Mage Tower Management Volume 4 Chapter 3

Chapter 3 – Elsie’s Reward

This chapter contains words, phrases, images and scenes not suitable for young audiences. You must be 18+ years old to proceed. Not safe for work. Be aware.

After our successful experiment, Elsie and I made our way to the bathroom to clean up the left-over chemicals in our bodies, then headed out to our usual bedroom.

Both of us changed and were already in our underwear, already brimming with the feelings of lust and all, but none of us moved. No, none of us dared to move.

“Elsie, why here of all times?”

Sitting face-to-face with her on the bed, I asked Elsie.

As if reacting to my words, Elsie’s arms quivered softly.

“That’s cruel, senpai! To call and treat our Slime-chan like that!”

Yes, Elsie brought the slime we created to the bedroom.

Though it was deprived of most of its intelligence intentionally, the slime is behaving quite well inside Elsie’s arms, as if it recognizes her creator by instinct.

“This child is, it’s the fruit of love between Elsie and senpai”

Elsie said with a face as if entranced by something.

“Well, I understand that Elsie has given quite the efforts to help me. Still, are you telling me you want keep that slime?”

It may have not harmed anyone yet, deep inside it’s still a monster. So, sleeping right beside it is really not so approving of me. What if it suffocates us in our sleep?

“It’s alright, Elsie will educate this child firmly. After all, this slime will have the role of carrying the women we have caught, so we have to teach this child on how to treat women carefully, right? Just leave this child to Elsie!”

Elsie said confidently.

I wonder if the slime had stimulated her maternal instinct.

“Well, you got a fair point”

Since the only one who can use teleport magic is Belle, who is also our final card, to lessen her burden, we need manpower to carry the women who fell or get caught inside our traps.

The slime we created is intended for that, other than taking part as the opponent for our intruders as a regular monster. To sum up, it’s a kind of personal assistant of some sort, or a familiar, likewise.

However, it’s still dubious whether a slime with low intelligence would understand various roles, so for the time being, I decided to create slimes that have their roles imprinted on them to the instinctual level.

And now is a good time to try it here, to see if it works.

So, in a way, this will be some sort of practical exam. After all, when testing your own work, it’s best to leave it to others to check to prevent bias.

“Then, so be it. Still, what are you going to do?”
“I want this slime to grow a little before we start. This is still a bit too small”

She transferred the slime to my palm.

I poured magic into it.

“Wow, it’s getting bigger and bigger”

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The slime grew and grew, reaching from the size of my palm to the size of a basketball upon feeding on my magic.

Un, its growth is going well. Let’s see If I can adjust the size by adjusting the magic power being given.

“Ufufufu, to think it grows this big……”

Elsie, who adores the growing slime then turned her face to me.

“Come, let’s feed this child together, senpai!”

Thinking she was going to cast some magic on the slime, Elsie pushed me down to the bed instead.


The slime was squeezed between me and Elsie’s bodies.

Still, the slime didn’t die yet.

Rather, it spread even further from there, covering Elsie’s soft body through her torso as if some kind of lotion.

“Elsie, what did you do to the slime?”
“I made its body a bit softer. With its body reaching every corner, teaching this child the anatomy of the human body will be a lot easier!”

I don’t really know about that, little girl. I mean, this thing here is literally lacking in intelligence from the get go. Well, it’s better than using lubes that are hard to clean after the deed, though.

“Don’t modify the slime on your own. It almost made me panic out there”

Well, because we made it together, we both know its characteristics and limits, so I don’t think she will do a major remodeling of some sort.

“I’m sorry, senpai. However, this is also to make senpai feel good after all”

After saying that, Elsie took off my slime-covered underwear and reached out for my dick.

“Elsie will borrow this little guy for a bit~”

Then she cut off a portion of a slime and wrapped in in her hand. After that, she initiated her handjob.

“How is it, senpai? Does it feel good?”

This is…… a feeling I never felt nor imagined in my present and past life.

To be frank, Elsie’s handjob skills falls greatly in comparison to Evelyn.

However, the sliminess of the slime gave wonders. Not only it gives a wet and slippery sensation like a lube, it also gave a unique stimulus while clinging firmly on Elsie’s hands.
It was a stimulus unique to living things.

And with my cock experiencing that stimulus firsthand, and secondhand if you know what I mean, it immediately stood erect to its limit.

And the slime handjob wasn’t only just that.

“What the-, this slime is……kuh”

The slime that has been a soppy liquid since earlier then transformed into a jelly-like substance, changing the stimulus it gave once again.

“Ehehehe, feels good, right, senpai? Elsie will make you feel even more”

Elsie accelerated her hand movements even more.

The soppy and the jelly-like sensations intermingled with each other, as if preventing me to get tired of it in any way. Rather, it became the opposite- it made me even crave for more.

The mischievous loli didn’t stop there. Elsie used both hands to give stimulation to various areas too, making me feel the heavens every time she moves her fingers.

After a series of groping, she finally settled down on two areas. One is on my balls which she plays around, while the other is on my rod, in which she squeezes tight. And combined together with the slime cock sleeve which now covers the entirety of my future-bearer, it gave me a strange sensation as if its swallowing my crotch whole.

