Mage Tower Management Volume 3 Chapter 8

Chapter 8 – Sumptuous Feast

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The day after setting up the trap, Evelyn and her troops finally entered the dungeon.

Looking at Dahlia’s intel, they are still on schedule.

We moved to the surveillance room, watching every change in the situation.

“We lost the signals of the traps in the first floor”

In addition to triggering alert, the traps that I’ve set are constantly emitting signals indicating it is operating normally.

Looks like they started to move.

“Ah, the intruder has appeared on the monitor!”

Bell said with excitement.

“Ara ara, there are so many of them. About thirty people more or less. Still, our intel is right”

Carol reacted. Still, the intruder’s information is not much different from what we have obtained from Dahlia.

“Wh, what amazing equips they have……”

Elsie exclaimed in awe, seeing the intruders equip themselves with tools and other instruments which seem to contain magic powers.

Some of them can be seen to have a powerful effect at a glance, and with them they were able to break through most of the traps.

“They really done it. However, upon seeing through all of them, I couldn’t even recognize a single peer of mine. I wonder where they came from?”

Dahlia reported so.

Well, this resolves one of my worries.

If Evelyn had hired more thieves like Dahlia, our hidden card would have gone to waste. Though not on the same level as her, her peers were skilled enough to detect the aphrodisiac traps we have set earlier. Of course, we have set countermeasures for that.

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In the worst-case scenario, I’ll be going with Belle to confront them directly, but in this case we should still be alright.

“Evelyn seems to have organized her troops directly from her own proteges. We should be thankful for that, as removing those who we didn’t want to get caught in the line of fire will bring us nothing but unfortunate results.”

I hid my inner relief while saying so.

“Now then, let’s see how the director of the Magic Ministry works”

I watched the monitor for every movements carefully.

“They seem to have reached the second floor”
“Hmm, none of the traps have triggered so far. It seems they possess tools with excellent detection and anti-triggering capabilities”

Looking at where the traps has been unlocked without even triggering a single one, it was highly likely that they have a good tool for detecting and cancelling traps even in motion.

Looks like its time for that place to shine.

“Are you alright senpai? Though they seem to be advancing very smoothly”
“I’m alright. So far, it’s all within our predictions”

Already anticipating this, I have disguised my favorite aphrodisiac trap with complicated magic.

“They’ll be able to reach that room soon. I have no grudge with you guys, but please hang in there well for the sake of my safety……”

After Dahlia spoke those words, silence followed along.

“Yeah, its done! The device reacted!”

A trap gave a signal on the monitor, indicating that the room was sealed off.

It has successfully activated.

“I went a bit nervous when the signal from our decoy was cut off, but it seems that our ace has activated well. It was splendid, Dahlia”
“Yes, that’s right. But the real thing starts from here. Can you convince them?”
“Just leave it to me. There are no holes in my plan”

For Dahlia, it will become a much of a problem for her if I wasn’t able to persuade theme here. It is likely for her to get worried.

But that’s also the same thing for me.

That’s why I came prepared.

“For now, let’s go see the women who were caught in the trap”
“Yeah yeah. Hold on tight”

I grabbed Belle to teleport to the room where the trap was activated.

“Then, we’ll leave for a moment”
“We’ll be back~”

And there we went – to the closed room filled with our concocted love serum.

In the room, women wearing uniforms of Ministry of Magic were all lying down.

“Haaahaaahaaa. WH-what is this?”
“My body is so hoot! I can’t stand this anymore……”
“Aaah, I can’t stop my fingers! Aaaaah!”

Most of them couldn’t put any strength because of the toxin, and some were already masturbating, completely succumbed to the effect of my trap.

“Uwaa, it’s terrible. They look like heaps of corpses lying around”
“No one is a corpse yet. On the other hand, the trap seems to work well”

After all, it was a trap that even knocked down a demon lord.

There’s no way they can prevent it by common means.

“A-a man!? Wait, you’re that Gilles our director was talking about!

A woman nearby who still appeared to be sane noticed us and pointed a stick towards us.

Among the others, she seems to be older, maybe she was Evelyn’s adjutant or something.

And what she’s holding might be a wand or a tool that automatically casts some magic.

“Whoopsie, as if I’ll let you do that!”

Belle creates a shockwave of magic, flipping away the stick from the woman’s hand.


The woman collapsed on the floor as it is.

