Mage Tower Management Volume 4 Chapter 5

Chapter 5 – The Dungeon’s Treasure Guardian

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One week further after the completion of the slime.

Elsie and I busied ourselves in the creation for a new monster.

However, unlike that slime, this time we scaled a bit higher. For what we are trying to develop now is a boss monster that will stand in the way of our intruders.

Although that slimy critter is a great help for doing simple chores and simply harassing the intruders, it still lacks the power to deal the final blow to any intruder. After all, it’s a slime. A beginner monster at its finest.

So, with that reason I needed a monster that is both flashy and capable.

What? Why not use endless wave tactics to wore the intruders out instead? B-but how about the boss monster!? They aren’t needed as we don’t aim to kill off the intruders? B-but still…… The boss monster isn’t needed as we have the Demon Lord? How dare you! The Boss monster is the most essential part of the dungeon! What kind of dungeon is that without it!? Just where are your passion in dungeon building!?

“I’m ready here. How about you?”

I put an egg which was much bigger than the slime in front, then asked Elsie, who as tending another kind of monster over there.

“It’s ready, senpai!”
“Then I’ll go there first. This one will take a bit longer to hatch”

The monster Elsie’s creating right now is a bronze golem.

For our Boss monster, since we lack spare time to create it from scratch, we decided to use the existing technology instead to save time.

That said, of course, I made a bit of modifications with Elsie so as not to hurt our precious infiltrators.

When I came in front of the golem that has its body laid down, Elsie began her introduction.

“This golem has a total height of about two meters, and is equipped with an electric shock generator in its right hand, while is left hand has a swift trapping feature for capturing targets. Its head has floodlight projectors in his head, useful for intimidating its opponents”

The floodlight projectors and the electric shock generator are magical artifacts that I made, so I can assure their safety. The left arm, although it looks rough on visual, I adjusted its capabilities so that it wont crus anyone with its grip.

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“Then, I’ll turn it up”

“Elsie recited her magic. Then, accompanied with a heavy noise like a machinery, the golem rose itself then knelt at us.

The moment is so smooth that one wouldn’t think strange if there’s someone inside, like mascots in my previous life.

“Wow, it’s incredible. With this, we would be able to capture any intruder, no matter how aggressive they are”

The slime is after all, a moving obstacle, even an opponent how has little to no experience won’t find it hard to beat one.

“Yey! Senpai praised me!”

The innocent Elsie jumped in joy.

“But, compared to this, senpai is more amazing”
“Nah, it’s just so-so”

Elsie laid the down the golem again. Then, we approached towards the egg in which I set up a while ago.

Looking at it closely, there was already a crack in its surface. It was just about to be born.

Elsie stared seriously from the side.

“Any moment now……”

Finally, the shell broke, and it came out.

“Th-this is……!”

What came out was a four-legged reptile with red scales.

However, compared to the earth’s reptiles, bat-like wings were grown into its back.

“Isn’t that a dragon, senpai!?”

“Yes it was a dragon, the being synonymous of the monsters of old.

This baby will be the last boss, in charge of protecting the powerful magic artifacts in this dungeon.

“Yep, A dungeon must have a dragon. It ain’t complete without one”
“You’re amazing senpai! But, how did senpai managed to create a dragon? Don’t tell me, you stole one from its mother? Aren’t you afraid of death, senpai?”
“Of course, I’m afraid. I already died onc- err, I am really afraid to die. And I’m not that brave enough to steal from a dragon’s nest and if I were, I would be dead by now. I’m not like those so-called heroes that can slay one like a fairy tale.”
“Then where and how did you get it?”
“You remember that lizard monster wandering outside of this dungeon? Well, to tell the truth, this is still that lizard in its very base, I just added various modifications. If this was a real dragon, it will only become a weapon of murder, which we don’t really need at this moment”

This fellow “dragon” is of course, bigger than its reptilian origin, and having gone through various experimentations, it’s more proper to call it a chimera rather than a dragon.

Still, first impressions are important. If it looked like a lizard instead, intruders would not find it intimidating. So, a dragon it is.

“With this, the monsters are all prepared. All that remains is the trial run before we go mass production”
“What about Belle and Dahlia? It’s about time we are ready”
“You don’t have to worry for them senpai. Those two are already raring to go since a while ago”

Elsie and I talked to each other as we took the monsters to the bottom layer of the dungeon.

We reached a wide-open square which was also in the 5th floor of the dungeon.

“What is that, Gilles! How are you guys……wait, how did a dragon get in this place!?”

Belle who sensed me coming came closer, but went into a surprise when she noticed the dragon behind.
“We’re gonna test the new monsters. Ah, and this dragon here is a ‘remodeled’ version of a lizard monster that I got outside. I’d like to ask you two to help and be its opponents, is that okay for you guys?”