“Ah, something wet is coming out from the tip……it’s okay if I lick it, right senpai? Hamu, Nnnnnn, nnjururururu”

Once Elsie notices my cock leaking out its juices from its first run, she immediately, together with the slime mucus, puts in her mouth and makes her first fellatio of the day.

“It feels good, Elsie. Use your breasts too”
“……puhaaa! What a selfish senpai. However, as long as senpai asks, Elsie will do anything”

As soon as I asked, Elsie took off her underwear, put her chest up and plastered the slime inside it.

The soft pairs of flesh that has grown rapidly in the last few years then sandwiched my meat stick in between those places.

“Nnn, Nn, Heave-ho! How is it? Is Elsie doing it properly?

The slime made indecent sloppy sounds upon being squished between my meat stick and her breasts.

Though there are still parts that need improvement due to the fact that it was Elsie’s first tit-fucking, the way she rubs while using the slime that covers the entirety of mine left her with no spot or gap missing.

“I’m going to cum soon, Elsie……!”
“Yes, Elsie’s face, senpai, please cum on Elsie’s face!”

At my final move, I lifted my hips towards Elsie’s face then ejaculated at the view.

“Kyaaaa! Nnnnnnn!”

Copious amounts of semen stained Elsie’s whole face from her forelocks to her chin.

“Haahaahaa, senior is just too much, Elsie can’t even open her eyes”

As she said so, Elsie scooped some semen on her face, then licks it with her dainty fingers.

“Chu, churu. Nhaaa, so this is the taste of senpai……”

My mage apprentice seems to want to enjoy the lingering sensation even more, but my junior doesn’t allow it. It still hasn’t come down after blowing a load.

Now that she has finished serving me, it’s now my turn in serving her.

I moved in front of Elsie who was still enchanted by my semen, then pushed her down as it is.

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“Hyaaa!? Se-senpai! My face is still……”

Not lending my ear to listen to what she says, I spread Elsie’s legs wide.

Then as I had expected, love juices were already dripping from her hole below.

“What’s this? Just serving me, and you are already this wet? What a slutty mage apprentice you are, Elsie”
“T-that’s not true, senpai. This is because I really like senpai’s thing, I swear!”

Elsie reddens her face while saying that.

I wiped off her dirty face with a towel, then lifted Elsie’s feet above my shoulders in order to begin the real thing.

From here, no slime is required. I’m going to enjoy Elsie with just my stuff and my stuff alone.

And so, pointed my erect dick into her vagina that has loosened and not needing any caressing anymore, and push it in until our waists come in contact with each other.

“Aaah, so sudden, and so deep!”

Elsie’s whole body convulsed with my sudden insertion.

I have only inserted it once, and she already came? This lewd junior is really packed up that much, huh.

It was already evident from Elsie’s vagina. That pussy that’s tight even under normal circumstances has gotten even tighter that it was unbearable.

Wanting to taste even more stimulation, I began waving my hips more.

“N-no, senpai, don’t, its so rough and so faaaast!”

As I moved my hips, I reached out to her swaying breasts.

“Kuh, Elsie’s pussy feels so good, but this one is also good too……!”

Elsie’s breasts swung in a beautiful motion even while lying down, and as I see them deform as I rub them, I felt a sense of wanting to grab them all to myself.

“A, ahh! Senpai-s dick is poking up to my uterus! To be wanted like this, Elsie is really happy!”

Ahh so cute, so cute I want to gobble this sweet thing!

“Then let me make you happier even more”

I put her feet which were on my shoulders down to the bed then brought my face close to hers. After that I gave Elsie a loving kiss.

“Nnnnnnn!? Nchuu, nhu! Se-senpai kissed me, ahh , senpai, I’m cumming, please kiss me moore!”
“Nchu, nnchuu. I’m gonna cum too Elsie. Lets do it together!”
“Ahh, senpai, together with senpai……Kyaaaaah!”

I slammed myself hard that my glans was so deep it was in close contact with her cervix, and from there, I injected my load with the same momentum as my first shot.

“Ah, Aaah! Senpai, senpai’s seed feels so hot! It’s filling Elsie up to the briim!”
“There’s still lots of it where it came from, so receive them all!”
“Aaaah, so full, Elsie’s so full yet senpai’s still cumming!”

My ejaculation lasted for several tens of seconds that the semen that couldn’t fit in overflowed from the parts joining us together.

After pouring it all into her womb until the end, I pulled out my cock and sat down beside Elsie.

“Haaa……I didn’t expect it to be so versatile”

I said so, referring at the creature next to the bed.
“Fell asleep, huh”

I murmured beside the dozing mage apprentice, then fixed her pose in bed.
With this, the safety of the slime is confirmed.

While listening to Elsie’s breaths in her sleep, I started thinking about the upcoming slime modifications in our future battles.

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Also, here is the cast of the novel, from Volume 1 to Volume 3:

From left to right: Evelyn, Dahlia, Elsie, Carol, Gilles and Belle

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