Mage Tower Management Volume 3 Chapter 9

Chapter 9 – VS Evelyn

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In the closed room drifted with heavy smell of copulation, I felt an impending crisis.

“Shit, Evelyn, how did she get away with it?”

I was working out all the ideas in front of the women who had collapsed on top of the other.

Though we had captured them, soaked most of them in aphrodisiac, and fucked them for points, we missed the most important asset – which is the director of the Ministry of Magic, Evelyn.

“Evelyn definitely entered this dungeon along with these women, Where the hell is she?”

This room is definitely shut from the outside the moment the trap was activated.

And it’s impossible to break through because I reinforced the doors for this day, and neither of them are actually broken.

There is also not a single window in this dungeon. Then how could she……

That moment, something gleamed at the edge of my vision.

The next moment, it set out sparks flying towards my presence.

“What the-“

As if they came out of thin air, Belle and Evelyn were facing each other right before my eyes.

Belle wields a big red sword made out of magic, while Evelyn holds a rapier that possesses a strong magic power.

“What a pity. A little more and I would have killed you”
“Hmph, do you think I’ll miss it?”

Evelyn gave a smile the same as what I saw before.

Even though her surprise attack was prevented, she wasn’t even astonished. What an amazing composure she has.

In contrast to Belle’s expression, which was really furious right now because I was almost got killed. She’s staring at Evelyn while giving off a tremendous pressure from her body.

This is bad. Belle would kill Evelyn if I let her as she is.

I spoke in a way to interrupt them.

“Oh, Evelyn. It was nice to see you again. Where have you been?”

Evelyn said without any timidness in her eyes.

The next moment, something shines in her hands.

“What is that, wind?”

The wind centered around Evelyn in the room.

When the wind settled, I noticed a change.

“All the aphrodisiac had disappeared……?”

The toxins that had evaporated and filled the air, I couldn’t find a trace of it at all.

“This tool possesses a little bit of inventory magic. You can put in and put out a lot of stuff to my advantage, you see”

Evelyn opened her hand and showed a ring on her palm.

Although it was an artifact that uses a powerful inventory magic, it didn’t give off any kind of magic power. That’s why Belle must have missed it.

Moreover, I haven’t heard from my mother that there was such a tool like this either.

Well, about the aphrodisiac that has been erased, it can’t be helped. I also have prepared another card in case something like this happens.

It’s my trump card that can seal the deal, but I still have to earn time and get information to use it effectively.

“This is what Cecily Bain, the one who sealed the Demon Lord, secretly gave to the director of Magic Ministry in case no one could seal the awakened Demon Lord”
“I see. But, considering my great grandma, such powerful thing must have a mechanism to prevent abuse as well”

These kinds of things were likely to be used by those who think for their own benefit. Our lineage, however are also especially good at preventing it. What can you say about a clan that is good at sealing things? Even more, we sealed a demon lord.

“Well, Cecily has thought well in creating this. This artifact, you see has a limiter so that it could only be used in this dungeon”
“As I thought. If the usage has been limited, then there will be a low risk of abuse, isn’t it?”

While I showed an uncaring front, I could sense an impending crisis I’ve never felt before.

Perhaps Evelyn was hiding herself in that ring.

Though the usage conditions of the artifact weren’t clear, in the worst case, she would seal her own self together with Belle.

When I was thinking about it, Evelyn started talking.

“Yep, quite right about that. But even though I was inside, I already knew the situation outside. Who knew that Gilles-kun would team up with the Demon Lord?”

To buy myself some time to work out my counterattack, I took part in Evelyn’s conversation.

“You already know? Then there’s no need to explain further. I’m thankful for that”
“Be as it may, I’m in no position to overlook it. When it is known to the public that one of the descendants of the clan who sealed the demon lord have joined hands with it, our country will be condemned by our neighbors all at once, and the people will inevitably fall into panic”

After saying so, Evelyn brandished her sword once again.

“So, Gilles-kun, do me a favor and die here. I will seal the demon lord on behalf of you”
“The director of the Magic Ministry is now my enemy?”
“I already told you, Gilles-kun. While I used to play around with you the past, back then I still see some worth inside of you. If that worth turns into harm, especially to my country, then you’ll have to excuse me.”

That’s what she said.
At that time, I thought she’s only skilled on the bed like me, but to think she had also learned martial arts to this extent.

I don’t think she’s as at the same level as Belle, but Evelyn has a sealing artifact.

One mistake and Belle would end up being sealed once again.

“……Belle, I have a plan. Bring Evelyn to the center”

Upon realizing there is no time to spare, I decided to use the “backdoor” I set up in this room.

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“I don’t know what you are trying to do, but I won’t allow it!”

