that square. Reflect on what you have caused, and accept the punishment obediently.”

She complained to Belle who’s pouting for good knows how long.

“But I can’t help it, I didn’t expect you are going to use a dragon. It’s a dragon, you know? Plus, I am not confident to have a boss monster that I could kill easily in one hit.”

Well, it’s true that thanks to Belle, I was able to know the limits of the dragon.

As a result, we were able to ensure the toughness of the last boss of the dungeon’s lower layers.

“That doesn’t mean that the crime of breaking the dungeon apart will go away”
“Arghh. Why do we have to do all of this! I had enough! Can I just make them personally understand my ways and means to do things right?”
“Do that and our peaceful days will be over. When that happens, you can forget about that 101st floor altogether. Plus, you think they aren’t prepared for that? They know the seal is weakening”
“But why do I have to dress up like this!?”
“Punishment for what you have caused. Didn’t I say so earlier?”

Right now, Belle is bound to a chair and wearing a strait waistcoat worn by violent criminals and insane patients in a mental hospital.

Of course, it was also made by yours truly, so I guarantee it’s strong enough not to be torn off even by a demon lord.

“So with this, Belle, could you please behave yourself for a bit?”

I said as I directed my steps towards the bed.

“Sorry for the wait, Dahlia”
“No, it’s okay. But, is it really fine?”
“Yep, it’s her punishment after all”

With that being said, I push down Dahlia and spread her legs.

“Oh, you’re already this wet?”

I looked again into the sweet thief’s face who was already wet with a different kind of sweat underneath.

“We were so busy with the preparations lately that we haven’t had any time for ourselves. I can’t help it as I kept getting stocked up more and more……”

Dahlia stated as she dyed her cheeks of light red.

Because she’s the usually calm and collected, that gap between that and her cute face right now has come forth.

“Fuu, don’t worry, your relief will be here soon”

I started caressing her precious place before digging in.

“Haahaaa, Gilles’s finger feels good”
“I can see it too, as Dalia’s insides are tightening even with just a finger in”

From the moment it sensed my finger, this alluring thief’s pussy released love juices more than before. What’s more, its muscles dragged my fingers deeper into her hole as she do it.

Thinking what will happen if I put it in there, I could only get so erect.

“You’re already leaking all over. I can see that you’re really craving for it”

I pulled out my inserted finger. From there, a silver thread of love juice stretched out from her pussy to the tip of my finger.

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“Nfuuu, Ah, Gilles found out. I confess. I really want you to put it soon that I can’t wait anymore. Come, my love, come inside, hurry!”

Dahlia immediately got on all fours after saying those words, showing her well-tightened and salivating butt in front.

“If that’s what you want……I’m going in”

I who thought it would be a pity not to wait her any longer, grabbed my meat rod and pointed it at her vagina. Then I caught her waist and pushed mine all at once towards hers.

“Ahh, it came, Gilles cock reached inside!”

Dahlia made a delighted scream as her whole body shook happily.

I waited a moment to let her insides adapt to my cock then started my pistons once again.

Dahlia is great at anal, but she too has quite an excellent caliber here.

“Nnn, Ahh, Kuhhh……”

Supporting her weight with my left hand, I bent over and stretched out my right to her beautiful milk peaks swaying in each motion we took.

I crushed them with my palms in some sort of rough massage, feeling her already hardened nipples as it rolled onto my hands.

I moved my waist closer so that our two bodies are in close contact.

Although I couldn’t move too hard with this, the sensation of our bodies uniting with each other further enhanced my spiritual aspect.

“Ahh, Nnnhaaa! Gilles, Pierce me more!”

However, Dahlia asked for more, as she feels it wasn’t enough.

“Okay, fine. But don’t burn yourself out too early.”

I raised my body. Then while grabbing her hips, I increased my speed further.

“Ahn, ahn, ahn, yes, yes……that feels so good!”

Each and every time, her super tight ass created really nice sounds as I slam my waist into it.

As a consequence of it, her insides also tightened even more, as if pleased with my pistons.

“Nhiii, Gilles’ other head is scraping my insides!”

Dahlia screamed in pleasure while feeling the shape of my cock in its whole. Then,

“Your body is quivering more than before, what’s wrong?

Even though it was obvious that her body is rejoicing from the pleasure I gave, I still questioned Dahlia.

In fact, I already knew this from her ‘inner muscles’ convulsing all over my junior since earlier. Basing on this, she might have cummed several times.

Happy that I was able to please my woman in a good way, I churned out her delectable meat even more.

“Hiii, aah it’s being scraped out, my insides is being scraped ouuuut, aaaaaahhh! I can’t stand it anymoreeeee!”

Soon after, Dahlia’s back straightened up as she raised a miserable screech-like moan, then fell prostrate to the bed.

Though I couldn’t see it from my angle, she’s probably having a miserable o-face right now.

However, I started shaking my hips again without caring about it.

“Hiinnn!? Gghillessh, I came just now! Doooon’t!”

Dahlia slurred as she bedded me, but I didn’t listen to her pleas.

