Mage Tower Management Volume 4 Chapter 1

Chapter 1 – Tower Dungeon’s Progress

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It’s been a few days since Evelyn brought in a document promising non-interference from the government.

Now that we got that covered, we were now scratching our heads on how to bring women into this dungeon.

“Girls like cute things, so how about creating soft and fluffy monsters?”

I tried to imagine Belle’s idea.

Women gathering themselves around cute monsters, then being caught in a trap next to it, then they turn horny and dirty like rabbits ……it felt so surreal.

“Belle-san’s idea is no good. Elsie’s idea is better!”
“So noisy! Aren’t you getting a little head of yourself, you tiny brat!”

As usual, the tensions between these two are all time high.

Still, Elsie is really one of a kind to argue with Belle, the Demon Lord itself. Is it because she’s familiar with the place now? Even that, isn’t she getting a bit too comfortable? Well, Belle is also an oddball in itself, so……

“Yeah, yeah. For now, let’s hear Elsie’s suggestion”
“Elsie’s idea is to bait women with artifacts made by master and Elsie!”

Elsie presented her suggestion as she sticks out her chest in a dignified manner.

Her well-endowed chest that’s so not in proportion compared to her small stature is a sight for sore eyes. I’ll massage them later.

“E-even I can make artifacts too!”

Belle leaned forward with indignation.

“Yes, yes I know. Belle, why don’t you take a seat first. That said, it’s a good idea to use artifacts as bait, but for now, let’s put in on hold”

Originally, there are also a few intruders who aim for artifacts inside the dungeon like it was some kind of treasure hunt, so it might be good to strengthen that part too.

After I said that, Carol, our secretary for this meeting, wrote them on the board.

The board is also an artifact, and its appearance is completely like of a white board in my previous life.

On the board were traces of various plans and ideas being erased and rewritten all over, leaving quite an ugly mess.

No, this not good too! This plan won’t work either.

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“Certainly, it is now known that the Demon Lord would not come out of this dungeon by the announcement of the government, but it still doesn’t hide the fact that the Demon Lord has been revived, so they will surely hesitate before coming to this dungeon.”

Evelyn pointed out a problem.

“I agree with her. Even among us thieves, this was widely called as the Tower of Death. Now that the Demon Lord has been resurrected, it seems unlikely that any sane woman will come here anymore.”

Dahlia’s words made everyone sigh in difficulty of the situation.

How can we even attract women, no, people in this dungeon where even outlaws and fearless thieves shy away from?

In the room where feelings of resignation drifts in the air, a glamorous voice echoed, uplifting the mood.

“Though this onee-san just thought this in a whim, but isn’t it more important to wipe out the negative image of this dungeon first?”

Carol, who has been silent until now, spoke.

We were startled with the heavenly revelation.

“That’s it! It’s important to wipe out the bad image of this dungeon first”

Until now we were only thinking on new ways to appeal people to our dungeon.

However, if we didn’t change the mindset of the people who actually steps in, all our efforts will be useless.

“But how can we change our image? There is not a single deadly trap in the dungeon right now. What more can we do?”

As Dahlia had said, I have removed all traps that would result in death after I came.

The reason is because I won’t be able to arrive at the 101st floor if I were to murder a person.

Actually, upon knowing it, Dahlia who had invaded the Tower of Death was also surprised at that gap, which is far from its alias.

“……That’s it, it’s the gap!”
“W-what is it, senpai!?”

I told everyone who were surprised by my sudden eureka.

“We’re going to put up new monsters and traps”
“Eh? But then people won’t come anymore”
“I understand your concerns, Belle, but don’t worry!”

Crossing my arms, I declared.

“Coz we are going to make a dungeon which one will ever die!!”

Well to put it in my own words, this is the only option I could think of right now.

“A dungeon that one will never die? I never heard of that. Going to unknown places, not just dungeons, can be dangerous.”

Dahlia said anxiously, but that’s what we were aiming for in the first place.

“And we’ll put safety to that dungeon that is full of danger. This will become our strong banner-”

I was about to say something more, but Belle interrupted me here.

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“However, even if we manage to do so with our traps, what about the monsters? Isn’t it pretty much impossible to prevent monsters from killing people?”
“That’s right! Monsters aren’t called monsters if they don’t attack ordinary people!”

Oh, their opinions have mysteriously aligned. That’s a shocker.

“That’s where my ideas will get in. Well, just leave it to me”

It’s a bit difficult but, Elsie’s here with me.

It will be possible somehow if we use magic of two people for this.

“Then, is my role related to the outside affairs again?”
“Yes, but there’s only you who has a considerable influence outside our current situation. I’m counting on you”
“Well I got no other choice if you trust me this much. Will you do the detailed talk about what you’ll do later?”

She asked as she twines her legs under the desk.

Looks like someone wants the details of the plan to be disseminated on the bed.

Good grief, I can’t really defeat this woman at all.

Well, let’s leave it at that.

“I’m going to have Evelyn instigate the people. A few of them will come initially, but if they come back alive and be able to tell the tale, the number of people going for the treasures will increase dramatically.”
“So, after our renovation, our first intruders will be the utmost priority”

As Belle had said, what’s important is to have these guys to become well known enough to spread rumors.

“Do you have someone you know that may be of use, Evelyn?”
“None, as far as I can remember. I still need to go outside and search”

Dahlia asks Evelyn, in which declines in return.

Well, renovating the dungeon will also take a considerable time, so there’s no need to rush.

Let’s select our intruders carefully.

“I think that settles it. Our first step is to renovate the first to fifth floors on an experimental basis. Once we take a look at the first intruder’s progress, we’ll adjust the improvements accordingly.”

Next, I reported to each of them the roles we’ll be having for our renovation.

“First is the remodeling of the dungeon in itself. Carol, who knows the structure of the dungeon to its utmost detail, will do this.”

Aside from the Demon Lord in question, she is the one that spent the longest time in this dungeon.

“The present dungeon is too complicated for the general public to break through even on the first floor. You can ask Dahlia, who is familiar with these circumstances, to adjust the area accordingly”
“Roger, Gilles-sam. Leave it to this onee-san”

Carol responded with an affirmation.

“Next is the installation of new traps. I’ll leave this to Belle and Dahlia.”

The powerful erotic traps created by the Demon Lord plus the knowledge of the best thief in the country.

With these we will be able to capture most opponents, and we’ll be able to set up traps that counter their abilities.

“Don’t get too get too engrossed from the start. Both of you, this is still experimental”
“Eeeh~, but there are some traps I really want to try~”
“Well, I’m with her, so you won’t have to worry about that”

These two have a common point which is being experts with regards to traps, so these two should be alright.

“Evelyn, as I have said a while ago, you will be the one to choose our intruder”
“Un, I’ll bring you a few superstars-to-be”

At least we will be able to have a sense of security, albeit temporarily.

“And lastly, the preparations for the monsters in the dungeon will be my and Elsie’s role”

The biggest hurdles are also on to us.

“Elsie, I’m gonna ask your assistance once again. May I?”
“Of course! I’ll do my best to help senpai!”

Elsie responded cheerfully to my request.

With this, a completely new dungeon is about to be born.

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