I pointed to the golem and the dragon as I said so.

“I’m fine with it, but isn’t that dragon a bit tiny to be of help?”

Certainly, considering its size, it’s only as big as a common house cat.

Even if it’s a dragon, just one shot and it’s done, or so that’s what they think.

“Is that so? Look closely”

While laughing at their cute thoughts, I placed my hand to the dragon, then started sending magic power into it.

After that was something they didn’t expect. The cute little lizard wagging a while ago grew so big and eventually reached the height of about three meters!

“I modified it in such a way that it’l grow fast with my own mana. Are you contented now, my Belle?”
“Yes……wait, did you say earlier that I’m going to be the dragon’s opponent!?”
“You’re the Demon Lord. You should be fine”
“I-I know that. O-okay, bring me what you got, you big dragon! Uwaaah-”

Belle who pumped herself up with pride nearly fell forward in nervousness.

I forgot to say that we’ve already made adjustments that even children won’t get hurt by it, but let’s keep it for now for Belle’s amusement. Plus, this will be a good test on how much that dragon can withstand against a violent attack.

“So, my opponent is this golem? This won’t be a problem”

Dahlia, who was delayed from observing Belle said so too.

“Now that it’s settled, let’s get started immediately. Start as soon as we get out of the center. We don’t want to get caught in the crossfire after all.”

I said to Belle and Dahlia and moved towards the edge of the room.

First, the golem and Dahlia faced each other.

Dahlia may be a thief class, but because her bountiful combat experience, her skills does not fall behind that of a soldier. This alone makes her a great candidate to deal with the golem as its first partner.

As soon as they reached their positions, Elsie gave the signal.

“Well then, let the battle begin!”

Dahlia jumped out immediately after the signal, but the golem responded with his right arm’s lightning attack.

That thing has a similar mechanism with a stun gun were one could be immediately neutralized with just one shot, but Dahlia dodged it lightly.

The golem, which has found out that its shot has been avoided, activated its floodlights in its eyes and used a strong flash, keeping Dahlia from moving.

“!? Uu, my eyes”

Dahlia staggered to the unexpected attack. The golem anticipated this and launched its left hand towards it to capture her.


However, Dahlia avoided it to the last minute, just by judging from the driving sound of the mechanical arm.

Then, she recovered from the blindness and proceeded to fight back.

Making the best use of her lightness, she sneaked behind it and puts a knife between its leg joints.

The golem tried to turn around, but because the knife is in the way, it wasn’t able to move its foot well, causing it to lose its balance.

It didn’t fall down hard, bit she brought it to its knees.

“Whew. With this, it’s over”

The golem forcefully broke the knife and was about to stand up once again, but it was already too late.

Dahlia thrusted another dagger into the gap between the neck of the golem, which has now been lowered by kneeling.

“That’s enough!”
I shouted in the end. The movement on both sides stopped.

The golem wont break even if its head was cut off, but then it won’t also catch Dahlia without its head on.

“Hyaaaa~! Elsie’s golem is……!”

Elsie who was also watching rushed up hurriedly, but after further inspections she went to a relief, as the damage was not that severe.

“How was it, Dahlia?”
“Fuuu, well, it’s enough for an ordinary opponent”

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She said with a slightly flushed face.

Looks like the golem is a success.

Next, we will have an opponent outside of the norm.

“Belle, please”
“Okay. It’s been a long time since I got serious. Come, cute dragy, let me make you taste some of my accumulated stress of hundreds of years!”

The taunt of hers made me have a bad feeling in lots of ways, but before I even act, it was already too late.

Without even waiting for my cue, she summoned the greatsword she used in her previous battle against Evelyn, and charged through to start the fight.

It went really terrible after that.

With her magic, Belle raised her physical abilities and slashed the dragon with all her might.

But my dragon isn’t an easy prey. It resisted the Demon Lord’s strike, and even boldly struck back. After all, it was a product in which I poured all my efforts in. It won’t go down that easily.

Belle’s greatsword broke down the wall, while my dragon smashed down the stone pavement below.

We could only stand barely as the blasts and impacts shook us like were in the middle of a large typhoon.

After a few minutes of intense fighting, the smoke and dust cleared out, finally revealing the dragon, which was twitching and jerking with wounds all over its body, and Belle who’s standing above it, smiling and waving her hand overhead.

“Gilles! This dragon is quite strong! You can take down a single fort with just dropping this guy alone!”

Enough power to take down a single fort alone, huh. Well that’s enough force to be reckoned with.

But the problem is, I didn’t make the dragon for that kind of thing!

“Say that first, you stupid Demon Lord! Just look at what you’ve done!”

How long will it take to repair this mess? This gal’s gonna need some spanking.

Thinking what kind of punishment I’ll give to that stupid Belle, I could only grieve for my plan which has now been delayed.

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