Evelyn charges with her sword.

Even non-professionals like me could see that her move was so refined you wouldn’t think it came from an office executive.

Belle holding a large sword stood before Evelyn.

“Belle! We don’t know the details of the sealing artifact yet, don’t approach Evelyn more than necessary!”
“All right, just leave it to me!”

Kishin! Sounds of two swords clashing echoed in the room.

I retreated to the depths of the room so as not to get in the way, then paid attention to the trap I have built.

This last trap is also configured so that it can be activated by a remote control, I can immediately send my power to switch its operation from manual to automatic.

Because it can’t be activated without permission, it can’t be disabled or cancelled by artifacts.

Still, it is necessary to determine the actual performance of Evelyn’s artifact.

“As expected of the Demon Lord, still undaunted at all. However, the difference in swordsmanship is pretty clear……”
“……that I am the one winning! Even if you bring all the military forces of the castle, I can still get rid of them in a single shot! I don’t need such thing like swordplay!”
“But aren’t you struggling right now?”
“Guh, this guy……”

Even though Evelyn has to pay attention to each of us two, and even though Belle got the upper hand when it comes to purely physical ability, I could only see Belle being held back in place on each of her attacks.

Evelyn targets the vital points for every sharp thrust, in which Belle is preventing it by blocking with the width of her large sword.

As they run around the room, Belle kept her distance as I have told her while Evelyn came chasing after.

I felt a sense of incongruity on the movements of our director, so I paid attention to her closely.

She sometimes tries to touch Belle with her left hand holding the ring, which is totally odd for someone who uses a rapier-like weapon. What’s odder is that she’s not wearing it on her finger.

So, I came up with a possibility. A possibility that the ring would not activate unless it was in direct contact with the target of activation. And as for not wearing it, it might have an effect that gives unpleasant effects to the user.
This is Cecily Bain’s artifact after all.

Though I couldn’t confirm this yet, the way I watch her moves further, the more I am convinced that I arrived with the correct answer.

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Because the air around the room is completely filled with the aphrodisiacs’ vapor, it was counted as in direct contact with the ring as long as it was in the air. Maybe that wind earlier was the ring sucking all the vapor too, and Evelyn might have possibly entered the ring as soon as the doorways were sealed, since there was a slight time lag in activating the trap and filling up the entire room.
This also means even if that artifact is not as durable to seal the demon lord, Belle would be helpless as it was filled with the aphrodisiac that I made.
I feel like I shot myself in the foot.

If that’s the case, then I’ll just fit Evelyn into my last trap.

I who found a chance of victory decided to go for a bet.

“This is the end, Evelyn!”

I activated the trap at the right time.


That moment, a part of the floor opens, and a muddy liquid swamp appears.

Evelyn lost her footing there and collapsed.


Belle fires a shockwave magic to the staggered Evelyn.

The ring is flicked away from her hand.


The director moaned in pain. Did Belle make a mistake in power because it was an emergency?

However, I’m definitely glad the ring got blown away.

“Ahahaha, I’ve been had……”

Evelyn, who has now her both legs caught in the swamp, turned and faced me.

She has let go of her sword. She must have realized anymore resistance is futile.

I approached Evelyn, then cured her injured left hand.

“My bad. It’s because you came in and slashed me first”
“I am one of the higher-ups of the government office after all. I have the duty to protect the people, even if it means to murder and sacrifice those close to my own”

This girl is really merciless.

“But because we have been taken prisoner, we have no choice but to listen to your demands”

Wait wait wait. What was that? Is she playing the fool right now? Was this still a part of her plan?

Well, if that’s the case, then I’ll demand a suitable compensation from her. Also a reward for staying loyal to our country.

I stared at Evelyn while having such thoughts.

“Y-you’re making a scary face there, Gilles-kun. If its you, then you should be laughing away right now. Why not go at it?”

Was my serious face really that bad? It even made our composed ministry director nervous.

“By the way, Evelyn”
“What is it?”
“Isn’t your body getting a bit hot?”
“Speaking of which, I felt hot even from a while ago……no way, don’t tell me-!?”

Evelyn looked towards her feet to confirm the real state of her body.

Yep, the swamp you are sticking yourself into, it’s similar, no, it’s the original source of the aphrodisiac vapor they’ve been inhaling earlier. Only that it’s in its liquid form”

The fact that she saw the outside from the ring means that she saw the sumptuous feast I have done earlier in its entirety.

Evelyn turned pale in fear, recalling the scenery of her subordinates losing their reason with the aphrodisiac.

“I’ll make you pay in full for what you have done, so prepare yourself”

I gazed directly at Evelyn’s face.

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