But I can see that Belle has gotten easy on her, so she should be fine.

I have persuaded her a lot not to kill after all.

“Belle. Take the tools away from the girls. I’ll completely neutralize them from the other end”
“Geez, you mean an orgy. I get it. Though you are the only man here”

Belle retorted back as she strips off the girls of their possessions.

“O-orgy…… then this aphrodisiac is……!”

The woman a while ago raised a surprised voice upon hearing my words.

“Correct, this aphrodisiac is the highest masterpiece I made up. No matter what kind of being she is, as long as she’s a woman, she will feel horny no matter what!”
“N-no way……even our artifacts are ineffective in it?!”

The woman grasps a pendant hanging from her neck and says it while dyeing her cheeks red.

It’s probably an artifact to increase her resistance to drugs.

Feeling a powerful magic power from it, it might be an heirloom made by her ancestors even.

However, no matter how powerful that old-fashioned trinket is, it still couldn’t prevent my toxin.

Still, it seems to have weaken the effects to some extent, so as a few of them who have similar tools. They were the remaining few who had kept their reasons intact up to this moment.

“As if we let ourselves get annihilated by some aphrodisiac!”
Calm down, I won’t kill you. I’ll just give you a few errands and you’re good to go”

I talked to the women who were still being tormented by their lust. The gap between their strong will at the front and their wails of despair at the back are quite the scene to look at.

“Then what do you want us to do?”
“Two things. One is to send a message. I’ll have you warn all the higher-ups in the country that there isn’t any need to make any extra moves in this dungeon”
“Then the Demon Lord will set free!”

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The woman blurted out in anger, bit I argued against it.

“No worries. The demon lord won’t invade anything, and I can guarantee you that. Actually, it has been a while since the Demon Lord got herself free, but there aren’t still any damages yet, are they?”

The woman went into a shock with what I had said.

“No, this can’t do. First, we don’t have any basis to trust you. Plus, if you really persuaded the Demon Lord, why didn’t you come back?”

The adjutant woman argued further.

“It’s because I have to do a lot of things after that. Anyway I’m gonna have you guys to take the message home”

Since there would be a lot of troublesome explanations after that, I forcibly ended the topic.

“the other thing is, to be fucked by me here”

I began my assault to the confused women.

“Nnn! N-no, stoooop!”

I pushed down the adjutant for starters.

Though her reasoning is still there, her body is completely ready to mate, and from a single touch she was already panting hard.

While enjoying the adjutant’s face distort to pleasure, I inserted my meat stick at once.

“Ahhn! Stoooop, don’t put it iiiiiiin!”

Based the way she acted, I think she’s a strait-laced type, and doesn’t have that much experience in the affairs of love.

Though her vagina that wasn’t used a lot was still a hard land, I still pioneered it with my meat stick.

“Ahaan, ahiii! H-how could this feel so good!? Ahh, no, this can’t be allowed further!”

Though her movements were of her own free will, her mouth still insisted it wasn’t. The pleasure enhanced by the aphrodisiac was more than what her system could bear.

Of course, this was a good thing as I don’t intend to waste time only with her. I still got a lot of women waiting for me.

“Aaaah, cumming! I’m cumming in front of my subordinates!”
“Let it out, I’m cumming too!”

After a series of violent waist-swinging, I pierced my cock all the way to the back and burst my load inside.

The woman fainted after her fated creampie.

I basked myself in the lingering afterglow, but the other women gathered around, as if they were affected by our mating ritual.

All of them have already stripped off, even the others who had kept their reason a while ago are now looking at me with obscene expressions.

“Hahaha, this is going to be fun!”

I mesmerized myself on the situation of being enclosed by tens of naked women, then dabbed on my next prey.

After that I violated them in random.

It was a sumptuous feast.

My body was always being served, and my cock got so overworked that it had no time to dry.

Without Carol’s special training, I might have withered out in no time. I was thankful for that.

“Hyaaan! Ah, Ahh, I’m cumming, I’m cumming from G-Gilles-sama’s cock!”
“Haahaaa. Uuh!”

At last, I finished ejaculating at the last woman.

With this I should have accumulated a lot of points.

However, at the same time I realized one important thing.

“Evelyn’s not here. I thought I have everyone locked in……”

I have checked all the women, but no appearance of Evelyn anywhere.

Just where did that woman go?

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