“But I’m not done yet. Plus, didn’t you say earlier that you wanted more?”
“No waaay……Ahyuu, ihiiii!”

Dahlia’s face, which looked so feeble crumbled even further. However, this reaction stimulated my sadistic nature instead, making me want to violate her even more.

I stroke my hips onto Dahlia’s plump ass, and as if I was a sex-crazed maniac, I treated her like a cock sleeve as I hunger for her luscious body.

“Ahhh, I’m……ahiiiii! No more, cumming, I’m cumming agaiiin!”

Dahlia pleaded as she crossed her limits.

Her vaginal flesh wriggled and squeezed so much as if it was wringing the semen from my meat stick out.

Those sudden movements made me lost my room for composure. I almost blanked out.

“Ugh, I’m about to come soon”

I made my hips strike quicker, in preparation for my up and coming ejaculation.

And finally, our limits came.

“Ah, It’s coming out, receive it all!”
“Yes, Gilles, give it to me, pour a lot inside meee! Cum, cum, I’m cummmiiiiiing!”

Soon, large amounts of semen were fired from my cock as Dahlia’s pussy burst into climax.

The semen that came out flowed into her womb with intense pressure, filling it up to its brim.

“Haaa, haaa, ahhhh! So much……it’s leaking out from my uterus”

Dahlia shakenly spoke as she mesmerized herself in the pleasant feeling.

Once I let out all my semen up to the last drop, I pulled my meat stick out of her pussy.

Then, I struck it in front of Dahlia’s face.

Dahlia, who read my intentions, turned her body around and started cleaning up my semen nozzle.

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“Nhuu, lero, lero, juchuuuuu”
“Are you okay?”
“Nhuu, churuuun, Yeah. Don’t worry. I’ll be back to normal again after a little rest”

Hearing the beautiful thief’s reply, I stroked her head then sat down on the bed.

From a bit further ahead, was Belle restrained in her chair, staring at me.

“What’s up, Belle? Why the red face?”

As if she just noticed my presence, the demon lord jolted and turned quickly to the side, but it was already too late.

Belle, who was made to watch a demonstration of copulation of me and Dahlia, has already created a pool under her seat.

“Looks like the restraints are enough up to here. Here, let me take it off”

I got off the bed and headed for our single audience. Then I unclothed her strait waistcoat.

“Ah, I-I don’t really need you to remove it in particular. It doesn’t bother me a single bit……”

Though she said that, her creamy thighs were fidgeting all over. Why do you have to pretend that you’re so tough?

Angered by that kind of attitude, I thought of something a little mean.

“Oh, is that so? Then I’ll have Dahlia as my partner again. You can go back to your own room”

I approached towards the bed again, this time in a brusque manner.

The next moment, an impact came onto my back, shoving me towards the bed in an unsightly fashion.

“Wuuuu, I’m sorry! I’m really sorry! Don’t make me watch again, I’ll hold back and won’t act violently anymore!”

The very demon lord begged and clung to me in tears. Though this sentence was odd in so many ways when spoken outside this dungeon, I felt awkward and pity instead. And so, to end the suffering of this beauty, I proceeded with the most appropriate act, I hugged and kissed her on the lips.

“You know, it was better if you were honest from the very beginning. I forgive you now from the thing you’ve done at the square.”
“Un, thank you, Gilles”

And the ambience softened.

“Now that’s over and done, I want to fuck Belle’s asshole today”

I said with a killer smile. Belle paused for a moment, then afterwards she began panicking like a headless chicken after understanding the meaning.

Having gained a great experience after violating Dahlia’s, it’s natural that I would crave for another woman’s ass after that.

And today was just the right moment, as I have the perfect prey right in front of my eyes.

“Haaa, eh, wait a minute. You mean anal!?”

Belle moved further away from me, but then her back hit something hard and she stopped.

Behind her is the ‘resurrected’ Dahlia.

“Oh, what’s this? Gilles isn’t satisfied with just me, and was aiming for Belle’s ass as well? What a perverted man you are”

Dahlia told in a sulking tone, but seeing the restrained Belle with no way to escape, eagerness arose into her face.

“It can’t be helped. It’s a man’s nature to get curious about the taste of different women.”

I approached Belle as I said so.

Though Belle have the power to escape sooner or later, with Dahlia holding her movements, she wasn’t able to direct her force properly and could only struggle a bit.

Looks like even though she’s the demon lord, her muscles and range of motion is the same as humans.

“Though I got no choice but to comply, can I request you to be gentle? It’s my first time after all”

Belle who wasn’t able to escape our custody asked in a weak voice.

“It’s alright. Leave it to me. I’ve studied with Dahlia in various ways, so you don’t have to worry.”
“How rude, this guy, saying such improper things. Well, I’ll help you too, so be at ease”

Though I said it while making fun of Dahlia beside me, more than half of it is true, so we couldn’t refute about it, but I can’t say that here.

Now then, In what way should we receive the Demon Lord’s anal virginity?

I went in excitement as I was about to pioneer the new ‘place’.

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